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What our concertinas look like?

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Here is my custom Dipper baritone duet with low basses. Sun actually in France :)






What an amazing instrument. Just out of curiosity, do you have a link to any diagrams of the keyboard layouts ?



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I am just back from England where I picked up two Instruments from the restorers:


David Robertson did a fantastic job on my Tortoiseshell TT - it looks and plays as good as new!




Steve Dickinson put new super-bellows on my Amboyna piccolo-sized treble ( 5 1/2 " ! ) and revoiced her. This now is my absolute dream-instrument - loud, fast ... and so much fun to play ;-)



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After about 20 years of playing Anglo, I have finally made the switch to the English system. This is a change that I have been considering for some time. My 30-key Jeffries in G/D is gone, its replacement is a 1924 Wheatstone Model 17 treble with raised amboyna ends and gold plated buttons and hardware:






Note: these photos are from The Button Box, I haven't gotten around to taking my own yet.

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Thanks, Wolf - that's what I'm hoping! The instrument itself is in excellent condition, with a strong, sweet tone, good dynamic range, and quick action and response. I, however, am a total novice at the English system, so I will have to work hard to bring myself up to speed...

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Here's my brand new Parnassus english concertina made by Wim Wakker. It's a dream to play, fast loud and with a pure sounding tone. I'm extreamly happy with it.attachicon.gifParnassus one.JPGattachicon.gifParnassus three.JPGattachicon.gifParnassus two.JPG

Ooooooh.... I wish I could have a test drive !!!!! :wub:


A Parnassus in Baritone/Treble .... hmmm ... I wonder if there'd be a chance of that ????


Looks as if this could be the sixth one that Wim has made... it would be nice to see some reports from other owners.. or hear some recordings. :)

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