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  2. Here you go,not mine by the way .David https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153674196603
  3. Still at the beginning stage of learning about the concertina, I'm hoping to get to listen to some of the recordings I see referenced here, but that aren't available on Spotify or the CD vendors I've checked. At this point I'm especially interested in Anglo International and Elizabeth Crotty: Concertina Music from West Clare. If anyone has copies they'd be willing to part with, or knows of some other source where they could be purchased/streamed, please let me know! Thanks!
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  5. The collection on CD "Anglo International" would give you a good sampling. New copies are sold out IIRC, but you may find a set somewhere if you look. Ken
  6. Those screws will be for wrist straps.
  7. Neck strap for playing standing ?
  8. Interesting, eh ! He describes himself as "not a concertina player "........ wish I wasn't a concertina player too !
  9. Most of the anglo concertina players I know play Irish trad and although I'm not as familiar with it, I'm assuming there are a good number of English folk musicians who play them as well. Does any one have any suggestions for music outside of England/Ireland that plays anglo concertina? The instrument has a big history in Germany as far as production but was it commonly played there as well? While writing this I remembered that the anglo concertina has a big role in Boer music. Anywhere else I can look for anglo players across the world?
  10. Anyone know what the two (machine ?) screws are for, on the side that would be closest the players body ?
  11. Very interesting about the Ab/Eb concertina on Noel Hill and Tony Linnane's album. It's even mentioned on the sleeve notes: http://www.taramusic.com/sleevenotes/cd2006.htm I wish more bands did stuff like that these days.
  12. A timely question Dave.....I am a non-music/dot reader who has to annotate the notes atop the stave and try to read keep up as I play normally. I am - as previously expressed, very taken with your posts. I am, the more I annotate, learning to read the dots, but it's not coming naturally or very fast when playing through. I try to learn from the annotated notes then play by ear/memory. I sat last evening and worked my way through your Xmas Tune book via the tunes I knew/recognised which was most of them. Reading it from the page via the Lap top, I ended up either having to stop and page down or play by ear the parts that were 'off the bottom of the page' ( I know I could have printed it but the Boss say's the ink is low! ) The animated page as per this post eliminates that need. I know a growing number of 'Session night' players who use a Notebook to act as an aide memoir whilst singing and / or playing and I think the rolling presentation is a useful aide for us latecomers. I guess my only 'add' to a wish list would be for a 'suggested chord' pattern above the music.....in a contrast colour......but that may be too much of an ask. I know enough to work through and work them out now.....but not in my head. Personally the landscape is preferred....
  13. That sounds very good. So..... what would it cost as a production-run instrument? If it comes out at a reasonable price it would be a very good starter instrument and would make the concertina much more accessible. I don't doubt that this method could be used for any type of concertina and could revolutionise the instrument by allowing easy experimentation with many variables. Dick.
  14. Since finishing Xmas 2019, I have been messing about. Now I am getting to grips with the VCam thing and the associated software I thought I try to Improve on the PDF's which I attach yo my posts. I have found how to make them more realistic to players by not only outing a printable pdf with my posts, but to animate them as well. You will note that I am NOT playing along with these two offerings I have chosen a piano sound font which fits with the pdf. There are two versions one is Portrait Mode and the Other in Landscape mode both of the same tune and same tempo. I have again attached a linke to Google Cloud for each One. I really would PLEASE ask for relies comments good or poor. I will let you decide which format people prefer, I have not uploaded these to Utube as yet as I wait for comments on Google Cloud. Many thanks to all who have viewed Xmas 2019, hopefully this format of PFD's might well work in 2020. Again many thanks for viewing in the past Auld Lang Syne PORTRAIT https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pxUPPTyQnKUIUtICVpu6x9MxI413c7a_ Auld Lang Syne LSCAPE https://drive.google.com/open?id=110KPnNdP9ioy05OJ3z30VC1qLlpJ67jG Regards to all Dave
  15. Thanks Geoff - that had been my first thought, but I had clearly confused myself with an over-literal reading of the later part of the description. Yes - very, very useful...
  16. Probably easier to think of it as the bottom 48 notes of a Tenor Treble. So the lowest note on the right hand side will be C an octave below Middle C. Wim Wakker also offers this layout on his new EC's and calls it Tenor . I suspect, for many of us, this could be an ideal range, certainly the majority of music I play will fit nicely.
  17. That is a helpful clarification - thanks Wolf
  18. There is no doubt but that Noel Hill and Tony Linnane's 1979 album is a gorgeous and classic album. . What might not be so well-known though is that Noel plays between 80% to 90% of the material on the album on an A𝄬/E𝄬 concertina. An A𝄬/E𝄬 concertina is the E flat equivalent of a G/D concertina. The only 2 tunes played by Noel on that album in C/G fingering are the Hornpipe "Johnny Cope", (on a B𝄬/F concertina) and the Reel "A Pigeon on the Gate", (on a C/G concertina).
  19. Yes, the description has been revised and approved by the maker, following a discussion on facebook...
  20. That is a thing of astonishing beauty. Steve
  21. The description appears on the site appears taken from what is perhaps the maker's description or a bill of sale (or similar), my italics: 'Colin Dipper forty-eight button 'English' system concertina tenor (viola range) with top note F and the top notes of the normal 48 keys are located at the bottom. Ten-sided amboyna wood on hardwood core with hand cut fret and ebony edges. Aircraft aluminium action levers, naval brass capped lightweight buttons, best handmade steel reeds in brass frames, ebony finger plates. It has dark green Scottish hand finished goatskin bellows and was made in the 1980s. It comes with a hard carrying case.' If I understand this correctly, then this is a custom layout - and a little unusual - I am taking this as the bottom 4 buttons on each side playing the four notes usually found at the top of each keyboard. Am I missing something here, not seen this before, but can see it has some utility??
  22. you might want to read (and listen to) this - amazing effort and outcome!
  23. Yesterday
  24. Facebook kindly informed my that it was a friend's birthday, and before I knew it, this (mp3 attached, or here) had happened. I'm still not quite sure how. Here are the dots, in case you want a go. I had to fudge the lack of a top d. HappyBirthday.mp3
  25. I think you are right - my mistake.
  26. It's here https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/potburys/catalogue-id-srpo10103/lot-8fcae95f-8a47-4358-b8e9-ab0301055174
  27. I think you'll find that the VAT is only charged on the auctioneer's commission not on the sale price + commission.
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