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  2. Sorry Peter, All of mine are 26 key or above. Some may be suitable as a beginner instrument but all are more expensive than a 20 key would be. I'll send you a PM with some suggestions when I'm back home in a few days Alex West
  3. You also may be able to tidy up the belt leather to be fairly comfortable. Mark's straps are comfy and nice looking (especially with the bells and whistles like gold tooling). But for functionality, you can probably get pretty far by cutting the straps to the shape you are aiming for, slightly oversized, and then sand down any sharp edges to create a bit of a bevel.
  4. Doodle I assume you need Anglo straps? If so, I have a couple of new sets installed on instruments that are currently sitting on a shelf. I won't be parting with them . They came from Mark a year or so back and have hardly been used, The straps are Design no 1 on Mark's website. I may also have a set of D rings, but I would need to check. I am willing to remove a set and lend it to you until yours come through, at which point you can return it. It may take a few days to organise, though If that's of interest send me a PM R
  5. More recent additions to that discussion seem to suggest that the problem is resolved.
  6. Not to toot my own horn (vibrate my own reed?) here, but I am pretty satisfied with my fix to this issue:
  7. New project and partial trade for a Vintage 20 buttons in C/G or Bb/F is possible, if good player. (Jones, Lachenal,...)
  8. Thanks folks. I have sent an email, so I'll hang on for a while for a reply before getting on the 'phone. I do appreciate that supply problems can dog people's best efforts to get on top of orders and try to be patient. In the meantime, I've cobbled a set of straps from an old leather belt - they dig in rather painfully behind my 1st finger knuckles, but they'll 'do' for now as long as I don't play for too many minutes at a time. They won't help come rehearsal time, however!
  9. I second that. It would be good to have low expectations on delivery time, but he will come through eventually. Sometimes, for various legitimate reasons, I have waited a long time. Once due to customs and recently many months for straps as he had to wait on leather supply (along with the rest of the world supply chain lately). He also responds to email, and it is worth following up via phone or email since you haven't heard from him yet to make sure your order didn't fall through the cracks.
  10. I’d give him a quick call as I know he gets pretty busy. After following up an online order with a call a while back everything was good and the order came through soon after.
  11. Can anyone confirm whether Mark is still supplying spares? I ordered and paid upfront for anglo straps and D rings back on 16th May and got an auto 'Order confirmed' acknowledgement. However a month or so on, no communication or sign of a delivery. I'm needing the straps to properly fulfil a professional booking + rehearsals starting as soon as lock-down ends. Any thoughts, please. Hoping it's a glitch.
  12. More 'good news' relating to potential problems with Apple Macs! Seems as if the processors in new model Macintoshes are an entirely different architecture, leading to further problems, specifically with EasyABC. I haven't really followed it, as I'm not a Mac user, but a discussion on the ABCusers list can be found here. _______________________________________ [On the subject of running non-Macintosh software in general, I have an acquaintance who system has flatly refused to install/implement a language compiler using these "System Preferences" options. T
  13. The Button Box makes both a D/A Céilí and a baritone D/A ESB.
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  15. Check with Barleycorn Concertinas. If you don't see it on their page contact them directly. They often have things that are not listed.
  16. Hallo Dirge are you OK.

    I still have your recordings how do you feel about them being used here on the Duet page with all the greats

    Best wishes 


  17. Hello Everyone, Selling this nice concertina from « Irish Concertina Company », The Clare. It is like new, still 4 years warranty I believe. Jeffries Layout C#/D# on first and D#/C# on second button (Push/pull). Have to say, I really like it ! But it is a little too small for my (big) hand, having little trouble reaching third row. I really like the sound of it and the overall quality, it is pretty sweet sound, not harsh at all. Selling for 1800 euros, sending from Belgium anywhere. Thank you Nicolas
  18. You’re on the right track, Ken. I’m running Big Sur. Opening the “General” pane of the “Security and Privacy” section of “System Preferences” after trying to open an app that the MacOS blocks will present you with an option to open it anyway. Once you allow it to open, the question won’t arise again unless you update the software. You need to take a leap of faith that you can trust the software, but nobody on this forum (or anywhere else that I am aware of) has reported problems resulting from downloading and running “EasyABC.”
  19. A perennial question with Macs. I'm only running Catalina, but you can go to System Preferences (Security and Privacy pane, perhaps?) where you can give permission to run apps not from Apple-recognized developers. Someone here will recall the specifics... Ken
  20. Another old English dance tune inspired by Andy Turner's Squeezed Out blog (I'm starting to worry that I could be arrested for grand theft). Andy says it was "’printed in Preston’s Twenty four Country Dances for the Year 1791." I imagine it could be a sprightly dance tune, but I followed Andy's lead and did it at a more stately pace. Played on a Jeffries 30 button GD Anglo. https://soundcloud.com/concertinist/dover-pier-june-20
  21. Hi Alex, I'm looking to start learning the concertina and was wondering if you still had any concertina's suitable for beginners. I am looking for a 20 key Anglo C/G to start with preferably. Peter
  22. Hi You can buy Muji boston bag and Pelican iM2075 Storm Case(Amazon or something, the topic will wrote on this forum.), the others cannot buy it. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/concertina-cases-products/#index_id2 https://concertina.pinefield.asia/concertina-cases-products/#index_id7 Backpack can buy Amazon or Tokyu Hands in Japan.
  23. Everett, that rice sounds very reasonable and maybe even a bit low. If it plays beautifully and sounds good, the only thing you might want to do is open it p t check the condition of the wood and the reeds: looking for rust on reeds or brass reeds substituted for steel reeds, and make sure all wood appears sound with no cracks or loose pieces. If available, having an experienced concertina repairman doing that inspection would be best. But, the fact that it sounds and plays well is a good indication of a nice find. Ross SCHLABACH
  24. Now I see an ad for a 1917 model 21 that looks just like my 1927 and it has the "original 6 fold bellows"...??? Now I am thinking mine has its original 6 fold bellows....does it really matter? It is as it is and I LIKE IT ! Enough worrying over this. Get on with improving my playing.
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