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  2. This week I'm putting the finishing touches on a 32 button C/G Anglo, 6" wide black ends with bloodwood trim and brass capped buttons.
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  4. I removed my initial video because it was poor recording with basic micro and didn't do justice. Check sound file with better recording tools on Kensington site : http://www.kensingtonconcertinas.com/sound-files/ All the best
  5. In search of Don Nichols (USA), who purchased a Wheatstone Bass Concertina (Monty) from Roger Green in South Australia. Roger's widow is keen to know where "Monty" is now, and is he happy!
  6. Ah! Now I understand. I won't put you to all that trouble. I used to run a small 'business' in which I controlled the despatch of stuff ax international boundaries, and was able to set things up so that recipients weren't hit by sales tax/customs duty when the stuff arrived. I had rather assumed that you were in the same situation - clearly this is not the case.. . Thanks for that. _____________ So much for international 'free-trade' agreements! I guess they only work if you are a large company, able and willing to bribe the politicians with large contributions to party funds. The man-in-the-street gets clobbered - every time...
  7. I would be willing to make this happen, but the time for shipping would be double because I would have it sent to me, and then I would send it to you.
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  9. Just came across this thread… Lots of great comments! Concertinas are all good so nothing there but I am restoring some old leather cases if I can find the missing latch parts to finish them. Pretty boring stuff but I am practicing the chromatic scale on the EC daily (a New Years resolution) and am working on some classical pieces (Bach and Clementi).
  10. Thanks Geoff have a great Christmas. Al
  11. I’m still searching for the perfect Aeola, etc. baritone EC. I’ve had 4 or 5 possibilities but nothing solid yet. I’ve decided to list my 1919 72B McCann duet ME Aeola and also my c. 1904 metal ended model 22 in next few days after I get a chance to take some decent photos of them inside and out. Both Whetstone are in A440. The model 22 was professionally fully restored just a few years ago and is still in pristine condition. It is the loudest EC that I’ve ever played so if you are in a loud session, etc. and want to be heard, this is the one. Great tone! The Aeola McCann goes down to a low F one note below the range of a baritone EC up to a high C, the normal top note of an EC treble. Sadly, I don’t play the McCann. It has those beautiful rich large scale high quality reeds for an amazing low bass tone. I dream for the equivalent baritone or baritone-bass EC. It could use some small tweaks here and there to make it perfect but it is overall a very fine, fully playable instrument as it is. I would be willing to trade them both for a good Aeola baritone. Preliminary ads can be found on Craigslist, Vancouver. I’m hoping for a local sale first but won’t deny shipping them if you feel one or both are perfect for you. Trade for a baritone would be my ideal first choice as I am only parting with these to get a baritone Aeola. Individual postings with photos to come in the next few days.
  12. Hi Peter, it has been a lot of years since 29028 went into your hands and I am very happy that you are still enjoying it. Indeed the one I am selling here is every bit as good and should sound wonderful in duet with 29028. There is however a distinct advantage with the one on sale here, it being slightly larger and with the new six fold bellows it has plenty of wind for big chords. I am only selling because Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is limiting my playing and Covid restrictions mean there is little hope the dance band will be functioning for another year.
  13. Hi Geoff, a friend is looking for a concertina to progress for the Wheatstone tutor you sold me in 1976. Would it sound well with 29028 (which needs a minor retune of a couple of reeds but otherwise is playing well). Graham and I are playing duets and a better instrument would be nice. Regards, Peter
  14. Hi Geoff, a friend is looking for a concertina to progress for the Wheatstone tutor you sold me in 1976. Would it sound well with 28029 (which needs a minor retune of a couple of reeds but otherwise is playing well). Grqham and I are playing duets and a better instrument would be nice. Regards, Peter
  15. Thanks guys. Concertina Joel reached out to me, and he had now added a link to the MuseScore page on his YouTube video. I feel proper chuffed
  16. An email auto-forwarded by gmail retains the original 'from' address - I just tried it - so it might still fall foul of DT when they relay it. You might have to read the gmail account itself. Other free email services might be different. (I notice that, unlike three other forums from which I get email digests, this one has no DKIM keys. It wouldn't affect this DT problem, but it would make it less likely for its emails to be treated as spam.) FWIW I monitor the forum via the 'new threads' RSS feed. It works very well.
  17. Thanks, Steve! I am aware of that option, I even have one or two of thoser alternative addresses already. I also don't really need the notifications; I go up on the forum regularly anyways and have sort of settled on not getting the notifications. It's just that I get a little nervous about my provider arbitrarily deciding for me which mails to swallow - as long as there is no transparency in it (in fact, I have encountered a "wall of silence" in this case - the people at DT won't even tell me what the issue is, ie whether an IP address or an Email is blocked and why and all of these things), I must assume that they also withhold Emails that I want and need to get (such as from potential customers or existing business contacts). Overall, I am very satisfied with reliability and service from DT over the last 25 years; sometimes it takes a while to get knowledgeable people on the line, but that's the grain of salt to take it with. However, in this case all I got from them is a "no way, we can't help you or tell you anything." I guess I'm just an enquiring mind who would like to know.
  18. Nice! However: Are you in a position to despatch goods across international boundaries with the necessary Customs documentation to avoid the duties charged by greedy, predatory and rapacious governments such as the one we have here in the U.K.? The last time I bought Tees from North America, I was charged duty at a rate which was almost the price of the goods in the first place. I recently bought a vintage chess board from Japan, and despite the vendor being genuine antique dealers who ticked all the requisite boxes, HMRC decided that this wasn't good enough for them, and they imposed duty at a rate of 20%. They've got you by the wotsits because HMRC levy the duty on the carriers, and the carriers won't release the goods till you pay them (the carriers) the required amount. This is a real problem for folks indulging in 'private sales' across international boundaries.
  19. Best guess is the pad has twisted on the end of the lever. I would not bend anything in there. It’s v easy to reposition it. Try a little strip of tape to hold it in place to test this theory, before you use some glue on it. Obvs leave the little leather washers etc where they are to keep the button at its current height. As Graham points out, wobbly pads aren’t good. I often use (liquid) hide glue on the pads as this sets hard and holds the pad where it should be…though you might not want to use this…use white glue as others advise.
  20. Hello, I've done some more free reed graphic design around the theme "Concertinas are Good for Humans." I've made three concertina designs (Anglo, English, and Duet) and two accordion designs. Information about all of these (and how to get them) can be found here: https://accordeonaire.com/2021/12/04/free-reeds-are-good-for-humans-new-designs-from-the-accordeonaire-shop/ Tee shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, etc. Thanks very much, Gary
  21. Obviously DT is run by a bunch of piano accordionists.
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  23. Please get in touch if you have a good Tenor concertina for sale. Dave
  24. If they're just filtering by sender, you could probably work around it by using a different (free) email address on the forum and configuring it to forward everything to your primary email address. I know gmail provides this functionality, and I would imagine most other providers do as well.
  25. 😁 Can you give me a quote for Viagra as well? Thanks everybody for your help! The deal APPEARS to be this: My email provider (Deutsche Telekom) has blacklisted NO-REPLY@concertina.net (the originator of automated notification messages) as Spam and thus added it to a list of addresses that bounce globally. That SHOULD imply that every forum member who is at the Deutsche Telekom will not reeive any emails from that address. Unfortunately, everybody at Deutsche Telekom one can hold of insists that as a recipient, I do not have any authority nor right to request removal of the address from the black list (possibly yes IF I put down more money for a premium account), so the one to claim the removal must be some postmaster at concertina.net. In private conversations with Ken and Paul, it turned out that they theselves don't qualify as the back end if hosted by someone else, so the work that would need to be done to get the process started would exceed anybody's capacities. Oh well. If I didn't need my spare time to practice concertina, I'd put some energy into braking this idiotic spell. Thanks again!
  26. I can endorse gtotani's recommendation of the Dabbler. I have had the the prototype for a week now and find it a very easy playing concertina. It is light in weight, normal sized and has voluminous bellows which are very flexible; the tone is good and the dynamic is well controllable. The construction is unconventional but it seems to be well made; I expect it to be at least as durable as the competition if not more so. There are some neat details such as the hand rest being adjustable for reach and rake.The only similar concertina I have played is an Elise duet, the Dabbler is far in advance of that in quality. The Elise was an instrument that got in the way of playing in a way that the Dabbler does not. The only drawbacks so far are that is a bit leaky (Paul says it is due to the type of pads) but this is well compensated for by the size of the bellows, also the buttons are un-bushed. They work smoothly but I cannot say how they will wear. I am a long time english player who started on anglo decades ago but could not get on with the system but I am now having a second try. After several upgrades I am now playing Aeola and Edeophone tenor-trebles so am comparing the Dabbler to very high end concertinas. Hope this helps, Dick.
  27. I think 'Shell' is probably a shortened way of writing Tortoiseshell... perhaps the writer could not remember how to spel the word, although it is, of course possible that it is a code for real or faux .
  28. Mark, It is entirely appropriate to post this here. Makes me wish i lived in Kent so I could volunteer! Best of luck. Ken
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