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  2. And here's the update: Polished rosewood 48-button Crane Duet labeled "Crane and Sons", "Manufactured by Lachenal & Co." Student model, with colored and labeled bone buttons, 20 buttons on the left, 28 on the right. Number 55 is on the left side cloth baffle and also internal. On the left handrest "Patent-21730-1896", and on the right handrest "C&S 3 9 6". Brass reeds, never retuned, it is in unrestored original-everything-close-to-mint condition, and pretty much in tune with itself at A=456. One of the original "Crane & Sons" leather straps is broken, the other is about to break. Original bellows are airtight with no patches, but I am hearing a little pad leakage. One pad on the left side has been munched on by something. And that's it! Being such a low number after the patent date, I would guess it dates to 1896 or 1897. So, the big question is, restore and upgrade things like straps, valves, and pads, (and learn how to play Crane Duet!), or leave as is? Gary
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  4. Amusez-vous bien; j'espère que le Lachenal vous convient tout-á-fait, complètement.
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  6. I will have an Heritage 30 Keys maple steel end/reeds (2020) Frank Edgley to sell ! À suivre!
  7. Hello Richard, Really funny to read you! I purhased a Lachinal 32 Keys on Balrleycorn...yesterday!!! Now, waiting after WISE! Hope everything is ok with it; I usually go with Paypal! It was a little bit long and complicated to do the transaction! Je suis trop impatiente de le recevoir!!!
  8. Try Barleycorn concertinas. https://concertina.co.uk/new-barleycorn-concertinas-website/
  9. Hey Ivy, I sent you a message through the forum.
  10. How about this ? https://www.cacornish.co.uk/musical-instruments/ Not located in Cornwall but the name is Cornish.
  11. Nope not this one. The one I'm thinking of is a leather supplier, but also provides concertina spares. I'll see if I can find the details.
  12. Perhaps it's a feature of the folk music scene, where even top-flight pro musicians are usually more accessible than in many other genres, but I've always found most to be very approachable and friendly, and usually happy to chat about their music and their instruments. When I look at my record collection I have met probably about 2/3s of the musicians there, and I'm on first name terms with a good number of them. Thinking of concertina players, my 'idol' would be John Kirkpatrick, who I've met on many occasions and is as friendly and cheery as his stage persona would suggest. I once had the pleasure of spending a long afternoon in conversation with Peter Bellamy, who was a fascinating character. He had a reputation for being argumentative, but my impression was that he just liked a good discussion and would take a contrary position for the sake of that. His premature death was a sad loss. I saw Father Ken Loveless on a number of occasions, but met him only once. He lived up to his reputation for eccentricity (but said some nice things about my playing when he judged the only ICA competition I have taken part in, so I think of him favourably). I was once performing at the All Folk Around the Wrekin festival with my band the Electropathics. All the performers were invited to a "meet the sponsors" buffet, but the sponsors never turned up so there was plenty of free food and wine. I'm afraid I partook a little too freely, and then dozed off on one of the benches at the back of the room. When I awoke I found myself looking at a sea of faces and the back of Alistair Anderson, who was giving a concertina workshop. He was very kind, considering.
  13. I bought one three years ago. I wasn't sure if I would take to the concertina so I was looking for a decent hybrid. I was pleasantly surprised by the qualilty. It feels and sounds good. I've moved onto a vintage Lachenal so I can compare the two. The Lachenal has a warmer sound and the buttons are shorter, wider and more comfortable. The Swan sounds a bit 'tinnier' to my ears now but I think I would have been happy to stay with it if I hadn't bought the Lachenal. The Swan is quite comfortable to play and I would recommend it as a beginner intstrument.
  14. Thank you. Now you just need a baritone and a bass to keep you company 😄
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  16. Has anybody here played the McNeela Swan Anglo C/G? As someone completely new to concertina,I’m thinking of buying one as a beginner’s instrument. Any advice regarding same would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, here is a French waltz which was composed in the beginnings of French « musette » music.
  18. Hah! My dog is thankfully neutral when it comes to instruments and doesn't try to sing along at all. None of the hair is on or in the instrument, to be clear.
  19. I was going to phone Mark today to chase up some new straps I ordered some weeks ago, when they arrived in this morning's post.
  20. Suggestion; there's obviously a gap in the market for another concertina repairer and craftsmen... A possible lucrative business in the making for enterprising individual out there?
  21. I visited Mark Lloyd-Adey three weeks ago to drop off a concertina for tuning, as I was passing through Cemmaes. He looks very busy with concertina restorations and repairs, which may explain the delay in sending out orders for parts. He is very much still in business. Peter
  22. Maybe this one ? http://www.concertinas-uk.co.uk/repairs.htm Located Devon near Cornwall.
  23. There is another UK supplier - I can't find their details but something like Cornwall or Cornwell - maybe someone here can provide details.
  24. Yes, it is octave G on manuscript I was using.. I am sure that whichever system used ( 30 or 40 button) there will still be a certain amount of negotiating on button combination to use ( even varying on individual players preference). I have only just started to play this piece after always wanting to try it out, and so I will no doubt improve myself on its methods on concertina ( of which, of course, it was never intended for). Just made photo of start of music sheet ..showing how it is attached (inserted here.) Will send message to discuss further. Image will need to be viewed horizontally ( did not rotate it here!).
  25. Yes I'm getting no reply whatsoever regarding an order placed in early April. I assume Mark is out of business permanently?
  26. This week we have a beautiful Richard Evans C/G Metal Ended in our shop www.concertinashop.com.au Check out the web site for more details and other concertinas P.J.
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