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  2. Geoff has posted an updated dating document in this thread (6 Jan 2024). Took me a while to find it again!
  3. Thank you. Yes it seems to be 1966. Nice to know.
  4. Geoff Crabb has posted dating info fairly recently (Jan 2024), see near the end of the thread here . Check it, but it seems to be 1966.
  5. Hi, I have a 30 key Crabb concertina. Engraved on metal end is Crabb 18169 Made in England on opposite end it says H.Crabb Maker 158 Liverpool Rd London. Wondering when this concertina was made and if there might be any other information available about it.
  6. A couple of us have been working on getting EasyABC to play multi-voice selections - i.e. a part of the tune selected by dragging the mouse across the score. This might be of interest to some of you, particularly if you play a duet concertina. The source code for EasyABC on github is currently at version https://github.com/jwdj/EasyABC That has not been 'released' (in the usual meaning of the word) but I see that snapshots of have been made available on Apple Macs. The most recent change fixed a bug which was preventing fluidsynth working reliably on 64bit machines. (Fluidsnth had never worked for me on Linux.) https://github.com/jwdj/EasyABC/issues/87 On 4th March that was incorporated in so any snapshot taken after that will incorporate it. You can download all the code as a zip file with the green button. There is a text file describing how to install and run it in Windows, though it may not be up to date. The problem I set out to solve is described in the image and sound file in my post here: https://github.com/jwdj/EasyABC/issues/77#issue-1856792681 I fixed that, and you can see multi-voice selection working in the later post here: https://github.com/jwdj/EasyABC/issues/77#issuecomment-1773845899 So job done. Well, no. Over the next few months people found cases where it didn't work. My thanks to markblinkhorn for discovering that it wouldn't play chords - and for fixing that: https://github.com/jwdj/EasyABC/issues/90 And I added the ability to select passages from multiple lines. There is a short video of that in operation in this post: https://github.com/jwdj/EasyABC/issues/91#issuecomment-2025059857 That feature is useful whether it's a single- or multi-voice tune. Thanks also to @RWL for discovering several odd effects involving repeats and alternate endings, which are unexplained but have work-rounds. All that works well-enough on Linux and Windows 10 (I do not have a Mac) so I'm posting here to invite you to try it if you know how to run Python. (Sorry, no Windows installer.) If you want to try it PM me and I'll send you a link to the dozen python files which you substitute for the ones on github. Those files also allow EasyABC to work under Python up to 3.10 and includes changes to the settings menus required by newer versions of python/wx-python.
  7. Photo of my jazz manouche group, DC Ambiance, with actress/dancer and Mistress of Ceremony , Lucila Tolis, from the show Nita & Zita.
  8. One of the more powerful, but I think not well known feature of my ABC Transcription Tools, is the ability to save out .MP3 files for all the tunes in a tunebook at once, with optional two bar silence and/or click track, plus optional tune repeats. This feature is only available on desktop browsers. Full details here: https://michaeleskin.com/abctools/userguide.html#export_all_as_mp3 Demo video:
  9. Hi everyone, I am a concertina player and teacher currently based in New York. I have an MA in Irish Traditional Music Performance from the University of Limerick and have a teaching certificate from Comhaltas, in Dublin, for concertina. I have taught beginners to advanced concertina students since 2012 and I am currently accepting new online students, if anyone is interested. You can see videos of my music on Facebook or Instagram: You can contact me via my website if you have any questions or would be interested in lessons. https://www.zohracodaymusic.com Thanks!
  10. That was lots of fun! It had me laughing all the way through. Thanks!
  11. Yesterday
  12. I'm purchasing another concertina and need to let this one go -- It's a Morse Rosewood Albion #218 (Treble). I bought it new from the Button Box in 2004. It was my first concertina and it served me well! I bought a Wheatstone in 2006 and now I only play the Albion once or twice a month. It is in very good condition. Case is included. $1600 + shipping
  13. Nice and wonderful playing, it sounds very interesting, and with scores, it is a temptation to try to learn it.
  14. Last week
  15. And on the same day on the same thread, I provided a link to a page I put up on this site 23 years ago 🧐 - https://web.archive.org/web/20110514131052/www.concertina.net/ww_pitch.html
  16. $20, and $15 shipping to the states, youch. Glad it's on the shelves again of course, just ordered my copy, and thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  17. I've changed my password for my desktop browser, and I'm able to log in, but when I try to do the same thing on my tablet, same username and password, I'm getting an incorrect password error. No idea what to do.
  18. Yes. The ledger photo in the first post says “gilt fittings”. They are gold plated brass.
  19. Wow! Someone did take a risk. Let’s hope it turns out to be a fine instrument. I can’t find the list now, but I went through all the ledgers before purchasing my 31xxx golden era amboyna model 19 TT and there were less than 40 made as I recall. The instrument cost me an arm and a leg but I do believe along with others that it could be one of the finest vintage concertinas in existence. It was well taken care of for its entire life based on its very clean condition and then meticulously restored and tweaked by a few of the best of the best including Steve Dickinson. I also have an exceptional 1856 Regondi / Blagrove era treble previously owned by the Bulteel family (Lord Revelstoke) and an Aeola treble built in 1942 during WWII (factory A440 with a factory 8-fold bellows) that is an exceptionally fine instrument with amazing reeds but they too are in absolutely pristine clean condition almost as new. They started out as top tier instruments and were always taken care over. .
  20. An old time D tune from Alabama. (Played in C)
  21. Would the buttons and pinky holder be gold plated, as it looks in the photo?
  22. The 'descendant company ' that made the tuning forks is still in existence in Sheffield.
  23. I wrote this back in about 2013. It is a complex work for a soloist [ on melodic line mainly]. It is inspired by some wonderful coastal scenery of which I often walk along by on the North Yorkshire coast [UK] Cliffs, of chalk, that tower above the waves below, and then caves or nooks in cliffs and strange, mysterious, rocky outcrops all formed by the sea. It is also illustrated with sketches of the scenery itself. The last movement is called 'The Seashell' and is moderately fast and tricky to play [with chromatic twists in it like the curves and spirals on a sea-shell]!
  24. Use those lovely deep sounding bass notes [left side lowest buttons] when you can too - they add real power to some tunes, and can also reinforce chords.
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