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  2. This concertina is still for sale as of 9/25. I'll do the accidental row change, if desired at no extra cost.
  3. Good idea. I have also sent a letter to his neighbours either side, I hope he is ok.
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  5. this is a bit late in the day but UPS / HERMES / PARCEL FORCE / will let you buy insurance cover BUT in the t&c's it states that musical instruments are on their excluded from cover items list. Hermes lost a guitar and would not cover it.
  6. Good luck with it! Another aspect I liked in the 18 beginner lessons is that you're not stuck in the same key for all the tunes.
  7. Has anyone obtained information from Steve Dickenson to confirm details on this instrument ?
  8. Not a pretty sight, but presumably very functional.
  9. Had a great time with Ken and Priscilla yesterday! Wow I get how folks fall in love with this instrument. I think for now I am going to focus on finding a used stagi or rochelle anglo listing in the US to get me started. I am still interested in 30 button but also exploring 20 buttons at a good price. Thank you so much @Ken_Coles! What a gift to get to hold so many different versions.
  10. Jake - If you have his phone number you could get the area where he lives from the prefix code, and might find someone here who lives near.
  11. People with few resources who managed to keep instruments playing despite the odds always have my respect. I have seen a few things like this from South Africa, though maybe that is just the 8 fold bellows leading me astray.
  12. Take a look at this https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/arthur-johnson-and-sons-auctioneers/catalogue-id-ibart10799/lot-d1f56b86-294d-477c-9aec-ac3f010a7265?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link Looks like someone has grafted a 20 key Anglo onto much larger bellows. A useful idea
  13. So today we passed around a 20-key C/G Stagi (double reeded) anglo (I bought it in 1996), an older (maybe Bastari?) 30-key G/D anglo, a Morse Ceili C/G 30-key anglo, a Lachenal Paragon treble English, and a Conc. Connection Elise Hayden. My idea of a sampling. 😎 Also got to see a beautiful park I hadn't visited before. Ken
  14. For what it's worth: I bought a concertina from a UK auction last week. For 35 GBP, UPS collected it on 17 Sept, protected/boxed it VERY well, and delivered it by courier to my home in Melbourne, Australia yesterday , 23 Sept. It was easy to track all the way through Denmark, France, Kentucky, Hawaii and Sydney via their app. I couldn't fault the service.
  15. Breve, thanks for the info. I saw lesson 1 and 2 on youtube and can now play Maggie in the Woods, but am ignoring those button diagrams on the screen, yes they are confusing plus I'm somewhat colorblind. Think I'll try out OAIM. Thanks again.
  16. Last week
  17. It'll definitely be a Lachenal, quite a basic model but nice all the same! I'm not an expert on the value of these things, but concertinas seem to be on a scale of Expensive to Incredibly Expensive, and, depending on the condition, it'll probably be on the cheaper end. It doesn't look in that bad condition, but it's hard to tell with the bellows closed.
  18. I'm currently working my way though the OAIM beginner Edel Fox lessons. My goal is to get through the 18 lessons then take a breather for a while before re-subbing. Things I like: Edel does variations which you can ignore if you just want to play straight melody, or else use her variations as a guide to ornamentation. She explains more as the lessons progress, eg compare 1st lesson (Maggie in the Woods) with lesson 7, (One Hundred Pipers) which has chords and triplets added. The play along jam recordings are very useful once you're familiar with the tune. There's often more than one version of the play along jam track so you can have a change of instruments. Also on a computer it's possible to download the play along jam track at your preferred speed and so have it accessible on a mobile device. I also like their VR set tunes, although I only know 2 of them at this stage. If you listen to the playlist on their Youtube channel, and find a tune you really want to learn, it will be one of those VR set list tunes. There's currently 4 concertina courses - a beginner, 2 advanced beginner/intermediate and an advanced intermediate level. Also a single lesson tune by an instructor who only appears once. Just recently a 2nd advanced beginner/intermediate course was added, so plenty of course material to keep you busy. Plus many other tunes from various other instrument courses to explore, including their 50 most common session tunes list. So you could spend a long time here learning many tunes if you go outside the concertina lessons. Things I don't like: Recording quality of the beginner Edel Fox lessons. Often the concertina is way louder than Edel's voice. So if I have to keep the volume a little low for the neighbours I can't hear what she's saying. The animations showing which button to push are confusing as it's green button for push on one side of the bellows, and red for pull, but this is reversed for the other hand and I can never remember which way round it is. So I end up learning by ear instead of watching their graphics - which is how it should be - but initially it is helpful to have the buttons to show you the pattern at least. Edel tends to rush a bit through teaching the tune, as in trying to feed you larger chunks of the tune than is comfortable. (But that's what slowing down the video and re-watching over and over are for anyway.) I noticed this because I've also tried the Irish Concertina Lessons website to compare and I think that teacher's pacing is better for beginner when it comes to teaching by ear. With her lessons I didn't have to slow it down or repeat sections nearly as much as I do for Edel's lessons.
  19. Hello Concertina.net I have this old concertina in my possession which is missing it's maker's label, and I was hoping you would be able to help my identify it. I think it's a Lachenal as I've seen other's with identical fretwork patterns, but I don't know if it's enough to say it definitely is one. The words "Trade Mark, English Make" are printed on one of the handles. Thinking of selling it so it would be good to know precisely what it is, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I laughed heartily at this and clicked the "Haha” button before I realized that you were referring to a post of mine in this thread from 14 years ago that I don’t even remember!
  21. I'm setting up a hands-on trial of a bunch of instruments for tomorrow; I'm sure you'll hear a report after that. Ken
  22. but the Mona Lisa has got that concertina fixed-expression-of-concentration-linked-to-mild-panic perfectly. I now know that she was thinking "what the hell is the b music ??..how does it start ???.. and its coming up soon..."
  23. I am trying to locate Mr Robert Hogben, a customer of mine and I am having trouble. Does anyone on here know him? He isn't answering calls or emails. Nice fellow. Keeps bees. If anyone has any news please could they let me know. Jake Middleton-Metcalfe
  24. Whatever you end up getting, do stay on here for any further advice you may need and just for general chat.
  25. Thanks for listening! I should edit the post, I removed the third as I realized I goofed the audio recording and it sounded really blown out. I need to re-do it and re-upload.
  26. Great work, Geoffrey! I'd seen the first two on IG and unfortunately the third won't play - it tells me I haven't been granted access. LJ
  27. Hi again Ideally I'm looking for a full restoration piece but I would consider one that just needed minor work only to get it running at its best. My preference would be 46 or 55 key but I would also consider a 39 key or something slightly bigger depending on what is out there. If shipping to Aus is an issue, my parents are based in the UK so shipping there instead would be be an option. If you're willing to consider parting with one, send me a message! David
  28. A higher handrest of 1" is probably the easiest and cheapest way of making the buttons more accessible for larger hands. I've done this with all my Anglos and Duets and it works wonders. As others have noted, a larger instrument will be heavier and that's not necessarily a good thing. As for arthritis, the Anglo is probably the best instrument for that condition (which I have a severe case of) since the range of motion and finger bending is much less than other instruments, and being diatonic you get the added efficiency of two notes for one button. Gary
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