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  2. Concertina Connection does full restorations: https://www.concertinaconnection.com/restoration.htm .
  3. I am located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area of midwest USA which is likely not an area that is exposed to a lot of concertinas.
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  5. The Glen of Copsewood. . Scottish Air first published in 1801. Played on English Concertina, Fiddle, Hammered Dulcimer & Whistle. Lockdown Video #542 Cheer, Dick
  6. "Experience the classic sound of Irish folk music with the Weadstone Linota concertina. Handcrafted with precision and care, this beautiful concertina is perfect for traditional musicians and enthusiasts. Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to play anywhere, from a session in a pub to a gig on stage. The high-quality reeds and responsive action delivers a warm, rich tone that will inspire you to play your best. Invest in the Weadstone Linota concertina and elevate your music to the next level. It’s c/g I’m based in south Africa we use DHL Express: This courier service offers reliable, speedy delivery with real-time tracking and a money-back guarantee. They have a good reputation for international shipping and are trusted by many businesses. Make a offer 🔥I would love to have the chance to do business with you
  7. Where in the world are you located Alan? That would help people to advise you on local dealers or other sources of concertina knowledge. If you are in the UK, then I'd advise contacting Barleycorn Concertinas.
  8. This instrument is still available. Zoom calls to demonstrate it are possible! Here is a note map:
  9. Hi, is this still available? Would be interested, if so. Thanks!
  10. You might also come across hybrids by UK makers AC Norman, or Marcus in your price range.
  11. The Morse is a very good instrument and would occasionally come up inside your budget.
  12. The photo shows it is an English concertina. From a chart published by Geoffrey Crabb, the serial number 18537 indicates it was made in 1978.
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  14. Oh really, that’s awesome, I didn’t think they came up much! For around that price I’d be willing to wait it out
  15. Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr. MacDonald. . Scottish March composed by J. Scott Skinner & first published in 1888, in honour of Dr. Keith Norman McDonald of Ord in Skye. Played on English Concertina & Fiddle. Lockdown Video #541 Cheers, Dick
  16. Hello to all. I recently inherited a concertina from my uncle who was a semi-professional musician. I know very little about concertinas. It is a 48 button Crabb with serial #18537 in it's original case. It appears to be in excellent condition. I do not know if it is English or Anglo. It was likely purchased in the early 70's and not used very much at all. I would like to get more information about this. I will likely not be learning how to play it so I am interested in what it's value might be and how I might find an interested buyer so someone out there can appreciate it. I have attached a photo. Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. Seconding Ken's question. What currency is that 2300, and (because it affects shipping cost) where is it located?
  18. I wish you well in your special performance on April 18th this year; as someone that had a father from Poland who escaped to UK just at end of war time, I can well understand the history, and have heard first hand of the atrocious cruelty metered out during that period in history. Do your best on the day for everyone.
  19. Used Morse and Edgley instruments come up for sale here in that price range pretty frequently . ( I just sold a nice Edgley for a friend for $1900). Either would be a much nicer box than the 3 that you are looking at IMHO.
  20. If you have to ask how much... Nice to look at, though.
  21. Me again. I have the boxes! Will post pics (inside and out) as soon as I can find a quiet moment...
  22. In as new condition with hard case $2500 updated available list http://hmi.homewood.net/
  23. Bob Snope told me he will temporarily be closing up at the end of May (I think) as he will be moving south. It may take a little while he finds a appropriate home and work environment, but from what it sounded like he'll be back up and running once the living situation is sorted. But yes, he will be pausing work for some period of time
  24. Hi I’m selling this rosewood anglo Lachenal which has recently come into my possession from an antique shop. It is in original condition, unplayable and needing quite an intensive restoration. Seems to have been well used and abused throughout its life but luckily the reeds have not been destroyed and are in rather decent condition. The serial number is 157289, and the reed layout corresponds to that of a C/G model. I will let the photos speak for themselves but I’m happy to answer more questions and provide more photos privately. It comes with its hexagonal case. The asking price is £900 o.n.o. + shipping. Would prefer to ship within the UK only but might consider shipping abroad at the buyer’s expense. I accept PayPal and bank transfer. Located in Buckinghamshire. Thanks for looking.
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