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  2. Here's a curious raised ended one that's come my way, listed in the ledgers as a model No. 4B, and one of a batch of three dated 28th May, 1914: Now No. 4 was the least expensive steel-reeded model that Wheatstone's made at the time, with flat rosewood ends ( see catalogue ) and this one has the normal flat reedpans of a No. 4, but the raised ebonised ends of a much more expensive No. 6 that cost almost twice the price! The ledger entry describes these No. 4Bs as having a dull black finish, and raised ends: I wonder how
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  4. I did find the museum, but didn’t come across the page you linked; thanks! I have to say this one’s awfully simple to play!
  5. Have you visited this page? There is a vast archive of documentation on many types of concertinas, including extensive photos of the inner workings of each. Search "Jedcertina" with Ctrl +F and you'll find a concertina just like the aforementioned. https://www.concertinamuseum.com/cmusindex1.htm
  6. Yeah, that was me... that’ll teach me to lowball an offer. 😒 Through some weird and amazing post office quirk, it arrived today, and I really do quite like it, weird layout and all.
  7. Thanks Theo - I've left a message on your website. I would very much like the plates you have offered - I'm sure I can use them to get the old box playing! I'll phone you tomorrow if that's Ok.
  8. Perhaps true, but the cost would be much more than the instrument is worth. I've already contacted a couple of repairers and they told me they would not be able to make new brass reeds for these plates. I'm pretty confident I can fit and tune new reeds so I'm looking for some plates with reeds attached. I'm thinking that Theo's idea of using melodeon plates might be the way to go.
  9. In my (limited) experience these German boxes are often beyond hope as they were badly made (brass springs that break easily, thin wood pans that crack, leaky bellows etc), and have poor reeds. I wouldn't mind betting that that instrument has a lot more wrong with it than just missing buttons. I'm only trying to repair mine as it has a history in our family.
  10. John Holman - Inventor isn't a collector of LPs, otherwise he might have met John more recently in a town we both live near, which has an arcade shop selling 2nd hand records, etc.
  11. I just received my secondhand Rochelle a week ago tomorrow! I’m having a lot of fun learning how to play it!
  12. Guess I'm just Yenta the Matchmaker over here; glad I could give things a little nudge!
  13. Ha, ha, I was thinking the same thing, break this up for spares? No way! -me too, I’m looking for an exclusive relationship with a concertina (English though). With this one it might be more productive to look for just one button etc. to get an idea of what needs to be copied to renovate it.
  14. UPDATE: I received my bellows from Mark Adey today, ordered on 13th December - but there has been Christmas, New Year, and Brexit, in the meantime...
  15. I did. If all goes well, it should be here this week.
  16. Okay, Chris_Concertina on Reddit has been a massive help running this issue down. Chris owns the exact same instrument, but his is unbadged, and he's pretty sure it's a Stagi for various reasons of build. So taking that cue, I did some basic searching and am finding an identical instrument being sold new under the name "Castiglione", which iirc is the current name of what was prior Bastari/Stagi? https://www.libertybellows.com/shop/Concertinas/Chemnitzer-Concertinas/p/NEW-Red-Castiglione-Chemnitzer-Concertina-Key-of-C-A-on-5-Push-M-23-16-x53576446.htm So it
  17. Any idea when Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne's tutor will be available?
  18. So, I was looking to find something to try as a Concertina, I was hoping to go to the Button Box, but they are still closed due to state orders. So when the Concertina Connation emailed me that they had them back in stock I jumped on it and she arrived on Friday. I'm very happy I did, although it'll take a bit of work to figure out how to play I'll figure it out. I'm just playing with scales and the first couple of lessons from Edel Fox on OAIM and it's not horrible. Since I have play a bunch of things now as a somewhat of an adult, this brings back the Piano lessons Mom made me take as
  19. Good afternoon everyone. It's been a while since I've been on the forum so Happy New Year to you all. I'm considering selling my Morse G/D anglo as I've never really taken to the G/D and play my Clover kit C/G far more. Is there any interest? Obviously I'm located on an island so it'll be difficult to view it! It's a modified Jeffries layout (again one of the reasons I rarely play it). I will put up pictures a little later.
  20. That's a massive beast! What range of notes does it have? LJ
  21. See separate thread Wanted - some reed plates for an old German concertina.
  22. As I read the thread, it was started by Lesley H, so surely JoachimDelp is as entitled as anyone else to answer it. Or have I misunderstood?
  23. I am so sorry to hear that news of John Holman; he would have been the perfect person to have made the film. Perhaps - John Dipper, you might consider filming the archive of the Dipper Workshops ? You will never come to the end of the list of concertinas on your order book. However consider this: If you were offered a concertina or fiddle teaching weekend (or a week at Sidmouth say) would you take it? (There probably won't be any of those this year!) I think you probably would, even if it lost you quite a number of concertina making workshop hours. My offer of being part of
  24. Good luck! They are very rare... I only have this one:
  25. Hello Julie, welcome to concertina.net. That sounds a very large number of buttons (studs) for an Anglo-concertina. Does each button play the same note when you push in or out or a different note? Inventor.
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