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  1. Hi Jim, some pics would certainly help with the sale, good luck with it.
  2. Hi David, the first one looks like a „model 6“, I would tend to think it‘s not that early, rather around 1920… Good luck with the sale! 🐺
  3. Hi Stephen, the „48“ is an „English“ concertina, the „30“ an Anglo. I can elaborate re the former (English) as I have one of identical appearance which has easily turned out to be my main instrument since I have acquired it. It‘s a „Model 6“, among the best you can get, and given the elaborate fretwork it might have been produced to extra-high standards throughout. Of course every single instrument is different and has to be judged on its own merits - and possibly faults. It also has a history of being played and treated. From your pic, at least some of the end bolts seem to have been overtightend at some point (but the washers might provide a full compensation). The instrument may have (premium) brass reeds (mine has). 1921 would be a very good year quality-wise. The hexagonal shape shouldn‘t put anybody off - to the contrary, it makes the instrument lightwheight and handy! I reckon you will find a buyer (paying a good price) for this (if in good condition) highly desirable instrument - good luck with the sale. Best wishes - 🐺
  4. I‘d say yes - however am replying rather to note that every bellows is basically made of cardboard, with leather just being added (in order to enhance flexibility and airtightness and provide durability, I reckon). The „Hohner“ branded instruments have in fact the leather replaced with some poorer material, possibly thinner layers of paper. Best wishes - 🐺
  5. I guess it will matter. Anyways, welcome to the forums and good luck with your searching - 🐺
  6. I perfectly agree as to your impression - the need for clarification is on the side of the stringed instruments, i.e. a common misunderstanding re the range of a cello, which sounds 1 1/2 (and not just 1) octaves below the violin, with the empty strings matching the viola (and not the fiddle) 😏
  7. the cello? not exactly, if you'd be willing to parallel treble with violin/fiddle and tenor with viola, since the violoncello's range is an octave lower than the viola (not the violin), which sadly implies that you're not able to play the Bach suites on a baritone at their original level... best wishes - 🐺
  8. Hi Rache, in my view this is quite an adequate place to advertise such an instrument - it just may take some time... BTW, I have a similar instrument, and I love it - it has a sweet and well-rounded tone. Best wishes - 🐺
  9. I have a New Model baritone - which had appeared to be stretched to a somewhat larger extent compared with this one to my eyes at first sight - myself and it has indeed a very lovely and profound tone: Good luck with the sale - 🐺
  10. Hi Glendara, welcome to the forums - and I hope you're inclined to (instead of selling) take pleasure in keeping this lovely piece of family heirloom by learning how to play it - it will well be worth it, enjoy! Best wishes - 🐺
  11. Concertinas are way better suited for using bellows control than PAs IMO - you can do that with a rather smallish PA (with really good reeds), but easily with any quality concertina.
  12. My post was not accurate as the concertina I own (and frequently play) is a model 6, raised as your "early" example, but much later, i.e. from 1921 (and quite "special" as well). And ok, the model 8 on the bb page is described as having raised ends, but I couldn't tell from the pic. All the best - 🐺
  13. Thank you Steve, your post is paving my way to pointing out that the "model 8" as advertised by The Button Box does actually not appear to be one - at least not a typical example, as it would have raised ends then (just like the one I own myself). All the best - 🐺
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