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  1. That's my view as well, Jim. Best wishes - 🐺
  2. indeed! added a low F to all my treble ECs which are tuned to equal temperament - but would love to have the F# too - always a tough choice, same is true for the TT layout, where I opted for the B, thus lacking the Bb, hence the opposite solution. Good luck with the sale! 🐺
  3. exactly what I'm doing myself Paul 😎 best wishes - 🐺
  4. Yes and yes - try that, but just with the affected reeds.
  5. A fully-fledged bandoneon would have three reeds per note, in octave tuning (L + M + H) AFAIK. Best wishes - 🐺
  6. You would need reeds on fitting plates or shoes, and brass wouldn't be preferable either. Accordion reeds are being used due to their availability and cheapness. Concertina reed shoes are requiring less space, but are quite expensive because there is no mass production, for several reasons. Best wishes - 🐺
  7. the largest button count of an extended treble EC to this date was 60 to my knowledge, 64 seams a bit weird....
  8. Jürgen, I can't tell from personal experience, but I seem to recall that Wim kept saying the difference would be significant. Best wishes - 🐺
  9. I'm just pressing the reed shoe onto a wooden surface of the next table or desk available and get satisfying results for the digital tuner. Of course there may occur a deviation, but it's common knowledge how to handle this (feel free to ask of course).
  10. true for me as well, as en EC player, making a lot of sense - I always wanted to have a TT, and really love mine - but playing my trebles still delights me in a unique way
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