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  1. With a probably much lesser amount of experience, that's what I'm doing as well (two stands, two condenser mikes). Best wishes - 🐺
  2. Wolf Molkentin

    How to judge the quality of an instrument

    what Ken says, however more elaborate fretwork would in fact be an indication of probably better quality when the instrument had been produced...
  3. You would almost certainly need a C/G then...
  4. I think one needs to see it in the flesh (or even give it a try) - either you like it (many do) or you don't (like myself, true for the Jack/Jackie as well). It's a highly personal thing...
  5. The importer says the "Blackthorn" will be available in C/G and G/D, but I would expect retailers to provide the C/G model in any case. It can be bought from several dealers, possibly in the US as well?
  6. Wolf Molkentin

    Jonathan Harnum's 'Practice of Practice'

    just three chapters as a giveaway, it seems
  7. Wolf Molkentin

    Hard-core Anglo player puts toe in English water...

    You always get to see the pic (even lots of them) when searching „concertina“ (or maybe „english concertina“) on an eBay site... 😆
  8. Wolf Molkentin

    my new diatonic 1-row in f

    lovely - and the „gedackt“ (covered) drones obviously have stops, but where are the keys for the f to f octave? best wishes - 🐺
  9. Wolf Molkentin

    Hard-core Anglo player puts toe in English water...

    I've traveled the route in the opposite direction, and am loving my switching between the different concertina worlds. I did not use a tutor, neither for the English nor the Anglo, but having said that, the instructions by Alistair Anderson are certainly a good choice. Enjoy your English experience - 🐺
  10. Wolf Molkentin

    New reeds

    was it you who unfastened the screws holding the reed? I almost certainly wouldn't do that myself under any circumstances...
  11. Wolf Molkentin


    it's very common and not restricted to a certain period AFAIK
  12. Wolf Molkentin

    New reeds

    Well, I can tell that quite "loud" brass reeds do exist - but I agree that this will most likely not be applicable here... 😁
  13. Wolf Molkentin

    New reeds

    It‘s a common acronym meaning „Irish Traditional Music“, played in a specific and well-established style, usually on a CG Anglo, as far as concertinas are concerned.
  14. Agreed - I didn’t have the later Hohners in mind - however my Stagi/Hohner is sufficiently awful in its own right... 🙄