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  1. well I might (and often would) when it comes to playing the first five notes of a scale upward from the root note of the middle row on the RHS - it’s the alternative to only alternate bellows directions... (one example being „Young Collins“) best wishes - 🐺
  2. Rüdiger, I didn’t choose to have this advert translated (wouldn’t need to re the English tongue, but hardly would use this particular „service“ for any language), just stumbled over it on my smartphone screen... („Stahl Schilf“ was not new to me however, but the literal translation of the Wheatstone moniker). Best wishes - 🐺
  3. Jim, I don‘t see any price either I‘m afraid. @RAc and @Anglo-Irishman - see pic:
  4. I agree Robbie, it's not going to be a TT - confirmed by the area of the 56 buttons, which would simply be too large for a TT. Best wishes - 🐺
  5. Don, not sure whether they're much sounding like that - difficult to judge from a recording anyway; to hear some chords would be more instructive i think... Best wishes - 🐺
  6. Yes, the description has been revised and approved by the maker, following a discussion on facebook...
  7. you might want to read (and listen to) this - amazing effort and outcome!
  8. well, you would need *some* extra money as well then - and I've heard from English players who are bemoaning their fate of not being able to acquire such a beauty...
  9. would I be looking for a 20b C/G I might very well be interested, it looks really good - good luck with the sale (I'm sure it will sell)! BTW: the ends seem to be of solid (as opposed to laminated) rosewood (remarkable for an instrument with a not-that-early serial number like yours) - which I much prefer, as long as the condition is good like here (and, given the age, not likely to deterioate anytime soon now...)
  10. not to my - admittedly limited - knowledge 😎
  11. you could just replace one more spring, in order to verify if it would be to a similar result...
  12. You‘ve got me there I‘m afraid, Dave. I reckon I‘ve been talking of „harmonium reeds“ in a wider sense only, as they‘re still made of steel, and possibly still smaller then genuine harmonium reeds too. However, maybe we could speak of harmonium-style reeds, as they are rather large/long-scale, and in rectangular frames/shoes, which have to be screwed just on top of the soundboard, in parallel arrangement. Best wishes - 🐺
  13. I‘ve been using this, to good results: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beeswax-Leather-Balm-250-ml-Suitable-For-All-Leather-Furniture-Brand-New/293253300084?hash=item4447423f74:g:7DwAAOSwc8ZdkMRQ Best wishes - 🐺
  14. one of the many Chinese makes which could be as reliable as a Jackie but then again might as well not...
  15. Wolf Molkentin

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    S.-A. means (Dutchy of) Saxony-Altenburg
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