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  1. and a view of the inner workings, LHS (no chances of swapping the reeds of button 5, in the manner of 4a, though, as the shoes differ a lot)
  2. I was now able to fetch the parcel at the customs (by means of my insistence on the phone) - declaring took me several hours in total (with little to zero success in reducing the extra costs)… Now to swap a pair or reeds and weight another…
  3. I don’t blame the seller - don‘t believe he voted for the Brexit to be „got done“ (the declaration is mandatory in any event, for the purpose of duties and VAT)
  4. still getting worse - had been informed that the parcel was held by customs, phoned them, they confirmed, so I went there today, but they actually don‘t have anything and can’t even tell re the whereabouts - and I have to file a declaration, four or five pages, don‘t have a clue about many of these questions as raised in the online schedule - I tried and still hope to conclude this deal at some point, but I have to say that buying from a UK seller is a no-no from now on, which is a real pity!
  5. thank you both - I was now able to verify that the item had arrived in Germany nearly a week ago - international tracking didn’t have this data but DHL (as it turned out) has - apparently the „preliminary import check“ is still being continued 😵‍💫
  6. it’s not the golden Æola I seem to recall in connection with AE however
  7. is this the new normal? not only having to waiste huge amounts of money on duty and VAT now but wait endlessly? still no further notice… experience reports, anyone? thanks in advance
  8. I had been tempted to go for the former…, sounded great from the video, and at a super price…
  9. conclusion: vintage concertinas are not per se out of reach (and this applies to Anglos as well)
  10. and a final one for today: https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-30-key-anglo-in-c-g-with-steel-reeds-7455/
  11. (and Andrew Norman has three 30b Anglos at 1.700/1.800 GBP each; too much for you probably considering shipping + customs, anyway: http://www.acnorman.co.uk, „for sale“)
  12. https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-26-key-anglo-in-c-g-7856/
  13. a 26b Lachenal from one of the established and respected dealers should be fine (and could even be returned if need ne)
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