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  1. agreed, the red celluloid version is looking better here
  2. Not quite - they don't need to have celluloid "veneer", Mahogany is common as well.
  3. Wolf Molkentin

    C# within 20 button CG Anglo.

    You certainly have it right Mike, as for me it's just that my aims re the Anglo are very limited, so I wouldn't have to care about the most convenient places of accidentals, which might make a 24b the instrument to go for... Best wishes - 🐺
  4. However you will note that it says „Bastari/Stagi Type“... 🤓
  5. Wolf Molkentin

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    David, you're a master of many things, now adding understatement 😁 Joined as late as just seven years ago myself - have left my "thank you" last Tuesday but am now jumping at the chance to repeat that explicitely! Best wishes - 🐺
  6. Wolf Molkentin

    For sale - cheaper rochelle

    Thanks for the clarification and good luck with the sale, I'm pretty your offer will attrack some interest now!
  7. Wolf Molkentin

    For sale - cheaper rochelle

    OP might care to clarify what he's referring to talking of a "cheaper Rochelle" - just cheap because he's willing to part with it for a rather low price, or "cheaper" in the sense of looking like a Rochelle and possibly working and sounding like it too, but one of the many Chinese-made instruments without the Concertina Connection supervising the production (might still be hard to tell just from a photo). Best wishes - 🐺
  8. Wolf Molkentin

    C# within 20 button CG Anglo.

    Thank you for the hint as I'm the - hopefully lucky - buyer now. Always wanted to do some unpretentious pushing and pulling along the rows, but nevertheless appreciate the capability of a "modern" modulation in both keys..... Looks like a perfect layout for me.... Guess I'll keep you updated... Best wishes - 🐺
  9. Wolf Molkentin

    Latest 5 1/2 Tassey Tiger

    congrats David, beautiful artwork and craftmanship once again!
  10. Wolf Molkentin

    Concertina Bow Arm

    Indeed it does, Adrian - and please accept my apologies Howard
  11. Wolf Molkentin

    Concertina Bow Arm

    I‘m a bit puzzled by this as 1. almost any given melody will engage both sides IMO, as will the harmony, often on the respective other side 2. if we consider Cmaj and Gmaj (and maybe Dmaj as well) as them “main“ or „basic“ keys in the treble range, it‘s just opposite sides, whatever you might want to play in either key best wishes - 🐺
  12. Wolf Molkentin


    consensus in an English-speaking context appeared to be Lashenal as yet - at least when concertina folk are gathering
  13. Wolf Molkentin


    in fact - and in Germany it would rather be pronounced like a Spanish word spelled Lajenal 😎
  14. Wolf Molkentin


    don‘t know what went wrong here - anyway, you may just hit the „reply“ button in order not to start a new thread with every new post 😊
  15. Wolf Molkentin

    been away for a while

    the tune wouldn’t have it‘s mode changed, just the key transposed, so major would come out as major, as well as minor remain minor - just a coincidence that the shift would be by a minor/flat third