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  1. Wolf Molkentin

    Joseph Higham labels on EC

    I had overlooked both the OP‘s stating of the Inimitable and the instrument having brass reeds. However, I stumbled over the rather flat keys myself - I would have expected an Inimitable to have „spherical“ buttons just like my Excelsior. Did you actually see the brass material?
  2. Wolf Molkentin

    Joseph Higham labels on EC

    an Inimitable - nice!
  3. Wolf Molkentin

    Duet concertina value?

    I believe my Crabb Crane has nickel plated (brass?) ends and brass reed shoes...
  4. Wolf Molkentin

    Parsons Farwell ( to timing! )

    sounds o.k. for me - well done for a first recording 🙂 there's just one thing I'd like to point you to: from listening to your track I get the impression (both rhythmically and harmony-wise) that your understanding of the bars and thus the appropriate phrasing seems to be shifted in a way. If you like, listen to my previous recording which I think will (despite its obvious flaws, which I didn't seem to notice that clearly four years ago myself) demonstrate my point (of course you may disagree). will record another take in the near future, not sure about the pairing with another tune as yet... best wishes - 🐺
  5. Wolf Molkentin

    Duet concertina value?

    All's well that ends well, as the poet says... However, it's hard to believe that the pics had been captured in good faith... 🙄
  6. Hi Brendan, let's see what more qualified members will have to say to your suggestion; I'm not sure that "true" concertina reeds are having this air-loss issue, but can well imagine that (concertina) reeds of lesser quality might benefit from your method. Guess I will inspect some reeds and possibly give it a try. In any event - thanks a lot for sharing your findings and putting it up for discussion here! Best wishes - 🐺 P.S.: I have been considering the use of such sticks for reed tuning: applying some material at the top and then filing the added material (similar to adding solder, but possibly more accessible when the reeds are not just very slightly, but also not very much sharp).
  7. Wolf Molkentin

    Duet concertina value?

    ...but the winning bit is indicated as having been £99 (the starting price obviously) - do I miss something?
  8. Wolf Molkentin

    Duet concertina value?

    are you sure it's rosewood after all? however, it could make a restauration project for you, gathering some experience asf. otherwise, let's hope for a good return policy best wishes - 🐺
  9. Wolf Molkentin

    new bellows for EC

    Bellows by Mark Lloyd-Adey I can recommend - my model 24 has one: 7-fold „extra thin, all-leather“, which is very flexible and extensible, a joy to play!
  10. Wolf Molkentin

    Duet concertina value?

    Well, I'm just playing EC, Anglo and one Duet system - the Crane. EC is my main instrument, a 20b Anglo I can play in a modest, decent way - and with the Crane I'm still very much a (self-teaching) learner (with ambitions...). On this basis, I would in fact make the claim that EC and Crane Duet are closely related (albeit they say that the MacCann has also been derived from the EC). Of course the Crane has no left-right alteration, but the four ("white") center rows of the English's left and right hand side integrated into the Crane's three center rows, thus leaving less space for accidentals and therefore limited (but not too much so) in its range without "breaking the pattern". If you would be playing a Crabb Crane (having the "shevron layout") you would have the Cmaj/Amin scale in perfect diagonal rows; on your Lachenal you would be able to detect this order in a slightly bent shape. So the Crane can feel very much like an EC with a different allocation of the buttons IMO: of course not so easily allowing for rapid scale runs, but intuitively accessible for an EC player. Others might disgree though. Best wishes - 🐺
  11. Wolf Molkentin

    Baritone treble aeola

    do you actually recall having seen raised ends, Simon? otherwise, Chris has left room for the flat ends being original (although uncommon)
  12. Wolf Molkentin

    Baritone treble aeola

    this one?
  13. Wolf Molkentin

    In praise of a good hard case

    it‘s 2x Pelican/Hardigg Storm iM2075 - a perfect fit for my (hex) model 24 ET as well as the (larger but space-saving thanks to its octo shape) TT Aeola
  14. Wolf Molkentin

    Concertina № 22167

    We seem to somehow be treading water here... "All hello, health and well-being. Concertina has a Non-stemped scale, there is no anharmonic equal sounds. I'm not in a hurry, but bargaining is appropriate. Tomorrow will put on eBay" whatever...
  15. Wolf Molkentin

    Concertina № 22167

    You only posted a translation of rcr27's post, nothing from your side. (Вы только опубликовали перевод поста rcr27, ничего с вашей стороны.)