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  1. another Excelsior 😍 - good luck with the sale!
  2. Lachenal’s „New Model“ Baritone EC is highly recommended (but admittedly not easy to find either)
  3. it’s indeed an English, with almost certainly 48 buttons
  4. that’s an effective accompaniment, I particularly like the descending arpeggio / tonic minor in the first inversion
  5. no need to worry - it was just an acquisition through the website of a dealer with payment via transferwise
  6. Exactly where I have been with my most recent purchase (as reported above), should be avoided by any means.
  7. definitely yes - albeit 30k sounds more like an Anglo (still completely different beasts)
  8. a tempting ad, however Geoff seems to be looking for a baritone, not BT (I have and play both of them)
  9. I‘m sorry, I perfectly agree, apparently got it wrong by one digit when conververting into Euros…
  10. frankly, my guess would rather be even less (it seems to be a far cry from what we would usually expect from the brand name Linota I‘m afraid) anyway, good luck with the sale
  11. and I just headed back to the 20b this year 😀, they‘re fun to play I can assure everyone! good luck with the sale Nicolas!
  12. another idea: since the instrument is not of vintage built, there may be a problem with the sealing of the particular reed block
  13. gladly - I reckon you've followed the link as provided in my previous post; what I can say about the instrument is that it's a C/G in the usual octave but only 5" (127mm) across the flats (exactly like a piccolo), it is extremely loud (despite having leather baffles which I thus didn't even consider to remove), but with a nevertheless sweet and pleasant (full and rich) tone. As per Andrew Norman it's most likely of continental origin, possibly by an (unnamed) maker in Germany, but built in the manner of English makes (dove-tailed reed shoes in individual reed chambers, arranged radially). I had to change the pull reed behind LH button 6 (from C to A) to fit my needs (analogous to my other Anglos, which I had in part also adapted in this way myself). It's really fun to play it standing up (which I'm hardly able to to with my Englishes, given my 8-fingers style...), as premiered at my eldest son's wedding. Feel free to ask, you're very welcome. Best wishes - 🐺
  14. I have bought plenty of concertinas (mainly of the English system, but also several Anglos and one very beautiful Crane Duet; all for my playing) over the years - anyway, a very special 20b Anglo is my most recent acquisition (with a terribly long period of waiting for its arrival), and I'm only playing that one at the present time, it's a fantastic system, so much can be done with its limited keyboard!
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