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  1. Wolf Molkentin

    56 keys Tenor Treble English Concertina

    a very good point; the top note can than just follow the melody, if required/desired, and Gary‘s suggestion to leave out the third in favour of an open fifth goes very well together with it: start with fifth and try to include one either above the root or below the top note (and don‘t avoid the diminished fifth if so provided by the scale), and see/hear where this will take you... Best wishes - 🐺 P.S.: technically this would be resulting in playing tenths with a third note inbetween, as already discussed, f.i. by John and myself...
  2. Wolf Molkentin

    Videos on playing chords for English Concertina

    What did you actually do to insert/incorporate the link, Steve?
  3. Wolf Molkentin

    My Reed Measurement activities

    Striking me as highly probable... Good to learn - I always mused about possible intentions to have the performance improved that way... Best wishes - 🐺
  4. Wolf Molkentin

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    seller says: „Measures 7.75" across flats“
  5. Wolf Molkentin

    26 buttons oncertina?

    yes, doesn't look much like a very early one...
  6. Wolf Molkentin

    26 buttons oncertina?

    You might in fact very well do that with the concertina too, I reckon it is perfectly suitable for that purpose (only that you might want to have 30 buttons at some point then, but in no way necessarily in the beginning of the journey). And it's rather Wolf, if that is alright with you... 🙂
  7. Wolf Molkentin

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    thanks for the name, Rod! you wouldn't tell me, would you? 😎 I guess we can almost certainly assume that.
  8. Wolf Molkentin

    26 buttons oncertina?

    That's one of the "home rows" of a C/G Anglo concertina (tuned to the tonic, whereas the third row from top to bottom will be tuned to the dominant, i.e. G maj., in the higher octave), and the row to start with when new to the instrument; such an approach would be comprising the left hand side as well and is highly intuitive, like with a mouth harp - just give it a try (and include the G row at some point later)! Best wishes - 🐺
  9. Wolf Molkentin

    26 buttons oncertina?

    Yes they are, sort of a budget (and light-weight) solution (in place of a "full" 30b instrument), see here f.i. - and I guess that's fine as long as the focus would be on playing melody; OTOH for added harmony the missing two buttons on the LHS are of the highest importance, as far as I'm concerned. Best wishes - 🐺
  10. Wolf Molkentin

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Hard to tell - with a button count of 60 there's no precedent I'm aware of - Chris Algar is advertising a 50b Anglo in the keys of C, G and E, whatever the reasons for such a layout might have been back then... In general, additional buttons would mainly be filling gaps in the diatonic scale (lower end of the LHS), providing octave notes (f-.i. a very high C) and further accidentals, and last but not least lots of reversals, to the best of my (admittedly also limited) knowledge resp. experience. All the best - 🐺 P.S.: Maybe I shouldn't have to ask (because you already told us), but is there a forename in order to address you publicly? 🙂
  11. Wolf Molkentin

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    larger Anglos don’t seem to necessarily be about range...
  12. Wolf Molkentin

    WTB Stagi Mini

    Maybe the project is not even music-related... 🙄
  13. Wolf Molkentin

    Florence Fahy playing at Consairtin 2019 in Ennis

    I believe the restriction has occurred unintendedly - I still don't get a valid link in my FB feed (as already mentioned in the second thread).
  14. I once indeed experienced that.
  15. Wolf Molkentin

    A better angel...

    so it would appear all the more risky to hold the pile with just one hand... 🙄