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  1. Hi Guys Just logged on Oh dear over a hundred views no replys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should I start building the fire ,I can feel a joan of arc moment comming LOL tony
  2. Hi Guys I posted a sound clip of my first fumblings LOL and received my webcam this morning so thought I would embarrass myself further and post a rather hurried video clip We were jamming some gypsy jazz last night and Viper mad came up as a suggestion, I reviled my concertina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a relatively simple progression in the key of G nice departure from my C for everything LOL it work great with the guys but was a lot slower LOL but as the video can only be 1.9mb the sound is not great or the picture and its not only badly played but badly played fast as I sai
  3. Hi Geoff hope this makes sense The little (closures/blocked off inserts) on the pull create a chamber with a specific volume I’m assuming to enhance to tone? But on the push is the central hole a combination of all the pull volumes added together? My heath Robinson tuning rig was also freebie I’m helping my friend build an Ebony flat-bed view camera So I’m purloining leather card glue Etc as the camera will need bellows and its good practice and if my tuning rig last 37 years I won’t be using it for tuning concertinas probably as a shopping basket attached to my Zimmer frame LOL T
  4. Hi Dirge “wood cures, the whole instrument shakes down” that I can understand wood is a natural substance with grain differences moisture content I have built virtually identical guitars from the same batch of spruce /rosewood /former with very different sound characteristics but spring steel is more uniformed and according to George loses its elasticity and obviously degrades I was reading this very informative webpage http://www.concertinaconnection.com/concertina%20reeds.htm (Reed shapes and frequencies The reed actually ‘chops up’ the air flow in small air waves. Unlike other re
  5. Hi Dirge so it’s more about the setup and final finishing that the actual materials used So best the reeds would ever sound is as it left the factory every subsequent tuning would probably diminish the quality of the sound produced George was a little dismissive about my romantic notion that concertina reeds were special “spring steel”LOL he has been working with all manner of sheet metal for 40 odd years and he started rattling on about carbon Silicon,content ,yields but when he mentioned "music wire" I paid attention LOL piano strings etc He looked at the back of the reed (Blue Temp
  6. Hi guys sorry for all the questions I have been researching “spring steel “there are references to “Great set of reeds ETC” I contacted a friend that has a sheet metal fabricators (hoping to get a bit of off time on the wonderful CNC machine LOL ) we were chatting about (Blue spring steel)he stocks its properties etc is this the spring steel actually use in concertina reeds? I understand guitars opening up with age and playing and improving in tone and response but surely the older the reeds the less responsive ? As they will lose elasticity? I noticed the two E reed
  7. Hi Guys many thanks for the info I had a little drama as on closer inspection (powerful magnifying glass) the pull G reed on my ebony ended Wheatstone was not correctly aligned at the clamped end and was buzzing and obviously no amount of movement at the tip would cure it so AHHHHHHHHHH I removed the screws repositioned and “no buzzing “equidistant fit all round compared the tuning it was just a little off so I used the push G and my tuner as a guide and carefully retuned I have some fine fret dress files and they worked a treat and an old feller gauge as a support and it sounds gr
  8. Hi Guys Thanks for the info Geoff the valves worked great many thanks Questions: 1 I’m going to buy a few reeds to play with tune /starting speed etc but reading through the forum I’m a little confused Are the reeds tuned on the tuning bellows then fitted as done? Or fine tuned on the instrument? Question: 2 What are the reeds made from (spring steel?) and would Stainless Spring Steel be a good non rusting option? Question:3 Are the reeds in my Wheatstone McCann duets the same reeds used in the Anglo/English Wheatstone Concertinas? Were the reeds made in quantity then allocated
  9. Hi Guys I’m a little confused? Are the Wicki and hayden different systems? Tony duet addict LOL
  10. Hi Geoff many thanks he’s a really nice and helpful chap I just ordered several valves !!! And a nice new strap Tony
  11. Hi Guys & Gals thanks for the contributions I absolutely love the concertina Pictures (Tinaporn) LOL Tony
  12. Hi Geoff many thanks for the info I think I will replace the offending little devils LOL Is it a specific kind of leather? Tony
  13. Hi Guys Gals it must be different on Anglos ? I just measured the wheatstone duets and the palm-rest height is higher on the raised ends to compensate for the raised ends height “wouldn’t like to have to say it fast” LOL Tony
  14. Hi Guys i,m getting a ” flabby short flutter? Just before the low G on the push ? then it sounds clear Question:should the valves be flat to the pan at rest as I’m thinking the noise is the valve slapping back as it’s not perfectly flat at rest ? Question: If it takes three concertina players 1 hour to fill a bath using 2litre buckets of water and six accordionists 2 hours to fill a bath using 500ml jugs of water Why doesn’t someone just turn on the tap! LOL Tony
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