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  1. Hi Glendara, welcome to the forums - and I hope you're inclined to (instead of selling) take pleasure in keeping this lovely piece of family heirloom by learning how to play it - it will well be worth it, enjoy! Best wishes - 🐺
  2. Concertinas are way better suited for using bellows control than PAs IMO - you can do that with a rather smallish PA (with really good reeds), but easily with any quality concertina.
  3. My post was not accurate as the concertina I own (and frequently play) is a model 6, raised as your "early" example, but much later, i.e. from 1921 (and quite "special" as well). And ok, the model 8 on the bb page is described as having raised ends, but I couldn't tell from the pic. All the best - 🐺
  4. Thank you Steve, your post is paving my way to pointing out that the "model 8" as advertised by The Button Box does actually not appear to be one - at least not a typical example, as it would have raised ends then (just like the one I own myself). All the best - 🐺
  5. Hi crazy guy, sorry to interfere... 🙂 but having noticed so many of your efforts to lose (more) money, the video seems to suggest that this one might be a keeper for you... All the best - 🐺 BTW - as I'm going through rough times in my personal life these days, your "beginner" sounds have not failed to cheer me up - thank you for that!
  6. not much difference IMO, and my model 6 even has brass reeds - it‘s incredibly light, and well-made - it would have to be a particularly good specimen I guess - but you‘d always have to try an instrument before making your decision (not that I always acted accordingly though 😎).
  7. How about a good model 6? (mine is not for sale 🙂)
  8. if considering a New Model, you shouldn't roule out a Wheatstone Model 21 ff. (22/24 in particular) either IMO
  9. one octave above usual - but you may be aware of that already
  10. it should be noted that „hybrid“ is supposed to indicate being halfway between cheap’n’nasty and vintage, hence a quality instrument in any case
  11. are you sure it has the original bellows?
  12. but it's not a tenor then - model 21 is a treble
  13. quite a good price, you should grab the chance (if there are no further downsides)!
  14. Hi John, here's the layout as accurately provided by Geoffrey Crabb. Best wishes - 🐺 61b Crabb Crane - Type B.pdf
  15. so my beautiful (and not exactly smallish) 61b Crabb appears to be right in the middle of the spectrum 🤩
  16. re Hohner „Student“, they tend to be piano accordions AFAIK - is yours really a melodeon (or is „student“ just meant to indicate that it’s a beginner‘s instrument)? good luck with the sale and your inquiries! 🐺
  17. That's what I meant to say by referring to Neil Wayne... 🙂
  18. it‘s absolutely up to you Kathryn, and I fully understand your reasons for preferring the „tunes“ section with this one
  19. welcome to the forums Kathryn, and I like your style and take too. it appears to me that a question you raised has not been yet answered: where to share a video like this. Some people repeatedly chose the "Tunes/Songs" forum for that, but I think most (including myself) are posting their resp. content in the "Concertina Videos & Music" forum. best wishes - 🐺
  20. just stumbled over your post - I reckon you're right: it's (Anglo) concertina and Melodeon, most likely both played by the talented Mr Brian Peters 🙂
  21. I received my copy (as part of a larger collection) from Neil Wayne, many years ago
  22. no connection and no personal experience, but I deem it appropriate to add Theo Gibb in Newcastle, as he might have something to offer as well and I have no doubt about his reliability either. best wishes - 🐺
  23. Maarten, apart from Brexit (which may complicate things considerably) there are some reliable dealers in the UK which would be willing to send you an instrument for a week or so in order to try it and make up your mind, such as (in chronological order re my personal experiences, and as well the quantity of instrument I bought from them): Chris Algar / Barleycorn Concertinas A. C. Norman David Robertson In my experience, there would be a pretty good chance that you'd be happy to buy and keep (and then play) the instrument of your choice... Best wishes - 🐺
  24. re the Jackie - there's some room for doubt here since some will say go for it and some (including myself) will say you shouldn't - it's in fact debatable, I really love the feel and sound of traditional ("vintage") concertinas, and luckily there are some makers - such as @alex_holden - who are currently making instruments in that style (as opposed to using accordion reeds asf.) to the entire satisfaction of their customers - of course you might go for one of those, but if you're after a regular English treble, it would be easier to find an instrument about 100 years old like so many of us.
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