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  1. I perfectly agree as to your impression - the need for clarification is on the side of the stringed instruments, i.e. a common misunderstanding re the range of a cello, which sounds 1 1/2 (and not just 1) octaves below the violin, with the empty strings matching the viola (and not the fiddle) 😏
  2. the cello? not exactly, if you'd be willing to parallel treble with violin/fiddle and tenor with viola, since the violoncello's range is an octave lower than the viola (not the violin), which sadly implies that you're not able to play the Bach suites on a baritone at their original level... best wishes - 🐺
  3. Hi Rache, in my view this is quite an adequate place to advertise such an instrument - it just may take some time... BTW, I have a similar instrument, and I love it - it has a sweet and well-rounded tone. Best wishes - 🐺
  4. I have a New Model baritone - which had appeared to be stretched to a somewhat larger extent compared with this one to my eyes at first sight - myself and it has indeed a very lovely and profound tone: Good luck with the sale - 🐺
  5. Hi Glendara, welcome to the forums - and I hope you're inclined to (instead of selling) take pleasure in keeping this lovely piece of family heirloom by learning how to play it - it will well be worth it, enjoy! Best wishes - 🐺
  6. Concertinas are way better suited for using bellows control than PAs IMO - you can do that with a rather smallish PA (with really good reeds), but easily with any quality concertina.
  7. My post was not accurate as the concertina I own (and frequently play) is a model 6, raised as your "early" example, but much later, i.e. from 1921 (and quite "special" as well). And ok, the model 8 on the bb page is described as having raised ends, but I couldn't tell from the pic. All the best - 🐺
  8. Thank you Steve, your post is paving my way to pointing out that the "model 8" as advertised by The Button Box does actually not appear to be one - at least not a typical example, as it would have raised ends then (just like the one I own myself). All the best - 🐺
  9. Hi crazy guy, sorry to interfere... 🙂 but having noticed so many of your efforts to lose (more) money, the video seems to suggest that this one might be a keeper for you... All the best - 🐺 BTW - as I'm going through rough times in my personal life these days, your "beginner" sounds have not failed to cheer me up - thank you for that!
  10. not much difference IMO, and my model 6 even has brass reeds - it‘s incredibly light, and well-made - it would have to be a particularly good specimen I guess - but you‘d always have to try an instrument before making your decision (not that I always acted accordingly though 😎).
  11. How about a good model 6? (mine is not for sale 🙂)
  12. if considering a New Model, you shouldn't roule out a Wheatstone Model 21 ff. (22/24 in particular) either IMO
  13. one octave above usual - but you may be aware of that already
  14. it should be noted that „hybrid“ is supposed to indicate being halfway between cheap’n’nasty and vintage, hence a quality instrument in any case
  15. quite a good price, you should grab the chance (if there are no further downsides)!
  16. Hi John, here's the layout as accurately provided by Geoffrey Crabb. Best wishes - 🐺 61b Crabb Crane - Type B.pdf
  17. so my beautiful (and not exactly smallish) 61b Crabb appears to be right in the middle of the spectrum 🤩
  18. re Hohner „Student“, they tend to be piano accordions AFAIK - is yours really a melodeon (or is „student“ just meant to indicate that it’s a beginner‘s instrument)? good luck with the sale and your inquiries! 🐺
  19. That's what I meant to say by referring to Neil Wayne... 🙂
  20. it‘s absolutely up to you Kathryn, and I fully understand your reasons for preferring the „tunes“ section with this one
  21. welcome to the forums Kathryn, and I like your style and take too. it appears to me that a question you raised has not been yet answered: where to share a video like this. Some people repeatedly chose the "Tunes/Songs" forum for that, but I think most (including myself) are posting their resp. content in the "Concertina Videos & Music" forum. best wishes - 🐺
  22. just stumbled over your post - I reckon you're right: it's (Anglo) concertina and Melodeon, most likely both played by the talented Mr Brian Peters 🙂
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