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    Nordic and English traditional music and song.
    I undertake concertina restorations.
    I play EC: Tenor-Treble Aeola, Baritone-Treble Aeola, Baritone Aeola, Bass.
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  1. Here's another polska - Säbb Johns Polska from Vikarbyn, Rättvik, Dalarna. I heard this tune played by a super fiddler for a dance near Rättvik this summer past and knew immediately that I wanted to learn it.
  2. I think we may see it again soon on a dealer's website.
  3. Plus buyers premium at 18% plus VAT. Sold to a telephone bidder.
  4. I have a New Model TT on the bench that has the usual Lachenal cartouches that are fitted flush with the surface of the ends. Previously I've removed the cartouches prior to French polishing. To refit the cartouches has then required some cleaning and careful removal of excess shellac from the indented spaces before refitting the cartouches. Is there a better way to finish the ends without recourse to removal of the cartouches? How might I clean up the excess polish in this case? All tips appreciated.
  5. Yup seen that too. I currently have a 'tina in my resto pile where several springs have been switched for safety pins - inevitably the pivot posts have backed out of their slots. I've disconnected the springs while the instrument awaits restoration.
  6. Hej Mikael I'll be in Stockholm that weekend too (29 Nov - 4 Dec). Would be good to meet up. There's an English music session on Sunday 1 Dec and Swedish music session on Tuesday 3 Dec - both at Sjaette Tunnan in Gamla Stan. Irish session at Wikstroems Pub in Gamla Stan on Monday 2 Dec. I'll have my concertina with me. Hope to see you then. mvh Steve
  7. I've been thinking for the last few years about making a bass 'tina from harmonium reeds.
  8. My avatar TT Aeola has a super tone - ideal for singing, hence the desire to tune to 1/5 comma. I used to use it for playing for dancing, but that really was too much for the reeds, so I now use a TT Aeola which has steel reeds.
  9. Thanks Geoff - very useful. I'm thinking to tune the Aeola in my avatar to 1/5 comma (this 'tina has non-ferrous reeds).
  10. Have you approached any of the makers? eg. Steve Dickinson (Wheatstone), Wim Wakker (Wakker concertinas), Colin Dipper.
  11. I suggest not using Pozidrive screws - speaking as a restorer, they often round off rendering them impossible to remove with out having to drill them out - and they require access to a proper Pozidrive screwdriver. It also means carrying at least 2 screwdrivers in a repair kit. Always use slotted head screws - as used traditionally by makers - even modern makers use slotted head screws and bolts. I doubt Lachenal would have used Pozidrive screws even if he had had access to them.
  12. Hi Wolf Here's a picture of my 56-key New Model baritone
  13. Thanks Jim - a good idea - I may just print out the ledger page and keep in the bottom of my 'tina case.
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