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    Nordic and English traditional music and song.
    I undertake concertina restorations.
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  1. Jim Thanks for the message. So sorry about your sister, her friends, and especially for her friend that died. We're doing fine, thanks for asking. We've been in quarantine for 17 days now. This for me is an opportunity to knuckle down to some of my concertina projects. Now even more stringent quarantine rules have been introduced in Italy, so we can't go out at all, only to the supermarket (where btw there are stringent rules about masks, gloves, and distance from others). Everyone - keep safe and observe social distancing rules (keep at least 2 metres/7 feet apart) - and stay home!!
  2. Has anyone seen this? An Aeola TT, fully restored, for £7000. Discuss.
  3. I'm having to close 2 sets of doors between my practice space and my nearest and dearest - repeating the same phrases over and over, making mistakes in the same places each time though a passage, can be annoying. I'm also working on some harmonium accompaniment, so I'm playing back recordings of tunes, sometimes recordings of my playing, to which I'm trying to jam along.
  4. The whole of Italy is now in lockdown, initially until 3 April. The province of Asti, where we live, was put into lockdown on Sunday morning. We have supplies and some good wines in store. And I have plenty of great tunes to learn - so I'd better get on with them. One of things I'm looking to do is work more on rhythmic, chordal and harmony accompaniment to songs and Nordic folk tunes during this lockdown period. Plus there are other tunes that I'm sharing with a fiddler friend - we're planning to have regular Skype sessions and tune swaps. Shame I haven't got my workshop here - it's still in storage in UK - I have plenty of restoration jobs to get on with. #IoRestoACasa
  5. I suggest sell it here unrestored, and it get into the hands of an enthusiast. Music shop will take a hefty cut in commission, and may not be able to correctly assess its value. An auction house might get a good price for it (depending on who is in the room at the time) and will take a huge sellers premium (20-33% being typical of the hammer price). Alternatively, get it restored and learn to play yourself, and have fun.
  6. I'm looking for a source of felt material for making my own pads - can anyone recommend a supplier? Cheers
  7. I have only ever seen one concertina in Bb - I missed out on it at auction about 8 years ago.
  8. Thanks Susanne, for the great suggestions. I've been learning Italian, and I'm at the stage where if people speak slowly enough I can understand. My spoken Italian is still a little slow, but with practice should improve. I may put a posting on FB on the concertina chats. I'll post in Italian and English. Steve PS maybe I should start a FB group for concertina players in Italy 🙂
  9. I've had no issues with mine - I've had it for more than 1 year and its been fine.
  10. I prefer a dedicated recorder - the sound quality is usually much better than using an iPhone. I use a Roland R-07 for recordings in sessions, workshops, and on-stage. After recording, I move all my sound files to my laptop (which does a differential backup every day to mitigate data loss).
  11. Is this a sudden flatting of the pitch? Or has it been like that for some time?
  12. The OP gives the serial number as 28042 - this is consistent with a TT (model 19) http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P1220L.HTM
  13. Ciao a tutti!! Any concertina players on this forum in Italy? I've recently moved to Turin area - it would be good to meet fellow concertina enthusiasts.
  14. Everything remains the same - UK remains a member of the single market, including customs union, until 31 December 2020. A trade deal with the EU may change things after 1 Jan 2021 - but that won't serve UK industry very well, with many companies now threatening to follow those already moved to EU27.
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