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    Nordic and English traditional music and song.
    I undertake concertina restorations.
    I play EC: Tenor-Treble Aeola, Baritone-Treble Aeola, Baritone Aeola, Bass, Miniature EC.
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  1. It appears it was bought by a leading concertina dealer.
  2. Take a look at this https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/arthur-johnson-and-sons-auctioneers/catalogue-id-ibart10799/lot-d1f56b86-294d-477c-9aec-ac3f010a7265?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link Looks like someone has grafted a 20 key Anglo onto much larger bellows. A useful idea
  3. Here is a list of everything that's included These are prices today on the snapmaker website Snapmaker 2.0 A350, enclosure and accessories €2187 accessories: - 1x CNC platform (MDF wasteboard) - 1x Extruder hot end kit - 1x CNC bits - 1x PLA filament bundle - 1x Print sheet with double sided printing stickers - 1x PETG filament bundle this equates to £2001 (plus shipping) since the prices have gone up since I ordered mine. I am asking £1968 (plus shipping) I see from the manufacturers website the the A350 is now sold out.
  4. Not concertina per-se, but this printer can be used for fabricating concertina parts, cutting fretwork, etc. I'm selling a brand new, unused, Snapmaker 2.0 A350 with enclosure and loads of accessories. Still sealed in original boxes. Some features: • Linear Modules • 3D Printing Module • Laser Cutting Module (1600mW, Built-in Camera) • CNC Carving Module (ER11 Collet) Here's a link to the manufacturers website. There is a long wait for these printers (anything up to 12 months) so mine is available immediately. It's currently located in Italy but can ship worldwide.# I'm selling for what I paid - £1968 plus shipping.
  5. I have withdrawn this from sale due to my return to Italy next week.
  6. I've decided to hang on to this concertina for now. I'll restore it and then maybe think about whether I want to sell it.
  7. 2E, 4E - model numbers CP - don't know blue arrow - instruments of same model number as previous full line yellow arrow - workshop/assembly numbers possibly purple arrow - serial number possibly You can find the models to which the model numbers relate by looking at a price list from around 1965 - available on concertina.com
  8. I've got a bunch of new polskas I need to transcribe and start playing.
  9. SOLD This 'tina is now on its way to a new home.
  10. Lachenal Nonpareil Treble - in need of full restoration. Offers over £750, plus shipping. Please PM me for more info.
  11. Wheatstone 64 key baritone-treble Aeola - serial number 26404 In need of restoration - all usual service items and tuning. Includes original case. Offers in region of £4400, plus shipping Please PM me for more info.
  12. I'm selling a Wheatstone 60 key baritone Aeola - serial number 25873. It'll need a service and tuning to bring to full playing order. Includes original case. Offers in region of £3800, plus shipping Please PM me for more info.
  13. A few years ago I restored a rather nice rosewood ended 35 key Lachenal baritone. I sold it soon after completing the restoration. So yes, in answering the OP, baritones with fewer than 48 buttons do exist.
  14. This is now sold.
  15. I'm selling a metal ended Lachenal 48 key treble EC. This requires an amount of restoration but should make a great player once restored. Here is a link to the 'tina.
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