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  1. David Barnert


    I have to assume that you are arbitrarily (and not very clearly) assigning meanings to “upward” and “downward” as follows: downward = away from the side of greater air pressure (whether it be in the bellows or ambient air) upward = toward the side of greater air pressure In other words, in the same sense as “upstream” and “downstream” in the flow of air. But my question is what starts it moving “upward”? With that uncertainty, the rest of your explanation loses me.
  2. David Barnert


    Interesting. I read through it, but can’t say I understand it all despite having received an undergraduate degree in biophysics 40+ years ago and a firm grounding in fourier analysis. I don’t think I see anything above that answers this question: While air is flowing through the reed shoe and the reed bends in the direction the air is flowing, why does the reed then come back instead of staying bent until the air flow lets up?
  3. David Barnert

    Duet Recordings

    Or, to make an active link out of it: http://www.mellish.eu/Audio/Nick%20Robertshaw.zip
  4. David Barnert

    wtb Wakker W-2

    If I remember correctly, the Elise has the slant. So perhaps you have all the information you need.
  5. David Barnert

    wtb Wakker W-2

    A reasonable question, and I don’t have a well-thought-out answer. It’s just that I’ve been playing with the slant for over 30 years, now, and when I try an instrument with the parallel arrangement, I feel like I have to curl my ring and pinkie fingers so much that I can’t press the buttons as efficiently. I don’t know why the same isn’t true of my index and middle fingers on a slanted instrument. I guess my advice is not “get one with a slant,” but “try them both before making a decision.” Good luck with whatever you decide on.
  6. David Barnert


    Well, there’s this, my entry for Tune of the Month, October 2013:
  7. David Barnert

    wtb Wakker W-2

    Are you sure you want a W-2 rather than an H-2? Have you tried both arrangements? I much prefer my Wheatstone Hayden (46 buttons, slanted) to the Morse Beaumont (52 buttons, parallel).
  8. David Barnert

    Playing with Anna Magdalena

    Lovely, as always. I don’t know why I have never been able to satisfactorily play classical music on the Hayden.
  9. I expect you’ve already found it, but here it is:
  10. Yes, but as they say, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. MP3 is a “lossy” format. Its advantage is that the file size is compact, but in order to compress down to manageable size, information is lost. This loss is nearly imperceptible to the ear, but cannot be reversed by converting the format to WAV.
  11. I have heard that David Cornell died recently. I have no other information except that he had been suffering for many years with Parkinson’s. I had not been in touch with him since shortly after he moved from New Jersey to Tucson.
  12. David Barnert

    Modern Times ending

    That’s not what Tona was playing. It’s the silly song Charlie Chaplin’s character sings in a nonsense language earlier in the film.
  13. David Barnert

    starting anglo concertina

    Here’s what nobody has said clearly yet: The book will get you playing tunes, no problem, but you’ll be playing them in a different key than if you were playing a C/G, and therefore a different key than what you’ll hear on the videos. You will have to relearn them in the “correct” key if you want to play along with other musicians, but playing by yourself it will sound fine.
  14. So here’s an article in today’s New York Times, an interview with Ben Sisario, one of their reporters who covers the music industry, discussing the tech he’s using. A couple of excerpts: [ • • • ]
  15. Sorry. Not sure what you’re saying here. Also, making sure you saw my edit, above, with Graham’s email (it wouldn’t have been in the email version of the post, if you get those).