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  1. Is it reasonable to assume that English is the “lingua franca” of the event?
  2. Good point. What’s closer to your ceiling is further from mine.
  3. Sure, it’s upside-down (rotated through 180° in the frontal plane). If it were rotated in the horizontal plane the hand straps would be further away than the buttons. What should be closer to the ground is closer to the ceiling (and right/left are likewise reversed). Only front and back are where they should be.
  4. Looks like the domes are not quite the same shape. Will that be a problem? In this image, I’ve used Photoshop to make the keys parallel and adjust the shadows and contrast a little.
  5. Thanks. I knew it was either that or you were sarcastically trying to point out that I had said something really ignorant. 🤪 I have no idea what the ‘g’ means. I know even less about anglo tab than I do about anglo concertinas. I would think it just means “play on the G row,” but but then the fingering would be identical, and why is there no ‘c’ for the other row? 🤔
  6. Click on your ‘avatar’ (in your case, the J in the green circle). That takes you to your profile page. You can do so without leaving this page by right-clicking the avatar (or on a Mac, control-clicking it) and choosing from the drop-down menu to open the link in a new tab or window). Near the upper right corner of the panel near the top of the profile page that contains your name in large letters is a small gray rectangle with rounded corners that contains, in white, an image of a pencil and the words “Edit Profile.” Click it. That brings up a form where you can enter
  7. It certainly seems a reasonable match. But I notice Special Elite doesn’t have the flanged “4” that we see printed on the label of #6946, above, so there are likely other subtle differences between what Special Elite in Bold provides and what is found printed on Lachenal SN labels. I wonder if the thing to do isn’t to take or find photographs of Lachenal serial numbers until you have collected a 1, a 9, a 6, and a 5 (I’ve given you the 6 and 9, above) and then use photoshop to duplicate the 9 and the 5, make them all the same shade, size and resolution, put them in the right order
  8. I don’t know. I’m not an anglo player. I know what I said is true, but the fine points (like which octave: up a 5th or down a 4th?) are beyond me.
  9. The same thing you did on the C row to play the C scale you can do on the G row to play the G scale.
  10. There’s a Hayden that big. More keys (one more, anyway, 82) but perhaps not quite as big a box. I described it in this post from 15 years ago. It was made by Steve Dickinson (Wheatstone), and if he made more than one, I’m not aware. Jim Bayliss in Texas owns it now.
  11. Even though you don’t need a 4, you might search for a font that has this distinctive 4 in it: (Image taken from https://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00283.htm.) The only font on my Mac that has the vertical slash at the right end of the 4 is Bodoni, but it is clearly wrong for other reasons. (Screen shot, not active font)
  12. Note that the font examples presented in the above posts may not render accurately on all computer screens. I am using a Mac with up-to-date MacOS (11.2.3) and what is called Times New Roman appears as Helvetica (and, of course, Times New Roman is resident on my Mac), Franklin Gothic medium, Century, and Clarendon Light BT show as Times, and Calibri (light) shows as Helvetica Bold.
  13. Thanks. I stand corrected.
  14. “Homewood Music” is Bob Tedrow. I don’t think he ever sold anybody else’s instruments under that label. What’s the evidence that AC Norman had anything to do with this concertina?
  15. It calls the note most of us think of as C “B#”? That’s not likely to be much help.
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