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  1. David Barnert

    More dumb questions about modes...

    Is it possible it was there all the time and I didn’t notice it because Aaron and I are both wearing gray shirts, so I assumed it was a picture of him?
  2. David Barnert

    New look web site

    Thanks. I’ve had it where I want it since a few minutes after my last post. Problem was that with the new interface, the avatar displayed in less-than-optimal resolution, so I went back to the original photo and played with it in photoshop until I could make it work (involved adding material to the side edges).
  3. David Barnert

    More dumb questions about modes...

    I’m not sure I agree. Nothing in the center section sounds modal to me. The tune, as you mention, has neither C nor C#, but I have always harmonized it with A major chords under the E’s in the melody, assuming that the lack of a change in key signature was done just for convenience. The video of me playing this tune on the Beaumont is no longer on the Button Box web site, but that’s certainly how I played it.
  4. David Barnert

    Wheatstone 56 Key Aeola Amboyna Concertina Unbelievable Condition

    Indeed. I don’t remember how I calculated the 1.061, but recalculating it now, I get the same result you did.
  5. David Barnert

    New look web site

    Thanks, Paul, I didn’t know that. My MacBook is only about 4 years old and none of the software on it has that feature. There’s a windows machine on my desk at work which I very rarely use for word processing. Microsoft Word on that machine does that, but I never knew the “Shift/Return” trick. I found cumbersome ways to work around it. The only texting/messaging I do is on an iPhone, and it doesn’t seem to happen there, even as I type this message on it.
  6. David Barnert

    More dumb questions about modes...

    Agree with everything above, and would add that it matters only in the sense that as it becomes more natural for you, you will find it extremely helpful to know what key you’re in and how to expect the notes in that key to relate to one another. But of course it matters not at all in terms of getting the abc software to display the piece correctly. In that context, C Maj = D Dor = G Mix, etc.
  7. David Barnert

    New look web site

    Thanks. Let’s see... Yeah, that works. Hard to describe it as a step forward, though. Now working on adjusting my avatar...
  8. David Barnert

    New look web site

    Bummer. Thanks for your help. Adjusting the line ends looked like it was working, but the system complained that my sig didn’t meet requirements, too many lines. So that’s the end of my 20-year-old ASCII art sig (I had been using it in mailing lists and newsgroups long before concertina.net, but as they all now use proportional fonts—if they still exist—ASCII art doesn’t work anymore). Still noticing, as I type this, that hitting “return” (I’m using a Mac) gives me two line feeds.
  9. David Barnert

    New look web site

    How do you edit sigs now? I don’t see any mention of the sig on my “Edit Profile” page, and my sig’s now obviously a mess (I was hoping, based on the above, that messing with the line ends would fix it).
  10. David Barnert

    Sweet Jenny Jones, Anglo

    So... Let’s hear what you’ve come up with!
  11. David Barnert

    Duet Tunes

    The Hayden is still a pretty new concept in concertinas, and there is not much material published for it, nor is there likely to be any time soon. I would strongly suggest doing just what you seem afraid to try to do: Start with tunes you can play on the right hand (either reading the melody on paper or by ear) and improvising a left hand accompaniment, either based on chord names printed with the tune or from scratch, using your own imagination.
  12. David Barnert

    One More Roslin Castle

    My goodness! I had entirely forgotten that I did, indeed, record it and post it on SoundCloud. It is essentially Danny’s version with some minor modifications (voice leading adjustments in the cadences). https://soundcloud.com/dr-sleep-1/roslin-castle
  13. David Barnert

    One More Roslin Castle

    Very nice. What may have been the very first youtube video of a single person playing a concertina was the one Danny Chapman (“Ratface” in these forums) posted of himself in 2006 playing the same tune on his tenor-treble english concertina. I have learned his arrangement on the Hayden (although I have not recorded it). The original video is no longer on youtube, but he has replaced it with this. Edited to add: Looking at it again, I think it is the original video, renamed to include an alternate title for the tune.
  14. David Barnert

    Crossing Borders

    Is it possible you placed your boxes on the x-ray belt upright, while she placed hers on it’s side? Word is a traditional English-construction (radial levers) when x-rayed from the side looks a lot like a cluster bomb.
  15. It seems your initial instincts were correct. This is straight D major. There’s nothing modal or Hp about it except that it uses the same notes. I’m not sure playing it on a bagpipe justifies calling it Hp.