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  1. Does it really take that long to make a single concertina reed?
  2. I’ve been part of this forum for 20+ years and never been logged out. Of course, it’s also possible that I’ve never been idle for 5 minutes, but I just tried it. I researched other stuff on the web without closing this window and more than 5 minutes later, here I still am. I’m on a MacBook Air running MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1 and Safari.
  3. Maybe I opted in when I joined 20+ years ago and don’t remember. In any case, you can opt in or out at the “Following” link at upper right. It also offers a list of who’s following the topic (and allows themself to be listed). I just clicked it and discovered that only three names are listed, and considering that there are about 20 members who have posted here, I guess I was wrong about it being the default.
  4. That’s the default. You contribute to a thread, you get notifications on that thread forever unless you opt out.
  5. You’re not imagining things, Wendy. I saw it, too, but now it’s gone.
  6. The picture seems to be a 56-key instrument. Only 28 keys are seen on the right side.
  7. Yes, that’s OK. I didn’t realize the work wasn’t all done already, and I was concerned you might have used my transcriptions without asking. I assume you’ll also include your tablature. Not being an anglo player, myself, that’s not something I could have done. It was good to see you Saturday on the ICA zoom.
  8. Did you re-do the notation or use the notation I put together 20 years ago?
  9. Well, it never occurred to me to splint it or clean up the cross hole, and I’ve had no further problems. A tiny drop of cyanoacrylate glue on each of the two broken surfaces (only on one face on each side of the hole) and some pressure (I clamped it for many minutes, but I have little doubt a few moments would have been enough, like on the commercial).
  10. If the two ends fit together cleanly (and you’re certain you haven’t got one end turned the wrong way), then it’s worth trying to glue them with a cyanoacrylate glue (super glue, crazy glue, etc.). I’ve done it and it’s still holding up after years.
  11. Great tune. Too bad with that extra beat in the A section it’ll never get played at a contra dance.
  12. My first instrument was the cello, which I’m still actively playing. Then came the recorder and the guitar, still playing both. Then I discovered traditional folk music (32-bar fiddle tunes) and learned as many instruments to play them on (except the fiddle) as I could: pennywhistle, 5-string banjo, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, ocarina, probably some others that I’ve forgotten over the decades. The point is that all the instruments in this paragraph went on the back burner when, almost 40 years ago now, somebody put a concertina in my hands. That was clearly what I was looking for. The one instrument that I haven’t mentioned from my early “folkie” days that I am still playing is the pipe and tabor. BTW, although not yet well-represented in this thread, I have noticed over the years that a disproportionate number of concertina players also seem to play the cello. My guess is that (like me) they played the cello before playing the concertina.
  13. I was thinking it sounded like Sousa, what with the “5 of 5” at the end of the first 8 bars, but I’m not familiar with King Cotton.
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