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  1. Sorry, I misread it. I saw the “Northbridge MA” in seanc’s listing and thought it was Yiddishalan’s.
  2. Take a drive over to the Button Box (about an hour and a half drive). Call or email them first, as I’m not sure how the COVID situation is affecting their business hours and whether they allow walk-ins. See what they have in terms of used instruments or the R. Morse line they make themselves (very highly regarded). Also look at the Concertina Connection site. Depending on how much you’re thinking of paying, there’s a wide range of what either source would have available. I would stay away from any source but those two for inexpensive instruments.
  3. They make the same mistake, claiming that it was made in 1975. It is SN 60085.
  4. I laughed heartily at this and clicked the "Haha” button before I realized that you were referring to a post of mine in this thread from 14 years ago that I don’t even remember!
  5. The American standard, of course, became so long before the invention of the personal computer, at a time when spreadsheet behavior was not a prevalent concern.
  6. MM/DD/YYYY, as it appears in the log in the first post is (right or wrong), the standard American way of expressing dates. Before the turn of the millennium it was common to include only two characters for the year, but that’s frowned upon now.
  7. I have 60082, a Hayden, and also previously owned by Brian. I was told it was built in the mid 1980s. Clearly the seller is either mistaken or mistyped. The instrument in question was not built in 1975.
  8. It was at $150 when I first saw it on Wednesday.
  9. Is this the only instance of the word “Duet” being applied to a bisonoric instrument? I’ve never run across it before.
  10. You could tell it must be something like that because Dan isn’t wearing any listening device. Nice job. Do you ever accompany your own singing on the concertina? The three of us on this page, so far, will be together on Zoom (plus Doug Hurlbert) in two weeks for the Hayden Round Robin.
  11. My 46-key Hayden duet concertina has a chromatic range of 2 octaves and a minor 7th. Only the two lowest notes are outside the chromatic range. F minor (see my previous post in this thread) is awkward, but not unplayable on my instrument because the Eb and Ab are where you’d expect to find D# and G#, so the flat scales don’t fit the pattern. Here is the layout of the 46 buttons. Notes on squeeze and draw are the same (like English Concertina). Air vent button on the right (not shown here). | LEFT HAND || RIGHT HAND | || | || Bb C D | F G A B || F G A B C# | Bb (C) D E F# G# || Bb C D E F# G# | F G A B C# D# || F G A B C# D# | C D E F# G# || (C) D E F# G# | || |(5th Finger) (Thumb) || (Thumb) (5th Finger) | ======HAND STRAP======== || ======HAND STRAP======== (C) = middle C (both hands).
  12. It’s a few weeks out, mid-October. Let us know if he gets it in time.
  13. I’m afraid to ask: When is (was?) the birthday?
  14. The question is: How comfortable would you be singing a half-step above or below one of the “odd keys” you “tend to sing in”? If there’s some flexibility there it opens up a much greater range of possibilities. I was once working with a singer who wanted to sing in F minor (me on a Hayden). I convinced her she could just as easily do it in E minor and all went swimmingly after that.
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