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  1. News from Duet Lenormand/Restoin 🙂 By the way, we have never played in England and we would like to… If anybody is interested in our music, please send me PM ! Cheers
  2. Thanks. OCD already did the job : https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/20196-french-bagpipe-concertina/&do=findComment&comment=188594
  3. Hi, here is a French waltz which was composed in the beginnings of French « musette » music.
  4. Hi! here is a rendition of this tune by Andy Cutting with my friend Danielle on her old 20 buttons lachenal. (Because her wonderful Dipper we can see in the background needed to be fixed on one reed.. It is ok now !)
  5. Hi ! Here is a composition of mine played with my friends Zsófi Várkonyi at viola and Fabrice Lenormand at bagpipe. Cheers 🙂
  6. Some irish music on baritone duet and viola (Zsófi Várkonyi) 🙂
  7. Thanks! @david : you are right ! ?
  8. Here is a new (semi) lockdown video with my friends of Muscade. Sautière is a dance from Limousin (France).
  9. Thanks David. We played separately. The violin player recorded first, then me and finally the harmonicist. I did not make the video so I do not know what software was used.. Cheers
  10. Hi. Hope everyone is ok... Here is a lockdown video with friends from «Duo Muscade».
  11. Thanks David. « Key of C » was refering to the key of the bagpipe rather than the key of the tune. Otherwise bagpipe´s drones are mute because of the harmonies I play...
  12. Thanks ritonmousquetaire. Here is the link for « Chimère » Best wishes
  13. Hi! Here is a tune by Julian Sutton that I do not know the name. Played with Fabrice Lenormand at french bagpipe 23 inches (key of C).
  14. Thanks Alan! I am going to look after that.
  15. Hi, a viennese waltz by Franz Lehar « Gold and Silver » that taught me Laurence Dupré (Violin). This waltz was played by Joseph Perrier, a great auvergnat fiddler who has been collected a lot.
  16. I know that I had the sheet music of this tune but where?.. I will try to find it but I am not sure to succeed... Sheet music storage is not my strong suit.. And thanks everybody for kind words..
  17. Well it is daring to replace Chaplin’s music.. Sorry for that! « Matins d’automne » a tune by Claude Thomain which I adapted to concertina. (It is an old recording I made for.... Duet International. Here is finally an use of it!.. ?) https://youtu.be/exM0Ezbmy_U
  18. No.. Her mother tongue is only french. But we explain her the meaning of the words when she sings in other language..
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