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    playing music on English concertina, uilleann pipes and hurdy gurdy (among others). Making instruments, keeping healthy in my old age, chatting with friends. Now learning to play MacCann Duet.Latest project is Learning the Hayden Duet.
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  1. Geoff Wooff

    Creeping Reed Shoe

    I guess in some cultures one might be thought a drug smoker when buying papers but not tobacco, but one packet will last a very long time... and one could always buy them in an 'out of town' establishment if one's sensibilities preclude local purchase. For the minimal amount of wood movement normally found in the better vintage instruments it would be hard to find a thinner material readily available.
  2. Geoff Wooff

    Cleaning reeds for tea

    😊You're Potty !
  3. Geoff Wooff

    Creeping Reed Shoe

    Cigarette rolling papers are suitable for this shimming job. They come in various thicknesses ,but 0.01mm or 0.0005" is about medium weight. One could use the gummed edge to glue the strip to the wood.
  4. Geoff Wooff

    Music Genres-Concertina Type?

    Wolf, I'm taking the feeling that Mike wishes to succeed with the Anglo... or perhaps he is asking the question " Is there a music that would suit me better than ITM ?".... In that case,' the world is your oyster' . For an easier path to enjoying music making generally, I suggest the Wicki/Hayden Duet.... by far the simplest to get started on....though I think complex music is just as difficult on it as on any keyboard.
  5. Geoff Wooff

    Music Genres-Concertina Type?

    A long time player of the English, using it for any genre that came my way, I've also dabbled with two Duet keyboards BUT I have to say that in 50 years involvement with the concertina I have seen more people get on well and quickly and play fine music on the Anglo than the other types. Ok that is a sweeping statement and perhaps it is because I have come across more Anglo players, they certainly are numerous in ITM circles. At the age of 71 and starting again on the Anglo, most of us could not expect to achieve a high standard of playing. I began learning the Chromatic Button Accordion at 64 and I know I'll never reach a high standard with it but taking new adventures adds spice to living and I have stuck with it through the first difficult years. Enjoying the journey is what it's all about. If I were you I'd keep going with the Anglo!
  6. Geoff Wooff

    Rock Chidley

    You will find quite a lot of information about Rock Chidley, at www.concertina.com where there is a very good library of the history of concertinas.
  7. Geoff Wooff

    Tuning up or tuning down

    Well.... 'should not' IF there is enough meat on the reeds and IF the tuning is done carefully... So, in comparison to all the other 'tuned down' Vintage concertinas it should be ok.
  8. Geoff Wooff

    Tuning up or tuning down

    I think I would be correct in saying that most of the vintage (pre-war) concertinas in modern use, i:e: being played with other instruments, have been re-pitched to the A440hz standard. In the english speaking countries that would generally mean the pitch has been lowered from A452hz. ,or was it 453 or 459 ?, I can never remember. In continental Europe where the pitch had been lower ( 432 or 435hz.) before the war instruments would require a tune up. I re- pitched many concertinas during my years in Australia ... it is generally safer ( less dangerous or injurious to reeds) to lower the pitch....
  9. Geoff Wooff

    Nice videos on the Wakker Hayden duet by Jim Bayliss

    Though it could just be recording technique differences there are two models of Wakker 46 duet. On the Wakker website he lists the H1 and W1 as being octagonal 6 1/3" across, but that is the earlier model which has several reeds ( 3 on each side if I remember correctly) mounted in the central area of the reedpan. The revised model has all reeds radially mounted around the circumference. This second version avoids some tonal imbalance evident with the central mounted notes but also increases the size of the instrument . Looking at Jim's videos, where his arrangements appear to utilise most of the lung capacity of the seven fold bellows, I can imagine the slightly larger second version could be preferable. Not that I know which version he is playing here.
  10. Geoff Wooff

    Concertina Playgroup - Softplay

    From an instrument maker's point of view displaying one's goods at this festival is a good way to boost the orders book. Some of the French luthiers gain much of their year's work from this , and other, festivals. One might need enough stock on hand to make a reasonable display although I've seen several new makers start small by sharing a stand. I can imagine that one or two demonstrator instruments would suffice . Although I do not meet a huge number of concertina players in France ,musicians do come from all over the world to look at the luthiers stands. Further to my comments about the new speed limit; we popped out for a few supplies this morning and took stock of the road signs ( doesn't one always ?) and realised, of course ,that there are no 90 signs, or even 80's around here.... there is just the end of restricted speeds , like a 50 or 70 with a diagonal line through... what speed is allowed after that is supposed to be known by the driver.
  11. Geoff Wooff

    Concertina Playgroup - Softplay

    Two things: Anyone driving to France this year will need to know that the 'open' speed limit on non dual carriageway roads has been reduced from 90 to 80 kph from the beginning of this month but not all the new speed signs are in place yet, so take care because as far as I know the new limit applies even if the the old signs are still there! What does " Concertina Playgroup- Softplay" mean ? Wooden ended concertinas only ?😏
  12. Geoff Wooff

    Concertina Playgroup - Softplay

    Thanks for the prior notice. I'll be there as well.
  13. Geoff Wooff

    Pubs in Ireland

    Beer & Music...... both a matter of personal taste perhaps ?
  14. Geoff Wooff

    Pubs in Ireland

    The best music sessions will not be advertised and usually happen in the winter months , by arrangement amongst musicians... but generally good sessions can be found with a little persistence. Indeed Don, it depends on one's viewpoint.... here's another: we lived in County Clare for 16 years and I definately had far more bad hangovers than good music sessions..... the really great sessions I could count on my two hands... one weekend I do recall, I was lucky to enjoy two great nights of playing sitting next to Tommy McCarthy .... a fond memory going back 20 years.
  15. Geoff Wooff

    Pubs in Ireland

    Good music and good beer !! You don't want much do you? As a connoisseur of both ITM and Beer, as well as a long term resident in Ireland, I would say ( in general) you might find 'good' music if you get local, up to date advice and avoid the tourist spots in the mid summer holiday season , but good beer is a tall order. I see that one or two 'craft' breweries have sprung up in recent years but some I sampled a couple of years ago was rubbish and as for the offerings from the factory breweries, that will either cause chronic constipation or keep you up half the night passing water!.... The Whiskey is good though. If the weather is agreeable the scenery is lovely......