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    playing music on English concertina, uilleann pipes and hurdy gurdy (among others). Making instruments, keeping healthy in my old age, chatting with friends. Now learning to play MacCann Duet.Latest project is Learning the Hayden Duet.
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  1. Many ( perhaps most ?) concertinas made before the current International Pitch Standard was agreed in 1939 will be in the pre-war A= 452hz pitch , which is not far off half a semitone sharp. A good carefull re-tune would be needed if playing with other instruments but, note that not everyone tunes to A440 and do check the temperament as per Little John's comments above.
  2. I believe there is something to what you say Robert. Although I wonder whether a hand is controlled by one side of the brain and the other hand by the other side , I did find playing the English concertina was most helpfull in recovering from a Stroke. I attributed this more to gaining control of the coordination of the two hands . A side effect was to re-train my brain to imagine a sense of touch where it was somewhat diminished. I practice every day, looking for pieces that are chalenging for the fine end of coordination. Seven years on and most of the downsides of that stroke have repaired and , yes , my concertina playing improved too.
  3. This concertina has now been sold and a suitable donation will be made to C.net. Errrrrrr... where 's the Donate button these days ?
  4. Those screws will be for wrist straps.
  5. Probably easier to think of it as the bottom 48 notes of a Tenor Treble. So the lowest note on the right hand side will be C an octave below Middle C. Wim Wakker also offers this layout on his new EC's and calls it Tenor . I suspect, for many of us, this could be an ideal range, certainly the majority of music I play will fit nicely.
  6. I think you'll find that the VAT is only charged on the auctioneer's commission not on the sale price + commission.
  7. Err..... yes indeed ! So, the big question is 'what's it worth ?'
  8. Heads up for an auction on the 19th November in Sidmouth UK. www.potburysauctions.co.uk A Dipper EC . Looks like a 48 Tenor. Amboyna veneered 10 sided ends... catalogues will be out soon.
  9. Pictures could be helpfull. Are you sure these are Wheatstone concertinas ?
  10. I think would follow Chris' comments and tune that Baritone to 1/4 comma if you intend it for song accompaniment Steve.
  11. A friend has a metal ended 64 Baritone Aeola with 'Bronze' reeds. As far as I recall I tuned it down from pre war pitch in 1978 and I'm told the tuning is still fine. The tone was very nice and I can only imagine what an improvement 1/5 comma would make. Anyone interested can listen to several recordings of my Baritone Treble Aeola ( in 1/5th comma tuning) on the Tune of the month forum... starting with "The Fiery Clockface" from March 2013 which is embedded on page 3 , or some others on my Soundcloud page.
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