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  1. One too many - so I'm selling my 64-key metal ended Aeola.The number is 24225. As it is an early one, it only has five folds. It is in concert-pitch and overall very good condition including the original box. As it hasn't been played for ages it could do with some playing in... 3.200 Pound or 3.750€ plus postage
  2. I just checked - according to the ledgers it is a model 24 = extended treble
  3. There is a nice Boyd-Wheatstone 56-key coming up for auction: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/special-auction-services/catalogue-id-srspe10351/lot-59332dd3-6256-4e70-8d64-aaf8009c6357 However I doubt very much that it is a tenor-treble. 99% it is an extended treble - what do you think? I own a 56-key ET Boyd-Wheatstone...
  4. Theo, could you post a picture, please?
  5. I have been in contact with the seller. He is very interesting older man. He started to play in a concertina-band when he was 14 an has been playing and restoring all his life. Not many of those around any more these days...
  6. There are players, who want the extra notes, but Irish players usually don't need them and rather have the lighter instrument. I found it difficult to sell a 45-key Jeffries several years ago...
  7. If it has been well restored, it should be worth between 3500 and 4500$. A 30 key would be more desirable... Just ask for offers here! Unfortunately import to Germany is quite dear...
  8. I recently bought an early treble Aeola with nice reduced fretwork. Ebony-ended - so I assumed. It turned out that it has Amboyna ends. Some of the veneer had come off, so someone filled it in black and finished the whole ends in black... What a pity. Any ideas? Anybody could do the job to recreate the veneer and bring the ends to former glory??
  9. I just found this interesting Lachenal 61 key instrument on ebay. Link I have no idea, what it might be... May be a one-off? It would be interesting to know, if it plays same note n push and pull!?
  10. Those bellows are not much fun! I had good all leather-bellows made for my mine, which transformed the instrument!?
  11. Years ago the three three instruments belonging to Betty Aukland were sold through c.net ( as far as I know ). The piccolo-sized-treble and the miniature are reunited in New York by now. Would anybody know, where her regular treble Aeola ended up??
  12. I do hope that it was reunited with it's not quite as small, but still unique sister??
  13. Again not quite a concertina, but probably interesting for some: I’m finally considering to part with my Holy Grey ( Paolo Soprani, three voice, C#/D ). It comes with a fine story: 1985, while I was living on a farm in Carlow-town, Steve Chambers came to stay with me for a couple of months ( before he opened his shop in Dublin ). One day we drove up to Antrim to visit a friend – who finally agreed to sell me the grey. Steve took it back to England and had it tuned by the legendary Niels Nielson. Unfortunately, I never got around to using it, as I play English concertina. So it has been sitting in its leather-case for all that time. It is in great playing order and a pleasure to play! I’m buying a house – so I’m inviting offers ( preferably 5 digits !? ). Questions? I could do a youtube, if requested!? I'm based in Germany...
  14. Even though Bandoneons are part of the big Konzertina-family, they do not really belong here. Anyway: A friend asked me to sell two bandoneons for him, which he acquired many years ago from a museum. One is a rare chromatic Kusserow instrument ( same note push and pull ), which has an interesting layout - different on both sides ( google Kusserow ! ). The maker-label is missing, but it should have been made in East-Germany. Bellows and case are in good condition, for serious playing it would however need tuning and probably new valves. No box. I'm asking 600€. The other one is a fine ELA ( Ernst Ludwig Arnold ) instrument with an older layout ( check the picture! ) in very good overall condition and playing well - but still in old German pitch ( A-435 ). No box. I would like to get 450 € for it. More pics her: Kusserow ELA
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