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  1. Steve, do you remember, how it took me 30 years to get that piccolo Aeola off you 🤪
  2. I contacted the seller. They bought a collection of rare musical instruments including the two Aeolas...
  3. 3750$ - a realistic price! I dropped out well below....
  4. The instrument has been sold ( through another platform ) and is on it's way to Britain - to the man who deserves it best... Mike, I have an amazing 1926 EE Aeola baritone ( plus a metal ended 48 key baritone plus a 64 key Amboyna and gold-ended one ?
  5. Sixsided or eightsided? Metal, Ebony- oder rosewood ends?? Is there a serial-number?
  6. Until a couple of weeks ago I had the matching treble pinhole Aeola. I picked it up in Canada and had it restored twice - with seven-fold new bellows ( replacing 4-fold replacements ). I had to give it away to a friend... ( sad ). Now I don't want the barry anymore.
  7. I'm selling a very rare, if not unique, six-sided Wheatstone Aeola Baritone. Before Wheatstone started to make eight-sided Aeolas as their top-range-instruments they made a couple of six-sided ones which have the name "Aeola" stamped into the wood.They all have very limited fretwork ( referred to as "dot &comma" or "pinhole" ) resulting in a typical unusual soft and mellow sound. This instrument is in baritone-range, one octave below normal treble. The serial number is 22664 ( around 1900 ). It has ebonised ends, 48 metal keys ( a few are not original! ) and steel-reeds in Aluminum-frames. It has been restored many years ago by Crabb with new six-fold bellows and a new case. It is in concert-pitch and plays well with a full and deep, but not too loud, sound - ideal for chamber-music or song accompaniment! I'm asking 3250€ or 2900 Pound or 3850$. Located in Germany. I listed the instrument on ebay.de: Link
  8. I'm still looking for a small tort Aeola to complete my collection. I know, they exist - I've seen them...
  9. Sorry, no music, but a nice picture from my good old days - featuring Juliette Daum on the bass-baritone and myself on the piccolo...
  10. I own a resonably good Lachenal tutor model with very bad brass-reeds. Now I need a beginner-instrument for a child and would like to get the tutor going again.... Does anyone have a complete set of steel-reeds or a beaten-down instrument with reasonable steel-reeds?
  11. Nice! My Boyd had those thin bellows. I never missed more folds...
  12. If the chart is right, it is not is standard E4 soprano, which ranges from C to C!? I played one a couple of years ago... This one looks more like a piccolo ( one octave above treble!? ). I just tried to play along... To me it looks like a standard E4!? Anyway, it is a very fine and rare instrument at a good price!
  13. Should be: https://www.concertina-restoration.co.uk/for-sale-now
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