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  1. That is a very good price! I flew over to the US 10 years ago to pick up a tort-Aeola - and paid considerably more. Mine is 31xxx and 56-key. If there is no interest I would consider to sell on commission through the button-box. Nice instrument, anyway...
  2. It is currently on hold until the middle of March... Someone will come to Germany to try it out...
  3. Mine is long gone... But Chris Algar has a nice one for sale: http://www.concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/?concertina=3210
  4. I wonder, if swappinng reeds would do!? They should be similar size... If I remember right, there was a Edeophone for sale with two swappable sets of reedpans - one in Bflat;-) I don't remember where... And: I love F-tenors. I have several Aeolas converted. Even a baritone-treble, which now plays a fifth below a tenor-treble;-) Great range!
  5. Not quite... The F not on one of the accidental rows, but next to the A on one of the inner ( middel / white-note ) rows! Like the low F on a tenor-treble!? That is unusual!
  6. Jim, it is common practice with English concertinas, to tune the lowG# on the left hand outer row to F. On my GE baritone the F is on the right side beside the A on a middle row - and of course it is the lowest note.!?
  7. Just a comment on Jim's comment: a "normal" baritone would have 48 key and play an octave below treble. I also have a 56-key baritone ( ebony ends ) , which is extended up, a 64 key baritone ( gold ends ), which starts on F ( on a middle row! ) and is extended up even further and a 64-key bass-baritone ( metal ends ) which is extended up and down ( an octave below a 64-key tenor-treble ).
  8. The instrument in on it's way to England to be restored and tuned - and it is promised to a German friend...
  9. Anybody interested - say at 200€ ( I was asked to help with the sale- but havn't seen it yet in person ;-)?
  10. I was offered in interesting instrument, which has a diatonic anglo layout on the left side ( 2 x 5 Buttons ) and a chromatic jedcertina type piano layout with 10 white and 6 black buttones on the right side. It is a typical cheap German-style instrument. Any ideas?? ( I can post pics later, as I'm not home right now )
  11. This one does... 48 key, one octave below treble.
  12. A friend is selling an early ebony-ended baritone ( 23875 ) in good original condition ( old-pitch, 5 fold bellows ). As you can see it has the rare reduced fretwork of the time. Contact me ( pm ) for more details or pics... Price: 2950€ / 2500 Pound
  13. A couple of years ago I made a midi-anglo, which had Stagi-mini dimensions. It worked, but certainly was too small ( even without reeds )...
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