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  1. Anybody interested - say at 200€ ( I was asked to help with the sale- but havn't seen it yet in person ;-)?
  2. I was offered in interesting instrument, which has a diatonic anglo layout on the left side ( 2 x 5 Buttons ) and a chromatic jedcertina type piano layout with 10 white and 6 black buttones on the right side. It is a typical cheap German-style instrument. Any ideas?? ( I can post pics later, as I'm not home right now )
  3. This one does... 48 key, one octave below treble.
  4. A friend is selling an early ebony-ended baritone ( 23875 ) in good original condition ( old-pitch, 5 fold bellows ). As you can see it has the rare reduced fretwork of the time. Contact me ( pm ) for more details or pics... Price: 2950€ / 2500 Pound
  5. A couple of years ago I made a midi-anglo, which had Stagi-mini dimensions. It worked, but certainly was too small ( even without reeds )...
  6. Good evening, the instrument is still available... Quite some interest, but no cash as yet;-)
  7. Yes, it was an extremely good box - and my very first one - and it had seven-fold extra-thin bellows... It went to a good friend... ( I recently bought an EE Aeola off ebay, which turned out to be a cracker. She is currenly with David to be perfected. I really didn't play the Boyd any more... )
  8. 2700 Pound plus 26% = 3400 Pound = 3900€... I recently sold my Wheatstone Boyd for one third less!?
  9. One too many - so I'm selling my 64-key metal ended Aeola.The number is 24225. As it is an early one, it only has five folds. It is in concert-pitch and overall very good condition including the original box. As it hasn't been played for ages it could do with some playing in... 3.200 Pound or 3.750€ plus postage
  10. I just checked - according to the ledgers it is a model 24 = extended treble
  11. There is a nice Boyd-Wheatstone 56-key coming up for auction: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/special-auction-services/catalogue-id-srspe10351/lot-59332dd3-6256-4e70-8d64-aaf8009c6357 However I doubt very much that it is a tenor-treble. 99% it is an extended treble - what do you think? I own a 56-key ET Boyd-Wheatstone...
  12. Theo, could you post a picture, please?
  13. I have been in contact with the seller. He is very interesting older man. He started to play in a concertina-band when he was 14 an has been playing and restoring all his life. Not many of those around any more these days...
  14. There are players, who want the extra notes, but Irish players usually don't need them and rather have the lighter instrument. I found it difficult to sell a 45-key Jeffries several years ago...
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