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  1. conzertino

    Wheatstone Linota sn#27957

    There are players, who want the extra notes, but Irish players usually don't need them and rather have the lighter instrument. I found it difficult to sell a 45-key Jeffries several years ago...
  2. conzertino

    Wheatstone Linota sn#27957

    If it has been well restored, it should be worth between 3500 and 4500$. A 30 key would be more desirable... Just ask for offers here! Unfortunately import to Germany is quite dear...
  3. I recently bought an early treble Aeola with nice reduced fretwork. Ebony-ended - so I assumed. It turned out that it has Amboyna ends. Some of the veneer had come off, so someone filled it in black and finished the whole ends in black... What a pity. Any ideas? Anybody could do the job to recreate the veneer and bring the ends to former glory??
  4. conzertino

    Interesting Lachenal on ebay.com

    Sorry... Didn't see!
  5. I just found this interesting Lachenal 61 key instrument on ebay. Link I have no idea, what it might be... May be a one-off? It would be interesting to know, if it plays same note n push and pull!?
  6. conzertino

    WTB Stagi Mini

    Those bellows are not much fun! I had good all leather-bellows made for my mine, which transformed the instrument!?
  7. Years ago the three three instruments belonging to Betty Aukland were sold through c.net ( as far as I know ). The piccolo-sized-treble and the miniature are reunited in New York by now. Would anybody know, where her regular treble Aeola ended up??
  8. conzertino

    Miniature Concertinas To Be Sold

    I do hope that it was reunited with it's not quite as small, but still unique sister??
  9. Again not quite a concertina, but probably interesting for some: I’m finally considering to part with my Holy Grey ( Paolo Soprani, three voice, C#/D ). It comes with a fine story: 1985, while I was living on a farm in Carlow-town, Steve Chambers came to stay with me for a couple of months ( before he opened his shop in Dublin ). One day we drove up to Antrim to visit a friend – who finally agreed to sell me the grey. Steve took it back to England and had it tuned by the legendary Niels Nielson. Unfortunately, I never got around to using it, as I play English concertina. So it has been sitting in its leather-case for all that time. It is in great playing order and a pleasure to play! I’m buying a house – so I’m inviting offers ( preferably 5 digits !? ). Questions? I could do a youtube, if requested!? I'm based in Germany...
  10. Even though Bandoneons are part of the big Konzertina-family, they do not really belong here. Anyway: A friend asked me to sell two bandoneons for him, which he acquired many years ago from a museum. One is a rare chromatic Kusserow instrument ( same note push and pull ), which has an interesting layout - different on both sides ( google Kusserow ! ). The maker-label is missing, but it should have been made in East-Germany. Bellows and case are in good condition, for serious playing it would however need tuning and probably new valves. No box. I'm asking 600€. The other one is a fine ELA ( Ernst Ludwig Arnold ) instrument with an older layout ( check the picture! ) in very good overall condition and playing well - but still in old German pitch ( A-435 ). No box. I would like to get 450 € for it. More pics her: Kusserow ELA
  11. conzertino

    wheatstone tenor-treble ebony Aeola on Ebay this week

    A couple of years ago someone offered a similar, but earlier EE Aeola on c.net - from Milano ( Italy ). Sounded too fishy... So I arranged to meet the seller, flew to Milano, spent a couple of nice days there - and cash and carried the Aeola at a good price. David Robertson made it look and play as good as new.... There still is a fine small ( 28 key ) Tort-Aeola in Australia. I would immediately fly over, to pick it up, if the owner decided to sell;-)
  12. conzertino

    WTB - F Tenor English Concertina

    I love F-Tenors. Over the years I had two original Lachenal new-models in that range. They have the same range as a normal tenor, but will play one fifth down, if fingered like a treble, but one row down. But as I collect Aeolas, I wanted some in that range. In fact it is quite easy to change from tenor to F-tenor. First of all ( and easy to try ) exchange all B und Bflat reeds ( they have the same size ). If you are happy enough with that layout, you will have to tune down or exchange all Eflat reeds to C#. Ready! I changed a couple of my Aeolas to the F-range - including a baritone-treble, which now plays a fifth below tenor-treble, if fingered like a tenor-treble...
  13. conzertino

    Ebony ended treble Aeola wanted

    I'm looking for a good Ebony ended treble Aeola for a good friend... Please PM!
  14. I own a Lachenal tutor-model, which is in decent condition, but has terrible brass-reeds... As I would like to help a beginner to a playable box, I'm looking for a similar instrument with decent steel-reeds, but bellows and ends beyond repair. Even a couple of missing reeds wouldn't be a big problem, as a have a box of odd reeds. Please PM...
  15. conzertino

    The Button Box has a 55B Wheatstone Hayden for sale

    The instrument was offered here about a year ago - I almost bought it...