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  1. The 32rd annual German Concertina Meeting will take place in Clenze from 5. to 7. May. This time there will be no concertina-teachers - just a gerneral playaround and some advice from an experienced fiddle-player... For the first time we do not specifically address English-speeking players - but who-ever understands the the global language of music is welcome;-) Details here ( in German only! ). Contact me with questions...concertinas.de
  2. Thank for the videos! Which makes them quite rare! In fact it is the first TT Boyd I have come across. I own a 56-key extended treble Wheatstone Boyd )!?!
  3. Did you record some notes on the videos? It would still be interesting, what the lowest notes are to determine if they are trebles or tenor-trebles!?
  4. The little beauty is still available! I would take 3.200€
  5. Could you measure the distance across the ends? That would proof that it is a TT...
  6. Mike, it has new seven-fold bellows! So it must have gotten some attention before!? How does it handle and sound? Riggy, give us a tune!
  7. Du wohnst in Hamburg? Kennst Du Nils? Hast Du Lust, im Mai zum nächsten Concertina-Treffen ins Wendland zu kommen? Ich verkaufe übrigens gerade jede Mengs Aeolas - von ganz klein bis ganz groß;-)
  8. Ich habe nachgefragt: der Verkäufer wohnt in Graz... Aber zur Not gibt es noch die Post;-)
  9. My friend can not play his two concertinas anymore and asked me to help with the sale. The first one is a Geordie baritone with hand-finished reeds. It was made in 2016 and cost 3.300€ at the time. The second one is a Rose treble bought new in 2021 for 2600€. I haven't seen them myself, but they is supposed to be in good playing order. Please contact me and I will forward you to the owner...
  10. This one seems to be sold... However, I'm selling the same instrument - a 56 key extended treble with tortoiseshell-ends, but from the best period ( 31203 ) in top condition, restored by Steve Dickinson... ( plus the matching tenor-treble ( 31363 ). Details on request.
  11. David, I'm not so concerned about the overall weight. I have my top Aeolas adjusted for minimum spring-pressure ( 50g ) and low button-travel for ultra fast playing. At that level I would most likely notice a difference between normal Aeola buttons and glass ones. However, I doubt that "normal" players would notice that difference... Anyway: it is a very fine and desirable instrument at a fair price!
  12. A nice looking EE 64-key BT model 16 is coming up at auction. Link A couple of years ago two similar BTs fetched a lot of money at another auction. Nice and rare instrument from a good period anyway...
  13. They are quite common on Lachenals ( I had a few ), but I never had any problems with them. However they are relatively heavy compared to wood-cored metal buttons!?
  14. I did build a MIDI 40 key ES concertina a couple of years ago using hall-effect sensors and magnets in the keys. I also made a 30 key anglo, which I never quite finished. Both played via an APP on an I-Phone and got their power through the USB line. For a while the ES MIDI worked via bluetooth: Concertina 2.0 I since have been working on a system to convert one of Aeolas to midi without tempering with the original instrument...
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