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  1. Still going... Price reduced to 5000€!?
  2. Yes I did a couple of years ago. She is a great concertina-player and has a number of good Aeolas to play on...
  3. I just noticed this pinhole Aeola for sale at ebay: ebay It used to be mine and has a long story: I first saw it on ebay some 12 years ago offered in Victoria / Canada. So I bought it and took a boat across to pick it up ( during a trip to the US ). It had been restored by Bob Tedrow, but still had it's original 4-fold bellows. I wanted to give it a fair chance as a top instument, so I had it restored a second time by David Robertson, who repolished the ends and fine-tuned it. Next I had seven-fold bellows made for it by Mark Loyd-Adey. The action is low and extra-light. Now it is a quite unique instrument with enough bellows-volume for full-hand playing and the typical ultra soft and quiet sound of the pinhole Aeola. A few years ago I parted with the instrument - and it's even rarer big brother, a pinhole baritone... Here now is a chance to aquire this very special early Aeola in exceptional condition at budget-price - from a top concertina-player! PS: Since all Wheatstone concertinas were made on the same jigs, I was able to swap the ends of the pin-hole with a Model 22, which now turned into a screamer! Which proved that the sound of concertinas depends on the quality of the reeds and the fretwork...
  4. I have three 48-key Aeola tenors for sale, on ME, one EE one Amboyna...
  5. I'm selling a metal-ended Aeola baritone out off my collection. I bought it off Greg Jowaisas a number of years ago after missing it here before... The serial Number is 32821. is in near mint original condition, it looks and plays well, but needs playing in, as I normally play my EE baritone... It lives in the North of Germany. Cash & carry welcome... 5500€
  6. I usually explain it this way: a 48key Concertina can play as a treble, a piccolo, a baritone or a bass. If there are notes added to the top, it would be called "extended". If there are notes added to the lower end, the first word defines, how low it extends, the second word defines which octace it is plays, if fingered like a treble.... Examples: tenor-treble ( down to C ), baritone treble ( down to G ), bass-treble! ( down to C ), bass-baritone ( down to C ), extended treble, extended tenor-treble, extended baritone etc. Hence a 48 key tenor-treble would not be called just a tenor. A strange beast is the F-tenor. If fingered like a treble, it plays a fifth down. A few of them were made, mainly for the salvation-army. But any tenor-treble can easily be converted to F-tenor by swapping and tuning a couple reeds. There are a few concertinas around, which were tuned to odd keys ( i.e. clarinet, oboe, based on Bflat or Eflat... ) Some even had exchangeble reedpans for different keys! Basses come as single action ( only sound in one direction ) and double action ( like trebles ) and can reach down to C or G.
  7. I’m finally selling my C / G 37 key Jeffries Brothers Anglo. I bought it off Steve Chambers more than 35 years ago in Milltown Malbay during the Willy Clancy week. According to Steve it started live as a 30 key C. Jeffries and was later converted to 37 key by Jeffries brothers. To me it is best of both worlds: the reeds and heavy reed-pans of C. Jeffries and the nice domed ends with special symmetrical fretwork and huge seven-fold bellows of the later era. At the time during restoration Steve asked me, if I wanted Jeffries or black papers. As I don’t like fancy papers it turned out all black… It is a heavy and very loud instrument, but with a special sound due to the rather closed fretwork!? As I mainly play English system it has hardly been played. It is in concert-pitch and the bellows are great, but somewhere is a small leak ( air-valve?? ). The action-board has a fixed crack. It lives in the North of Germany. As it is quite a special instrument, I would prefer cash and carry but open to offers...
  8. I have a EE model 15 BT, a ME model 16 BT and a ME BB für sale - all Aeolas, all in good condition...
  9. Once I'm at it: I'm selling Alf Edwards extremely rare metal ended 48 key tenor-treble - in perfect condition without auction-fees!!!?! It is 33075, but has been made to the highest standards and has the traditional labels and riveted action... In the ledgers that number stands for a black model 19a ( 64 key TT ), but I have seen on a few occasions that the ledger was wrong on special custom-made instruments...
  10. Here the whole lot: https://issuu.com/gardinerhoulgate/docs/music_cat_june_2023-compressed?fr=sMjIxNDU0MzUzMDg
  11. I just checked: it is the original instrument that belongs to that player / collector I was referring to. How do I know: I sold him the Geuns baritone that is for sale as well... So here is Alf Edwards famous instrument for sale once more....
  12. As far as I know the original famous golden Aeola passed through Steve Chambers hands some 20 years ago and now is owned by a player / collector in Britain ( not me )!?
  13. The 32rd annual German Concertina Meeting will take place in Clenze from 5. to 7. May. This time there will be no concertina-teachers - just a gerneral playaround and some advice from an experienced fiddle-player... For the first time we do not specifically address English-speeking players - but who-ever understands the the global language of music is welcome;-) Details here ( in German only! ). Contact me with questions...concertinas.de
  14. Thank for the videos! Which makes them quite rare! In fact it is the first TT Boyd I have come across. I own a 56-key extended treble Wheatstone Boyd )!?!
  15. Did you record some notes on the videos? It would still be interesting, what the lowest notes are to determine if they are trebles or tenor-trebles!?
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