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  1. You know that I still have an EE BT model 15 and a tortoiseshell special BT ( 54 key ) for sale - both 31xxx...
  2. One can not tell from the pics, if it has five or six-fold bellows!? To me that would make a lot of difference... At that period many top instruments would still only have the five folds!
  3. I have a metal-ended and a gold-ended Aeola-baritone for sale - plus two BTs... Based in Germany.
  4. Steve, except for the huge bass they are all in concert-pitch and in good playing order.
  5. Les, no it isn't. I bought it off a clown, who used it in a circus. It has only 8 keys on each side and reaches down to "normal" low G and is single action. The huge bellows are mode of some kind of canvas!? But it is a proper Wheatstone Aeola. And it is my only instrument in old pitch...
  6. Sinces there seems to be no holiday pyramid this year, I'm presenting to you my collection, which unfortunately is to big to pile up;-) Most are for sale, some are sold, a few are to be kept: enquire, if interested... holiday wardrobe Keep squeeezing!!!
  7. Since baritones seem to be in demand right now I'm offering an unique 64-key Aeola baritone with original gold-plated ends and Amboyna sides out of my collection. The serial no is 23915, but it is made to the highest standard ( riveted action, heavy ends ). It has eight-fold bellows and was serviced by Colin Dipper... Unusual is that it reaches down to low F on the left side middle row!? I had to swap one EE baritone Aeola plus one EE treble Aeola for it - so you can estimate it's value...
  8. My ME Aeola baritone is as loud as they get;-)
  9. My baritone Aeola can be inspected here: c.net
  10. I have a near mint 48 Key ME Aeola baritone for sale...
  11. Yes I did a couple of years ago. She is a great concertina-player and has a number of good Aeolas to play on...
  12. I just noticed this pinhole Aeola for sale at ebay: ebay It used to be mine and has a long story: I first saw it on ebay some 12 years ago offered in Victoria / Canada. So I bought it and took a boat across to pick it up ( during a trip to the US ). It had been restored by Bob Tedrow, but still had it's original 4-fold bellows. I wanted to give it a fair chance as a top instument, so I had it restored a second time by David Robertson, who repolished the ends and fine-tuned it. Next I had seven-fold bellows made for it by Mark Loyd-Adey. The action is low and extra-light. Now it is a quite unique instrument with enough bellows-volume for full-hand playing and the typical ultra soft and quiet sound of the pinhole Aeola. A few years ago I parted with the instrument - and it's even rarer big brother, a pinhole baritone... Here now is a chance to aquire this very special early Aeola in exceptional condition at budget-price - from a top concertina-player! PS: Since all Wheatstone concertinas were made on the same jigs, I was able to swap the ends of the pin-hole with a Model 22, which now turned into a screamer! Which proved that the sound of concertinas depends on the quality of the reeds and the fretwork...
  13. I have three 48-key Aeola tenors for sale, on ME, one EE one Amboyna...
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