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  1. Du wohnst in Hamburg? Kennst Du Nils? Hast Du Lust, im Mai zum nächsten Concertina-Treffen ins Wendland zu kommen? Ich verkaufe übrigens gerade jede Mengs Aeolas - von ganz klein bis ganz groß;-)
  2. Ich habe nachgefragt: der Verkäufer wohnt in Graz... Aber zur Not gibt es noch die Post;-)
  3. My friend can not play his two concertinas anymore and asked me to help with the sale. The first one is a Geordie baritone with hand-finished reeds. It was made in 2016 and cost 3.300€ at the time. The second one is a Rose treble bought new in 2021 for 2600€. I haven't seen them myself, but they is supposed to be in good playing order. Please contact me and I will forward you to the owner...
  4. This one seems to be sold... However, I'm selling the same instrument - a 56 key extended treble with tortoiseshell-ends, but from the best period ( 31203 ) in top condition, restored by Steve Dickinson... ( plus the matching tenor-treble ( 31363 ). Details on request.
  5. David, I'm not so concerned about the overall weight. I have my top Aeolas adjusted for minimum spring-pressure ( 50g ) and low button-travel for ultra fast playing. At that level I would most likely notice a difference between normal Aeola buttons and glass ones. However, I doubt that "normal" players would notice that difference... Anyway: it is a very fine and desirable instrument at a fair price!
  6. A nice looking EE 64-key BT model 16 is coming up at auction. Link A couple of years ago two similar BTs fetched a lot of money at another auction. Nice and rare instrument from a good period anyway...
  7. They are quite common on Lachenals ( I had a few ), but I never had any problems with them. However they are relatively heavy compared to wood-cored metal buttons!?
  8. I did build a MIDI 40 key ES concertina a couple of years ago using hall-effect sensors and magnets in the keys. I also made a 30 key anglo, which I never quite finished. Both played via an APP on an I-Phone and got their power through the USB line. For a while the ES MIDI worked via bluetooth: Concertina 2.0 I since have been working on a system to convert one of Aeolas to midi without tempering with the original instrument...
  9. Chris currently has a G/D Dipper for sale! Probably not much longer now... Just the thing for a professional;-) Link
  10. This one is based in Germany. Keep in mind: about 500€ will buy you a brand-new set of six or seven-fold all leather bellows - should you decide that you need them...
  11. Are you looking for single or double-action? Where are you based? I have three Aeola basses for sale...
  12. Where are you based? Is it possible for another member to visit and test-play?
  13. conzertino


    I asked the seller a couple of obvious questions. The only answer was: 5000 Pound 😏
  14. I have reported them on ebay Germany... Let's see.
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