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  1. I own a resonably good Lachenal tutor model with very bad brass-reeds. Now I need a beginner-instrument for a child and would like to get the tutor going again.... Does anyone have a complete set of steel-reeds or a beaten-down instrument with reasonable steel-reeds?
  2. Nice! My Boyd had those thin bellows. I never missed more folds...
  3. If the chart is right, it is not is standard E4 soprano, which ranges from C to C!? I played one a couple of years ago... This one looks more like a piccolo ( one octave above treble!? ). I just tried to play along... To me it looks like a standard E4!? Anyway, it is a very fine and rare instrument at a good price!
  4. Should be: https://www.concertina-restoration.co.uk/for-sale-now
  5. Here another one: a friend here in Germany was GIVEN this Lachenal baritone, no 44289. What would be it's date? What is this model called? Approximate value?
  6. Finally sold to a lucky man in Ireland...
  7. Currently on hold. Try again in two weeks...
  8. Pics and a video here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fxuc8p15o4oou2c/AAAzVEEyUX8Op5xdAB2R84bva?dl=0
  9. Still living next to another... ( three of them have gold tooling! ) Here a little story: I had the 56-key TT restored by Steve Dickinson. When I picked it up, I asked him, what kind of instrument he had kept for himself. None, he replied. When I asked him, which particular instrument he would like to own, he choose this Amboyna TT😉 PS: Has anyone ever seen an Amboyna miniature??
  10. In my opinion and experience it is very difficult to judge an instrument that hasn't been played for fifty years... Those special instruments were made by the best craftsmen to the highest standard - often to the specific taste of the buyer. It is not a screamer, but has a nicely balanced sound with quite a strong bottom-end. I would love to hear it after 50 hours of intensive playing... I had two Amboyna-ended trebles with quite different sound quality. In my early years I would have perferred the loud one, but I kept the mellow one in the end...
  11. I had several requests for pics. Unfortunately I don't have any before the restoration, but I can tell you: it was really bad! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q0q0sapbta21sl2/AACUrK-NJrJqlD96DygZI91Ba?dl=0 As usual I'm asking in EURO what it might cost in Britain in Pounds: 6000€ - plus postage! Little reminder: I still have a metal-ended 64-key TT Aeola for sale - at half that price;-)
  12. The instrument had quite a story and finally ended up with me! Originally it was bought in Portugal and was exported ( by steamer ) to Brasil. Eventually it returned to Portugal. At the first ebay auction Chris Algar outbid me and bought the box. But as the reeds were in really bad condition, he returned it ( somebody had in fact "polished" the reeds! ). I contacted the seller, met him in Germany at a family wedding and finally bought it at a fraction of the initial price. Some time later I bought a derelict EE TT in Belgium with good reeds. David Robertson swapped the entire reed-pans and beautifully restored the instrumentt to mint condition. Some time later he managed to restore the EE TT as well with many exchange reeds... The tort TT ended up in my collection and was never played... My life is changing right now, so I will start to sell part of the collection in the future. So I would sell this unique box ( mint original gold-tooled bellows! ) at the right price. Open to offers...
  13. Due to that virus it is back on the market ( the potential buyer couldn't come )... I'm asking 8000 Euro ( I had several lower offers ).
  14. That is a very good price! I flew over to the US 10 years ago to pick up a tort-Aeola - and paid considerably more. Mine is 31xxx and 56-key. If there is no interest I would consider to sell on commission through the button-box. Nice instrument, anyway...
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