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  1. conzertino

    Suttner A4 38-key C/G Jeffries

    As requested here the layout:
  2. conzertino

    Suttner A4 38-key C/G Jeffries

    Suttner A4 38-key C/G anglo vor sale. Jeffries layout and papers, gold-tooled 7-fold bellows. Two years old, as good as new, with sturdy original box... Pm for questions and details.
  3. conzertino

    Decent case required for Baritone Treble Aeola

    Steve Dickinson just built a top-quality leather-case for my bass-Aeola! If you want the best;-)
  4. Still for sale! All details here! Price down from 5.300 Pound ( 5.900€ ) to 4.500 Pound ( 5.000€ ). I just had opened her up today: she just looks like new inside!
  5. conzertino

    Wooden Ended Tenor Treble Wtb

    I'll hopefully get an EE double-action C-bass Aeola back from restoration soon. So one other box has to go: I have a 64 key EE TT Aeola with a bit of a story: a few years ago I bought an amazing Amboyna-ended 64-key TT Aeola with original gold-tooled bellows of ebay ( it come from Brazil via Portogal ). The ends were rough and some reeds rusty. At the time I had another EE TT Aeola ( it came from a Belgian clown ), which needed work, but had good reeds. So we swapped the whole reedpans between the instruments. David Robertson did a great job on the ends - now the Amboyna TT looks and plays as good as new. Some time later David did up the EE TT Aeola as well. It was a lot of work and he had to replace a couple of reeds out of my spare-reeds-box ( probably not Aeola!? ). Again the instrument now looks as good as new, the bellows are amazing. But by now ( I haven't played her at all ) some of the ultra high reeds stopped sounding... I hate to tackle those high reeds - and David is busy for months... So I would let her go for 3.000 Pound as is: A perfectly restored 64-key ebony-ended Tenor-treble Aeola with some replacement-reeds and a couple of ultra-high reeds not working - in original box. Please contact me for more information, if interested...
  6. Dear Mike,

    I already own three different tort-Aeolas ( treble, TT, BT ) - but I'm always looking for better ones.

    I would be curious to get more details ( pics, number, price, tuning, condition, box )...

    You get me directly at robert@concertinas.de

    All the best



    PS: Chris has a tort TT for sale for quite a while now... 


  7. conzertino

    Bandoneon estimate

    Where are you based?? I might be interested...
  8. I'd like to see your Torts, too! I own three tort Aeolas: an extended treble, a TT and a special BT, which Mr Chiddley of Wheatstone had made for himself;-)
  9. conzertino

    Wanted 56 extended treble Edeophone.

    Btw: here you can listen to the concerto: http://www.concertinaconnection.com/cds.htm I am a big fan of Wheatstone Aeolas ( of which I own a good number incl. an extended 56-key tortoiseshell-ended treble ;-). For professional standard of concertina-paying I would recommend an Aeola or at least a Wheatstone model 24... I had several Edeophones and loads of other concertinas ( incl. Wolf's model 24 and an extended Wheatstone Boyd ), but my all-time-favorite is an ebony-ended Aeola! Watch this ( not me, unfortunately ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JmjbVJUPfQ
  10. conzertino

    For sale: Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet Concertina

    Greg, I own three different English-system miniatures ( eight-sided ) and just sold a nice 20 key mini. Your instrument is from a good period in good condition. It should be worth around 2.000$ i.m.o. You can contact the button-box and sell on commision, if it doesn't sell.
  11. conzertino

    Wanted: wooden-ended English tenor/treble

    Richard, I'll be back to you soon. I'm just very busy these days... By the way: I own three Amboyna ended tenor Aeolas: 48, 56 and 64 keys;-) They are normally loud, though...
  12. conzertino

    Wanted: wooden-ended English tenor/treble

    I happen to own a nice best period tortoiseshell-ended TT Aeola with alloy reed-frames, which is not only one of the most beautiful instruments I have seen, but it has a wunderfull mellow sound... Might be for sale, based in Germany
  13. Talking about Amboyna Aeolas.... I still have one out of two for sale!
  14. Ask Chris Algar. He often replaces decent original boxes with new ones and sells the old ones...
  15. conzertino

    Stiff New Bellows

    New bellows can be made flexible and light! I had 3 sets ( ES! ) made by Mark Adey and one by Steve Dickinson - each time I specified "extra thin and flexible" all leather - and 7 fold. They may not last another 100 years, but 25 will do me fine...