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  1. Thanks! @david : you are right ! ?
  2. Here is a new (semi) lockdown video with my friends of Muscade. Sautière is a dance from Limousin (France).
  3. Thanks David. We played separately. The violin player recorded first, then me and finally the harmonicist. I did not make the video so I do not know what software was used.. Cheers
  4. Hi. Hope everyone is ok... Here is a lockdown video with friends from «Duo Muscade».
  5. Thanks David. « Key of C » was refering to the key of the bagpipe rather than the key of the tune. Otherwise bagpipe´s drones are mute because of the harmonies I play...
  6. Thanks ritonmousquetaire. Here is the link for « Chimère » Best wishes
  7. Hi! Here is a tune by Julian Sutton that I do not know the name. Played with Fabrice Lenormand at french bagpipe 23 inches (key of C).
  8. Thanks Alan! I am going to look after that.
  9. Hi, a viennese waltz by Franz Lehar « Gold and Silver » that taught me Laurence Dupré (Violin). This waltz was played by Joseph Perrier, a great auvergnat fiddler who has been collected a lot.
  10. I know that I had the sheet music of this tune but where?.. I will try to find it but I am not sure to succeed... Sheet music storage is not my strong suit.. And thanks everybody for kind words..
  11. Well it is daring to replace Chaplin’s music.. Sorry for that! « Matins d’automne » a tune by Claude Thomain which I adapted to concertina. (It is an old recording I made for.... Duet International. Here is finally an use of it!.. ?) https://youtu.be/exM0Ezbmy_U
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