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  1. There is a Boyd concertina to be auctioned together with a violin... Boyd Can anybody tell from the picture, if it is a Wheatstone or Lachenal Boyd?? I think that the flat buttons point towards Lachenal...
  2. I have an ebony ended and an Amboyna ended 48 key Aeola piccolo plus a rare 24 key metal ended one. They are great little boxes - but I hardly ever play them...
  3. Don't worry. One day - if you stick to it - you wil have a couple of nice ones;-) Here some of my finest Aeolas, the Amboyna gang:
  4. Chirs Algar currently has an early sixsided pinhole Aeola for sale for 2500 Pound... The are usually good fast players with a really soft unique sound... https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/english-concertinas/wheatstone-pinhole-aeola-48-key-treble/
  5. In my opinion you can't easily top a good ebony ended Aeola - if you find one!?! Chris Algar usually has a few. I have one out for restoration ( in Britain ) and possible sale... I used a Wheatstone Boyd for many years ( even louder than my M22s ), but eventually switched to an EE Aeola for a softer sound. It has a wider dynamic range and more "body" to the sound while still being quite loud, if required. However individual instruments vary a lot. So make sure to test before buying such an expensive thing... PS: I always "tuned" my main instruments by reducing the spring-pressure to make them really fast...
  6. I had several M21s. As far as I know, they all had original 5.foldes or later replacements... However in the late twenties 6- folders became more common as standard for model 21 and 22... As far as I know, they always were an optional exrta...
  7. Which is the lowest note? Treble or really tenor??
  8. I sold three basses over the years... And I still have that huge ME Aeola-bass plus two ebony-ended double-action Aeola-basses, one down to C, one down to G;-)
  9. Thanks for all your answers. I was in fact wondering, if there is another ES bass ( fingered two octaves below treble ) with metal ends around... I know of large Mccanns that go down to the bass range. I have two ebony-ended Aeola basses, one down to C and one down to G ( both double action ) and a ME bass-baritone Aeola ( down to C ).
  10. By the way, the 30th annual German Concertina-Meeting took place online last weekend. The saturday-evening concert included myself ( ES ), Jochen Riemer ( McCann, Chemnitzer ), Stefan Böhmer ( hard-rock-McCann! ), Rainer Süßmilch ( ES, all that jazz ), Rob Harbron and Dave Townsend. Alistair Andertson didn't make because of computer-problems... Best linup ever!? There should be a detailed report at the next ICA Jounal...
  11. I was just wondering, if anybody has ever seen or owned a bass-concertina with metal ends? Or is this the only one!?!
  12. A friend asked me to find him an ebony-ended Aeola ( treble ). Any ideas?? Please pm...
  13. Good luck! They are very rare... I only have this one:
  14. If you know what to look for, you can tell that it is a 48 key tenor by the position of the buttons! I love these small tenors, even though they have not quite enough air for big chords. I have a metal-ended one ( which belonged to Alf Edwards ), an ebony-ended one plus an Amboyna-ended one - all rather late models. Supposedly Wheatstone only started in the late twenties to make these!? I had a couple of Lachenal F-tenors, which look the same, but play in the key of F if fingered like a treble, but one row down... Rare and interesting stuff!
  15. I do have a Lachenal Tutor with decent fife-fold bellows, but quite terrible brass reeds!? I had been looking for a set of steel-reeds - but without success. I'm asking 300€, based in Germany...
  16. I made them an offer, but they never responded. Most likely more than you paid...
  17. I have seen them on later Aeolas - just as there are plenty of late Anglo-Aeolas with eight folds... Juliette Daum had one. It was an absolute cracker!!
  18. Did you check www.concertina.com for details?
  19. Can you send a pic? We will most likely be able to help...
  20. It should all be there in English, too!?
  21. Welcome Ciaran, I bought quite a few instruments off your father over the last 40 years or so. So I remember you as a little boy;-) I assume and hope that you will keep up your work as an Irish musician as well!? All the best... Robert ( Bob ) from Germany
  22. Today someone form the US offered me the domain concertinas.net ... for a lot of money ( my personal domain is concertinas.de ). I offered him a fraction of that price - not expecting success. But he agreed!?!? So now there is a second c.net around😉
  23. Steve, do you remember, how it took me 30 years to get that piccolo Aeola off you 🤪
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