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  1. Steve Wilson

    My baby just cares for me

    Delightful. Absolutely delightful. Nora is such a cutie the way she glances at the camera (audience) occasionally. And the duet playing is fabulous, well done.
  2. Steve Wilson

    Embedding Test

    That's a very long moustache you have Wolf. Perhaps it needs trimming on your left.
  3. Steve Wilson

    Duet Tunes

    Some knowledge of chord theory would help. One needs to know how chords are constructed. This site should help https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Music_Theory/Chords And this http://www.concertinaman.net/uploads/6/4/9/2/64922025/chord_wheel.pdf Cheers Steve. http://www.concertinaman.net/
  4. Steve Wilson

    Dc Ambiance Performing Sweet Sue

    Love it. It must be fun playing with that gang and the concer goes so well on this swing stuff, as does clarinet of course.
  5. Steve Wilson

    Rock´n Roll Concertina Preview

    Stefan, you are outstanding among concertina players, truly an innovator with your use of the instrument. Is there anyone else in the world doing anything like what you are doing? I know of none. Perhaps you may inspire some younger players to experiment with their concertinas and their music.
  6. Steve Wilson

    Bad Habits

    Thanks Bill N, a very well thought through and useful post. I'll take on board your comments as I progress on my anglo adventure with my newly acquired Kensington concertina. Hope Ada benefits from your experience.
  7. Steve Wilson

    My Dream Gig

    Hi Jody, Just wonderful. The things you do for a buck when you're a musician. Yes I've done them too and yes they can be great (dream) gigs. "River Stay Away from My Door", that's a really nice tune. I should learn it on english, or maybe my anglo I've recently acquired. Are the dots handy somewhere?
  8. Steve Wilson

    My Dream Gig

    Wow,....that is fantastic. Kristina is just wonderful with those spoons. The concertina player, ....well he was alright. What's his name?
  9. Steve Wilson

    Tricks Or Tips To Learn To Read Music

    If you have Musescore, a free download music notation program on the net, you could devise some scale exercises for yourself. A cursor scrolls across the score while the audio plays and you can set the tempo as you like. Just play along, maybe set challenges for yourself with the tempo control. If you set up some exercises in the key of C you can easily transpose and save the exercise in other keys. I just tried to attach one of my musescore files but was disallowed. You'll have to set your own. Of course playing along to any musescore file, that is tune, is good reading practice. you can do it with ABC files as well. Set your own pace.
  10. You could try putting out a call on our very own Aussie Concertina Convergence email contact forum. The address is concertinas@humphhall.org
  11. Steve Wilson

    Rainer Süßmilch In Concert...

    I agree whole heartedly, wish I could be there. Robert is it possible with Rainer's permission to video some of the concert to post on Youtube?
  12. Steve Wilson

    Mill Fest This Weekend, With Jody

    That is a Long Way From Texas. Yeah, Binalong is a long way from Texas but perhaps we have to forgive Gbol.. since it's his first post and perhaps he should have created a new thread. At least all you Mill Fest folk now know about Binalong Concertina Convergence and can file it away for future reference. It's less than 24hrs from anywhere by aeroplane. I'm going. You all have a great time at Mill Fest. PS. Don, enjoyed Mr Hopkins song but couldn't hear the concertina bit. Cheers.
  13. Steve Wilson

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    In Australia they are not called cowboys but rather "stockmen" and of course there is a wonderful history and tradition surrounding them, think "The Man from Snowy River". For a token Aussie inclusion "The Overlander" jumps at me, or for more bounce "Travelling Down the Castlereagh", or for something more wistful there is "The Banks of the Condamine" Just a few thoughts. Cheers Steve.
  14. Steve Wilson

    Any Long-Time Jackie Owners?

    You have more than enough notes on your Jackie to do lots. You only need two or three notes to build a chord (or partial chord) and from your little recording, albeit melody only, you seem to be progressing well for only a short time player. Remember you must walk before you can run. Regarding the notes competing with each other, perhaps finding alternate ways to build your chords might help but I haven't played a Jackie so I can't be sure. If financial constraints compel you to persevere with the Jackie then just make the most of it. You will be able to achieve quite a lot and if you do carry on you'll know when an upgrade is due. Then somehow it will happen, maybe you'll get lucky.
  15. Steve Wilson

    Re-Learning Finger Position To Add Chords?

    Hello Tim Tim, It's nice to know you seem to be fairly serious about learning to play the (E) concertina, what with attempting a complex piece. No you won't have to learn everything twice but you will keep learning if you keep putting in the effort. I'm assuming you are fairly new to concer since you only have a Jackie, not meaning to demean the Jackie, a great starting instrument, but a with a better quality instrument (as Geoff suggests) you'll learn to fly. Consider saving those pennies. I'm guessing you are concentrating on instrumental pieces so I'm not sure I can help a lot since I mostly use the concertina for song accompaniment, (with lots of chords), which I think our instrument is just wonderful for. But my method can be used for instrumental music, I do it when I insert instrumental parts in my songs. Basically I learn the melody line first and then I learn the chord progression and use different inversions of the chords to decide upon the most satisfactory fingering to my ear. Others may not agree with my chord choices at all! Once I've got these two different aspects of a song learned I just sit down and try to meld them into a "melody with chords". Most often the melody notes are part of the chord with occasional "passing" notes which are actually just part of another slightly different chord. As for fingering, well yes it varies. You do have to learn different ways of playing, but that's a good thing. No one way is necessarily the right way. It's really good to have a repertoire of the basic chords (in various inversions) in the basic keys. This is relevant for instrumental music but perhaps more relevant if you're into song accompaniment, then you can sing hundreds (thousands) of songs with just a few chords. Don't tell me you can't sing, (almost) everyone can sing a bit, especially if they're a player of an instrument. Anyway whatever sort of music you're interested in, the concertina is a great little instrument for it. Not perfect all the time but pretty good. Keep at it. The better you get the more you'll enjoy it. Cheers, Steve.