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  1. Steve Wilson

    One for Gary Coover

    A year or so ago I decided to find out what all the fuss was about and acquired an anglo concertina, a lovely bright Kensington. I haven't had the time or sometimes the energy to devote to learning but early on I was fortunate to be given a couple of Gary Coover's books and they have been a great help and inspiration. You provide a wonderful resource with all your books Gary, well done. I'm still learning of course, make lots of mistakes, don't go beyond C & G except for a little bit in D but I do enjoy playing Kenny. So here's a little song for you Gary and All, to wave the flag a bit for the anglo.
  2. Steve Wilson

    See You Later Alligator

    Thanks Aldon, Just listened to Bill & his Comets & the sax riff & worked it out. G'day Didie, I simply use a Sennheiser Mk4 condenser microphone carefully positioned so as not to let the concer overpower the vocal. The video was recorded with an ipad and the audio recorded simultaneously on the desktop using the Cooledit program. All edited with imovie on a macbook with the Cool edit mp3 dubbed into the video's muted audio. Thanks David, it's nice to know someone worries about me. No need to worry though, I've been very busy these last couple of years with work, life, health issues (nothing life threatening) and also grappling with anglo and duet concertina systems. Some videos to follow.
  3. Steve Wilson

    See You Later Alligator

    Thanks Wolf, I thought I did that. Will try again on the next one.
  4. Steve Wilson

    See You Later Alligator

    Humm, how do I get the video to appear in the thread?
  5. Steve Wilson

    See You Later Alligator

    It's been a while since I posted any videos so here's one out of the blue. I have been very busy these last couple of years so haven't been very active on Cnet although I've lurked a bit. Don't have much to say regarding things concertina, just like to play the blooming thing. So here's a video. I do a fair bit of busking with the help of my puppets, fundraising for charity, and this is one in my repertoire. The puppets are a great hook for busking. I like to play stuff that's not normally done with concertina and we were all having so much fun, got carried away and sped up a bit at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QbjhQopgdU
  6. Steve Wilson


  7. Steve Wilson

    Fallen Branches

    Lovely playing, as always.
  8. Fantastic, great to hear about this upcoming album. Shall look forward to it. I'll be seeing Kate at the end of the week (she lives just 25min away) and maybe get a little insight into what's coming. Unfortunately I'm not going to get to NFF this year Ciaran, you have a great weekend.
  9. Exactly what John said. Just about any concertina can be a singers concertina if it is played in a manner to suit the song and the voice. My E-concer is loud and bright, it's taught me to play quietly when required. Can I suggest the EC and Duet have an edge in offering the full range of keys which can be useful for finding a key to suit ones voice for a particular song. But of course the Anglo in the hands of a proficient player can handle a good range of keys, enough for most singers to be able to adjust to. With my limited ability on the Anglo I'm stuck in C for songs. The Anglo, I think, is actually better for some types of songs, bouncy songs, than the other systems. But forty something years ago I was advised the EC was the one for singing. I've never regretted heading that advice.
  10. Following on from Jody Kruskal's recent post and rendition of "The Ballad of the Button Box" I was wondering about how many concertina songs there are that we know of. And when I say "concertina songs" I mean songs that have the concertina as a main part of their theme or story and not just the word "concertina" mentioned in passing. A list of the ones I know follows, can we add to it? The Ballad of the Button Box - Bob Snope The Good Old Concertina - Henry Lawson/Bob Bolton Lena from Palesteena - Con Conrad/Russel Robinson Arnold the Armadillo - Les Barker/David Galipo The Man with the Concertina - Robert Stewart/ Jacko Kevins, Dave de Hugard I Play My (me) Concertina - David Worton/H C Lovell Multitasking Daddy - Jody Kruskal The Flying Concertina - Steve Wilson/ John Bosserman (Happy Hiker March adaptation) Are there others? Please advise.
  11. May I say you, yourself Wolf do very well in exploring the capabilities of the EC. If only I could have my musical lifetime over...it's a bit of a problem not having enough lifetimes! But we all poke along to the best of our abilities and sometimes gain inspiration from others more gifted. There certainly are trade offs with the EC but I don't find this too much of an issue and for what I do, mostly song accompaniment, the EC is perfect for me. I can play in whatever key a song requires for my vocal range. Over the past year or so I've dabbled with both duet and anglo and enjoy using them. The anglo in particular can be fun but my 64 button McCann is a handful. I can't stand and play with it whereas stand up playing is what do in performance and the English Concertina fits the bill. There are those who can stand with the anglo, well done, I still need a neck strap. Do we ever arrive? Enjoy the journey.
  12. Steve Wilson

    Concertina action movies

    OK David, I'll try that. Wacko, thanks David.
  13. Steve Wilson

    Concertina action movies

    The Parnassus was there. Eleven seconds into the first video you can see me playing Parnie, but don't blink. In the second video I'm playing Kenny, my Kensington anglo which is the system required to be involved in a concertina caterpillar.
  14. Steve Wilson

    Concertina action movies

    Mmm, not sure how to get the videos displaying here?