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  1. Thank you kindly, Defra.    I said nothing rude or insulting to anyone, and I also expressed my ability and willingness to ignore all this Zuckerbergian nonsense if that is what people here want.  The fact that expressing my own distaste for it in a waggish manner has so many panties in a twist is shocking . . . yet not surprising, unfortunately.   Part of the new social-media groupthink is that one is rude and a troll if they  don't jump enthusiastically on the cattle car of the day. 





    1. Defra


      Yes, but I do find it shocking that people on this site, of all places, are jumping on the band wagon too. That shows there really is no hope. Oh well, back into the shadows for me but at least your reaction shows that at least someone else shares my views.

      Keep up the resistance.


      All the best,


    2. Don Taylor

      Don Taylor



      I agree with you and with Defra's response.  I tried to post a reply in support but I see that Paul decided to have the last word and then lock the topic from further discussion.  He should have remained neutral before doing so.

      Ah well, I fear that this Zuckerbergian nonsense will destroy the group.  Maybe it is time to take up the Melodian...

      Best wishes,



    3. Defra


      Cheers Don, but please, anything but the melodeon...

  2. The Edeophone is now sold. Many thanks for the enquiries. A contribution is on its way to Cnet. Dean
  3. Last year, I bought an extended treble Lachenal Edeophone, serial no. 58512, online from a seller in Nice, France, who had inherited it from a relative. I took a gamble as he could provide no information but was presently surprised when I received it as there was no visible major damage apart from that caused by decades in storage. The thumbstraps had disintegrated, the valves were shot and the pads had completely dried out. There were no cracks in the casework though and the 6-fold bellows, although the dye has worn through, are tight. I have done the repairs I'm comfortable with: strippi
  4. This concertina has now been sold and a donation made to Cnet. Thanks to everyone who enquired.
  5. I've just received the updated information on CITES regulations for exporting goods containing endangered plant and animal species. Mike would appear to be right in that Rosewood seems to be the prime target and as such I don't think my concertina would be any more affected than before. Therefore, I could consider shipping outside Europe. Here's a link to the regulations for anyone interested: http://www.madinter.com/media/import/CITES%20and%20the%20guitar%202017%20international.pdf?mc_cid=b670deca3a&mc_eid=c8a2ebdbd8
  6. Happy holidays to you and everyone on Cnet.
  7. Beautiful Mike thanks for the lovely start to the day.
  8. Fascinating videos Stephen, thanks for posting the links. The following even has links to the person who restored mine (at 3 mins 25) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM9zjVq_ztU Just wish I spoke Spanish...
  9. As I understand it rosewood is the main target but people seem to be expecting a general tightening up when the new version of CITES comes in in January and I'm couldn't even be sure what wood it is. I believe it's ebonized rather than ebony. Makers and sellers of stringed instruments in particular seem to be particularly worried about the paperwork and expense involved, but I'm not the best qualified to comment.
  10. I'm reluctantly advertising my 1938 Wheatstone Aeola Extended Baritone English concertina, serial no. 34992. It is in very good condition, in tune at modern concert pitch, has rust-free steel reeds in brass shoes and raised ebony, or ebonized, ends. With 60 buttons + air and starting at the low baritone G on the right-hand side, I've been informed by a helpful forum member that it is an "extended baritone" rather than a baritone-treble. What it means is that the notes on the spaces of the stave are on the left-hand side and those on the lines are on the right. I can send a note chart that
  11. Sounds great. One track featured on Mike Harding's folk show on Sunday https://www.mixcloud.com/mikeharding10/the-mike-harding-folk-show-207/ Lovely playing, singing and harmonies by Nic Jones.
  12. Now sold and contribution made to Cnet.
  13. On hold. Will make the usual contribution to Cnet when the sale is finalised.
  14. I'm now offering this instrument for sale at €350. I won't be dropping the price any lower though. Thanks, Dean
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