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  1. A new concertina bellows should not leak. The drop time on my 15 year old Wakker bellows is something close to two minutes and that bellows is joined to 125 year old ends that still have their original pads and springs. Better you talk to McNeela about this.
  2. Happy to know this... congratulations.
  3. Yes, but I have forgotten. I have the name written down somewhere so, when I find it I will let you know.
  4. Some tarnish, as in your case Christian, can leave the metal buttons slightly sticky or feeling rough. I think it is good to have a very smooth polish on the ends of the buttons so that fingers can side on and off without resistance. Some might prefer a grippy surface but I find it is useful to be able to slightly adjust the position of the fingers on the buttons for better chord shapes or when playing two notes with one finger. I also think the suggestion, on facebook, of re-plating those buttons is a good one.
  5. There is a Suttner A2 (C/G) with Jeffries layout for sale in France. Asking price €4500. Located near Lille. www.leboncoin.fr and search concertina.
  6. It's a 57key Aeola MacCann Duet. I cannot recall the number off the top of my head but it would be 100 years old or more. I got it from Alex West...... but like many concertinas I have had I do wonder why I sold it. Still, it is in good hands.
  7. I sold Stephan that concertina... it's a fine beast I did a lot of work on.. he is a fine creative fellow.
  8. If goods coming from UK to France is any indication of the import costs of buying from France to UK then expect an additional £300+
  9. As always, when something interesting comes up, this is as far from my home as it is possible to travel and still be in France. What do I think ? Too high a starting price without much more information. No photo of lefthand end.
  10. Sent photos of the internals of my 56BT today John. Hope they will get you started on the project. Reed scaling , slot shapes and vent dimensions should all be available to you on your two Wheatstones.
  11. If you get a sharp pain at the base of your thumb you should get it checked out. I've just been through all this. Playing the EC for 50 years and never any problem with my thumbs, even with some mad days of very long sessions where my fingertips were sore the following day..... but now , north of 70 years, I am struck down with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It started with a diminuation of the sense of touch but since August it has been getting worse, with lots of pain and numbness. Finally went to my doctor who sent me for Electro-nerve testing and I have a servere case, needing surgery, in my left hand, but the doctor also found the same problem just beginning in my right hand. I have waited two painful months for an appointment and now I must wait another two to meet the surgeon. My point is ; don't delay , get it checked out.
  12. I don't think I would do it either. My Baritone treble was made right in the middle of 'THE' golden period at Wheatstones. Some years ago I trawled through the Ledgers to see how many Baritone Trebles were produced between 1923 and 1933 and the numbers are small... I cannot recall the exact figures but it would not take long to count those made between 1926 and 1928. Mine does not look smart but it certainly plays: You can hear it on my Soundcloud page ( under my name) or directly embedded here on Cnet ( page three of Tune of the month for March 2013 "The Fiery Clockface")... I'll check that is correct... hang on....
  13. I'll not be playing my 56 Baritone Treble for a few months now due to the need for an operation on my left hand. Two months to wait for the surgeon and then another month for recovery, if the op works. But.... do I want to send it or lend it ? These beasts are RARE. Perhaps you could make one .
  14. I had a Rosewood ended version to try out for an month or so, about 30 years ago. The tone was bold, fat and fruity but the action was horrible , the four fold bellows was too heavy and a certain lack of dynamic range was off putting. Perhaps with some sympathetic revisions by someone who played the EC it could have been good. In short I passed on the opportinity to purchase it for the intention of playing in sessions.
  15. Sounds like your reedpans were soaking up moisture which would cause them to swell and squeeze the reed frames a tiny bit. This could jamb the reed tongues when the slots become slightly narrower. Humidity and condensation the likely cause.
  16. A chance to bid for a rare Jeffries 48key English Treble on Ebay.
  17. Unfortunately the ledger that covers the period 1892 to 1910 is still lost . Perhaps a reasonable way to estimate the date of a Wheatstone made during that period might be to assume a rate of production that is either based on extrapolation of the before and after pace of production or use some other way to pin point dates, as in receipts etc. A simple way is to assume a steady rate of production during that period which would suggest they made 197 concertinas per year. This suggests your 21353 could have been made (or sold) in August 1902. As rates of production are rarely steady this straight line method cannot be accurate but it gives us an idea.
  18. Looks like this one is sold and will be on its way to Australia soon. Although sold through another medium I will make a donation to Cnet all the same.
  19. Hi Peter, it has been a lot of years since 29028 went into your hands and I am very happy that you are still enjoying it. Indeed the one I am selling here is every bit as good and should sound wonderful in duet with 29028. There is however a distinct advantage with the one on sale here, it being slightly larger and with the new six fold bellows it has plenty of wind for big chords. I am only selling because Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is limiting my playing and Covid restrictions mean there is little hope the dance band will be functioning for another year.
  20. I think 'Shell' is probably a shortened way of writing Tortoiseshell... perhaps the writer could not remember how to spel the word, although it is, of course possible that it is a code for real or faux .
  21. Such action cannot be countenanced ! Alan, a post like this is a fine warning to beware but also spreads the idea. Of course people have ben getting up to tricks like this, unfortunately, since auctions began.
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