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    Repairing and restoring concertinas of all types, playing anglo.
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  1. Bill Crossland

    Odd Layout

  2. The film about Noel is now available on the TG4 player here: https://www.tg4.ie/en/programmes/noel-hill-aisling-ghear/
  3. Hi Chris I use a 40 Watt laser to cut through anything up to around 5mm, but bear in mind that the burning action does not leave a square cut, but a wedge shaped one, which is OK for boxes where they are to be covered, but not too good for exposed surfaces or precision fitting. No doubt a higher power one would give more cosmetically acceptable results.These laser cutters are on ebay very cheaply and are easy to use.
  4. Bill Crossland

    Concertina Repair In Ireland (Munster)

    The last mobile number I had for Sean is 061603071, and an email ofearghail7@gmail.com. I believe he is doing the concertina repair session at Consairtin in Ennis this year as well.
  5. Bill Crossland

    Cormac Begley At The Cobblestones, Dublin

  6. Bill Crossland

    Eng. Concertina Purchased From Button Box In '95

    Sadly David died last year, but restored and repaired concertinas for many years, working with Chris Algar at Barleycorn Concertinas, amongst others. His Concertina Spares business is now run by Mark Lloyd-Adey. www.concertina-spares.com
  7. Bill Crossland

    George Lambert, Wigan

    Thanks to Geoff and Mark for your expertise. The new owner is fascinated by the history. The acoustics down the mine must have added interesting dimensions to the repertoire.....
  8. Bill Crossland

    George Lambert, Wigan

    Thanks Mark. The address in the other end is 13, Scott Lane, Newtown, Wigan, so he moved around a bit. I've added the image to the original post. Judging from the state of the internals, he also spent a lot of time in front of a coal fire surrounded by smokers!
  9. Bill Crossland

    George Lambert, Wigan

    I've just started restoration work on a nice 55 key Wheatstone Crane Duet, from 1916. The owners names inside is George Lambert, with two different Wigan addresses. Does anyone know anything about him?
  10. Some nice videos of Cormac playing his wide range of anglos at the Cobblestones in November, posted on the NPU site here: http://pipers.ie/source/gallery/?galleryId=1182
  11. Bill Crossland

    Uk Residential Workshops?

  12. Bill Crossland

    Lachenal Edeophone Tenor Treble

    Hi Peter Yes, still available - I have sent you an email
  13. Bill Crossland

    Lachenal Edeophone Tenor Treble

    This is a superb Edeophone tenor treble, numbered 54648. Its a 56 key instrument, extended downwards from a standard treble so that the lowest note, on the right hand side,is C below middle C. It's fitted with air levers on both ends. Im selling this on behalf of a friend who bought it from Barleycorn concertinas a few years back. It had been comprehensively restored (Dave Elliots stamp appears inside) with new pads, valves and thumbstraps. The external woodwork has been superbly renovated and polished and the instrument tuned to modern concert pitch. Its 7 across the flats (possibly made as a band instrument?), with the original 6-fold bellows, which are in excellent condition. It has the brass fittings on the bellows frame to allow wrist (or neck) straps to be fitted, but without the correct sized fixing screws to go with them. Comes complete with a hard case. As you would expect, this is an exceptionally good playing instrument. Asking £3,000 feel free to contact me for more pictures or to arrange to come and view/play. I will arrange fully insured shipping as required, likely to be around £25 in the UK, and negotiable elsewhere in the world.
  14. Bill Crossland

    Tuning Bellows On Ebay

    It is hard to believe indeed - and so this afternoon with saw in hand, I whipped the thing off.... only to discover that they are indeed very fine slots not an engraving and that they have supposedly been working fine all these years! So with a red face and heavy heart, I offer my humble apologies to whoever made them! Adrian Apology accepted.....
  15. Bill Crossland

    Wanted: 38-46 Button Anglo

    He's contactable through Cnet, his user name is "varney"