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  1. Tedrow c/g? A friend of mine bought one through another member about a month ago but can't get to grips with it and has gone back to melodeon. I can vouch for its condition (excellent) and playability (again excellent). It has lovely maple ends and looks stunning. The selling price is £1800 and not negotiable. A big saving on new. Private email is: jmdillon@firenet.uk.com Mike Delta

  2. Hi Ross, I saw the one on Ebay too. The seller does not post to the UK or indeed anywhere except the US and Canada. He can't be contacted either. When I tried to ask the seller a question Ebay comes up with a set of stock answers; none of them relevant. Ebay then stipulated that there is no contact with the seller (seems a bit odd to me). Mike
  3. Mike,

    I have this one, http://hmi.homewood.net/meantone/ which I'd consider selling since I find it hard to play with only 30 buttons, but it's in G/D. Let me know if he's interested.

    All the best,


  4. Hi, Anyone with a Tedrow C/G for sale, preferably UK/Eire/Europe based to keep down postage costs? A friend of mine is impressed with my Tedrow concertina and wants one himself but his funds don't run to the purchase price of a new one direct from the maker. Thanks Mike As of the end of November: SORTED. thanks to all who responded. Topic closed
  5. Hi, Anyone own a marcus traveller who would be prepared to offer a critique on its build quality and playability et cetera. If you wish to email me privately I promise that your opinions will be in the strictest confidence. I am considering one but I have not yet come across one and have only seen one on the Marcus webpage. Thanks, Delta
  6. Hi, Has anyone tried the Marcus Traveller? Putting aside the obvious limitations of it not being a 30key; how does it sound and how loud is it? Does its small size have any impact on tone? Thanks for reading this, Mike.
  7. Hello, Is the concertina still for sale? Do you have any more photos and close ups? I tried your link but it shows one small photo only. Regards Mike
  8. R.Glanville@talktalk.net

  9. Hi Mike trying to make contact Bob R>Glanville@talktalk.net

  10. Thanks to all who responded. The Dandy is now withdrawn from sale. Mike
  11. Hi, Maybe an outside chance but here goes. Anyone going to Whitby week (16 Aug>) who generally frequents the Elsinor (usual suspects I assume) who may have the English International CD for sale. I'm assuming of course that I have been informed correctly and some may be available. I'll stand you a pint if you could oblige me. Many thanks, Mike.
  12. Hi, I agree with cocusflute. In addition, there is a danger here of seriously inflating the price above and beyond its true worth. Valuations cannot be made on "unseen" objects and neither can they be made based upon a few photographs. I realise of course that some forum members are trying to help but sometimes one can get carried away by ones own over enthusiasm with dire consequences. One could end up with a scenario (unlikely but possible) whereas a "potential" concertina player with more money than sense is trawling through this forum looking to buy his/her first concertina. Might even have made a few tentative enquires and is aware that certian makes are considered poor and others are worth their weight in gold. Sees a Jeffries and thinks "wow, I've heard about them; I'll jump in quickly ...". Result? Either one very lucky beginner or one who is very p..... off when someone points out that the reeds aren't original; not a Jeffries etcetera etcetera. It is also unfair on the seller. His expectations have now been raised probably far in excess of what he anticipated. He may be genuine and I don't wish to be disrespectful to him but it is a fact of life that people of shall we say "the shady side of life" join forums such as this waiting to pounce upon the gullible and unsuspecting. It would have been kinder and more sensible to have announced to the owner of this Jeffries that he "may" have in his possession an instrument that is very much sought after and commanding high prices based upon condition etcetera. He could then have been pointed in the general direction of Chris Algar to name but one and advised to have the instrument assessed and valued. At least that way expectations based upon over enthusiasm are less likely to result in a fall. Mike Delta.
  13. Hi, Just looked at EBay. It is still up for auction. Must be 24 hours at least since it was reported Hope nobody pre empts the auction and nips in with a cash offer. Mike.
  14. Hi, Wheatstone 48 button, air lever, metal ends, concert pitch, circa 1921 for sale through Theo Gibb at "The Box Place". A nice instrument for someone. Mike.
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