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  1. varney


    I'm looking to buy a 30 key C/G basic mahogany model Wheatstone Anglo. Anybody got one that might suit? Mike.
  2. varney

    Wheatstone concertina for sale

    hi peter, I sent you a PM Michael.
  3. varney

    Anglo Wanted

    I'm looking for a good vintage Anglo in C/G. Lachenal, Wheatstone, Crabb etc wooden or metal end.
  4. varney

    Bellows Buckle

    Thanks Alex...a look inside revealed what was causing the problem. Someone fashioned three wire hex inserts and slipped them into the internal bellows folds. I think they were trying to overcome the problem of one corner collapsing inwards on expansion due to the glue failing on the card there. Radical solution!
  5. I have a bellows with a buckle in a couple of the folds. It's only happening on the top side. I've tried leaving it held snugly in a fitted case for couple of weeks but no improvement. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?
  6. varney

    Lachenal Anglo Wanted

    Sorry...message box was full. Reply sent..
  7. varney

    Lachenal Anglo Wanted

    Thanks Markk, I should have specified steel reeds.I think both of these are brass.
  8. varney

    Lachenal Anglo Wanted

    I'm looking for a good Lachenal anglo 30 key wooden end, minimum six fold bellows, C/G pitch. Fully restored ideally but would consider one requiring some restoration. Anybody have something suitable?
  9. varney

    Wheatstone 30 Key Concertina South Africa

    Hello This. ..I've sent you an email about the concertina
  10. varney

    Restoring Case

    Thanks for the replies folks. Bill..Ive seen these locks before and there isn't actually a key. The little pin in the 'keyhole' protrudes and there"s usually a slider attached which releases the metal insert which would be on the little strap end. I don't have the metal insert that would have fitted into the slot. Even if I did I still wouldn't be able to use it as the slider is gone and the pin snapped off inside. Thanks for the tip.. I'll have a look at Lee Valley Tools... Theo- thanks for the pic. It seems strange how the strap is fitted but does seem original. I get the sense it might not be a comfortable way to carry it but maybe I'm wrong. Geoff - I certainly can take the lock out but what to replace it with..and how...is the challenge!
  11. I'm planning to restore a nice old leather-covered Wheatstone case. The original lock is missing its latch and I would have liked to try and replace it only the pin mechanism that should protrude from the 'keyhole' has snapped off inside and is inaccessible. It may be repairable in some way, and I'd be pleased to hear of any successful attempt at fixing one of these. It still seems an odd and slightly awkward mechanism so I'll probably wind up fitting something else that will work better but still suit the lovely vintage look of the box. There are the remainders of a strap fitted to each side. They appear original to the case so I'd like to try and restore this. Problem is I don't know how long the strap was on the original. Was it a shortish one that came over the top but with clearance for the lid to lift, or was it shoulder length? Id love to get ideas from seeing pictures other members may have of old original cases like this with straps or handles.
  12. varney

    Wheatstone Special

    Thank you for that very helpful information, Jim, It chimes in with what I started to suspect the term referred to: a standard model but with modification(s) at a customer's request ( usually). I suppose it was also used to flag an instrument made uniquely for somebody, but more often just to denote the above.
  13. Has it ever been established what the designation 'Special' in the Wheatstone ledgers generally refers to? I had thought it meant an instrument specially made to a customer's particular requirements. Reading some old threads on ledger terms I'm now wondering if it meant an instrument that deviated in some way from the typical models and not necessarily at a customer's request. Apologies if this topic has been aired and answered previously. All replies gratefully received!
  14. varney

    For Sale: Jeffries 38 Key C/g Anglo

    Just PMD you..
  15. varney

    Jeffries Inscriptions

    All really helpful folks...thanks. I too thought the 3/12/6 was a date but wondered why not '06'. I noticed on the other panel '4/15/-' which to my mind would be old currency pounds, shillings and pence. Maybe these are pawnbrokers markings noting amounts the concertina was bought or pawned for? The scratching out might signify it being redeemed? 'Leather Case' does seem to fit and would make sense to be noted in the above situation. Not sure what the other letters might be except perhaps owners initials?