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  1. Anglogeezertoo

    Song collections edited by Charles Ipcar

    Ahoy Roger! Both books should be available from Charlie via his website, here : http://www.charlieipcar.com indeed samples of both can be seen here : http://www.charlieipcar.com/songs_of_cfs_sample.pdf and here : http://www.charlieipcar.com/uncommon_sailor-songs_sample.pdf Ooops! Posted before I'd finished! Curses on this new fangled forum! As for her own books she was of course a poet & author, so no scores in her own books. In the first quarter of the 20th century about 20 of her poems were adapted for singing by well known composers of the day and they were also used by the BBC in their early broadcasts of the late 1920s. There is a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/193746917452633/?fref=ts but there's not a great deal of activity. Jake
  2. Anglogeezertoo

    Scored A Miniature Lachenal

    For your information ;– A.P. James makes a 10 button Anglo, 92mm across the flats with 7-fold bellows. here ... http://www.apjmusic.co.uk/apj_miniature_anglo.htm regards Jake
  3. Okay-y-y. 192.com has a list of Patricia Luckhursts here ... http://www.192.com/atoz/people/luckhurst/patricia/ I've not made use of this site but I guess that if you register etc. you may get access to more detailed information such as full address & phone no. ?? As for face book, many people are on it but never check it. Edit: checking CONCERTINA.NET membership lists shows three members with "trish" in their 'name', one is in Ireland leaving two possibles??? regards Jake
  4. Oh dear!! Facebook has this lady in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. .... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008568765907 Jake
  5. The Archive Organisation has a project ongoing to digitise old 78s & cylinders, here http://great78.archive.org I have only made a brief search but came up with this example .... a cylinder recording from 1904, a ragtime tune "Lumbering Luke", player unknown. here https://archive.org/details/ipc-2595 Happy hunting!! Jake
  6. Welcome papawemba to concertina.net. Plenty of tips, hints & friendly advice here, just ask. Do let us know how you progress. For those wondering where the Reed Lounge is; it's near York, UK. here :- https://thereedlounge.com Jake
  7. Anglogeezertoo

    Mozart & Co?

    The seller has added the following information ..... "Somebody has kindly mailed me with more info about the probable maker, age, etc, please look below. 'Hi about your concertina, it's a duet system, probably McCann or Wheatstone, the maker was TS... that Thomas Shakespeare, and a good and rare maker from around 1880 to 1920 ish. the Mozart bit was the shop selling it when new, I think they mainly sold organs' " Jake
  8. Anglogeezertoo

    Sea Songs And Shanties

    Pardon me for continuing the thread drift by discussing the shanty SHENANDOAH, ... but ... In the book THE SEVEN SEAS SHANTY BOOK by JOHN SAMPSON (with forward by JOHN MASEFIELD), the shanty SHENANDOAH appears in the section CAPSTAN SHANTIES. His notes accompanying the shanty state ... "The origin of this beautiful Shanty has been often attributed to the American Negro. Personally I do not think that any of the facts warrant this assumption ... ... neither the words nor the tune are even remotely connected with the negro. It was originally a song and was always a great favourite in the American Army. As a Shanty it is easily one of the first three, and the tune is of great beauty and lends itself easily to harmonious treatment." In his preface the author states ... "There are a few so called Shanties that I have omitted purposely, as I did not think them worth a place in this collection, but I cannot recall any deep sea Shanty in general use during my time which is not in this book, ...." So, he regards this not only as a capstan shanty but as being in the TOP three of ALL shanties! THE SEVEN SEAS SHANTY BOOK was "... the outcome of a desire on the part of the members of the Seven Seas Club (mainly composed of past and present officers of the Merchant Service) to have the singing of Sea Shanties as an integral part of the programme at their monthly Dinners. As I (John Sampson) had taken a leading part in the Shanty revival which began in the early days of the club, I was commissioned by my fellow members of the Committee to prepare a standardised version of some of the more popular Shanties for the use of the Club ...." He goes on to say ... "There are a number of Shanty books already on the market, but without wishing to be controversial, they are not considered adequate by the sailing ship members of the club. ... I had actually sung every Shanty and song in this book at sea in sailing ships; ... " I think that he has to be considered a very reliable source. The Seven Seas Club was founded about 1922 to promote and foster the comradeship of the sea. My edition of the book is dated 1927 and in it he also refers to them broadcasting from the club which is quite amazing really as the BBC itself only made its first broadcast in June 1920. Does this mean that "folk" revival began in 1922 and that these unknown mariners were the first "folk" singers to make a live broadcast?? [Ducks behind previously prepared sandbag defences!!] regards Jake (Nothing concertina related in this so I can't start a new thread!!)
  9. Anglogeezertoo

    Marcus, Norman,or Similar Anglo Cg Or Gd Wanted Uk

    There's also A P James here : http://www.apjmusic.co.uk/apj_30button_anglo.htm Jake
  10. Anglogeezertoo

    Martin Henderson (1880 -1941)

    A quick Google shows this :– https://hungerfordlodge.org.uk/2015/02/21/martin-henderson-freemason-entertainer/ with a picture of the miniature. Jake
  11. Anglogeezertoo

    Knee Vibrato

    Pam, Here is Koot Brits playing "Salome Waltz", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuaWQn0q5DA here is Piet Visser playing "Mermaid Waltz" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvIGfc9CZOw and "Kalfie Waltz" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkUrOiSVN4g and here is Manie Erasmus, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDEOymRtKIs is this the effect you're looking for? Just shake the ends, although Manie seems to give the whole bellows a good shake! Jake
  12. Anglogeezertoo

    Ooops! I Dropped My 'tina

    Well. My concertina came home at lunchtime to-day. One new grille and the reeds sorted. Many thanks to Dave Cox at Marcus Music for a quick turn around. Jake
  13. I carry my concertina in a padded gig-bag with a shoulder strap. Soo, I lifted it out of the back of my car last Tuesday, swung it over my shoulder and ..... down it went on to the tarmac!! One clip of the strap had in some mysterious fashion become UN-clipped! The damage, I hear you ask?? It's a 30 button metal ended Marcus. The resistance of the strap over my shoulder meant that it landed fair & square on the left hand end. The impact on the hand rest has distorted the grille quite badly without damaging the wood/carcase. Bellows are OK but the shock has obviously disturbed some of the reeds. One note just don't sound at all whilst others are slow to start or choke shortly after sounding. So it's off to hospital for the poor wee thing! all packed up by the front door ready to go to the Post Office tomorrow. Jake
  14. The YORKSHIRE CONCERTINA CLUB meet on the third Sunday of the month in Leeds. See here : – http://www.yorkshire-concertina-club.org.uk The location is MOORTOWN in north Leeds so may be too, too, far for you. ( 100m?? ) It's a daytime session, 12:00 – 17:00. I just throw it in for your consideration. Do I go?? No, I'm in Beverley, East Yorks and I've never been even though it's only about 55m. If there is no response from Lincolnshire players here you could try an appeal on Mudcat Cafe here : – http://mudcat.org regards Jake
  15. Before you blame yourself for lack of skill & technique are you sure that you are not losing air due to holes in the bellows or faulty seals, gaskets, valves or pads?? Jake