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  1. This is an old thread where I explain some works that I did on the Lachenal I changed some buttons with original Lachenal Edeophone and changed the springs (both bought from "old" Leese's concertina spares shop)
  2. Pictures of my Lachenal Edeophone 56B https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0pnjgk6wddnqakf/AAB-id_9gz_B3Xc1K2Sog5aaa?dl=0
  3. Hi Otto If it please you, we can plan a Skype meeting Write me via PM for the account regards Eddy
  4. Hi I’d “convert” one of my concertinas in a button accordion... I bought it from Barleycorn some years ago “as is”. It’s in modern pitch with new pads e springs. It has a mellow and powerful sound In this video I play it: It’s not esthetically perfect but it plays very well. I ask € 1.900 (it’s included modern hard case but not shipping cost) I can show it via Skype or I can make specific photos Eddy Milan, Italy
  5. H. Crabb C/G for sale. € 2.500. It has been restored and it has new bellow. Some damages in one head fretwork (see Pictures). It's accompained with new hard case. I'm not the seller but I assist the "non technology" owner for the sale. You can contact me for further informations. Eddy
  6. Hi I don't find this picture in the forum so I post it Is Ringo an unknow English Concertina player? Eddy
  7. Hi all I red these topic with high interest. The original topic is the same question that I'd will post for advice about old concertina conversion. My aim is to have only a "silent" concertina to play in my flat in the evening to practicing, so I'm searching for the solution. I haven't your tecnical skills so I must send an old concertina to a "midi factory". I'm not very happy to sacrifice one EC but the cost of new "ready to use" is too high (I'd prefer to use the budget to buy another concertina). Midi boutique send to me his quote and, with an old Lachenal Tutor EC, the total cost results doable. Has anyone experience with this midi convertion? Thanks Eddy
  8. Thanks! With your method now my action boards have homogeneus action (with a tollerance of +_ 7gr.) The idea of kitchen scale is simple but very efficient...
  9. Thanks for the advice. Yesterday I saw the episode about "consairtin". It's very interesting
  10. Hi Steve thanks for your answer Indeed the request isn't so clear I mean advice especially about the arrangement I transposed the accompaniment for diatonic accordion tablature compatibly with the resources of a treble EC and I'd like to know if the transposition sounds good For the Italian tunes (I'm tone-deaf like a broken bell so the songs are outside of my skills) I'm studing something This topic isn't the correct space for a discussion for the folk music tradition of my country, but there's a lot of material very different from region to region (Italy is long approximately Km 1300 from north mountains to south beachs ) Cheers Eddy
  11. Hi This is my first video attempt with my Edeophone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z21BfLpxOvo I welcome any advice that you can give me! Eddy
  12. Thanks a lot for your sharing! The .pdf wheel is very useful
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KR8Y6P_quM the sound perhaps is an accordion...
  14. Hi I red your topics and I'd buy two Ovid System Mic. Perhaps it is a good first step in the word of EC amplification... Have you some suggestions about the mini amplificator? I found Akg b29l. Is it compatibile and a good choice? Thanks in advance for your answers Ed
  15. Thanks a lot for your support. I'll try to open springs legs. A simple solution that I didn't evaluate!
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