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  1. Jeffries 26 key GD anglo for sale, price £4200. Rebuilt by Colin Dipper about 15 years ago. The right hand end is marked “C Jeffries maker 23 Praed St London” The bellows are by Rosalie Dipper. It comes in a superb purpose built Greg Jowaisas case. David Robertson checked the tuning and did some minor work on it about 4yrs ago. This is a rare and lovely concertina and a delightful player. Lots more photos on my website Instrument is located in Gateshead, northeast England. Sold elsewhere
  2. That's interesting. I mainly tune accordions where there are usually two reeds at the same nominal pitch. I know from experience that phase locking can occur when the difference between the pitch of the two reeds is small. It is something to be avoided because it generally sounds rather unpleasant. I had always assumed that the unpleasantness was simply a result of the slow beat disappearing and coming back as playing pressure varies, but if their is also a pitch shift when phase lock happens then that would be another reason that the sound is unpleasant.
  3. Yes but they expect that the person who installs the reeds will complete the tuning process.
  4. Have you taken out the reed pans to check the reeds insides?
  5. Carini do one that has internal dimensions of 25 x 19.5 x 17.5cm http://www.carinidena.it/MS5ECOMMERCE60/jsp/eco_cc_home_bs_portlet.jsp?p=dettarti&codarti=112012
  6. I'm sorry I only have a very limited number of spare reeds, and I really need to preserve them for my own repair work.
  7. The BbF anglo is now restored and playing sweetly.
  8. Just one thought for you. With English concertina it is true that "you can't really play accompaniment on the left hand", but you can certainly use both hands play chords and melody. Lots of examples here of Rob Harbron
  9. I've been asked to sell 4 concertinas from the estate of the late Steve Wagstaff, musician with White Rose Morris from Huddersfield. This doesn't include the concertina that he played regularly for dancing. Please contact me for more details. The first two are sold as projects. More details in the links. A celluloid finished two reed German concertina pitched in BE £40 SOLD A rosewood veneered single reed German concertina in CG SOLD A 30 key Lachenal in BbF mahogany ends, steel reeds A Lachenal New Model 55 key Maccann Duet
  10. Nice, better quality Lachenal, but it's not a Jeffries! I do have a 30 key Jeffries in for repair that is pitched between AbEb and AE, but I'm not sure if the owner wants to sell.
  11. I don't think you should worry about that. The writer is just trying to sell molybdenum disulphide. Anyone with a passing familiarity with graphite will confirm that it does reduce friction, though most of us will know nothing about the adsorbed water molecules. Powdered graphite is readily available as a lock lubricant and you can mix it with alcohol to make it easier to handle and place. You can also get it ready mixed with alcohol from piano repair suppliers in a product called Winslip.
  12. I’ve tried that product and the one I tried was not dry!
  13. If they are new concertinas you should talk to the supplier.
  14. listen to the performance by Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne in his degree recital to hear what can be done on anglo.
  15. Not for an anglo, it would be much earlier. More like 1870s.
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