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  1. Another CG available 20 key CG steel reeds, price £190. Very nice mahogany ends. Bellows need work or replacement. There is some spotting of rust on the reeds, but not enough to compromise them. Wood work is al sound. In addition to bellows work it will need the usual renovation - reed cleaning, new valves, new pads, tuning and new straps.
  2. I saw a previous version of Eddy's accordina. It had 3D printed mechanism and a CNC milled walnut case. I expect this one will have been built in a similar fashion.
  3. Two more projects on offer. Both Lachenal 20 key anglos. One in BflatF, one CG which should both be straightforward with no nasty surprises. Full details on website. Both are complete instruments, just showing the ends here. 20 key BflatF steel reeds £180 SOLD. 20 key CG brass reeds £140 SOLD
  4. This double concertina case is surplus. It needs either a new lid or repair to the existing lid. Apart from the lid it is very sturdy with dovetailed corner joints and has a substantial brass handle. It holds two standard sized treble concertinas. Could be a nice quarantine project if you need a double case. Free for contactless collection, or can deliver for cost which would be £15 in UK.
  5. Are you sure that is a Lachenal? I it looks rather like a Wheatstone model 21.
  6. It might be that but it’s at least as likely that it is a valve or it could be any part of the mechanism resonating. If you aren’t experienced with diagnosing these different sounds you might not make things better. If you do manage to track down the source of the noise and to fix it then you may be in demand as a repairer.
  7. If you have just bought a new instrument you should contact the seller about this.
  8. Indeed! Also says "retiring after 75 years restoration activity" so must have started very young! The claims about the reed steel seem to imply some sort of stainless properties, but I'm sure I can see the kind of marks on the reeds that are left when surface rust is removed. Well it's now been pulled from ebay because of "an error in the listing".
  9. Stephen, I think the eBay seller is associated with this business which also uses the Aeolian name. It’s in the Scottish Borders where the Aeola is located. https://www.aeolianpianos.co.uk I have to agree with your assessment of the TT. The seller has a history of asking unrealistically high prices. He has contacted me direct in the past to try and sell me concertinas.
  10. Use the same Glue that the bellows is made with. If it is a kit bellows then it’s probably done with Some sort of pva.
  11. This kind of undercutting on woodwind instruments is part of the process of tuning the instrument while retaining a comfortable finger spacing. I can't see that there would be any direct comparison with concertinas.
  12. Here is the link to the original BBC page https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-34856379
  13. This concertina is once again for sale https://theboxplace.co.uk/product/aeola23657/
  14. It's not a valuable concertina, and almost certainly not worth spending money before selling it.
  15. At sessions I attend in northeast England most players do not use notation. Occasionally a new player will come along who does use dots, but eventually they become familiar with the tunes and the use of the printed material gradually falls away. I've never seen anyone complain about dots being used. I've been to session occasionally where there is a session book of tunes that people play which makes it a completely different experience. Every session is different so all you can do is go along, or maybe ask some of the session members in advance. My idea of a session is that it should be like a musical conversation between a group of friends. If you keep that in mind you should be fine.
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