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  1. https://blog.mcneelamusic.com/2019/10/17/top-5-concertinas/ Here is a sellers review of a few concertinas including a Tedrow.
  2. Since you already have a Swan, it sounds like you are serious about playing. Unless you want to upgrade more than one more time, get as good as you can. If you cannot afford an instrument with concertina reeds get a good hybrid such as an Edgley, Hamon, Clover, or Morse. The top makers usually have a waiting list. There are Irish and English makers as well. You could also look for a used one. (I have stayed away from older makes since I did not want to buy a project. Others can pitch in on their virtues.) Look at prices for new instruments to compare the quality you are likely to get. Less money buys less, as one would expect, however used pricing can vary. If you go to Europe/Britain, the exchange rate affects costs as you would expect. (The dollar has been dropping since the pandemic start.)
  3. I looked for one earlier this year and also spoke with Bob Tedrow about the one shown on his page. I could not find one and so went with a Morse. Doug Creighton was very helpful in making one for me. The wait was not so long in comparison to most makers. Recommended! (buttonbox.com)
  4. Too much, or just not a popular instrument?
  5. Edgley #549, dated Oct 2017, Wheatstone with Frank's accidental layout (with right pinky F#/C# button), Ebony & Bloodwood, Accordion Reeds, Fallon Hard Case. New value $3K plus. 25% off would be $2400 or so. If interested, please PM. Located in New England.
  6. I have a C/G Wheatstone Professional Model with Frank's second F# layout. #549. Interested in trading? Or, I might buy yours. Still have it?
  7. I am also interested in a baritone anglo C-G with concertina reeds. These seem hard to find. The Dipper website lists the option for a new instrument and Morse makes a baritone with accordian reeds. Has anyonefound others?
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