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    Musically - melodeon, accordion, english concertina, piano. Folk, traditional, classical mostly. And ceilidhs!
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    Oldham, England

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  1. Here's a new and slowish reel, with three English concertina lines: Stream Second Surprise by James Fitton | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
  2. Bravo Ryo, great stuff there! I'm a long way from an expert on Irish Traditional Music, but I'd never have guessed that was anything else. Great arrangements and playing throughout. And you've either got a good band around you too, or strong talents on other instruments!
  3. Thanks, Simon! And a happy new year to you and to all.
  4. That's lovely, Randy, thanks for posting this. And I so much agree that technology has brought us so much as musicians around the world. Not so many years ago we'd almost certainly never have heard each other's music, let alone been able to play and record with people far away.
  5. Just in time for any New Year's Day dance-outs, here's a pair of hornpipes, as a set for dancing. The first is named after a hill in Saddleworth, England, where I live. It's a fairly undistinguished little hill, if truth be told, but it's the one I see out of my window, and which tells me I'm home. The second was finished on 11th November one year.
  6. That's grand, that. Is there a Jew's Harp / Jaws Harp in the mix there too?
  7. Here's a little something, with two English concertina lines, over and under each other:
  8. Many thanks for your kind comments, Simon and Mandojoe - both very much appreciated! No idea what might come next - we'll see.....
  9. Right. By popular demand - well from MandoJoe at least, thanks! - I've written a third and final part for this little project, having driven myself slightly mad with it over recent weeks. Here's the whole thing without the churchy effects: Here's the whole thing with the churchy effects: ....and here's just the new part, if that's all you want to hear:
  10. As others have said, very well done after just a week. I'll be interested to hear where you're up to after a month!
  11. I really like this Simon, especially the main themes towards the start and the end. I think it could easily lend itself to a full-on barn dance arrangement, plenty of drive in the tune. Good stuff!
  12. Lovely, lush and full. Thanks for posting, it's a great tune.
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