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    Morris dancing, woodwork tools, learning to play music, Minis (1959 - 2003), keeping my concertinas in working order and SqueezEast Concertina Band.
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  1. In 1982 I joined Eynsham Morris. Dave Townsend and Ken Sheffield were both musicians for Eynsham then (amongst others) and I was so impressed by their sound, dexterity and abilities I wished to emulate them. Thinking 48 buttons was too many to manage and knowing nothing, I bought a Hohner Anglo (long gone). I have never emulated them but I do enjoy playing and am now branching out and trying to learn Crane Duet. I have tried English concertinas, but found the thumb grip too painful and the left/right nature too confusing. I do possess concertinas of all types now and lend them to
  2. Hi Cohen, SqueezEast members have used the following company in WIsbech to make bespoke flight cases for their concertinas, including double cases and others for EC Bases. Might be worth a phone call. https://5star-cases.com/ Mike
  3. The nearest typeface I can find is Lisong Pro , the seriphs are more like Lachenals than most I looked at, but as Alex Holden points out the numbers are perfectly in line so don't look terribly authentic
  4. I have bought two sets of bellows from the same supplier over the last few years, one set fitted to an Anglo and the other to an English. I very much like the quality but they did take some time to break in and I think they suit the Anglo better, even so I'm very happy with them. The instructions for fitting were good too.
  5. I have a Lachenal 26K rosewood ended Anglo, Number 18878, where the ends are backed by red leather which I believe is original, as the matching number can still be read (faintly) on the left hand side. Its quite thin, less than 1mm and I was told by a friend of mine who was a bookbinder that the finish is like the red morocco he used to use but the finish is of a generally lower quality when compared to the best morocco leathers. In this example of a Lachenal the spacing pillars are indeed backed top and bottom by thin card shims, just as David says. I have too noticed the screw head prot
  6. Is anyone producing reproduction paper Wheatstone labels, the ones that are usually found in the lids of their boxes? I'm repairing/reinforcing an original Wheatstone box that came with my baritone anglo and the label it has is very worn (unreadable) and mostly missing. Failing that I shall have to ask Mr DIckinson. MIke
  7. Jillity, why not join the West Country Concertina Players? https://thewccp.org/. They can help with tuition and learning and also with sourcing a suitable instrument , even with hiring one so you have the opportunity to try different types Mike
  8. Thanks Doug, mine was 100 years old in April this year, it shows signs of being extensively used and only has 30 buttons, nevertheless I'm having fun getting used to its foibles. I don't have any photos yet. Yours is very handsome and adds to my knowledge of how many Wheatsone Baritones exist by 25%. I notice that yours has paired screws at the corners locating the metal ends whereas mine only has single screw in each corner like most Trebles i've seen.
  9. Thanks Ken, I was discarding the cheap concertinas from Germany from my enquiry precisely for the reason you give, my interest is in the better /best brands because many are still giving good service to many musicians and i find the subject interesting, I'm often looking at the website for "How Many Left" when it comes to classic cars. As you say, Dowright may be able to comment especially for Lachenal concertinas. From the figures he has released about the number of records he has, it would appear that the survival rate is about 0.8% but perhaps we can double that if we consider the num
  10. Has anyone on this forum done an analysis of the Wheatstone ledgers to estimate the numbers of Anglo (Not English) Baritone and Bass concertinas made by Wheatstone? After 9 years of my searching Chris Algar has found a Baritione for me (thanks Chris), so they must be quite rare. Thanks Mike
  11. Has anyone done any estimates on the survival rates of different makes of concertina? I've not been able to find any references so far. Are there a greater percentage of e.g. Concertinas made by Jefferies still around and being played than , say, Lachenal's or Jones?. Given the extensive research and data collection being done by Dowright it may be possible in the fullness of time to extrapolate from those results for Lachenal's. If anyone has come across any information please will you post the links or get in touch Thanks Mike
  12. Jim, my apologies, Little John noticed what i had failed to do. I read the wrong side of the scales the relative mass of the two types of Crane I cited are 2lbs and 3lbs not Kilos. Mike
  13. My 35b bone buttoned mahogany ended Crane (by Lachenal) has a mass of 2kg and measures 6.25 inches across the flats, the same dimensions as my 30b C/G Anglos and 48b English. My 48b Rosewood ended steel buttoned Crane (also Lachenal) has a mass of 3kg and measures 6.6 inches across the flats, the same dimensions as my G/D Anglos My 48b Rosewood ended bone buttoned Crane (another Lachenal) is slightly lighter (a few grams only) and the same measurement across the flats. As Daniel says, after a while you don't really notice the weight difference when swapping
  14. Hi Cohen, Pleased to help, best of luck with the project. Mike
  15. Why Not ask Ollie directly, look for OllieKingMusic on the web. I'm unable to connect to his site at the moment. or Olliekingbox on Facebook
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