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    Morris dancing, woodwork tools, learning to play music, Minis (1959 - 2003), keeping my concertinas in working order.
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  1. Mike Jones

    Concertina teacher Plymouth Devon uk

    You might ask West Country Concertina Players (WCCP) as they both tutor and provide hire instruments. They have both Website and Facebook presence and cover your area.
  2. Mike Jones

    24 key C/G Anglo Lachenal/ Wallis date ?

    I have two, both mahogany ended with brass reeds. 18273 has two Gsharp/Bb keys on the LHS and two Csharp/Eb keys on the RHS. The other, 167878, has Gsharp/Bb and A/G reversed on the LHS and Csharp/Eb plus A/G reversed on the right. I use them for practicing on at home in a separate room so I do not annoy my wife.
  3. Mike Jones

    Hexagonal wood box

    Hi Bazza, If you are still after a box I have one that I sympathetically restored i.e it still looks old and all previous aults and blemishes can still be seen although they are now fixed ) and found a key for , that I have been meaning to sell but never got round to advertising. Should suit an EC 'tina with four folds on the bellows. I know it is too small for both my EC's that have 6 fold bellows and none of my Anglos fit. Photos attached . It has a veneer skin If still interested we can discuss price, etc. later. Mike
  4. SqueezEast Concertinas Band Day: Sunday 9th June at Stamford Arts Centre. I shall be posting more information early in the New Year, although the format will probably remain the same as previous years. West Country Concertina Players also post their Play Days on their website and Facebook
  5. I'm in the process of trying to reconstruct Lachenal Number 18868 a 26 button Anglo with numbered bone buttons and offset accidentals. I put photos on another thread. The right hand end was so badly worm eaten the action board and box fell apart to dust when I dismantled it and unfortunately the corresponding reed pan has gone the same way. I've repaired the end frets with new Rosewood inserts and stabilised them and made new boxing for them plus replaced the worm eaten bellows frame on the Right Hand Side. Unfortunately I don't have the tools or materials (or skill) to remake the action box or reed pan. Does anyone out there have either or both for a 30 button or 28 button instrument they don't want that I could purchase? A 26 button set would not work as the accidental buttons are offset. Alternatively could one of you make a reed pan and action box for me? I have the levers, pivots, buttons and reeds and can accommodate either a circular or ovoid-ish air hole. Responses via the thread or PM me. Other helpful suggestions would be welcome too. Many Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks Guys, All woodworm is now dead! treated with killer direct into the holes in the other parts of the concertina that remain. Amongst the dust in the photo above were a few insect carcases and I think from the state of it that the 'tina has seen a few cold winters and hot dry summers before I got hold of it. Anyway it will remain in the (unheated) garage in a box of its own whilst I work on it and well away from all my other boxes. The brass has cleaned up well as have all the buttons and the LHS reed and action pans and the reeds look to be pretty well unmolested. the adhesive holding the pads onto the grommets was still flexible and just peeled off and the pads did pretty much the same so not too much cleaning off of glue required. Mike
  7. Quite, and this is a picture of the Right hand action pan after I removed the end, it just crumbled to dust. Interestingly there is no A/G reversal on the LHS you get G sharp/Bflat, C sharp /E flat and A/Bflat (according to the impressed marks on the reed shoes). I'm hopeful I will eventually restore/rebuild it and then see how/if having the C sharp/Bflat helps playing in F or Bflat in comparison to a "normal" 30 Key. I haven't looked yet but suspect a similar result on the right. Mike
  8. Hello people, I recently obtained a 26 button Lachenal C/G, number 18863 (or 18868, the number stamp is unclear), Rosewood ends (and the reed pan for a 30 key instrument) with steel reeds and five fold green bellows. Accidentals are black the white bone buttons numbered 1 - 10 on both sides ( 1 - 5 on the "C" row and 6 -10 on the "G" row). The accidentals are offset, as you can see in the photo. Unfortunately when I removed the Right Hand end, the Action Box and frame all collapsed into dust due to a catastrohic attack of worm. I may be able to save the right reed pan and none of the rosewood is significantly damaged. The Left side is unaffected. I also have a 24 button Lachenal labelled "Silber and Fleming", number 18273, with numbered bone buttons and brass reeds, the extra accidental buttons are engraved C/D Sharp and G/B sharp on both sides (I don't have a "hash" button on my keyboard). Mike
  9. Pictures of the event are now on our website and some of the music. The rest of the music recordings will go up as soon as they are edited. Next Year we will be having the Band day in the same place on Sunday 9th June 2019. More information closer to the time. thanks to everyone that came, we had a really good day with some mind stretching arrangements courtesy of Paul Barrett.
  10. I had a similar problem so I purchased some screw-in plastic/pearloid buttons to fit the bass end of a Melodeon off Charlie Marshall. I had to slightly/lightly sand the wooden button remaining to taper it to the same diameter as the plastic but they work OK and dont look too bad. I now need to rivet some new reeds into the reed plate to get the thing working. Using an old Harmonica reed set for this one. best of luck with the restoration. The one I am working on is a project for my Grandson.
  11. Thanks Paul, we shall probably see you at WCCP in October before next year. Enjoy Normandy. The last time I went with some Morris Men we collapsed the ( temporary) stage, drank too much Calvados, ate too many sausages and Moule Frite and had a wonderful time. They really seemed to appreciate our English folk music too. Mike
  12. Thanks John, I do have you on my little list, and looking forward to seeing all of you again. Mike
  13. Still time to book/register for our excellent SqueezEast Band day. All the music is a surprise on the day (except to the Music Director) and can be quite challenging and stimulating. Why not look on this as an alternative to the Irish Music workshop with Sinead Turner that had been arranged for the same day , which I understand has had to be cancelled. You will be in good company with 30 plus other players, excellent acoustics and a grade two listed concert room to play in as well as not being far off the A1. Bring your own food or go to one of the excellent local pubs for lunch. Details are still on our website as above. Mike
  14. Mike Jones

    Concertina as dominatrix ??

    Should that not be Beer, more Drink, Sessions and Morris? My wife believes I have two co-equal Dominatrix, vis Morris and Concertinas
  15. Mike Jones

    Who Made These Reedpans

    I have a Jones Anglo number 28xxx that is stamped on the non-chambered side of the reed pans together with L and R. I know it is a Jones as it has a Jones stamp as well. I don't think mine has been messed with too much, it looked largely original and the valves in the largest chambers were also mounted in reverse. The valves looked to be in reasonably good order although they were very dark on the internal surface adjacent to the slot with very little curling or deformation. The external fretwork resembles a Lachenal and the reeds also looked similar, however, Dave Elliott says they are definitely Jones reeds. The pins were as would be expected and doubled for the largest reeds and chambers, which seemed to be suitable for the reversed valves as well. Mike