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    All free reed instruments, I’ll list the concertinas I own

    Anglo: bastarti 20 button in CG
    English: Jack baritone
    Wheatstone 29 button single action g-bass
    Chemnitzer: 1870s Ulhig 38 button
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  1. Thanks! Well I needed a concertina to go bellow my bass voice! 😂 it’s hard to be heard over this when you’re singing un-amplified.
  2. yes, Ill be recording with it again soon, and ill make an effort to have a better recording set up.
  3. Hello! I'm making this post about Mike Harding's bass concertina because I have recently bought it from him! some of you will know that I've been trying to buy a bass concertina for a while. This is also my first concertina that's not a hybrid. Its Wheatstone 23578, so made around 1904. its a 29 button G-bass with the low G# tuned down to F natural. Here's a video, I hold up the ends at the end so you can get a better view. here's me playing a tune I wrote.
  4. Its says on the label: "15 West St Charing X Rd" so probably around 1906.
  5. I have obtained one almost Identical to yours! Ill be posting about it soon.
  6. oops, never mind, I was told it was a Lachenal but it's actually a Wheatstone. I didn't see the makers label on the Right-hand side. still does anyone know how old it is?
  7. I have just acquired Lachenal 23758 which is a 29 key English G-bass. It used to belong to Mike Harding. How old might it be?
  8. I've just bought a bass with aluminium end plates, but they were a replacement for the wooden ones.
  9. Well, actually not anymore, Because I have bought it from him, I am just waiting for it to arrive here. (around a month.) Ill post about it when its here.
  10. Theres one for sale at liberty bellows, if you are interested, https://www.libertybellows.com/shop/Concertinas/Anglo-Concertinas--20-Buttons/p/NEW-Stagi-C-2-Anglo-Concertina-CG-LM-20-x35302941.htm
  11. Also, if anybody wants to cover it I'd love to see your version.
  12. Thanks! It only cost me 99 dollars, it’s my oldest instrument!
  13. Also I forgot to say the concertina is a Chemnitzer Concertina from around the 1870s or 1860s. It’s unrestored so there are some strange sounds.
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