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  1. Hello, Im not sure what the sound difference is between the different reed metals and im ordering reeds from a company and I can choose the metal here are the choices: aluminium, zink or brass. so now I need to know what the different sound qualities are. Thanks, Kane.
  2. I started on a Chinese 20 button model and it worked well for me and I was 10 im pretty sure.
  3. A C Norman co concertinas now makes a 43 button double action bass concertina that goes down to G and F if you ask for it.
  4. I found one vary similar to the ones on this add. https://akkordeon-museum.ch/klavier-concertina-mit-wechselton-einzel-bass-mixte-blau-23-12/
  5. Ive never played one but for the past 4 years Ive wanted a G-bass concertina but there so rare that I have trouble finding one and if I did it would probably be about $4000, Ive got a guy waiting on me to have enough money. Im going to try to build one as well. Kane
  6. I found a way older one with metal ends: http://concertinamuseum.com/CM00006.htm
  7. what exactly does that mean, does that mean that can/does not come to concertina.net?
  8. I don’t plan on contacting him again, but I have contact with a person that is friends with him and I’ll ask him some questions,
  9. So sorry, at that moment it felt like the right thing to do because so many people were wondering about him, but I see how it was wrong. Kind regrets, bassconcertina.net
  10. I talked to him about buying a bass concertina from him but it was not the one in that picture, it was black g bass. the last time I contacted him was September 7th. PS I did not get the bass and its no longer for sale. kane fahl.
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