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  1. well. he withdrew the bass from sale. 😢 and now im hesitating to repost this so people will actually notice it.
  2. Hey I was building a bass just like that
  3. Yes someone gmailed me. so every thing is good unless he backs out. But I don’t think he will🙂
  4. If I take this to stage im going to make a joke out of it🤣: "and here we have what the pioneers called the musical wagon wheel!"
  5. ive been talking with him I am going to get it but not not right now for im saving up every last penny🙂
  6. how much do you want for it? (ps i might not be ready to pay for now depending on price
  7. well what type of reeds do you think is in bernard wrigleys
  8. hi sell me your G bass concertina, preferably under $4000 preferably single action. FOUND
  9. http://concertinamuseum.com/CM00394.htm put this in your search bar
  10. believe it or not I all ready own one. ( keep in mind this video is from back when I first got the instrument back in 2019, this is also on my youtube channel and recorded on chrome book.)
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