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  1. Cool case unfortunately I’m 12 years old and can’t afford that
  2. Thanks I also had an idea to convert a double action bass into single action by removing the pull reeds and the valves that are right beside those
  3. because i here a lot of bad things about double action basses like that they dont sound as good and that there slow reacting
  4. thanks but I also need single action and he uses accordion reeds witch are double action thanks again
  5. Hello Im look to see if anyone has any recommendations for concertina makers that will custom make a g bass EC. kane,
  6. Hi I thought I’d give this another try if anyone has a g bass for sale or sees one for sale let me know. thanks, kane
  7. Liberty bellows has a 20 button concertina in that key
  8. well. he withdrew the bass from sale. 😢 and now im hesitating to repost this so people will actually notice it.
  9. Hey I was building a bass just like that
  10. Yes someone gmailed me. so every thing is good unless he backs out. But I don’t think he will🙂
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