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  1. I know one concertina with chords does this count. Im after one of these my self
  2. wish i had a beast like that. bass concertina is my dream instrument
  3. Double Anglo? I want one!! It looks like some thing I’d see when I’m having a Seizure
  4. is the bass still for sale
  5. How did you get a hold of that bass, because i'm in the market for one and i don't intend to break the bank.
  6. The link doesn’t even work?. if you could play it the thing and just post it here that would be great.
  7. Darn I have had 3 of the toy accordions. A toy concertina resently went up on eBay it was sold for $37.00
  8. As I said I don’t have either. but I did play my treble on the video above, and the kid in the video is me, I’m just an 11 year old kid I’ve been playing concertina for 1 year. But I have been playing accordion since I was 4.?
  9. Sadly I don’t have a bass or a piccolo but I can play my treble Anglo in C/G 60487473835__72A5DD23-7B71-4DC7-A519-CA6148F304F2.MOV
  10. Hi, on this page everybody can show there skill By playing on there piccolo and bass concertinas.
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