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  1. Thanks! do you think the chamber side valve would need to be removed too?
  2. Thanks and Yes, I definitely am going to keep it reversible, my plan is about the same as Alex Holden's. I might not have to now hearing some of the other things I could do. But just in case.
  3. By do away you mean get rid of right? Or replace, add helper springs? I suspect that if the valves are just removed the reeds will be really slowed and breathy. Do you think plastic accordion valves, helper springs or new leather accordion valves would work on a a double action bass concertina? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I want to do it because a double action bass can be slow to speak and quiet compared to single action. I don’t have one yet but I’m curious.
  5. Hello, for double action bass concertinas do you think it would be possible to convert double action to single action? I have some ideas but I’ll share them once I get some of your ideas. Thanks!
  6. The main reason that I want concertina or harmonium reeds is because there single action.
  7. Ok, but just to be sure you noticed that this is BASS concertina I’m talking about too. And harmonium reeds are commonly used in them but I’m interested to see what a really low pitch concertina reed would sound like so we’ll go with what you said. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm building a bass concertina and a basse aux peids. Im going to order reeds from harmonicaz.cz, and I need to know which type of reeds is going to be better for each of them, concertina reeds or harmonium reeds. Thanks!
  9. One thing I do know is that the warped/twisted reeds do sound when used on a vacuum cleaner.
  10. Hello, Im building a treble concertina using american pump organ reeds and I was wondering if a warp/twist in the reed tongue mattered. Thanks!
  11. I learned from a recent forum that Bernard Wrigley's bass ways in at 11.5 pound, or in grams 5216 grams! heres the forum
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