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    I got my first concertina (Lachenal(Murdoch) anglo C/G) in 1999.Also interested in miniature anglo and finally got a Norman miniature in 2009 and Jones mini in 2016. I love Irish music played in old, relaxed style. Now I am halfway done with Japanese translation of Chris's concertina FAQ.
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  1. Peter Trimming ( @PeterT) played. 🐐 Sweet Jenny Jones in G and in C Rattling Bog in D and in G
  2. Takayuki YAGI

    Help naming (and finding) 2 songs

    I found this one. 🐐
  3. Takayuki YAGI

    Lachenal EC with riveted action

    No, it's hexagonal shaped.
  4. Takayuki YAGI

    Lachenal EC with riveted action

    Thank you all for your input. YAGI 🐐
  5. Does this exist? I thought Lachenal used hooked action. My friend recently acquired a Lachenal EC with riveted action (original or later replacement?). Any info would be greatly appreciated. YAGI 🐐
  6. Takayuki YAGI

    South Africa Wheatstone

    I agree that. FYI here is a photo of Mayfair anglo's reed board from ebay. Mayfair used accordion style reeds (a pair of reeds on one plate and on the one side of the reed board), it was quite different to OP's reedpan (single reed per plate, reeds were on both side of the reedpan). YAGI 🐐
  7. Takayuki YAGI

    Fully Restored George Jones 42-button

    Similar model came up on ebay now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/192818132702 YAGI 🐐
  8. Takayuki YAGI

    Salvation Army Ab/Eb

    I checked inside again and realized that the number looked like 155262 rather than 155862 (please see the photo). It was 30 key in Ab/Eb retuned to G/D, wood fretwork, steel reeds, 6-fold replacement bellows. This concertina was also discussed here. Sorry for the mistake. I hope this helps. YAGI 🐐
  9. Takayuki YAGI

    Salvation Army Ab/Eb

    I do. Mine is 155862 .
  10. Takayuki YAGI

    Salvation Army Ab/Eb

    I also have Lachenal A flat/ E flat (but retuned to G/D) wood end model. It has additional metal parts with screw-hole under the LHS hand strap which accommodates band lyre. YAGI 🐐
  11. Takayuki YAGI

    Minstrel Anglo

    I thought of that. The English model named Busker and Duet model named Troubadour (not yet available?), all of them are kind of travel poets/musicians. YAGI 🐐
  12. Takayuki YAGI

    Concertina teacher Plymouth Devon uk

    Just FYI International Concertina Association (ICA) has a list of teachers here. Is Liskeard Cornwall near you ? YAGI 🐐
  13. Takayuki YAGI

    24 key C/G Anglo Lachenal/ Wallis date ?

    Slightly off topic, Barleycorn now lists 22 key Lachenal C/G which has G#/Bb on the LHS and C#/D# on the RHS. YAGI 🐐
  14. Takayuki YAGI

    24 key C/G Anglo Lachenal/ Wallis date ?

    I have no idea but I suppose @Dowright can provide approximate date from the serial number. YAGI 🐐
  15. Takayuki YAGI

    Jeffries in B/F# (really!)

    According to this page and some older threads, there were some B/F#s by various makes in the past. Its not a common key though. My opinion to the OP is that leave it in the original key. I have re-tuned G/D (from Ab/Eb) and enjoy this but would like to hear the original tuning sometimes. YAGI 🐐