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    I got my first concertina (Lachenal(Murdoch) anglo C/G) in 1999.Also interested in miniature anglo and finally got a Norman miniature in 2009 and Jones mini in 2016. I love Irish music played in old, relaxed style. Now I am halfway done with Japanese translation of Chris's concertina FAQ.
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  1. Another example of circular label which says "Blood and Fire" and "Salvation Army". https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-26-key-anglo-in-g-d-8462/
  2. Me too. But local musical instrument museum has very similar one named "Arietta".
  3. Might be one of these?
  4. As far as hybrid is concerned, I think reed layout is the same. Just the tone layout is different.
  5. Japanese concertina player Ryo played same tune on 3 different concertinas for comparison.
  6. In the mid-1990s I saw Japanese musician playing Irish music with concertina and was attracted to the shape and the sound. But I didn't know how to get the instruments here in Japan. In 1999, I was at Custy's, Ennis, Co. Clare. And I got a Murdoch labeled Lachenal (refurbished by A.C. Norman). It was my first instrument.
  7. My friend in Australia once had a Kookaburra C/G and it was a beautiful and responsive instrument. I don't know if it's C/G, Bb/F or G/D, but I think you had better write down the key of your instrument.
  8. Please see http://concertina.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2023/12/post-8caf76.html for the pictures and descriptions. All in Japanese but I think machine translation will do. Apart from these, I once owned amboyna ended Geuns-Wakker C/G which I sold to my friend. I tried so many concertinas and I don't remember how many.
  9. Barleycorn now lists G/D (presumably the original is Ab/Eb) with circular hole with label. https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-30-key-anglo-in-g-d-8421/ One long-standing mystery has been solved.
  10. I recently found an old tape named Doolin rescue. It includes one concertina track played by Micheal Shannon. https://www.discogs.com/release/7132923-Various-Traditional-Music-In-Support-Of-Doolin-Coast-And-Cliff-Rescue-Service I Googled but did not get much info about the player. Does anyone know more about him?
  11. This paper is now Chapter 4 of a book "The Anglo-German concertina - A social history" (Volume 1).
  12. This may not be appropriate to put on the Buy and Sell sub forum since they are all not for sale, but this is my "miniature pyramid". The bottom one is standard size.
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