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    I got my first concertina (Lachenal(Murdoch) anglo C/G) in 1999.Also interested in miniature anglo and finally got a Norman miniature in 2009 and Jones mini in 2016. I love Irish music played in old, relaxed style. Now I am halfway done with Japanese translation of Chris's concertina FAQ.
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  1. Takayuki YAGI

    identifying a concertina

    End grill is not an Edgley because Edgley instruments have end bolts on the corner. The instrument in the clip looks like Jeffries anglo to me but I may be wrong.
  2. Takayuki YAGI

    unknown, slightly broken, old concertina

    I think some model of Lachenal and Wheatstone have such slots for air levers (bowing valve?). But I am not sure they only have slots or they have actual levers. For example (from buttonbox.com), Lachenal: https://www.buttonbox.com/images/ceu0558-02b.jpg Wheatstone: https://www.buttonbox.com/images/ceu0557-02b.jpg
  3. Takayuki YAGI

    Help Identifying a 20b Anglo

    Number stamps reminds me of these pictures. So could it be a Tidder ?
  4. Takayuki YAGI

    MIDI Concertina

    This reminds me of Wakker midi (archive.org), but it seems to be discontinued. 🐐
  5. Takayuki YAGI

    Stagi Concertinas

    I am curious about action improvement. The Button Box of Massachusetts also says (from some months ago) about Stagi W15-LN as "30-button model with new improved action." I am not sure the improvement is the same but would like to see the improved action photos. 🐐
  6. Takayuki YAGI

    Replacement straps

    One example ...... https://www.instagram.com/p/BsCRTPtneL9/
  7. Takayuki YAGI

    Looking for octave (below) C/G Anglo

    If I understand correctly, ESB is a baritone(1 octave below) and Cormac plays both baritone and bass(2 octaves below). I am not sure the one in the clip is a baritone or a bass. As far as I know, Dipper makes bass anglo. 🐐
  8. Takayuki YAGI

    Mini Concertina layout

    In my case, it was a C row with C# and F# accidental. But if it was in G and 3 buttons top and 2 or 3 buttons below, I think Dipper layout in fig.9 (of PICA vol.9) makes sense.
  9. Takayuki YAGI

    Mini Concertina layout

    I do not have an action photo, but here is a reedpan photo of Norman 13 button miniature (accordion reeded, treble side).
  10. Takayuki YAGI

    Mini Concertina layout

    In the PICA vol.9 http://www.concertina.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/PICA09-2012.pdf , fig A1.3 shows reedpans and an action board of a Jones miniature.
  11. Takayuki YAGI

    West Clare Concertina Players

    I saw them for the first time. Thank you for sharing! 🐐
  12. The second tune is known as the caravan. https://thesession.org/tunes/8983
  13. I archived the copy of PDFs before angloconcertina.org had shut down, but I do not have enough space on this forum. Your e-mail address might help. Please PM if required. 🐐
  14. Takayuki YAGI

    Who made this one ?

    Thank you for the clarification. 🐐
  15. Takayuki YAGI

    Who made this one ?

    Thank you Theo. I had no idea about Schuster. Did they have English style actions (not wooden one)?