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    I got my first concertina (Lachenal(Murdoch) anglo C/G) in 1999.Also interested in miniature anglo and finally got a Norman miniature in 2009 and Jones mini in 2016. I love Irish music played in old, relaxed style. Now I am halfway done with Japanese translation of Chris's concertina FAQ.
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  1. Takayuki YAGI

    34 button anglo - Maker and date

    I might be wrong, but the bellows paper looks like Jones to me.
  2. Takayuki YAGI

    Miniature Concertina Designs

    I own one of his miniatures. The core layout is C row of C/G anglo and with C#/F# accidental on LHS, c#/f# and c#'/d' on RHS.
  3. Takayuki YAGI

    Jones? concertina on eBay

    Parallel reed pan is odd for 32 button Lachenal, but hooked action looks like Lachenal to me.
  4. Takayuki YAGI

    Another J Wallis 20 Button Anglo

    Just noticed that number on the label(#24717) and reedpan(#10572) are different and this one has numbered keys. I digged my photo archive and found that #22298 didn't have numbered keys and #11513 had numbered keys. So I think whole end or label was replaced sometime and #10572 is correct. In my understanding early Lachenal didn't have reedshoe trademark (before 1878?), so I too think it is an early Lachenal. Edited to add: I just found that Barleycorn currently sells 22 button Lachenal #22301 with numbered keys. So #22298 might have numbered keys (my photo was unclear and that was my mistake).
  5. Takayuki YAGI

    Jeffries English Concertina For Sale

    Also from ebay 2011, the fretwork is simple though the photo is not very clear.
  6. Takayuki YAGI

    Jeffries English Concertina For Sale

    I once saw a wood end English Jeffries on ebay July 2011 (I didn't bid on it) which seemed to have radial reed chambers. The photos are not clear but through the bellows reed layout looks radial.
  7. Takayuki YAGI

    Odd Layout

    Searching this forum with serial number '31282' returns this recent thread: Monster 72-Key Anglo Aeola So, is this an anglo?
  8. Takayuki YAGI

    Irish Music On Wheatstone System?

    He does. In the recent Noel Hill Japan tour, he was with three concertinas. Wheatstone(Linota?), Lachenal and Dipper miniature.
  9. Takayuki YAGI

    German 20 Key With Switchable Second Voice

    https://youtu.be/cwwQ5Rr1lHo and internal view is here https://youtu.be/pL5kqs0OhLg .
  10. Takayuki YAGI

    A Touch Of Clare

    Just FYI, it's not 'A Touch Of Clare', but 'Kitty Hayes Remembered' is still available at Custy's. http://www.custysmusic.com/product-info.php?pid340.html
  11. Takayuki YAGI

    Scored A Miniature Lachenal

    I own Norman miniature (4-inch across) with seven-fold bellows and I think I should have longer bellows. Eight-fold sounds good. Edited: typo
  12. Takayuki YAGI

    Irish Music On Wheatstone System?

    As far as I can remember, Chris Droney plays Wheatstone. Jacqueline McCarthy once played 24-button Wheatstone (now Dipper). Hugh Healy played Wheatstone in his album. Mary MacNamara played Wheatstone in her first album. In the recent ICA interview(CW472) Noel Hill said that he has three Linotas. Mrs Crotty played Lachenal (and inherited to Michael Tubridy). Kitty Hayes played Lachenal. Cormac Begley plays piccolo Lachenal. But I may be wrong. Experts comments welcomed.
  13. Takayuki YAGI

    Wanted Wheatstone Mayfair Ec

    Just FYI, Barleycorn now lists one for sale. http://www.concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/?concertina=3067
  14. Takayuki YAGI

    German 20 Key With Switchable Second Voice

    Similar one is on eBay now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/222899351430
  15. Takayuki YAGI

    Interesting Tiny Paper Concertina

    It is called "Papernica" in Japan. I once mentioned here . But I first saw this video clip. Thank you for sharing. papernica.com (I couldn't find English website) sells them as kits and also has workshops for making them.