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  1. Hi Stephen, it is available. The price includes US shipping; I would need to calculate the shipping if you are in Hong Kong as your profile indicates.
  2. I have decided to sell my mini Wheatstone which I purchased about 10-12 years ago in England. I bought it out of a love for miniature instruments, but I am an Anglo player and never really got the hang of playing this one. It is in excellent condition barring the following two details: 1) The box it comes in needs to be re-taped along the outer hinge. Inner hinge is solid. 2) The lowest button on the right side plays a hint of the wrong reed while pressed. This is demonstrated in the video below. The Wheatstone's serial number is 36774. According to pp 101-102 of Horniman Museum ledger SD03, this dates it to November 28 1963. It comes with a lockable hard case and two keys. The lock works. The box measures 7 inches long, 4 1/4 inches deep and 3 1/2 inches high. The concertina measures 3 1/8 inches at widest point, 2 3/4 inches from flat to flat and 5 3/4 inches long including the buttons. I am asking $2,000 US for this instrument, including shipping and insurance within the US. I may consider best offers if it does not sell at this price. Video demonstrating that all notes work: https://youtu.be/zosFmH2KxGQ Larger versions of photos are available on request. Pickup in Eugene Oregon area welcome (with a corresponding discount for shipping/insurance).
  3. I like it! Another vote for English here, in my inexpert opinion the A and B parts would have to be the same length/number of repeats to sound Irishy, but of course I'm sure there are many exceptions to that.
  4. My understanding: If there are not yet any bids at the time of the question, it can be considered a request to change the auction to Buy it Now format...but if there are already bids then there's no legal way for the seller to accept the proposal.
  5. Find a trusted friend or relative and give the concertina to that person to be held until you can produce four completed research papers.
  6. I got a custom hard case made by Greg Jowaisas and it is perfect. A really good price too. I highly recommend his work. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showuser=120
  7. Sadly, I haven't had one since 1996, and this one passed in 1984, so I couldn't ask him about it.
  8. I wish I had my grandfather's concertina. I'm told he dropped it in a river during World War 2...
  9. I've bought from him - a couple of months back he was selling some of those which had been damaged in shipping to him, so he was selling them at a huge discount but some reassembly of reeds was required. It was as described and I've restored it and given it to a kid who wanted to learn concertina, but the shipping box/padding was TERRIBLE. If you buy from him, be clear with him that you want it packed securely, and not in a plastic produce bag and thrown into a falling apart cardboard box with no other padding. If the kid shows continued interest I'm going to get him a Rochelle, but this box is a good test one to see if the interest will hold.
  10. Steve, I sent you a PM about this a couple of days ago but never got a reply. I am interested. I have some questions about the location of the bad button and how much you think shipping to Oregon might be. Edited to add - if PM is not a good way to reach you, please supply your email address so I can email you.
  11. I meant in terms of time zones...8 AM Eastern time is 5 in the morning for me.
  12. Thanks Frank. You're on the east coast, right? I'm on the West; do you have any operating hours later than 8 to 9 AM?
  13. Hi Jim, Thanks for the suggestion. But if I wanted to do it myself, are there any sources for suitable material?
  14. I have a seven year old Edgley C/G and over the past few years it's been becoming more and more leaky. It's bordering on unplayable now - indeed, a classmate of mine at a recent concertina workshop couldn't play it due to the leaks. I've just opened up the ends to check everything out and everything seems to be in place; no loose pads or cracks visible, but the gasket material is extremely stiff and I suspect that that is where the problem lies. What sort of material should I look for to replace this with? I have read that chamois leather works but I don't know what thickness to use, and I'd like to get black if possible. What kind of glue should I use with it and what's the best way to remove the old leather?
  15. I guess the only way to know is to find someone who's had to claim. Maybe Colin knows of companies that other customers have used in the past while travelling. Or if you are on friendly terms with any professional travelling musicians you could ask them for advice. Or maybe contact someone who has been listed on the Stolen Instruments websites to ask if they had problems with their insurers, but that might be difficult if you don't know them already.
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