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  1. You can tell from the handstraps that the pics are opposite ends.
  2. I have just re-listed on ebay but prefer to sell here.
  3. I have reduced the price to 995 pounds.
  4. Thanks Ken. I have noticed a few times that I have to go hunting for my listings. I'll see if there is something I can change to make it more visible.
  5. Now on Ebay. Open to sensible offers on c.net.
  6. Relisted for 1500 pounds. If not sold it will become a G/D!
  7. 1600 pounds converts to C$2770. I could let it go for C$2700 plus shipping. I may convert to G/D if it doesn’t sell, although it is such a nice player i wantedto see if anyone was looking for an Ab/Bb. .
  8. True. It's always a bit of a crap shoot.
  9. 151369 also a rosewood coloured mahogany type 30 button, steel reeds 149180, Rosewood 30b 173565, cheers, another 151369, 32 button rosewood 144444, 30 button rosewood 197472
  10. I put a price in Canadian dollars but it showed up in pounds. Corrected in case you thought i was being a little greedy on that one!
  11. I have just listed a newly restored rosewood Lachenal concertina on ebay. I prefer to sell through this site so contact me if you're interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184372082901
  12. Continuing the sale of my restored instruments, here is a very nice Lachenal 30-button anglo. It has the simpler fretwork and 5-fold bellows. It is a higher grade instrument than the basic mahogany ones with a rosewood coloured finish (original). The better quality is reflected in its playability as it a responsive player with a good set of steel reeds. It is fully restored with new pads, handstraps and valves, turned to modern pitch A=440. Located in Toronto, Canada. Price reduced to C$1725 (995 pounds) plus shipping/insurance. I have a number of other instruments including 2
  13. A beautiful 64-button extended tenor treble for sale. In very nice condition, bellows are original and very good. This one was made in January 1919, from the golden era. 6-fold bellows The instrument is tight and plays beautifully. Typically selling for 3700+ at the dealers. I am asking for 2900 pounds equivalent (C$5000). The instrument is in Toronto, Canada but will ship anywhere (shipping and insurance extra). Message me if interested.
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