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  1. I'm considering selling my 55-button New Model Crane Duet. Ebony ended, 7-fold bellows newly restored in A=440 modern pitch 55 buttons plus air. Metal buttons. A really nice, rich-sounding instrument. Located in Canada but could be in the UK in October for a serious buyer. Offers around 2500 pounds.
  2. These instruments can be in the UK in mid-October if anyone is interested in either (or both...). 1500 pounds for either.
  3. I think that is the stock number at the dealer.
  4. Price adjustment to C$2500 and CS2700 respectively. They can be in the UK in mid-August, Nottingham and Whitby.
  5. Selling two newly restored Lachenal New Model English concertinas. Both in excellent condition, metal ends are as-new, bellows tight and in good condition. No. 1 has 5-fold bellows, modern A=440 concert pitch, new pads and valves, thumbstraps in excellent condition. This one does not have an air button. Wooden frames look sound and good condition. Asking C$2500 (1500 pounds) No 2 also has 5-fold bellows. Originally made with bowing valves but the valve inside have been removed, leaving the instrument with two lever-operated air buttons. New pads, valves, thumbstraps and original (?) wrist straps fitted. Bellows and wooden frames all in excellent condition. A fabulous example of the instrument. Asking C$2,800 (1700 pounds) Instruments are located in Toronto, Canada. Shipping and insurance will be at purchasers expense.
  6. Those Kookaburras are excellent concertinas.
  7. Thanks Gav. I'll get in touch with him. There is someone sort of interested at the moment but Jim is nice and close! I hope all is good with you.
  8. I still have this beauty. Open to offers close to the asking price. I have another instrument I can buy once I have sold the Edeophone.
  9. Concertina spares also sells these and I have found theirs to be good and competitively priced.
  10. Rare Metal-ended 56 button plus 2 air levers Edeophone with 6-fold bellows in lovely condition. Bought as a back-up to my Aeola but hardly played so letting it go to someone who will play it. Great session instrument, fast response and action. Asking C$5500 (US$4000)
  11. Hi Ivy, PM sent. Price is C$3650 plus shipping and insurance. Shipping to US not a problem.
  12. Restored 30-button rosewood C/G anglo concertina. Tight with good 6-fold bellows, responsive steel reeds and bone buttons. Plays well, excellent for sessions. Price is in Canadian dollars.The instrument is in A=440 modern pitch. Dates to the 1920s I believe. The concertina is in Canada but I will be in the UK for the first 3 weeks of November. C$2900 plus shipping and insurance.
  13. 48-key English concertina with excellent 5-fold bellows, raised nickel silver ends and nickel silver buttons. The legendary Model 22. Recently restored and an excellent player. The best Wheatstone after the Aeolas and reported to have Aeola quality reeds. Good for session playing and song accompaniment. This one is Serial number 28406, dated May 1920, right in the golden era fro Wheatstones. In modern A=440 pitch. Located in Toronto, Canada but I'll over in the UK for the first 3 weeks of November.
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