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  1. Hmm, I did get a response from Joey. I would need to try it so I guess I'll pass also.
  2. I'm wondering if this is a scam. The seller is not communicating about his location and checking the instrument out. Those thumb straps don't look new either.
  3. Renelli is a low end Italian concertina so those bellows would be overkill and a different way of attaching I believe. Maybe find a scrap italian instrument and rescue the bellows? Otherwise, maybe try contacting Hohner?
  4. I think the original, genuine listing was up a few weeks back. I also reported this one. Surprised they have done nothing about it.
  5. The model 6 is certainly a fine instrument. I have a model 8 which is the extended treble version. Lovely player. I would dispute your note that things went downhill after WW1. I would say they remained high quality to the end of the 20s at least and possibly into the early 30s.
  6. I would just comment that the top "real" concertinas are easily as responsive as any hybrid. I mean here the Dippers, Carrolls, Wheatstones etc. In my opinion the sound is much superior but you pay more for the instrument of course.
  7. A beautiful 32-button Lachenal Rosewood anglo concertina with new 6-fold bellows and in modern A=440 concert pitch. Plays very well with responsive reeds. Selling for C$2900 (1675 pounds, US$2315) plus shipping and insurance. I will be bringing it to the UK once Covid allows.
  8. Attractive rosewood-ended Jones concertina with intricate fretwork. The instrument has 6-fold bellows, is in modern concert pitch. It plays well and, has riveted action. C$2500 (equates to US$1995, GBP1450). The instrument is in excellent condition. Some minor fretwork repairs at one end as shown in the pictures. A great instrument for singing accompaniment and sessions at a starter concertina price. Shipping and insurance extra at cost.
  9. Sold. Donation made on consignment fee.
  10. Selling on consignment, a rare and beautiful 56-button, wooden (ebonized) ended Crane duet concertina. Serial number 35721 which dates it to 31st July 1950. The instrument has steel reeds in aluminum frames, making it reasonably light for this size of instrument. The 8-fold bellows are in as-new condition. In fact the whole instrument looks lightly played. The inside reed pans are as-new visually. Asking C$4500 which currently equates to approximately US$3718 or GBP2640. It comes with an original leather case, also in excellent condition.
  11. Guys, I had it on good authority that this was not a scam or a stolen instrument. 100% definite.
  12. Agreed. He needs to edit it and add some more relevant photos. Unfortunately that's up to him.
  13. I've had reliable information that this is indeed genuine but it is being sold by someone who doesn't know anything about concertinas on behalf of the owner.
  14. I'm having to clear the decks to accommodate new items so this lovely beast is again on offer.
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