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  1. A chance to own a real concertina without breaking the bank! This is a 30-button mahogany-ended Lachenal instrument with bone buttons. The reeds are real concertina reeds, brass but very responsive with a beautiful sweet sound. The concertina is tight and in modern A=440 modern pitch with a decent set of original bellows. An absolutely perfect starter instrument allowing you to avoid the cheap Chinese route. Asking C$995 plus shipping and insurance.
  2. Wes, many thanks for the estimate on the New Model. My wife's Edeophone is 54344. I'm guessing early 20s but would appreciate your estimate. Thanks.
  3. I have just been advised elsewhere that this is a Jeffries, not a Crabb. Good news.
  4. A restored 27-button (including Bb drone) concertina in Bb/F. There is no Jeffries stamp visible on this instrument but comparison of the reeds against another Jeffries finds the reeds to be identical and I am advised that the fretwork is Jeffries, not Crabb but I don't know if that is conclusive. The concertina has new 6-fold bellows, valves, pads and is tuned to A=440 modern concert pitch. It has a fast action with responsive reeds, great sound, a lovely concertina overall. Asking C$4500.
  5. Could you please advise a date for a Lachenal New Model treble No. 44728? Thank you
  6. I have one myself. I think they are great instruments responsive, great sounding and real concertina reeds!
  7. John Roberts is selling a nice 64B baritone-treble on Facebook "Concertinas for sale in the United States". It goes down to low F. People travel between the US and UK...
  8. Updated to reflect one instrument left.
  9. Richard, the Xs are usually made by some repairers when dealing with minor leaks at specific pads.
  10. Selling on consignment, a beautiful 30-button anglo Concertina with C/G Jeffries layout. Perfect condition, essentially new with one owner. The Button Box has now closed down, apart from repair work, and these instruments are therefore no longer produced and are difficult to find, especially in this condition. Morse concertinas are generally considered to be one of the best hybrid concertinas and are well sought after. Hard case, original documentation included. $3450CAD, ($2500USD). Treat yourself for Christmas!
  11. Absolutely no problem. I would recommend shipping via Canada Post/USPS. Buyer pays shipping and insurance but I can pass on any offers. I'm not sure about US taxes and duties , perhaps others can advise but whenever I've shipped to the US the buyers have not reported them to be high. For items over 100 years old I understand there are no duties (this is over 100 years old). There are threads on c.net discussing this.
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