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  1. Selling on consignment, a rare and beautiful 56-button, wooden (ebonized) ended Crane duet concertina. Serial number 35721 which dates it to 31st July 1950. The instrument has steel reeds in aluminum frames, making it reasonably light for this size of instrument. The 8-fold bellows are in as-new condition. In fact the whole instrument looks lightly played. The inside reed pans are as-new visually. Asking C$4500 which currently equates to approximately US$3718 or GBP2640. It comes with an original leather case, also in excellent condition.
  2. Guys, I had it on good authority that this was not a scam or a stolen instrument. 100% definite.
  3. Agreed. He needs to edit it and add some more relevant photos. Unfortunately that's up to him.
  4. I've had reliable information that this is indeed genuine but it is being sold by someone who doesn't know anything about concertinas on behalf of the owner.
  5. I'm having to clear the decks to accommodate new items so this lovely beast is again on offer.
  6. The account has been inactive for over a year also which suggests possible hijack. I guess we'll see if he responds to questions. I've asked for pics of the ends.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Concertina-Dipper-Anglo-Concertina/124682611657?hash=item1d07a9abc9:g:4EoAAOSwUfdgeFZe
  8. You can tell from the handstraps that the pics are opposite ends.
  9. I have just re-listed on ebay but prefer to sell here.
  10. I have reduced the price to 995 pounds.
  11. Thanks Ken. I have noticed a few times that I have to go hunting for my listings. I'll see if there is something I can change to make it more visible.
  12. Now on Ebay. Open to sensible offers on c.net.
  13. Relisted for 1500 pounds. If not sold it will become a G/D!
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