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    Collecting and playing Anglo and duet concertinas. Learning to repair and refurbish of concertinas & concertina cases
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  1. Interesting book. I would be interested in a copy, if you are you thinking of making it more widely available (though I also have a copy of your good Jeffries Duet tutor!!). Peter
  2. Is this the Tutor you are looking for - or something else? I found this on line - but am not sure quite where!! Peter Jeffries-Duet-Tutor.pdf
  3. See http://www.concertina.com/chidley-duet/index.htm I had an 80-button Chidley until recently. Regular layout of notes as you move up the octaves. I thought it was much easier than the MacCann but the idea never really caught on. Wheatstone only ever made around 60 Chidleys, so you have a rare concertina! There is a picture below of the Chidley I used to own.
  4. I used to own a German piano-type concertina (see pictures below). Unfortunately the ends were badly warped and beyond my skill to restore, so this went back to someone in Germany to refurbish. I am still interested in piano-style concertina duets and would love to get a Rust (or Linton) concertina to see how that plays (see http://www.concertina.com/fingering/images/rust-W1597H390.gif).
  5. The Piano duet was on UK Ebay a few years ago but I have not seen one since. Peter
  6. I came across this on Ebay and wondered if it was of interest, as its in Germany. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chromatic-Concertina-D-R-G-M-/313875846580?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=707-127634-2357-0 I have tried to contact the seller for more information but haven't had a response. Peter
  7. Thanks for your interest. I'm afraid the concertina is now in the USA. The G & F are G4 & F4. as Jim Lucas suggested, maybe they are drone buttons. The concertina would have been a bit easier to play, if the left hand went up to C or D. It is still a lovely concertina. Regards Peter
  8. Thanks. Just checked again through your layout in Anglo Piano and its the same as my concertina plays. Thanks again.
  9. Many thanks, Luke, for putting together the 'Anglo Piano' for the 42 button Jones. I have just checked through the layout on my concertina. As psmooze noted, in the Anglo Piano layout, the C5 & B4 on the second button on the right-hand side of the C-row are actually reversed. So its C5 on the push. (Strange to say, this button is labelled as Button 1 in Jones' patent and also on the concertina.) Thanks again Peter
  10. Many thanks. The information I was after was right at the end. A picture from Stephen Chambers of an old advertisement for a similar concertina. Peter
  11. I have come across a concertina with a piano layout one end and standard buttons the other (see pictures). I believe a similar concertina was discussed on Concertina.net a while ago but I cann't find the post. Could someone tell me a bit more about this type of concertina and direct me to the previous discussion? Many thanks Peter
  12. I agree. It looks like a Jeffries Duet. I asked the auction house whether the concertina played a different note on each button when pushing & pulling the bellows and was told by someone there 'I would say a different note'. Perhaps a little inconclusive, so is it an anglo?
  13. I bought that Jones 42 button 'perfect' concertina through Ebay in 2019. It was in a bit of a state and Andrew Norman undertook a full refurbishment, including new bellows, later the same year. The Jones concertina is number 15381. Looking back through Concertina.net, it was also owned by Chrism in 2011. Jim Lucas owned number 22795 and gave an excellent description of it's construction and range in http://www.nonce.dk/Jones-42/. I hardly ever play this concertina, so have put it up for sale on Ebay & Concertina.net (on 7th February 2022). I have added Jim Lucas' description of his 42-button Jones to each listing (with his permission), as it gives an excellent overview of this type of concertina. If you are interested, please contact me. Peter
  14. This is now sold and a donation made to concertina.net. Peter
  15. My rare 42-button Jones ‘Perfect’ Anglo (number 27140) was fully refurbished in 2019 by Andrew Norman. It has new bellows, new pads, new valves, new hand-straps and tuned the steel reeds to concert pitch. The fretwork each end is complete and any cracks have been repaired and stabilised. The levers have riveted action and the concertina is responsive. The concertina comes with a purpose-made lined case. The 42-button Jones ‘Perfect’ C/G Anglo is a very rare fully chromatic Anglo concertina, patented in 1884, with a range of around four octaves from C3 to C7. Several notes are duplicated and can be played either on the push or pull of the bellows. I am only aware of two of these - Jim Lucas’ one and mine. Jim Lucas described his 42-button Jones ‘Perfect’ Anglo in http://www.nonce.dk/Jones-42/ (used with his permission). This includes a layout of all the buttons and a detailed description and pictures of the instrument. He also includes some tunes, showing the capabilities of this type of anglo concertina. I can send you some more pictures or YouTube clips if you are interested. Also on UK Ebay - more pictures there. If you are interested and would like to try the concertina, please contact me and I will see what we can arrange, if you are in the UK. Postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery, including insurance up to £2000 or collection or delivery may be possible in the UK. I am looking for £2000.
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