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    Collecting and playing Anglo and duet concertinas. Learning to repair and refurbish of concertinas & concertina cases
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  1. Chris Algar says he has only a small proportion of his concertina stock on the website. I have visited his place near Stoke on Trent and it’s true! Worth a phone call to him. As you say, also worth asking on concertina.net. Peter
  2. I would suggest contacting Chris Algar at Barleycorn (01270 879958) - unless you have done so already! He has sold a few Cranes recently from his website but may have others in stock.
  3. When I tried Andrew Norman's bass anglo I thought it was pretty resposive given the size of the reeds. If you are within striking distance of Shrewsbury it might be worth a visit.
  4. I would recommend Andrew Norman (http://www.acnorman.co.uk/). He has recently developed a bass Anglo and I am sure would look at any ideas you have. He looked at making a Wheatstone Double Duett for me and came up with a plan (though I didn't follow it through, as I had other projects on the go). Andrew has repaired a few concertinas for me and has always done a very good job, so I would recommend him. Peter
  5. I am selling a 20 button Lachenal Anglo (re-badged Thomas Guest). It has steel reeds but the concertina needs refurbishing and tuning to concert pitch. I thought I would put it on Concertin.net first, in case someone is looking for this less common tuning. If anyone is interested, please message me with your e-mail address and I will send you some pictures and a more detailed description. I am looking for £175-£200.
  6. I would agree withe Steve Schulteis. Though my experience is not with concertinas I still think it is valid. I bought a car 4 years ago which had been owned by a smoker. The garage cleaned the car thoughly but even now, I occasionally get the smell of tobacco smoke when I get in the car. So I think the smell may reduce with use, but never fully go away.
  7. On my Android phone, I have pull the 'bit on the right' further across to the left to be able to see the message box at the top. Hope this non-technical description makes sense!!
  8. Many thanks for your comments. I have had a listen to the tuning again & agree with your comments, Paul & Nigel. I think you are right & I am wrong!! The reeds sound as it they are tuned just a few cents apart. I just made an assumption without checking it properly - so its not too 'honky-tonk'!! The restoration I undertook has been minimal - just to get it playing - hence the buttons. I made springs to match the existing & replaced the chamois leather seal one end. I am pretty sure all reeds are there & are untouched by me. I was just curious to try it out, especially as you can quieten the bass by playing single reeds. Thanks again. Peter
  9. I have put this concertina up for sale on Ebay. I hope I got the description right and am happy to answer any questions. Peter
  10. Thanks for posting some pictures. The internal condition looks pretty good, as you say. The reeds & bellows look very clean. Enjoy the restoration!
  11. Thanks for your post. I’m glad I was wrong and sorry for raising unnecessary concerns.
  12. Thanks for the correction, Daniel. I picked Andrew Norman's English Baritone video in error!
  13. I visited Andrew Norman last week looking at anglo concertinas. I had the priviledge to try out his new baritone and bass concertinas briefly. Lovely looking and very responsive instruments. The baritone goes down to C2 and the bass to C1. Just thought I would mention them if anyone is looking for an anglo with a low range. Its not a sales pitch - no financial interest!! - just thought they were very good concertinas. YouTube video of the baritone: https://youtu.be/Lp-TOdKJCwk & the bass: https://youtu.be/uozSwaqUj2k
  14. The concertina is a Wheatstone 48 button Crane duet concertina. I also have a Wheatstone 48 button Crane duet - number 34458 - so only 60 concertinas before yours! Mine has ebonised ends, is a great player and I love it! Its my 'go to' instrument, when I want to try out a new tune. I paid £1200 for it 1.5 years ago, which I think was a fair price then. Regards Peter
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