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    Collecting and playing Anglo and duet concertinas. Learning to repair and refurbish of concertinas & concertina cases
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  1. It looks like Red Cow Music in York has the Elise in stock at £415. Second hand would be cheaper but more difficult to get.
  2. I have asked questions and not got a reply. I also put in a small offer to test the waters and it was rejected automatically. As you say, Stephen, not responding to questions and having so little information makes one suspicious. Could be a novice Ebayer (as joined at the start of June) but I’m not pursuing this any further.
  3. Two concertinas listed by someone who has just joined Ebay & has no feedback score: Wheatstone English eBay item number: 313550988761 Lachenal English Bass?? eBay item number: 313551005461 Anyone know if these are real or fake listings? I have asked & question and received no answer. Peter
  4. Just for information, I believe Andrew Norman also sells Baritone & Bass Anglos now (http://www.acnorman.co.uk/).
  5. I have a metal ended concertina that goes down to C2 - 2 octaves below middle C. Its a Wheatstone 80 button Chidley and has a 5 octave range. I have attached the layout & a picture is here https://www.facebook.com/acnormanandco/photos/pcb.3503447339733307/3503446379733403/ Lovely bass notes! Peter
  6. I had one of these a few years ago. I did quite a bit on it but was unable to get it into playing order, as the ends were warped. I sold it to someone in Munich, who was very happy with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t make a note of the tuning.
  7. The layout of the Jones Piano concertina is attached. Its a bit like the Rust 'Piano' duet system (see the bottom of http://www.concertina.com/williams/hayden-chat/index.htm) I find I can reach the buttons alright but the split of the notes between the left & right hand is a bit strange. You can play a tune but I playing harmonies is much more difficult. The extra buttons may be there to help the transition between left & right hand and moving around the keyboard. As JimmyG suggests, movement along the rows is not all that fluid. I also have a Jedcertina, which I find easier
  8. Is this the Jones Piano fingered concertina that you are copying? If so, I have one of these in excellent original condition and have a few thoughts about the layout. Regards Peter
  9. In the past, I have used Calibri (light) 196655 - but that also does not look quite right! I would be interested to know what others suggest. Peter
  10. I was not criticising your suggestion but urging caution. Milton is good stuff and it might work well e.g. in a diluted form. (Its certainly good for sore throats as my mother taught me 60 years ago!) Peter
  11. I would be a bit wary of using Milton, as its diluted bleach (speaking as a chemist)! I would guess denture tablets should be OK, though I have not tried them. Peter
  12. Some similar 'home-made' concertinas were sold by the same auction house last year. If I remember rightly, they were made by someone local and all seemed to be individually designed with bellows similar to those shown. This may be one of those up for auction again. Peter
  13. Thanks. I hope it has come to a good home! I value these old concertinas. Like you I play anglo and also duet (mostly Crane). I have restored a number of anglos and was looking for a more challenging restoration. I would like to experiment a bit with this MacCann by moving the reeds around a bit to give a Chidley layout (if that is fairly straightforward). Peter
  14. Yes, I bought this through Ebay in January this year. The existing bushing is quite stiff but I would think its not original. Maybe some glue was used in with felt to strengthen where the felt meets the metal. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and advice. Peter
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