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  1. That looks like it Steve, I'm not sure who would distribute it in the U.S.
  2. There is a cardboard used widely in the printing and electrical industries called "Presspan" ; this board is pressed to a uniform thickness, it is very hard and stiff, it is used as a make-ready material in printing and for insulation in electric. It comes in 0.5, 0.7, and 1mm thickness; the 0.7 is 875 gsm. usually in 700mm x 1 mt. sheets, can be cut with a Stanley knife. This was a semi accidental discovery, before retiring I was in the printing industry; recently I was talking to local builder and repairer Richard Evans about a bellows restoration and he mentioned having difficulty in getting suitable cardboard, I had a couple of sheets of 0.7 presspan in my shed so I gave one to him, he commented that it was the best board he had seen for bellows and did I have any more ! A google search will show local distributers, it's available world wide.
  3. Nice .......but we won't let you in, the borders are closed !
  4. Has anyone seen one of these before ? It is branded Ebor 20 key moulded in Bakelite
  5. Quite right ......that was an "OOPS" typo, I should re-read before I press send ! I
  6. If all else fails thrre is a very good free phone app PANOTUNER, I have used it for tuning guitars and ukuleles, it displays the note being played ie. B# plus the frequency.
  7. Hand held accordion, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/toowoomba-city/collectables/hand-held-accordion/1269217043?
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me if a catalogue of end plate designs used by the old makers exists that can be used as an aid to identification ?
  9. The Dinkie may have been fitted by Harold Mellor
  10. No hex bolt, it is a recess that has been pressed into the metal so it perfectly sit in place on top of the glass buttons. The "Dinkie" is a manufactured piece, not a home made modification, fitted so it locates perfectly on either button.
  11. Has anyone seen a "Dinkie" pictured on an Edeophone, it appears to be specially made to sit on top of the G & F buttons, the only thing I can think of is that it provides a drone. This is on a 56 button made about 1914
  12. Are there any members in the Adelaide, or closer to home in the Adelaide Hills ?
  13. I have been playing a button accordeon previously and recently purchased an old (made in Germany East) Stagi. anglo, it has been a starter but you certainly get what you pay for ! Concertinas are pretty hard to find in Australia, so I have no chance to go into a music store and try different instruments, concertinas rarely coming up for sale on the net., so I'm looking to import a good quality intermediate , such as a Clover, Minstrel, Swan etc. ????. I'm not only looking at new, I would be very pleased to find a pre-owned instrument. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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