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  1. I forgot the link to our web site https://concertinashop.com.au/
  2. At concertinashop.com.au we have two stunning Wakker concertinas for sale, both in "as new" condition, a 48 key W-E2 Baritone and a W-B51 Bass (range C2-G5) both come with cases, a perfect opportunity to purchase without the four year wait. International shipping is available. Price on application, contact details on our web site. Please advise that you have contacted us via this post on CNet so we can ensure the correct donation is made if the sale is completed.
  3. Put on a set of headphones for this, it is spine tingling ........ absolutely fabulous !
  4. We have just received a Lachenal English Tutor, S/No 27054, when we opened it up we were surprised to find it had wooden baffles, about 1/8 " thick, stamped with the serial number in the same stamp font as the body, so it must have been a factory fit ........... has anyone seen this before ?
  5. http://Http/www.concertinashop.com.auI don't know why the link is not Unfortunately computer technology doesn't like me , perhaps if I read the instructions first ????
  6. I don't know why the link is not working Www.concertinashop.com.au . Unfortunately computer technology doesn't like me !
  7. Patrick "PJ" Cullen and I have a new web site listing concertinas we have for sale in Australia www.concertinashop.com.au We buy and sell concertinas, overseas shipping is available. PJ is well known having over 20 years experience trading concertinas known on Cnet as djangojessie
  8. The pitch shift function allowed me to play along on a C&F melodeon with Mally's GD tutor CD, very handy !
  9. There is a good app (free) Amazing Slow Downer, you can slow down, speed up, loop and change the pitch.
  10. That looks like it Steve, I'm not sure who would distribute it in the U.S.
  11. There is a cardboard used widely in the printing and electrical industries called "Presspan" ; this board is pressed to a uniform thickness, it is very hard and stiff, it is used as a make-ready material in printing and for insulation in electric. It comes in 0.5, 0.7, and 1mm thickness; the 0.7 is 875 gsm. usually in 700mm x 1 mt. sheets, can be cut with a Stanley knife. This was a semi accidental discovery, before retiring I was in the printing industry; recently I was talking to local builder and repairer Richard Evans about a bellows restoration and he mentioned having difficulty in getting suitable cardboard, I had a couple of sheets of 0.7 presspan in my shed so I gave one to him, he commented that it was the best board he had seen for bellows and did I have any more ! A google search will show local distributers, it's available world wide.
  12. Nice .......but we won't let you in, the borders are closed !
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