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  1. Have a look at https://www.concertinashop.com.au , 55 key Lachenal in your price range.
  2. Very sad news, and a great loss to the concertina world. Over the last few years we at Concertinashop.com.au have been in regular contact with Richard, his encyclopaedic knowledge and freely given advice will be missed; besides that, he was a really good bloke.
  3. Hello Barbara I have sent you a Private Message
  4. Hi, I've been asked to date a Lachenal & Co, 20 key S/No 74307, Rosewood ends, bone keys, my guess is 1870s ?????? Thanks
  5. There are heaps of good 20b out there but the cost of repair is often more than their market value, if you are fairly handy a cheap 20b can be a bargain. Last year I purchased a fine fretted rosewood Louis Lachenal 20 b on ebay (posted on Oct 28 last year "Lachenal or Jones"), I intended on repairing it for resale. After giving it a good clean and some substantial bellows repairs I found it to be an absolute delight to play, great tone, and very responsive, I'm keeping it ! This instrument was obviously loved and played, see photo of the wear on the buttons, how many millions of tunes to wear down like that, if only it could talk !
  6. Anyone who successfully brews beer can't be sad ! The only link I have for the Astleys in Mexborough are two letters from for the G.A.Beaumont, the entertainment secretary of the 'Mexbro' War Casualties Fund, one (17/07/48) asking them to entertain the wounded in the M.O.P Hospital in Chapel-Allerton, and the other (20/07/48) thanking them, and wishing them "bon voyage" to Australia. I you would like a copy, pm me with your email address
  7. Correct Geoff, should be 2 3/4 !
  8. Three Aeolas for sale on https://concertinashop.com.au Wheatstone Piccolo S/No.31355 , 48 key, as new condition, white Erinoid ends, buff bellows, 5 1/2 inches across flats. Wheatstone Treble S/No. 31358, 48 key, very good condition, white Erinoid ends, buff bellows, 6 inches acrosss flats. Wheatstone Miniature S/No 25689, 12 key, good condition, nickel ends, 1 1/8 inches across the flats, in original case. These concertinas were owned by well known entertainers Cecil and Jenny Astley, we would prefer all three to go to one buyer, Piccolo and Treble are in original double case and will NOT be sold separately. Please mention C.net on contact to ensure a donation can be made.
  9. Thank you Stephen, that is wonderful information
  10. Thanks Simon, The photos were taken in the 1940s, I know they played at benefits for wounded service men for the Mexbro War Casualty Fund before emmigrating to Australia in 1948. In 1959 after her husbands death Jenny Astley sent a concertina and music to the Kensington Septet lead by Len Jones. That's all I have apart from one of the miniatures seen in the photo
  11. Hello, Does anyone recognise these performers from the 1940s , husband and wife family name Astley. Sorry I cant rotate the image
  12. This is on Ebay Australia, I've never seen one before ,A$350.
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