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  1. Anything "worked" or made before 1947 should not count
  2. The Free Reed website no longer works very well, but Neil still has a good supply of the concertina related CD’s to offer for sale. Perhaps foolishly, I offered to help….. The complete An Clar set of 6 CD’s is available either individually or as a set. These were field recordings in Ireland, predominantly County Clare, from the early 70’s, made by Neil and John Tams. Originally LP’s, the CD versions have many extra tracks and extensive notes covering the content. Details can be found here: https://www.free-reed.co.uk/ Alastair Anderson’s “Concertina Workshop” was originally released as an LP in 1974, re-released as a CD in 2008 The two original LP’s of Gordon Cutty (English) and Tommy Williams (MacCann Duet) are combined into one CD, “Masters of the Concertina”. All CD’s are £6 each, plus postage and all are new and cellophane wrapped! If you would like the Clare Set complete, the price is £30 for the six. Unfortunately the original cardboard box for the set is no longer available. Other Free Reed CD’s are available if required! I know this forum is not normally used for the sale of CD’s in this manner, but I checked with the “management” and obtained approval – and contributions to Cnet will be made on sales. Please pm me on this forum if you would like to buy any of these and we can sort postage costs and progress from there. As a guide, shipping the 6 CD set (tracked, signed and insured) to the USA is £25 and within the UK £10. I'm guessing that within the EU would be £18!
  3. Thanks, for all the research, perhaps the title should have been "Arietta - inspired by the Symphonetta"! Maybe the makers thought that a cheaper (presumption) and simpler instrument would appeal to a wider customer base?
  4. Each depresses slightly to open a valve and sound a note. Very difficult to hit one at a time, maybe the idea was to have a "presser" tool in the right hand.....
  5. I came across this instrument in Neil Wayne's concertina museum. Badged Arietta with a German patent number, it plays bass on the left hand bellows box, and the metal "crossbars" on the right can be used, with difficulty, to get a melody.... Has anyone any more information on these and their relative success as a playing instrument? I guess Stephen Chambers might!
  6. Wheatstone made a rather large MacCann Duet, here: http://www.concertinamuseum.com/CM00108.htm No dimensions given but I will check them next time I see Neil......
  7. I can confirm that they are not original!
  8. Sorry, I don't know for certain. As per earlier threads I believe the lower octaves may be destined for baritone or bass instrument projects....
  9. Now sold to a Cnetter, thanks and contribution to the site to be made
  10. I have just put these on ebay but if anyone from this forum is interested in them, please PM me. 119 reeds.
  11. I showed the action picture to Neil Wayne and he had never seen one like it either.....
  12. Jeffries Reed pans are usually parallel, Lachenal radial.....
  13. I make lots of these for my restoration work and they work well. The burnt edges may not look as pristine as a stamped version, but at least the central hole is consistently central and I can cut 100 in about 5 minutes.... And it only takes 10 minutes to cut new wooden ends, but they take a lot longer to draw than a leather bead!
  14. At the moment I'm helping Neil. His health is OK, but concentration is an issue..... I've pm'd the originator of this post to try and help out.....
  15. And now two of these coming up in a Dutch Auction: https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/Symphonetta-music-instrument-2004-c-A72478B8DA?utm_source=alerts&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=inv_kwalert&utm_term=2 https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/Symphonetta-music-instrument-2003-c-E8E45C4925?utm_source=alerts&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=inv_kwalert&utm_term=2
  16. From Dowright's previously quoted figures, this would date to around 1877
  17. Great music, beautifully delivered.... Thanks Hugh
  18. From Dowrights information in this thread, this Lachenal (not Wheatstone!) dates from around 1870 - 1875. Sometimes the first digit of the number is hidden behind the fretwork, so it could be 142759, which would be 1890's. You would need to have a better look at the number, which will also be stamped inside, to confirm.
  19. Frequently Ab/Eb and old pitch. Quality good on those I've seen and worked on
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