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Double Case Recommendations

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If you're travelling by train, you don't want to let your concertina bag out of your sight for a moment*. That means something you're prepared to have under your feet or on your lap for several hours. That leads me to Adrian Brown's solution: close-fitting rigid jug boxes in a rucksack padded with clothes and stuff.


Or a large rigid case that you can use as a seat. But I would go with the rucksack myself.


*Yes, I have had someone try to wander off with my rucksack. Luckily I was sitting close enough to see them and retrieve it.

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I use the Flipside 300 by Lowepro for touring with two concertinas. It's a durable thick walled backpack with lots of foam pad internal blocking options that are adjustable using velcro, so you can configure the inside anyway you want without committing yourself. Very light and easy to carry, yet sturdy enough for delicate photographic equipment (for which it's made) or squeeze-boxes. Fits two concertinas with secure padding between and a bit of room for extras, small storage pocket and water bottle holder.


It has a bunch of external hooks and loops, so that I can attach a folding chair which is very handy as a hands free ride for my boxes + seat at festivals and travel. I've tried a number of clumsy cases, but I always come back to this one because it works so well.


15 years of touring abuse later, it's getting a bit frayed around the edges but still works as good as new.



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Greg Jowaisas, a frequent contributor here, makes excellent Concertina Cases.  I have a three instrument case from him. Sorry there are no pictures, but I am at work(on break!), and the case is at home!  If you need/want to see it, let me know, and I will post some this evening when I get home from work.  Good luck, and take care, 



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Like Jody,  I also use the FLipside camera backpack for carrying two concertinas, mostly on Morris tours, when carrying several hard cases for extended periods would pretty much wreck my arms.  I know a hard case provides superior protection, but honestly, in 10 years of carrying the instruments in crowded pubs, NY subway trains,  airplanes and on two UK Morris tours,   I've never had a problem.  It's super light weight, with very dense foam and fairly rigid sides.


It's a different story at home,  where the instruments always reside in individual Pelican cases. I have a superb Jowaisas case for my Jeffries - I love it, but after a major plumbing disaster that almost produced a tsunami in my music room,  I want something completely waterproof.  I've considered a Pelican case big enough for two instruments, but can't see myself lugging one around on all-day Morris walking tours.

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On 5/2/2021 at 11:15 AM, cohen said:

I'm considering getting a double case made to take my Jeffries and Crabb concertinas as a convenient way to carry both instruments when I return to doing live gigs (whenever that may be... but let's not get into that!). I know a few members on here have double concertina cases, it would be great to know who people have used to build these cases and if anyone has any recommendations. I'm UK based, so UK builders would be preferred, but non-UK builders would be considered.


Thanks in advance!


Here's a couple of UK companies I came across when looking for a case for Northumbrian Pipes.


Cases & Enclosures   and   Protective Cases


You may find something to suit.



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