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  1. An advantage of 20 button concertinas is that they come in many different key configurations, and the fingering on all of them is the same, ie, you learn a tune on a C/G concertina, but you want to play it in D, switch to a G/D, or a D/A, and the fingering will be the same. Playing tunes and scales on 30 button instruments vary per the key, and the fingering can often be tricky. That being said, many, many people do it, but for ITM, they mainly only learn the scales for G, G, and A(and the relative minors). Good Luck with your future concertina, whatever you choose! Don Smith
  2. Hello All, I just wanted to say that the Eight Fold Bellows Instrument has been sold to someone in Norway through the Reverb site, but thanks to everyone and C net for all of the views and considerations. Take care, Don
  3. Hello All, in regards to the Beautiful Rosewood 20 button in C/G Lachenal with the ORIGINAL eight fold bellows, I have decided to Lower the asking price to $750.00, for C-Net members, and keep it at $800.00 on the other site it is advertised on, in the hopes that a C-Net member would be interested in buying it. The reason I am selling it is because I have A LOT of them! Really! You only need so many C/G's! Thanks a lot for looking, take care, Don
  4. Hello All, the five fold Lachenal has sold to a C-Net Member, and the suggested donation has been made to the site. Thanks to everyone for looking! Take care, Don
  5. Though neither of these instruments has yet to sell, I ended up selling a different one to a fellow C-netter that contacted me in response to the ones that are listed. In gratitude, the donation has been made!
  6. Attached are two you tube videos of these concertinas being played for demonstrative purposes, I am by no means a virtuoso! They were done with two different cameras, the first one's battery died after the upload, so we used a second camera for the 8 fold bellows instrument, but for some reason it is a little choppy(the video, not the sound,), you will get the idea. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_LJ_T2ANj0 Five fold and now the 8 fold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgvQig8BBqs
  7. I have just listed both of these instruments on Reverb.com. And, in case anyone is/was, wondering, I am able to accept credit cards. Thanks for all of your interest, Don
  8. Yes. I have had quite a few of those, and even though they don't always say it, they always have had steel reeds, I have never seen a rosewood ended one with brass reeds. BTW, they will both come in older wooden, beat up, Lachenal cases!
  9. Also, the five fold instrument says "Burton Manufacturing 144 Westminster Bridge London" on the makers label! The eight fold bellows instrument has no labels. Here are pictures of the eight fold instrument(I did not have a problem this time!)
  10. Here are two more pictures of the Five fold Bellows Instrument.
  11. I have for sale two 20 button Rosewood Lachenal's for sale. Both are in excellent condition, having been refurbished in the past year by North America's Foremost concertina repairman. They both have all new pads, valves, handstraps, and have been tuned to modern concert pitch. They have very, very little playing time on them. One of them has a green five fold bellows, and the other has a black, EIGHT Fold Bellows! The five fold bellows instrument is very fast playing, the eight fold instruments is not quite as fast, but is no slouch, either. That one would be good for someone who wants to sing with it. Serial numbers are: five fold-37081; Eight fold-72369(I'll leave it to the experts to decide the year of manufacture) I've only attached one picture, as that is all that this forum would allow me due to size of the file. I will try to get some more up with replies to the thread, unless someone could explain to me how I can do this! Thanks, Don Smith PS-the usual donation to the site will be made should either, or both, of these instruments are sold here. PSS!- I forgot to mention the prices. For the five fold bellows instrument, $700.00; For the Eight fold bellows instrument, $800.00. $25.00 Shipping in the USA. Insured.
  12. Hello, Greg Jowaisas, a frequent contributor here, makes excellent Concertina Cases. I have a three instrument case from him. Sorry there are no pictures, but I am at work(on break!), and the case is at home! If you need/want to see it, let me know, and I will post some this evening when I get home from work. Good luck, and take care, Don
  13. Hello David, I've just sent a PM. And, should any of these be sold on this site, the usual donation will be made Don
  14. Thank you Dave! Hope all is well in the U.P., Take care, Don
  15. Hello Stuart, Welcome to C-Net! I just received back from North Americas foremost concertina repairman three 20 button Rosewood Ended Lachenal Concertinas, all in C/G that have been totally restored, new valves, pads, hand straps, tightened up, action set, and tuned to concert pitch. I have one with a five fold bellows, one with a six fold bellows, and one with and eight fold bellows. They are all identical to this instrument: https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-20-key-with-steel-reeds/ Let me know if you are interested. I was going to post them sometime this week, but, here we are! Again, welcome, there are a lot of good people on here, and very much in the way of useful information. Take care, Don Smith
  16. Greg Jowaisas makes Great cases specifically for that type of concertina, blocks and all. He is a member here, send him a note! Take care, and good luck, Don
  17. Hello TrackieC, A CNET member, Joe Fallon, (Fallonje) has an Edgley G/D for sale, however, he is in Virginia in the U.S.A. But he's got one! The posting is currently on page two of the for sale forums. Good Luck, Don
  18. Well, I am waiting for a phone call from our favorite guitar repair man in Park Slope, and when I get that call, I'll let you know!
  19. Jody, you're too funny! Hope to see you in the city one of these day! Take care, Don
  20. I don't know, good question? Anyone else???? Donald Smith
  21. Hi, I don't want to start trouble here, so I felt it best I removed my comment. Sorry! Don
  22. Hello All, I have a question? Why is this topic in buy and sell? Great to see you around Geoff, you are great!! Take care, Don
  23. Your welcome, Lyle! Well I have to say, an Edgley Heritage model is a VERY good choice! Frank Edgley is an exceptional craftsman, and a nice guy! He used to be my repair guy of choice until he started building concertinas full time! I was lost for a while when that happened, then in 2006 I was referred to Greg J. by someone on this site, and he has gotten all my work since then! Good luck with your new Heritage, I am sure the wait will be worth it! Take care, Don
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