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  1. Price reduction to $1100 plus shipping and insurance.
  2. A word or two of explanation: I saw the picture of the concertina springs image years ago. It was published here on C.net. I thought it interesting and downloaded it to my photo library where it sat by it self, all alone. for a long time. I sometimes thought about that spring photo, but could not find a context for this mysterious graphic. Then I started to put two and two together and came up with this idea of two unrelated images where the viewer could bounce between them to make a sum greater than the two on their own. So, many thanks for indulging me. Please do add to the concept with concertina images of your own that mangle relationships and comment on each other in interesting ways. But more important, keep squeezing!
  3. If you want to play old style Afrikaans: ‘Boer music with all of those luscious chords, then this machine will do it.
  4. I agree. Though I do read music, there is so much more to a performance than just the information represented on a page of music. “Transcribe!” very helpful for emulating a performance you admire.
  5. https://www.unbeatablesale.com/sunp004-sunpentown-su-2081b-digital-ultrasonic-hum
  6. I keep concertinas and other sensitive instruments at 50% humidity in a funky old display case. 4'X4'X14" with glass sliding doors. After 5 years of winter use, my SPT SU-2081B is still going strong. No filters and I have to fill it every 10 days or so. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000O3I2BC/ref=emc_b_5_i?th=1
  7. Christmas and New Years are past, but 12th night is coming... so, I want to share this old recording from back in December of 2008, the Gower Wassail. This selection is one of over 40 posts, still up on my web site with MP3s, sheet music, pictures and stories about interesting tunes and my doings and travels. I called it Tune of the Month. Check it out here http://jodykruskal.com/tune_of_the_month/list.html Gower Wassail http://jodykruskal.com/tune_of_the_month/December_2008.html
  8. A few of us have expressed interest in owning my Wakker MIDI. Here are photos. Photos now deleted.
  9. I bought a “top of the line” deluxe Bastari W-40 button Anglo concertina a few years ago but hardly touched it. Now, it’s time to clean house a bit and this one needs to find a new home. My guess is that this beauty was made 40-50 years ago. Though it’s certainly vintage, the condition is pristine, never been played except for a few test runs by me. There are a few cosmetic age cracks in the surface finish that only give it character. All the buttons sound and none are crooked or sticky. This is a very good player. The sound is loud, bright, full, in tune, and I suspect that the reeds are handmade. The action is super quick. No leaks in the leather bellows. Robust hand straps. Wheatstone 40 button fingering in C/G. 6 7/8” on the flats. Deluxe hard case. Fingering chart. Asking $1100 US plus shipping and insurance. PM me if you are interested.
  10. Eight years ago I bought a Wakker MIDI Anglo from Chris Allert on ebay. It was beautifully made way back in 2006. A quality built 30 button box that sports a 6 fold bellows. It looks good, feels good and t’s a pleasure to hold. I got it working and it sounded fine though it took some fussing with the connectors and cables. I paid $1567.00 US for it and I would be happy to pass it on to you, as is, for that price plus shipping. The cool thing about MIDI is that you can assign any pitch to the sound, so that a MIDI Anglo becomes a transposing instrument in any key you like with the touch of a button or the click of a mouse. Also you can play the Anglo and have it sound like a trumpet, oboe, cello, pipe organ etc. very cool. Also, if you use earphones... you can play without disturbing your neighbors, family and pets... which is certainly a handy feature for those in close quarters. So, message me if you are interested.
  11. To make viewing these easier, Here is a link for all six in a playlist:
  12. Jody's Expedition - another one from my Strange Times tune book; 47 new Waltzes, Reels, Jigs, Marches, Polkas and more. To purchase a $15 digital download of the book, message me here on C.Net or email me. Here’s my address... disguised to foil spam bots. If you can solve this puzzle then you have proved yourself human. MyFirstName@MyLastName.net Jody's Expedition https://youtu.be/PMKuKk560i0
  13. Hi Notemaker, I hear you. These are not beginner tunes I'm posting. I'm mostly playing a Jefferies system Anglo in the keys of G/D. That makes it low and rich with a wide range. If you want lessons, I can show you a bunch of easier tunes for you to get started with. Most people have the higher C/G Anglos and they are great too.
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