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  1. It's also a matter of different tools for different jobs, since the end result can sound very different depending on which system you are using and what you want that particular piece of music to sound like. I've played EC and Anglo for years and readily switch between the two and equally love both systems. And there are even times when I'll prefer to play the (gasp!) melodeon because of it's fuller sound and awesome chords. At one time I played a lot of Jeffries Duet, but I wouldn't recommend trying to play both JD and Anglo since they are about 1/2 the same and the other 1/2 completely different. Or, at least don't run the risk of trying to play the same tune on both instruments! Gary
  2. Hey Tim, thanks for spotting this! I don't recognize the tune as being from any particular cowboy song, so it's probably something the musical director composed. Like "Sea of Thieves" where Robin Beanland wrote all the music. Now Assassin's Creed, on the other hand, wonderfully included lots of traditional sea shanties. Gary
  3. gcoover

    Why Give Up

    Amen Brother Mike!
  4. Fantastic arrangements, as always, love that final chord! Gary
  5. gcoover

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    Ok, we have our winners! Thanks to Don and Doug and Bill for correctly guessing "At the End of the Santa Fe Trail" - written by a concertina player! (but performed only with vocal and guitar on his CD). As you know, I often like to include a few newer songs in the books along with the old traditional ones, and in this case reached out to the UK to who might seem like a very unlikely contributor. Although many of you may know Bernard Wrigley for his hilarious songs and monologues, and especially his gigantic bass concertina, he has also written and performed a lot of "normal" songs too. So, it's been a real treat to sneak in a relatively new "English" song along with all the mostly traditional old cowboy songs. And yes, it's very appropriate since many of the original cowboys were immigrants from the British Isles and they would have brought their own songs and tunes with them. And extra kudos to Bernard - when he heard about our little contest he graciously offered to send the winners a digital copy of his album "Albert, Arthur and the Car Park" that features his cowboy song, which you can find here at: www.bernardwrigley.bandcamp.com. Congrats to all and thanks for playing! Gary
  6. gcoover

    What would make a reed sound soft

    Or maybe that particular reed chamber is leaking air around the gaskets? If you open it up and the chamois is dark in that area it would be an indicator you're losing air. Gary
  7. gcoover

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    Ok, a big shout out to Don Taylor and dasherma for correctly answering the contest question! I'm still willing to give one more book away, and it now comes with a very special musical download, so send me a PM if you know it. Gary
  8. gcoover

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    Still one book remaining in the contest. And now there's a new very special added prize... Gary
  9. gcoover

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    Ok, time for a little contest, since these have been such great fun. Most of the 75 songs in the book are traditional and in the public domain. However, there are a few of more recent vintage including several of Waddie Mitchell's poems set to music, plus a couple of songs written by Steve Hartz from East Texas. How about a free copy of Cowboy Concertina to the first three people who can correctly identify the song in the book that was composed by an Englishman, more specifically a concertina player and singer known to many as the "Bolton Bullfrog" - the wonderful Bernard Wrigley. And no, I'm not talking about "Saturday Cowboys"! Just send me a PM here on cnet to see if you're a winner. Yeehaw! Gary
  10. gcoover

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    Howdy buckaroos! Cowboy Concertina is finally out of the chute and available on Amazon worldwide. It has 176 pages and features 75 songs of the Old American West with full lyrics, musical notation, chord symbols and the same easy tablature system for the Anglo concertina you’re familiar with from my other books. It has been a mighty fine pleasure to work with renowned cowboy musician Pipp Gillette from Crockett, Texas, on this book, and many of the songs come from various Gillette Brothers CD’s. Most of the songs are traditional, but the book also has a few new songs, including some of Waddie Mitchell’s cowboy poems set to music. There’s also a vaquero song from Mexico, a stockman song from Down Under and a paniolo song from the Big Island in Hawaii. Although arranged for the 30-button Anglo, approximately 15 of the songs can be played on a 20-button Anglo directly, and about another 50 can be played on a 20-button with minor adjustments. Players of EC and/or duet can easily use the melody line and chords to craft their own arrangements. AND…..every song has a QR code link to a YouTube video so you can hear and see each song played on an Anglo concertina. Here’s the link to the complete YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0gieP8u6c4&list=PLDAFAr6LGkx1Np3Q_m35lJNhX-CfXn7Ay Attached is the Table of Contents plus a couple of classic cowboy songs from the book – “Oh Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie” and “The Streets of Laredo”. So, you have two great choices for Christmas presents for others or for yourself (even better) – Cowboy Concertina for beginning to intermediate players and Adrian’s Brown’s A Garden of Dainty Delights for the more advanced player. Enjoy! Gary 3-COWBOY-CONCERTINA-TOC.pdf 110-111-Oh-Bury-Me-Not-COWBOY.pdf 144-145-Streets-of-Laredo-COWBOY.pdf
  11. gcoover

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Or maybe we should have asked what that creature is in the mirror? Would have been perfect for Halloween! So Adrian, I have to ask, does your Stirling engine make a sound like "cuppa cuppa cuppa"? And, how do we get it to power a concertina? Gary
  12. gcoover

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Ok, who is up for a wee contest? And knowing the excruciatingly high level of education of all you cnet members I don't expect it to last long, but the first person who can identify the mysterious object on the far left side of the cover photo (beneath the candle), will win a free copy of Adrian's new book A Garden of Dainty Delights. Red light, yellow light, green light - gentlemen, start your engines! Gary
  13. gcoover

    Anglo and EC sale

    Well, it’s certainly not the amazing Jowaisas Christmas Pyramid, more like the Coover Autumnal Quadrangle, but I’m putting up for sale four concertinas that have been sitting around taking up space when they should be getting played instead. Wheatstone 30-button Anglo concertina #51362 in C/G - $1850 Metal buttons, metal ends, early 1950’s, dovetailed steel reeds (regular reeds, not crimped), tuned to concert pitch, 8-fold leather bellows, Wheatstone handstraps. Recently refurbished and retuned by Greg Jowaisas who thought the reeds were “better than average” for instruments of this period. This is the concertina featured on the cover of “Christmas Concertina”. Comes with the original black square case that has sexy crushed red velvet inside. Gremlin 30-button Anglo concertina in G/D - $950 Metal buttons, metal ends, accordion reeds, concert pitch, 6-fold airtight bellows, riveted action. An early hybrid concertina with accordion reeds built as a budget model by Gremlin in the early 1980’s and purchased a few years from Marien Lina. I had taller handrests made for it, but can also include the shorter original ones. Featured on the cover of “Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style” and “Easy Anglo 1-2-3”. This is the second G/D I’ve owned but I find I still never play in G/D, so time to find this one a new home. Comes with a black square case with built-in combination lock. Lachenal 20-button Anglo concertina #198455 in C/G - $650 Bone buttons, mahogany ends, dovetailed steel reeds, concert pitch, 5-fold original bellows still airtight, new handstraps, recently refurbished by Greg Jowaisas (“a good 20b from a late period in Lachenal's history”). Probably built in the 1920’s, and although a fairly inexpensive instrument at the time it has a nice tone, somewhat soft due to the leather baffles (which could be removed if desired). Featured on the cover of “Civil War Concertina” and “Easy Anglo 1-2-3”. I’ll even throw in a copy of “Civil War Concertina” since all the tunes in that book can be played on a 20-button instrument. Comes with a beat-up hexagonal wooden case that works ok but has definitely seen better days. Wheatstone 22-button “May Fair” English Concertina #1263 – $550 This is a very rare 22-button English concertina that would be ideal for song accompaniment. It’s a Wheatstone May Fair English concertina #1263 in close to mint condition, built sometime in the 1950’s. It has 22-buttons (10 on the left and 12 on the right), wooden ends, 6-fold airtight bellows, accordion-style reeds in concert pitch, and comes with its original Wheatstone tweed case which is also in near-new condition. Having only 22 buttons, it is fully chromatic from G' below middle C to e above high c, 1.5 octaves. That’s it. It does not have any notes above e in the upper octave, so it probably would not suit if you’re wanting to play lots of Irish tunes, but it would be ideal for accompanying singing. Good examples would be the playing of Louis Killen, Tony Rose and other singers of traditional songs. You can play Planxty Irwin or Carolan’s Draught (or the first part of King of the Fairies), but it’s much better for songs like Pleasant & Delightful or Blackwaterside. Every note plays well, the bass notes are strong and clear, and the bellows are incredibly airtight. It plays way much better than one would expect for a budget instrument, has really nice and very strong tone, and even has fancy little violin-style f-holes in the fretwork. I'll be putting these on eBay shortly, but wanted to give the loyal cnet crowd a first chance. Shipping and insurance is extra to wherever you are. Simply PM me with your email address if you're interested and I can send you more photos of the interiors and exteriors, or I could even give you a Skype tour or a tune. Remember, Christmas is only a few short weeks away! Gary
  14. gcoover

    all for me grog acompanyment

    Might this be the tune ye be lookin' for? Hope this helps! Gary 18-PSFC-All-For-Me-Grog.pdf
  15. gcoover

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Larry, I'll get to the bottom of this sub-equatorial quandary! Nothing to do with rights or Rollston, but everything to do with Amazon. I think they are planning to add Amazon.au soon, but in the meanwhile we'll figure something out. And no, nothing downloadable yet (in spite of all the spam and phishing websites claiming so). Gary