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  1. Adobe's Typeka Regular font is really close on the other numbers, only lacking the flange on the 4. Gary
  2. Have you tried the "What the Font" iPhone app? It's usually pretty good about suggesting typefaces, just be sure to take a photo of a piece of text with something that might be fairly distinctive, like the letters g, a, etc. Gary
  3. Thread drift alert! - not Mike Harding, but fellow Northerner Bernard Wrigley singing about that powerful cough drop "Fisherman's Friend", with notes all the way down to that super low G.
  4. Here's a harmonic-style arrangement in G for 30-button C/G Anglo that goes waaaay up into the high notes, sounding a little reminiscent of a music box. Gary Coilsfield-House-G-ANGLO-high.pdf
  5. Congrats to the Barleycorn Duet Rescue Team! 50-buttons is an ideal size for most applications, curious about the home key - hopefully "C". Gary
  6. Looks like open fifths would be a bit problematical. Gary
  7. A version of the similar "Green Grow the Lilacs" can be found in the Cowboy Concertina book, arranged for harmonic-style Anglo in the key of C. Here's what it sounds like: Gary
  8. The quick fix is to switch it out with another button from a note you never play, maybe way up in the top end? Gary
  9. Watch all the Bernard Wrigley videos to see and hear how he works the single-action bass concertina. He's the master of the "Phartophone", and hilarious as well, especially his description about how the concertina breathes through holes in its bottom. Gary
  10. Just before he passed, I had the good fortune to work with Dave Leggett on publishing his book of songs, tunes and poems titled Ditty Box. If you'll send me a PM with your address I'll make sure to send you one to go with your new Leggett concertina! Gary
  11. gcoover


    There are lots of books out there with music for traditional folk songs and sea songs, plus many can be found online. The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs is a good collection, and lots of shanties are in the Stan Hugill books. In the Shameless Plug Department: Pirate Songs and Sailor Songs have music and chords and lyrics to over 150 nautical songs and sea shanties, and both also have editions with tablature arranged for Anglo concertina editions. Sailor Songs for 20-Button Anglo Concertina is extracted from the two previous books. All are available in paperback and Kindle form
  12. "His Memberness" often uses a lightning-fast grace note arpeggio up or down before certain melody notes and chords, something Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne refers to as a "zip". These are in the same bellows direction as the landing note/chord, and are played by the rest of the fingers on the same hand. And he usually punches the chord hard and quick. Similar to the John Watcham book, a John Kirkpatrick Anglo book is in the works, with plans for it to be out by his October workshop. Perhaps we'll be able to meet up then and share some tunes and pints! Gary
  13. Do you think the felt was someone's aftermarket attempt to silence some clattering buttons? I would think the sharp metal edges would have made short work of any felt, as opposed to the bushing board that present a larger and smoother surface. Gary
  14. Hi Peter, Before you go to all the trouble of making new bushing boards, first make sure you have sufficient clearance between the new boards and all parts of the button lever mechanism, including the little piece of lever that extends beyond the button. Gary
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