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  1. gcoover

    Pirate Songs - Update

    Hey Michael, I totally sympathize with you, and lament that lost cup o' Joe, but the books are printed by Amazon and they only have the one binding type available. Don's got the best solution, and it's one that I've done many times myself. That, or just get two big books to smash the pages down on either side... Gary
  2. For the cowboy song, you might want to work in that classic phrase from Joey the Cow-Polka King (accordion player from Riders in the Sky) about "playing both ends against the middle". Gary
  3. gcoover

    Pirate Songs - Update

    Be ye not confused - there are now two different pirate song books available on Amazon (and Button Box and Red Cow) - Pirate Songs, and Pirate Songs for Concertina. Note the subtle difference, yeah? The first one is brand new and is concertina-neutral and only shows musical notes and lyrics (suitable for all instruments and all singers), and the second one is the Anglo-specific one you know already. Same songs and tunes in both (up to 75 now), and same format which has been updated and expanded so all the music and lyrics for the songs are conveniently on facing pages. Of course, in order to make it all work I had to add some additional songs - "Old Billy Riley", "Padstow Farewell", and "Rolling Down the Bay to Julianna". So, if you have a previous version and would like copies of these three new songs just let me know. Also, if you have the very first version without "Grogg Mayles" from Sea of Thieves (and three other songs), then send me a PM with your email address and I'll be happy to provide. And yes, the new Sailor Songs for Concertina book has 88 completely different songs and tunes for Anglo, and will soon have a more generic version available too. FYI, the tunes in the pirate book tend to be a little simpler and more can be played on a 20-button (maybe 80% with a few adjustments). I've also started posting videos of the tunes on YouTube, just search for the "angloconc" channel or "Pirate Songs" or "Sailor Songs" playlists. I know, it seems like there's an almost endless supply of pirate and sailor songs - and that's a good thing! I can't even begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed working on these books, even if it has taken longer because I keep stopping to just enjoy playing the tunes. Hope you like them too! Gary
  4. ...when you see a political cartoon in the morning paper and wonder "why are there reeds in the matchbox?"
  5. gcoover

    Help with a video game song arrangement?

    Hello James, And here's one way to play it on a 30-button Anglo, based mostly on Toru's playing. I'm not familiar with the original, but with luck this will at least be a good starting point. I must say I applaud your ambition for a beginning player, which is the polite way of saying "Are you out of your freakin' mind???". I don't think I've ever written out a tune that's used nearly every button! 26/30 has to be some kind of record. However, having said that, I have every faith in you persevering until you've got it mastered. Special thanks to Toru Kato for showing it can be played on the Anglo! Gary Kashiwa-Theme.pdf
  6. gcoover

    Help with a video game song arrangement?

    Hi James, I'll have a go at it over the weekend, should be a nice challenge! Gary
  7. Hey Rod,

    Thanks for the nice words about the book - I'll have to hire you to be on my PR team!


    Any thoughts on what would help make the tab less confusing? I know it leaves the timing of some of the accompaniments up to the player's discretion. I tried including the left hand music notes at one point but it just got too cluttered, and too crazy as to which clef or ledger lines - the big problem with middle C being in the middle of the left side. But at least "Stately Southerner" has it all - nicked straight from the singing Tim Hart and Maddy Prior!



  8. gcoover

    New Book - Sailor Songs for Concertina

    Hi tealeaf, thanks for asking! Late yesterday I added over 50 videos for "Pirate Songs for Concertina" and the new "Sailor Songs for Concertina" - whew! More later... I've also created playlists for both books. Here are the videos that match the three pdfs recently posted here on CNET: The Whaleman's Lament: (With a few adjustments here and there this can be played on a 20-button C/G) - what a beautiful tune! The Lady Leroy: Shenandoah:
  9. gcoover

    New to concertina

    Hi Michael, My best advice is to skip the C scale - no tune requires the full scale in order! The idea of "major scale notes on the push" and "all the other notes of the scale on the pull" is important but don't waste a lot of time thinking about it or worrying about it. There are 3 notes in the major scale (push), and 4 that aren't (pull), hence the weird jog here and there as you go up and down the row. I'm a firmly believer in getting to easy tunes quick as you can, and the push-pull will eventually not be a major stumbling block. But yes, it takes a little getting used to at first! Gary
  10. gcoover

    London Pride

    With all the talk of "Pride Month" in June, seems only fitting to showcase the tune "London Pride", a Morris tune from Longborough that to my knowledge has nothing to do with LGBTTQQIAAP etc., but is just a cracking great tune played by John Kirkpatrick on the Albion Country Band's "Battle of the Field" album. Notated here for Anglo concertina. Enjoy! Gary LondonPride-Dm-ANGLO.pdf
  11. Another new book of nautical songs! A follow-up to Pirate Songs for Concertina called Sailor Songs for Concertina, available as of today through Amazon in paperback and Kindle. And very likely through the Button Box and Red Cow Music in the very near future. 88 more sea songs arranged for Anglo concertina, with complete lyrics, and melody lines in standard musical notation, 175 pages. I made special sure this time for music and all lyrics to be on facing pages, and also included slightly more difficult tunes and more harmonic accompaniments. Attached is the Table of Contents and these two samples: § “Whaleman’s Lament” from A.L. Lloyd’s singing (and Alf Edwards’ concertina playing) on Leviathan. § “The Lady Leroy” learned from the singing of Pat Kilbride when he was briefly with the Battlefield Band. So here’s a special deal for CNET members only – if you already have 5 or more of my other books, just send a photo as proof to info@rollstonpress.com along with your mailing address and I’ll gladly send you a free copy of Sailor Songs! It’s the least I can do to say thanks to the great folks on this forum for all your great playing, informative insights and entertaining opinions. Enjoy! Gary TOC-SailorSongs.pdf 80-81-Lady-Leroy-SailorSongs.pdf 162-163-Whalemans-Lament-SailorSongs.pdf
  12. gcoover

    The Devil’s a Sonopneumaticist

    Great song! Until you mentioned the "Carroll" I was sure you were talking about me... We need recordings, sheet music! Gary
  13. So someone who plays the ol' Anglo-Celtic Air Compressor would be Sonopneumaticist? I like it! Sounds very mysterious, very scientific, almost evil, steampunk at the very least! Gary
  14. gcoover

    Dick Miles' EC Books

    I'll take you up on your offer, thanks! Gary
  15. Perhaps "wheezer" or "hexagonist"?