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  1. Ha!  I live within walking distance of the opera house.  I'd be delighted to meet up.  My fiddle playing's going all to hell (probably a belated attempt at Bluegrass).  I'm at the point where I should start playing out, and reading your posts I think we have a lot of similar musical interests although I'm probably a bit behind you with my duet playing.  Aside from that lets do it.  I've lots of issues for a couple of weeks but let's keep in touch.  


    Erik ....edoggity@gmail.com

  2. I live 5 miles from the Holy Trinity Russian Orthadox monastery in Jordanville NY. It may well be of interest for you to google it. Lots of pictures and some you tube chanting and videos. It is a spectacular place and is open to visitors and has a museum. A good friend studied there as a youth. It is near Cooperstown, in a great area to visit with museums, Opera, and the Baseball Hall of Fame set in beautiful hills and lakes. If you should be tempted to visit I could let you try a couple of duets (both Jeffries but completely different sound) and an inexpensive English. cheers
  3. I play duet but I've used that "technique" successfully for playing in different keys and finding interesting combinations.
  4. I would suggest you keep one cello. The one you couldn't "make" sound beautiful. Keep that one. Some instruments fight the imposition of another will but consent to an affair.
  5. I agree and I'm sure we'll both attain excellent results for our instruments for having this information.
  6. Thanks for the in depth discussion. Very helpful towards making a complex decision. My Jeff duet is in old pitch (close to a semitone sharp). I could go down to C core or up to D core or keep it as is. Neither re-tune would be easy because of the large interval and the fact that the low 5 or 6 reeds are already heavily weighted. I've had a suggestion of moving (some) reeds around or having a new reed pan and reeds built. In any event I'll end up with 2 instruments ( I have a Wheatstone JD C core) at considerable expense. On a hunch I recently purchased the set of Shakespeare ends offered for sale here( Thanx Sergio!) and Yes! the button pattern matches Jeff duet so now I'm leaning toward spending the money on a new/old build (using as many spares as I can find). Hopefully I'll end up with 3 boxes for the money....😃
  7. David, I particularly enjoyed your playing of Bob's Old Time Quadrille.  That tune's been stuck in my head since the early days of NEFFA when I danced it to the prompting of Fred Brunnig (I Think!).  I never knew it's name but it's one of the first tunes I attempted on my Jeff duet.  Thanx!



    1. David Barnert

      David Barnert

      Thanks. I also first heard it at NEFFA. 1970s. Bob McQ and April Limber and Pete Colby. Don’t remember who was calling. Might have been Fred. At McQ tunes sessions at NEFFA or the Flurry I can never find anyone else who wants to play it. Sometimes I worry that I’m the only one who still does.

    2. wunks


      That's strange because it's a crackerjack contra dance tune, although I can't say I've heard it elsewhere either.  At least there're two of us!  Cheers.



  8. I think my Jeep vibrates somewhere near that! I get the point though. It's not easy to raise the pitch a significant amt. without affecting performance.
  9. I'm visualizing the helper springs on my "92 Jeep....😊
  10. So I gather from the recent posts that at the tip of the reed it's about weight but stiffness/flex at the base. So no qlob of solder but what about a thin spine of some sort like wire or foil tape? There seem to be some modern materials that will offer some stiffness but are not brittle.
  11. Neither the title of this nor your previous thread imply restricting the discussion to lowering of pitch only but I'll present my query in a new thread.
  12. You've mentioned this in some other posts and looking to either raise or lower my Jeff duet an approximate semi-tone it seems like a good alternative to solder/scratch even if non traditional. The idea deserves it's own thread but a quick question; does adding material at the base of the reed raise the pitch?
  13. Broken spring and a piece of it interfering with the pad?
  14. I've been advised by more than one reputable repair person against re-tuning from "old pitch" if possible because the reeds will be compromised to some degree. In my case (Jeff duet) it could be either down to the standard C core or up to D core. Do others agree?
  15. tunelover; if you google Jeffries duet concertina note pattern it will be in the first row of images. In this case Big Nick was using color to indicate octaves.
  16. Not an anglo player or a dots reader but just a thought...... would using a color (ala Nick Robertshaw's Jeff duet diagrams) with the texts for say bellows direction help?
  17. With a pair of (for the feet) Odor Eaters.....🙂
  18. Very interesting. I wonder where that shared pattern originated? Hopefully I'll "end"up with it! I'm waiting for more pics and will certainly post them. Thank you both....😃
  19. Or just close your eyes; amazing how your fingers can find the "right" notes without them!
  20. Does anyone recognize this fret pattern or even this particular instrument? There is some confusion coming from the seller as to the maker. Supposedly Lachenal and the 4 fold dark green bellows with the standard papers seem to support this. I can't seem to get a pic of the other end so this might be a home made replacement although it seems nicely done and pleasing if simple. Seller says mahogany but it looks like walnut or maybe rough rosewood to me. German? One can see the pads,springs and radial layout through the ends. If I hear back from them I can provide more detail. Thanx.
  21. "Nuke the Whales!" was the abridged version. '70's?
  22. Yes Voltaren. There are generic (cheaper) versions now as well I just started using it ...works for me....🙂
  23. I don't know what actual condition you have but there are other treatments. Assuming you've tried several there is a relatively new over the counter topical gel for arthritis pain containing 1% diclofenac sodium (what ever the heck that is). I don't know if it's available where you are and I'd ask your doctor first.
  24. It may be worth noting that the 50 button "C" core JD extends down chromatically to the low Viola C with an added low G (I have one with an added B and Bb).
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