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  1. I fully endorse buying "Sea Songs for 20 button Anglo" Like many Anglo players, I started on a very cheap German 20K box with paper bellows. I found Sea Shanties and "Sea Songs work very well for these, admittedly more limited, instruments. The benefit, of course, is that you can iron out the basics for only a small investment and if you find it's an instrument that suits you, you can then make the requisite, larger investment in a decent machine with far less risk.
  2. Hi Sean, i think you may have hit on your own answer here. I have got used to Jeffries metal, domed buttons over the years and find them easiest of all, despite the reduction in diameter
  3. Jake, that sounds weird - but not out of the question. It might have suited Dave Brady of Swan Arcade in that case. Anyone else remember the one armed 'tina player?
  4. I had this made for me some years ago. It's great at doing the protection thang and acting as a seat when turned on end but it's heavy when you add a couple of 46 key instruments and the running repair kit which I carry! I'm not sure if Aardvark are still going but the label gives a contact number.
  5. Wes is right. Sounds great to me! Don't touch it - except to play more!!
  6. Great subject! Never saw Mike Harding playing a bass concertina and we had him as a guest regularly at Dingle's F.C. at the Adams Arms back in the 70's . However, I do recall seeing Bernard Wrigley when he sang this wonderful number accompanied on his Bass Concertina. Here's a link to "The Campanero". https://bernardwrigley.bandcamp.com/track/campanero
  7. Here are my four current beauties! From top left, going clockwise, they are: Wheatstone Linota Bb/F 30B Jeffries Bb/F 39B Jeffries G/D 46B Jeffries C/G 46B
  8. Hi Gary, It's entirely possible, as I know Chris lived out that way in Essex. It would certainly have had neck straps - or at least the clips to hold them if it had been one of Chris's boxes?
  9. All very interesting stuff, this Jeffries Duet info. Thanks to one and all for the education but I'll stick to my anglos. On a slight tangent, does anyone recall Chris Beale, an exceptionally talented Jeffries Duettist whom I first met 40 years ago when he was playing for Chingford Morris. I believe he had two machines; one a 56 and one a 58 key box but my memory is possibly at fault. His ragtime numbers were just brilliant! I think it highly unlikely that he's still around but does anyone know what became of him?
  10. It would be nice to see some more shots and perhaps a sound bite if you could manage it?
  11. Hi Roger, It's a very good looking box! I assume it's a C/G layout? G/C would be strange?
  12. Having worked on one or two boxes, I have to say, you should be extremely pleased with your rescue of the instrument. I can't speak for its voice but visually at least, it has made a brilliant journey from "Junker" to "Jewel"!
  13. dmksails: Jake's right, and Gary's notation is definitely for the Wheatstone layout. His book, "The concertina music of John Watcham" is based on this notation, which is interesting as John W is a Jeffries player! However, as a player of both Wheatstone (30 key Linota) and various Jeffries instruments myself, I have to say, there's no significant difference, especially if you compare 30 key boxes - except that the dominant triad on the pull in your primary key (the middle row) is easier on the Jeffries layout - at least, it is, in my reckoning. Frankly, you get used to what you have at your disposal. Good luck with whichever option you take!
  14. Hi Alex, I hadn't taken it that way, TBH! FYI, the box in question was bought from Chris Algar at Barleycorn some years ago - and I've never really had it sorted out. It needs one or two reeds changing and others repositioning to match the 46Key G/D layout I play and it desperately needs new bellows. Once that's done, it'll be another cracking instrument! I could wish that it hadn't been re-plated but it is what it is!
  15. It's OK thanks Alex. Mike Acott will handle this for me, thanks!
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