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  1. dmksails: Jake's right, and Gary's notation is definitely for the Wheatstone layout. His book, "The concertina music of John Watcham" is based on this notation, which is interesting as John W is a Jeffries player! However, as a player of both Wheatstone (30 key Linota) and various Jeffries instruments myself, I have to say, there's no significant difference, especially if you compare 30 key boxes - except that the dominant triad on the pull in your primary key (the middle row) is easier on the Jeffries layout - at least, it is, in my reckoning. Frankly, you get used to what you have at y
  2. Hi Alex, I hadn't taken it that way, TBH! FYI, the box in question was bought from Chris Algar at Barleycorn some years ago - and I've never really had it sorted out. It needs one or two reeds changing and others repositioning to match the 46Key G/D layout I play and it desperately needs new bellows. Once that's done, it'll be another cracking instrument! I could wish that it hadn't been re-plated but it is what it is!
  3. It's OK thanks Alex. Mike Acott will handle this for me, thanks!
  4. Oh, great shame Alex, Maybe I'll get my 46 Key C/G set up instead!
  5. Hi Alex, My email address is simon.p.rosser@btinternet.com - I'd be glad to hear from you!
  6. Hi Alex, Do you have pics of the 39 Key Jeffries C/G with metal buttons? Thanks, Simon
  7. Looks like a beauty David and I'm lucky enough to have one just like it. If I didn't, I'd be after this one. You're quite right about idiosyncratic button placement on Jeffries' boxes. As soon as we stray away from the usual home keys, your box and mine have many differences and the layout differences between my G/D & C/G 46 key machines (despite being two ostensibly similar layouts) beggar belief! Sounds like I'm complaining but I ain't! What fabulous instruments they are and How lucky we are to have them
  8. Thanks Alex, I'll give it a go! Well, whaddya know - more than me, obviously! THank you Alex
  9. Hi Ted & Ken, My thanks to you both. I'm not in any urgent hurry to sell the box so would you think re-listing on Ebay for longer the best thing to do or to see if Concertina.net will do the trick? I'm open to any suggestions and i have plenty of time. Simon
  10. Hi All, I'd welcome a bit of input here please folks. I had thought this (£4k) a reasonable price for a top quality instrument but may be I'm over-egging it a bit? It didn't sell on Ebay so I'd be glad to know what my fellow boxers think? Please let me know? Thanks Simon Rosser
  11. Afternoon all, I have just posted the above instrument on Ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/271978494887? First time I've done this but if sold on this site, the usual donations will apply. Simon Rosser
  12. Hi Mike, All the above chaps are being jolly helpful. I'm with Danersen however in suspecting this would have been a slightly limited instrument as a duet. One of the best Jeffries duettists I ever knew was a chap called Chris Beale when he and I both danced with Chingford Morris in the seventies. He owned two machines - each with 88 keys if I remember right - and was a brilliant player of just about anything from folk to ragtime to classical pieces. I don't for a moment doubt those who say these were occasionally adapted from duet to anglo but I have two such boxes - each with 46 ke
  13. Hi Rachel, May I suggest you contact Mike Acott who has been trying to post on this site for the last couple of days in order to get in touch. His number is 01473-743080 and email; nikiacott@hotmail.com. He'll be able to help you with regard to cost, repairs and value etc.
  14. Ah the temptation ... But no , my lips are sealed until, let us say, next February. Chris I can hardly wait as I've been researching the annals with Samantha and she has kindly allowed me to use the little known Thread Drift Inversion on which the Smyth-Barton Infraction has absolutely no bearing. Therefore at almost every stage of the game (with the obvious exception of the occurence of the Woodford Conundrum) I shall be able to go "Conkerfosters" with out fear of Knip or frayed string. Simes
  15. When I was at college and suffering the then normal penury, I occasionally used to busk at central london tube stations and, in the summer, in various parks. I always did quite well and though I occasionally got moved on it was always in a polite fashion. Playing a concertina certainly got me noticed and (I like to think) earnt me a bit more than say a guitarist. It was louder anyway! When out with friends from school or college, my box generally went with me and in only a few pubs was I ever asked to desist. Most landlords in those days welcomed a bit of music and the Morris side were
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