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  1. The word Cadge is still in use in London! Here it means beg as in 'can I cadge a light'. I always assumed the tune title referred to beggars.
  2. It's fixed now. I managed to get a grip on the head with a pair of needle nose pliers. It turned out to be the last remaining bolt, all the others being replaced by screws.
  3. Hi, I need some advice. I think I have a broken spring on my Lachenal but I'm having trouble removing the grill on the action box to investigate I have one screw that won't budge and the slot seems to be pretty chewed up already. is there anything I can do apart from passing it over to a repairer?
  4. That's why I bought a Swan 3 years ago. I did like it and moved onto a Lachenal but have kept the Swan as a spare or for playing in inclement weather. I was surprised at how good the Swan was for it's price. It plays well and is comfortable. Of course, I now prefer the Lachenal for the warmer tone.
  5. I've just discovered that Jack seems to be using an instrument with a slightly different layout to mine, In Lesson 7 he calls for a low A on the push and locates it on the G row left hand but I have a D there. I've checked my layout agrees with that published in David Elliotts maintenance manual.
  6. I think it's Wheatstone but I haven't got very far along in the course.
  7. I've signed up for this course even though I've been playing for 3 years. It seems well designed. The videos are uncomplicated with the fingers being clearly shown and Jack's voice is distinct and measured . He is spending the first few lessons emphasising good habits while introducing the notes and scales. Diagrams and notation are shown in the video at appropriate times and are always available on the page to be downloaded in pdf form. Each lesson so far is quite short and has points where a pause for practice is suggested.
  8. I bought one three years ago. I wasn't sure if I would take to the concertina so I was looking for a decent hybrid. I was pleasantly surprised by the qualilty. It feels and sounds good. I've moved onto a vintage Lachenal so I can compare the two. The Lachenal has a warmer sound and the buttons are shorter, wider and more comfortable. The Swan sounds a bit 'tinnier' to my ears now but I think I would have been happy to stay with it if I hadn't bought the Lachenal. The Swan is quite comfortable to play and I would recommend it as a beginner intstrument.
  9. I've been advised to tape the airbutton open but that's probably only necessary in the hold.
  10. I have an Altura pannier bag which is perfect for a concertina with bubble wrap. I don't actually cycle with it as I usually carry a melodeon as well and public transport is far easier late at night but as I already had it i pressed it into service.
  11. The case from Sainsburys is 46x29x20cm and weighs just over 2kg. There is a lip that makes it a little awkward putting the melodeon in (Oakwood model 7), the concertina is a 30key Lachenal Anglo. There is just enough room for the two. I will be adding some form of padding and some storage for whistles in the lid.
  12. That's the one. I'll try to remember to take a tape measure next time I go shopping.
  13. Sainsbury's are doing a metal case for £20 that should do the trick with a bit of foam padding. They can be found in the gardening section.
  14. Surely it's The Liberty Bell by Sousa? As heard on Monty Python.
  15. A good reason for that would be that you can't play 7th chords on a whittle and dub or a fiddle. There would have been few chordal instruments for traditional music until the free reed instruments came into use. Maybe the church quires used those harmonies but the early collectors seem to have collected from solo players.
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