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  1. I still have the Bastari that I was given (New, bought from Walton's in Dublin) around 1978/79 (I think!) I remember addding a "tubing" fix quite soon thereafter.... It is still quite playable!! The bellows are still airtight although some of the corners are getting quite worn, it's still in tune (at least not seriously out of tune!) It had been kept in a very airtight flightcase for most of its life, coming out every few years as the mood took me... I have a Crabb, 2 Lachenals and two George Jones now so other than just the other day, when I had a play just out of curiosity, I don't play it anymore... (If anyone in Glasgow (or reasonably near), is thinking about starting to play the concertina and wants to try one out to see if they "get on" with a concertina before taking the plunge and spending money, they're welcome to take it away for a while and have a play....)
  2. Alex West is in Scotland (Ayrshire)... may be able to help?
  3. That would be "First Minister of Scotland , Nicola Sturgeon" if you live in Scotland....and have any sense! 😜 (but back to concertina matters! )
  4. Do you still have the Crabb 30 key...? I have a Crabb 40 key and may be interested if you still have it (BTW mine is ungilded and black bellows... plays like a dream and I couldn't care less about bling! )
  5. That's why I went for the "expedited" delivery, (What a Scotsman paying extra!!), and had them in 48 hours....
  6. Following discussions on this topic, I had a look at getting a custom made case.... however, it transpired that Swan Flightcase manufacturers are currently having a sale of cases for 7 inch vinyl records (100,200 & 300) These have compartments within the case (200 & 300 models) Anyway, I bought two for £125 inc expedited delivery (48 hrs) & VAT I'll be adding some foam blocking to suit each concertina, but I think this is a pretty cost effective and suitable solution as pictured, (the lid is actually detachable) see https://www.swanflight.com/dj-flight-cases/dj-record-boxes-flightcases/7-singles-record-boxes.html I hope this is a useful option for members of the group Gerry S
  7. One of the issues with "lapel" mics is that the are generall Omni-directional (ie: Not just from one focussed direction), and therefore, will pick up lots of ambient sound, leading to a bigger risk of feedback. I bought a myers system( https://www.myerspickups.com/pickups/the-feather-series ), which I've never used due to 1) The Covid situation preventing any musical gatherings and 2) I haven't worked out a system (that doesn't include velcro glued to my box(es)) which won't compromise the woodwork surface of my boxes. I did have a thought about using the endbolts to "clamp" a metal/plastic surface on to which I might attach the mics, but I think I'm just going to forget the whole clip on thing and stick with a couple of Shure SM57s or my Sony stereo mic (get in touch if you want to discuss further )
  8. I see you're in the UK. I have two of my concertinas in a case, the same as this from the same Ebay seller. I added some high density foam to provide the correct support and division... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142818481322?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 It is very robust if a little on the heavy side, I but I'd rather have such a small (potential) inconvenience if it means protecting my "babies" to the max!
  9. Brilliant!! I first came across Simon in a session in a very strange pub in Poznan, Poland.... Lots of vodka and some great music.... brilliant then.... even more brilliant now!!
  10. Great Find! Excellent variety and new names to look out for...
  11. Hi Patrick, I have a Lachenal B/F# 27 button anglo, tuned A=440, newpads, valves... generally fettled (professionally) last year.... £800 if you are interested...? Gerry
  12. Roy, Dave Elliot (miraculously) fettled mine into playable condition.... it was in its original old (Philharmonic?) tuning and he retuned it to A=440, replaced valves, pads, .......• "The valves are all but original, replace all • The pads are totally unserviceable, replace all • The cross bushes are some missing other a bit tatty, change all • The long structural screws are wrong, they need possibly drilling out and replacing (one per end) • The innards need a good clean • The pad board has shrunk and needs packing/ gluing • There are a number of missing/ loose reedpan support blocks to replace/ re-fix • The reeds have corrosion on the steel tongues which needs removal • The reeds need tuning to A=440Hz standard." some missing fretwork was also rebuilt..... a great job!!
  13. Hi Roy, I have a 27 key Lachenal (60792 ) (apparently originally a 26 key with a 27th added retrospectively) in B/F# which is its original key..... looks just like yours.... :)
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