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  1. I hope the following is of interest… If you are starting out learning to play the concertina, or indeed already are quite experienced, in any variety of types or musical interest/styles and you; don’t read music, don’t want to learn to read music, or are looking for phrasing examples within tunes, or want to dissect a particularly challenging piece, you may find the computer programme “Transcribe!” very helpful. (I have no commercial involvement! I have just found it extremely useful!) The programme allows you to drop a variety of sound or video files into it and thereafter, slow down/speed up playback without changing pitch. It does also allow you to change pitch/transpose should you wish, (very helpful if you have a C/G concertina and the sound file features a Bb/F player or vice versa J) It also allows fine tuning up and down from concert pitch, which is very useful if you are playing, or the sound file is being played, on an “old” pitch instrument. The programme isn’t free (there is a free trial period) but quite reasonably priced ($39) for the full version given its usefulness and flexibility. It can be found at : https://www.seventhstring.com/xscribe/download.html Versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux I use it in conjunction with ABCNavigator2.0. (other ABC programmes are available). Basically, I download the ABC files from www.session.org (my interest is mainly traditional music), which relate to the tune file from my CD collection (remember them!) or download service and follow the “dots” while listening to the tune (usually slowed down to start with) in “Transcribe!”. I can use the ABC programme to find the right notes which helps dramatically when I come to play along with the original in “Transcribe!”. I still can’t claim to read music but this combination of programmes has allowed me to speed up learning new tunes which I otherwise could never have done! It also allows video files from Youtube and other video streaming services to be manipulated in the same way so opening up another store of tunes. I hope this is helpful!!
  2. Two have now sold.... three still available.
  3. So, sadly, I can no longer justify, (well to my wife actually!), having 6 concertinas and reluctantly I am prepared to sell up to five of the six….. 1. A George Jones C/G metal ended, 34 button, (30 + two drones “C” & “D”) AND two “specials” (Bird “cheep” and whistle), 5 fold bellows. Fully serviced by Andrew Norman in 2019 (tuned, re-valved, air leaks and woodwork sorted) : SOLD! Donation made to Concertina.net 2. A George Jones C/G metal ended 32 button, 6 fold bellows. Completely rebuilt by Andrew Norman in 2020 from an absolute wreck I took a punt on from that well know on-line auction site. The complete story from Andrew’s Facebook page….. “Basket-case restoration, before and after pictures. This had been described by an e-bay seller as a Wheatstone, who, having looked at serial numbers, concluded it must be an early Wheatstone Anglo! My customer was not so sure (Caveat emptor!). It is in fact, a George Jones. When it came to me it had over a dozen wrong reeds, rough and split Lachenal bellows, black sides (with holes!) and a number of buttons, levers, strap-screws, and other parts missing. The ends had lost their plating too. So what was special about this? Well, nothing really, but a similar metal ended bone-buttoned Lachenal Anglo when properly restored will fetch around £2,300 (2020 prices, see our website) so it makes it worthwhile spending money on something like this. It now has all Jones reeds (with other reed-tongues replaced where severely abused) repaired woodwork refinished like the original Jones finish, and re-plated ends. Buttons, levers, pads, and strap-screws, all to match Jones pattern, and new bellows with new frames to match the woodwork exactly. Definitely on a par with a responsive metal ended Lachenal Anglo, but with a different character, so should be worth about the same. That's what makes it worthwhile...... besides we like a challenge! Find out what we can do with your broken, neglected, or abandoned projects.” £2100 3. (mostly) Lachenal metal ended 32 button Bb/F serviced by Andrew Norman in 2020. The action sections (i.e. the woodwork, endplates, buttons levers etc.) are Lachenal. These end sections have been attached to frames from another make, and the reedpans belong to that concertina. Sold! 4. Lachenal 26 button B/F# serviced by David Elliot in 2018 , re-valved, new pads, retuned to concert pitch, various woodwork fixes £800 SOLD! 5. Jeffries 26 button Bb/F . Typical Jeffries “bark” Very loud & responsive. In very good order and has been looked after. I usually play Wheatstone / Lachenal layout so I have currently swapped the C#and D# on the outer row to suit my preference, although I’m happy to swap them back if a buyer wants. £2600 So now only 2 concertinas left. If someone buys the remaining two concertinas at the same time I will throw in a Swan double flight case, (which you can foam out to suit the two concertinas) The Crabb in the ”collection” picture is definitely not for sale!! Individual pictures and sound files for each of the concertinas are available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3mwp44g3cpc7yv1/AAAxn6GaFPUD0v1w1Pf1LnDwa?dl=0 Donation to Concertina.Net will be made on sales Some of the Mp4 files hadn't loaded to the correct folders. They are all there now!
  4. I am about to sell two George Jones 30 (32) button concertinas in C/G although with metal ends.... one was completely rebuilt from "bits" by Andrew Norman (whole story is on his website) and the other was "fettled" by Andrew when I purchased it from an auction site (pads, valves tuning etc (has bird sound whistle). Would they be of any interest to you? Gerry S
  5. I had a George Jones "improved" 40 key concertina and found the extra buttons a bit of a distraction and sold it. I now have a Crabb 40 key and find I only play the "conventional" 30 key layout as I want to maintain consitencey with my other (two 30/32 key (George Jones)) concertinas.... other than the fact that the Crabb is such a quality instrument I'd just as soon stick to 30 keys for the style of music I play (Irish/Scottish) (BTW I'm thinking of selling my two George Jones in the near future.... 😀)
  6. Doesn't appear to have an air button, and the key spacing looks quite odd, (the 2nd picture appears to present a rather strange perspective...)🤔
  7. I still have the Bastari that I was given (New, bought from Walton's in Dublin) around 1978/79 (I think!) I remember addding a "tubing" fix quite soon thereafter.... It is still quite playable!! The bellows are still airtight although some of the corners are getting quite worn, it's still in tune (at least not seriously out of tune!) It had been kept in a very airtight flightcase for most of its life, coming out every few years as the mood took me... I have a Crabb, 2 Lachenals and two George Jones now so other than just the other day, when I had a play just out of curiosity, I don't play it anymore... (If anyone in Glasgow (or reasonably near), is thinking about starting to play the concertina and wants to try one out to see if they "get on" with a concertina before taking the plunge and spending money, they're welcome to take it away for a while and have a play....)
  8. Alex West is in Scotland (Ayrshire)... may be able to help?
  9. That would be "First Minister of Scotland , Nicola Sturgeon" if you live in Scotland....and have any sense! 😜 (but back to concertina matters! )
  10. Do you still have the Crabb 30 key...? I have a Crabb 40 key and may be interested if you still have it (BTW mine is ungilded and black bellows... plays like a dream and I couldn't care less about bling! )
  11. That's why I went for the "expedited" delivery, (What a Scotsman paying extra!!), and had them in 48 hours....
  12. Following discussions on this topic, I had a look at getting a custom made case.... however, it transpired that Swan Flightcase manufacturers are currently having a sale of cases for 7 inch vinyl records (100,200 & 300) These have compartments within the case (200 & 300 models) Anyway, I bought two for £125 inc expedited delivery (48 hrs) & VAT I'll be adding some foam blocking to suit each concertina, but I think this is a pretty cost effective and suitable solution as pictured, (the lid is actually detachable) see https://www.swanflight.com/dj-flight-cases/dj-record-boxes-flightcases/7-singles-record-boxes.html I hope this is a useful option for members of the group Gerry S
  13. One of the issues with "lapel" mics is that the are generall Omni-directional (ie: Not just from one focussed direction), and therefore, will pick up lots of ambient sound, leading to a bigger risk of feedback. I bought a myers system( https://www.myerspickups.com/pickups/the-feather-series ), which I've never used due to 1) The Covid situation preventing any musical gatherings and 2) I haven't worked out a system (that doesn't include velcro glued to my box(es)) which won't compromise the woodwork surface of my boxes. I did have a thought about using the endbolts to "clamp" a metal/plastic surface on to which I might attach the mics, but I think I'm just going to forget the whole clip on thing and stick with a couple of Shure SM57s or my Sony stereo mic (get in touch if you want to discuss further )
  14. I see you're in the UK. I have two of my concertinas in a case, the same as this from the same Ebay seller. I added some high density foam to provide the correct support and division... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142818481322?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 It is very robust if a little on the heavy side, I but I'd rather have such a small (potential) inconvenience if it means protecting my "babies" to the max!
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