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  1. I love my Suttner A4 C/G and my A2 Bb/ F
  2. I suggest ordering direct from Suttner. His waiting list isn’t long by comparison. Those are amazing sounding and responsive instruments. .
  3. I have been going to Clare for years to attend Irish concertina festivals. Eigse Mrs. Crotty, the Concertina Cruinniú, and Consairtín. How many people here would like to see a similar event in North America?I would never want to take away from the events in Ireland, but think a fair number of players in North America could enjoy a get together on this side of the Atlantic. Please chime in if you think it a good idea, and direct message me if wanting to be involved with planning.
  4. I owned a 38 key Shalespeare with the same pattern for years. I wish I had a need for them.
  5. True Jim, I sell high performance home audio as a career and natural sound is very important. I know that many people play casually or occasionally on a stage or pub gig, and the cost of top shelf microphones are not a good investment. I associate to relative cost of 2 or 3 nice concertinas as the subject that I am trying to amplify to an audience, and want something that delivers a consistent sound to the audience. The AKGs are very nice for the price, and the DPAs are significantly better.
  6. I use AKG C 516mls then into a battery powered preamp for most performances. I totally feel better about not being locked in between 2 boom stands. I am upgrading as soon as I feel like live shows happening again. I will be purchasing DPA 4099s and I have a rack mount dual channel mic preamp. It requires AC power, so will be exploring a few options for battery powered preamp. I also will keep the AKG setup for smaller venues or easier to travel.
  7. Currently with Jeffries Ab / Eb and Suttner Bb / F
  8. My version. Been all over the US, and to Ireland for 17 years. Center compartment holds chargers, mic preamp, eyeglass cleaner, sunglasses, passport, occasional flask, humidity tracker, and now an Apple Airtag to replace the Tile tracker.
  9. I played one years ago. Had that big sound, was fast as could be.
  10. Would also consider a trade of 26-28 key Jeffries, or 3/4 set of uilleann pipes.
  11. I know, not the mandolin.net place. I haven't been playing a beautiful Stefan Sobell 10 stringed mandolin enough since focusing on concertina for a good 8-10 years. Fantastic sound, and want someone that will play it to end up with it. I will probably deal with eBay if nobody here has a desire. 10 stringed, Rosewood back and sides arched cedar top. Wired with a McIntyre acoustic feather pickup , endpin jack, and comes with a Fishman ProEQ Platinum preamp/direct box including Monstercable lead and stand. I competed in a few Fleadh Cheoil over the years winning North American mandolin, and played professionally with this set up at many festivals in the U.S. small crack on the top that hasn't changed a bit since I got it as second owner in 2002. Not sure how much a new one is, but doubt getting Brazilian rosewood back and sides still and option. A nice case that looks like a Calton, but no maker name on it. $5,500 dollars shipping negotiable.
  12. For me, usually play the tune in D minor and find it a pretty common key. With some pipers and fiddle players up the step to E minor. In D minor almost an in C row tune, except the high g leading to the second part of the tune. In that key also very easy to do octave playing for second part of the tune. A minor is also a lovely key for the tune, and might give it a go after dinner.
  13. Beautiful concertina. I love the size, and tone of these TC models.
  14. Daniel Hersh asked me to open up my Amigo Anglo, and here is what I can tell. The ends / whole body are made of Aluminum. The bellows are glued to the body, which I broke loose. After removing the 3 screws to reveal the action I found more glue and decided to stop prying. Contact or some other glue should be easy enough to reattach the bellows. Because I am not sure how much hassle or damage would be done decided to stop here. Instrument was made in Czechoslovakia.
  15. It actually plays reasonably, and after awhile will tear into it and make adjustable hand straps.
  16. I bought this in the fall. Couldn't resist as a piece of art. Matches some of my recently crafted Tiki cocktails.
  17. Glad to see such a large offering for your weekend. Sounds like a wonderful event.
  18. I don't believe so. It is connected to th phone via bluetooth, and no calibration option listed. Only set points for low and high.
  19. My cases both have accessory pockets, so I use the D’addario small instrument humidifier with a small sponge that I dampen. I also use their Humiditrak. With its app it tells me temperature and humidity inside the case. Also has a setting for shock sensor. Because I never check my concertinas I don’t that feature. You can browse by hourly, daily or monthly history as well as current. I have set alarms if temperature extremes occur ( think in the trunk of a car ). My humidity is always 50-55%
  20. As John, Wexford mentioned with regards to Irish Set Dances, the figures have a known number of bars. A good source for bar counts, are dance sites such as DanceMinder.com. and Mabula.net. These sites will have all of the common Set Dances listed, including number of figures, bars per figure, and tune type most common. The bar count includes the 8 bars for nothing that the dancers use to establish tempo, and the figure ends on the last note played. To make things flow for the dancers as mentioned, a good band watches for the change during a figure. Figures fall into the categories of Tops ( 1st tops have back to the band, 2nd tops are facing the band) and Sides ( the other 2 couples ), and a follow the leader type of figure where one couple at a time is active, mimicking what happened by the previous couple. Sets like the Connemara Reel Set, and the Merchant Set follow this scheme. A challenging set to play is the Ballyvourney Jig Set. It is set to Slides, and all 5 figures run straight into each other, so that the only 8 for nothing is at the beginning.If playing for set dances, I find it helpful to watch a video of the set to see where the lift to the dancers calls for new tunes. It is both fun and helpful to learn to dance some of these sets. It took a long time for me to decide to give it a go on the floor vs the stage, but really enjoy dancing for the past 8 or so years.
  21. Can you see the reed pan? there is a very snug fitting leather gasket holding it in place. reaching a finger into the center hole should free it with minor effort. What part of the world are you in? If you fear damage, please reach out to someone close to assist. I am in central North Carolina and would be happy to help.
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