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  1. Lawrence Reeves

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Imagine the tuning nightmare with that many reeds and valves.
  2. Lawrence Reeves

    Consairtín 2019

    Back in Ennis again. Consairtín 2019 kicks off today at 2:30, and yes an extra day of workshops / concerts / and sessions have been added this year. Each year this wonderful festival has grown in large numbers. The town of Ennis offers everything needed for an event of this size. The organization for the festival by Tim Collins, Áine Hensey very impressive. Each year, with the help of their team ensures that Consairtín runs like a clock. No matter if your first time attending or a regular, you are made welcome and informed of all events. This year in addition to the extra day, I am happy to see the inclusion of visitors from around the world included on the programme. Always nice to see the concertina and other players from around the world to gather and share their love of this crazy instrument, and immerse themselves into the music of Ireland. Clare is the Mecca for concertinas in Ireland, and the music will go on until the late hours every night. So, if you have never been to Consairtín, put it on your calendar for 2020. Always the weekend after Easter. See you in Ennis.
  3. Lawrence Reeves

    Case for carrying 2 concertinas

    Latin Percussion makes a few different grade of Bongo Bag. They are well built, and have room to add more padding if desired, also airline carryon sized. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LP533--latin-percussion-ultra-tek-touring-series-bongo-bag?mrkgcl=28&mrkgadid=3281157627&rkg_id=0&product_id=LP533&campaigntype=shopping&campaign=aaShopping - Core - Drums & Percussion&adgroup=Drums & Percussion - Drum & Percussion Accessories&placement=google&adpos=1o1&creative=203982059428&device=c&matchtype=&network=s&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2OKKysOx4QIVxSaGCh2rcgsoEAQYASABEgIYq_D_BwE
  4. Lawrence Reeves

    Case for carrying 2 concertinas

    The camera bag is pretty standard. Assuming one can actually find a specialty camera shop anymore. I just returned from playing a festival this weekend. I have a double case made by Greg Jowaisas that I have owned for at least ten years. it fits in the overhead bin on all airplanes. I trust the camera bag idea, but prefer a hard case to protect my instruments. There are a number of case makers out there for the creation of a hard case.If you choose to have a hard case built, consider a small pocket to hold accessories. Mine holds phone chargers, 3 nested shot glasses, and a preamp for my microphones. With any case I suggest a tracker like Tile to always know where your instruments are, and I also keep a Humiditrak in my case, linked to an app on my phone. It tells me temperature and humidity in the case.
  5. Lawrence Reeves

    Secondary Key: Ab/Eb vs Bb/F

    If you are looking at new makers just order one in the A/ E tuning. If you find a vintage concertina in Ab / Eb old or high pitch it would already be 50% the way to A/ E. G/D boxes are also way to come by, but from a playing Irish Trad with others not going to be session friendly. If there is an uilleann piper in your area, see what chanter or set options they have for flat sets. Fiddles can tune tune down as low as Bb, but B and C are more common for pipes ( in my opinion ).
  6. Lawrence Reeves

    Secondary Key: Ab/Eb vs Bb/F

    I have both auxiliary keyed concertinas. I can play most D, and Em tunes down a step, same for Bm, but when tunes from G to F really depends on the tune. I prefer the Bb / F for a C session, to make sure all patterns and ornaments the same as my C/G. Same for concert flute, having the lower keyed instrument makes it a really easy change. There is a definite sweetness to the lower pitched boxes. My Ab / Eb is a joy to play, but a few things to consider. If you are a soloist the audience can enjoy the new keys being played, as opposed to the repetitive choices. If you are playing in a group or session what is the most likely for other instruments to tune to. I guess, it is more common to find low pitched Irish sessions in C, or B. So Bb /F and A / E might be a good choice.
  7. Lawrence Reeves

    No Concertina Christmas Tree???

    Hmm, 26 key on the right. Piccolo?
  8. Lawrence Reeves

    No Concertina Christmas Tree???

    The best part of the tree, is to see what he has been working on. I also suspect he sells every one posted. Who is to say there may not be Valentine's Day Tree, or St Patrick's Day Tree, or even an Easter Tree. My tree is only Three high this year. An Ab/Eb Jeffries purchased from Concertina Santa along with an A2 Bb / F Suttner, and an A4C /G Ebony Suttner that Santa tunes. Two of the three in 1/5 comma mean tune. Santa is the best, and only person I trust with my instruments. Rarely is there a period of 24 hours that one of them isn't in my hands.
  9. Lawrence Reeves

    Humidity Sensor

    To be totally honest I don't know an ideal. I put the humidifier in the case during winter months, In my room the humidity is often 18-26%, my case goal is above 30%.
  10. Lawrence Reeves

    Humidity Sensor

    I just received a new device for tracking humidity inside the case. D'Addario Humiditrak. It connects via bluetooth to a smart phone, sends an alert when humidity goes above or below the limits I set. Does the same for temperature, and impact. It is tiny and lives in the case either attached with velcro, or a small provided clip. Because my cases have accessory pockets, I just placed it loose in there. I also purchased the small instrument humidifier to live in the case. Any humidifier is fine, but I needed another anyway. In addition to this bluetooth accessory I use a Tile tracker. On the odd chance I become separated from my case I can find it on the app, and even ring the device with an alert from the phone.
  11. I think we should consider the youngest players get Lachenals, or Wheatstones, Jones, etc to start on. There are good new makes available. Suttner, 7 Mount, and Claro are very popular. Barleycorn and others trade in several high quality vintage every month for sure. The other thing to consider is that almost every teacher has a lead on new and quality vintage to put into young hands. Brokers in Ireland, both popular and cottage industries come up with the goods when asked.
  12. Lawrence Reeves

    Holiday Sale: $4.99 Usd For 4-Cd Set Of Trad. Irish Tunes, From G

    Welcome aboard Grey. Nice to have you in these parts.
  13. Lawrence Reeves

    Jeffries On Ebay

    Ab / Eb is a lovely thing for an Irish Bb session.
  14. Lawrence Reeves

    Ennis Trad Fest

    So, who is around for the Trad fest? would be a perfect week to connect and have a tune and pint. Went last year, and have to say a wonderful time to be in Clare with a festival of and by musicians. We had 4 from my local session over, and think we are all back this year.
  15. Lawrence Reeves

    Insurance Question For My Anglo Concertina

    I use this company. http://www.musicins.com For me the appraisals were easy, specially because a scanned page from Suttner's website with current price is easy to get the agent.