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  1. hielandman

    Lachenal 20B C/G

    Yo Man!
  2. hielandman

    Tortoise Shell Aeola Wheatstone 51 key Concertina

    You're welcome David! You are a great singer and performer, and though I've never seen you personally, I'm a big fan because of the You Tube performance I mentioned from the 2010 PMF. Great Work! Good luck selling that concertina, someone on here will buy it, (not me, I'm an Anglo guy, and a 20 button Anglo guy at that!) , but someone will, I'm sure! Take care, and keep up the good work! Don
  3. hielandman

    Tortoise Shell Aeola Wheatstone 51 key Concertina

    Welcome to Concertina.Net David! Beautiful concertina you have. I think the real question is, are you THE David Coffin of "Roll the Old Chariot Along" (Drop of Nelson's Blood) Fame, of the Portsmouth Maritime Festival? And again, Welcome! Don Smith
  4. hielandman

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    Apologizing for my being redundant, and for not noticing posts by Greg J himself, and others such as Devils Dream offering similar advice, but prior to mine! Sorry, I'll have to read every post more carefully next time I think of offering advice!
  5. hielandman

    Suggestions on an Anglo Concertina Upgrade

    Hello Reenact, You have a lot of choices right here in North America. That 21 button Marcus (you've probably already figured this out) is going to translate to around $1900.00. Just for the instrument. In N.America you have Greg Jowaisas(he'll have a lot to choose from in various price ranges), The Button Box in Massachusetts, and Frank Edgley in Ontario(his new instruments may be out of your price range, but he doesn't have any prices posted today, so it is hard to say!). Used ones turn up here and there, ebay, this site, look around....there are three Stagi W15-LNs at the Button Box for $750.00, they would be quite a step up from what you are currently playing, and should be about the same size as a Lachenal Anglo. But check with Greg Jowaisas, he is on this site, or, if you want, send me a PM and I will give you his phone number. He is just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. Good luck in your search! Don Smith
  6. hielandman

    Shout Out to Greg Jowaisas

    Greg Jowaisas is one of the most honest, decent, and generous people I have ever met, and he is generous with anything he is able to be generous with, almost to a fault. He take concertina restoration/repair very seriously, is not afraid to tackle any job, and is hardworking and meticulous in all he does. He has repaired over a dozen instruments for me over the last 12 years or so, and sold me at least three, plus a lot of parts! And besides being a great concertina player(both Anglo and English systems), he is also a great songwriter, banjo, and guitar player! And, if you wanna talk baseball......you get the picture, he's a great and talented guy, you can't go wrong when dealing with him! Don Smith
  7. I have two Lachenal G/Ds, one brass reeded, and the other steel reeded. (both 20 buttons) Both from the 1800's. The steel reeded one has longer reeds, the brass reeded one has reeds more like a C/G, as far as length goes. I had a good discussion(online) with Geoffrey Crabb about this about five years ago, and he gave a good explanation of why brass reeds can be shorter, and steel ones need to be longer(in order to be lower pitched). And this is without solder or weights, etc...It all has to do with the different properties of brass versus steel, mechanics, physics, that sort of stuff. It was very informative, I wish I could remember exactly, maybe he'll chime in?
  8. hielandman

    Is This A Jones?

    Not a Nickolds, how dis-appointing!
  9. Hey Jody, I was at Bob Jones's the other day in Park Slope...were your ears ringing!!! Congratulations on your tour, it sounded amazing! DS
  10. Yep, he is the real deal! And, a great banjo player too!! Don
  11. hielandman

    Is This A Jones?

    Hi Mike, yeah, this stuff can make your head hurt! Truth to tell, Greg J. suggested at one point that it might be a Jones, due to the many similarities...Another thing to consider, is, that in those "heady" days of concertina making, a lot of craftsmen brought work home, to be done at home, making whatever their specialty was, and bringing it back to the factory for final assembly. Knowing how people are, I don't think that we can assume that they "only" performed these services for one client. And, how many different sub-contractors may have been involved, with several different companies...We may never know the exact maker of either of these instruments, but, it's fun trying to figure it out, isn't it? All the best, take care, Don
  12. hielandman

    Is This A Jones?

    Hi Mike, I saw this when you posted it, but haven't had the time to do the digging I needed to do in order to respond....today I was able to get to it. I have a similar concertina I bought on ebay around four years ago. That year, on a visit east to NY from his Kentucky home, Greg Jowaisas believed/believes it to be a Nickolds. Mine has the identical font/size/style of printing that yours does. And, from the fret work, though more sparse than mine, is of a similar style. My serial number is 1258. Same round steel rods(flattened for the pivot post pin, screw, whatever), brass pivot posts. I bet the reed chamber walls are made of the same mahogany as the action board? Mine is. Is the low C on the left hand side marked "cc"? Mine is, picture below. Also Lachenal Type papers. And the same robust reed shoes(much beefier than Lachenal reed shoes)The differences.... Though it doesn't show in the photos(I forgot it was a point of interest), the hand rests are very slightly domed, not as much as a Lachenal, but not flat, either. Mine has machine screws, not wood screws. Mine also has a woodscrew going through the action board, into a supporting piece, into the hand rest. Your's doesn't seem to. Mine also, instead of the reddish material(I don't think of it as fabric) Lachenal used to cover the action, this has a type of very fine screen, like I have seen on some 19th century German made instruments. I wonder is the leather on yours was done by someone down the road? I think the majority of the differences in our instruments were due mine being a higher grade one, not a different maker. I also have a typical 20 button Jones to compare it to. Totally different, un-inked/unburned, and much smaller serial number stamped in. Reeds and reed shoes very, very similar. But the low C is only marked "C". Also, the F#s on the Jones are marked as such, but only read "F" on the Nickolds. What does yours say? My Jones serial number is two different ones, the action board says 8579, and the reed pans and bellows frames are 8580! (someone was asleep at the wheel that day!) One side had a screw through a block in the action board going into the hand rest, the other side doesn't, but it does have a glued up hole, and a broken screw in the underside of the handrest. I may be wrong, but this is what I think......I think that instead of this maker buying parts from Lachenal(reeds, reed frames, actions, all entirely different from Lachenal), this maker, presumably Nickolds, BOUGHT his parts from Jones! I don't think either of these instruments were made by Jones, because I think that Jone's with serial numbers that low would have had an air lever instead of an air button. But I could be wrong! Would Stephen C., David E, or Greg J. care to chime in? And, there are quite a few others out there with knowledge of this stuff, probably far more extensive than mine. Any opinions on who made these? Thanks for your time and input, Don Smith
  13. hielandman

    Tidder On Reverb.com

    Hello All, I meant to drop the price further, so now the asking price is down to $575.00 USD. Thanks for looking, Don
  14. hielandman

    Nancy (Tom Clough)

    Very nice Wolf! Keep up the good work! Don
  15. hielandman

    Tidder On Reverb.com

    Hello All, I have just listed my 20 button Tidder Anglo on Reverb.com, https://reverb.com/item/7339006-tidder-20-button-anglo-concertina-1890-s-rosewood, I've dropped the price to $650.00, but I am open to offers. If it sells here, I will make the usual suggested donation. Thanks for looking, take care, Don