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  1. Hello TrackieC, A CNET member, Joe Fallon, (Fallonje) has an Edgley G/D for sale, however, he is in Virginia in the U.S.A. But he's got one! The posting is currently on page two of the for sale forums. Good Luck, Don
  2. Well, I am waiting for a phone call from our favorite guitar repair man in Park Slope, and when I get that call, I'll let you know!
  3. Jody, you're too funny! Hope to see you in the city one of these day! Take care, Don
  4. I don't know, good question? Anyone else???? Donald Smith
  5. Hi, I don't want to start trouble here, so I felt it best I removed my comment. Sorry! Don
  6. Hello All, I have a question? Why is this topic in buy and sell? Great to see you around Geoff, you are great!! Take care, Don
  7. Your welcome, Lyle! Well I have to say, an Edgley Heritage model is a VERY good choice! Frank Edgley is an exceptional craftsman, and a nice guy! He used to be my repair guy of choice until he started building concertinas full time! I was lost for a while when that happened, then in 2006 I was referred to Greg J. by someone on this site, and he has gotten all my work since then! Good luck with your new Heritage, I am sure the wait will be worth it! Take care, Don
  8. Hello Lyle, Welcome to C.Net! I would just like to point out, that if you were to buy a vintage concertina, Greg Jowaisas, in Covington Kentucky, Is NORTH AMERICAS foremost Concertina repair man, bar none! He has done repairs on every type of vintage concertina, Jones, Lachenal, Wheatstone, Jeffries, Crabb,etc..., from re-tuning to full restoration, including bellows building, from scratch. He can even do the gold embossing(if you were to have a fancy one that had that!). And, he is honest, as well as reasonably priced. He is a member of this site, under his actual name. You cannot/will not, go wrong. Good luck in your search, and take care, Don Smith
  9. Hello All, as for the frozen end bolts, that is not much of a big deal if you know how to deal with it. One of my first postings on this site dealt with asking for help with that, (maybe 2003-2004? Long time ago!), and I think it was old Nickkilby (I think!) who came to my rescue. He recommended the use of a soldering iron on the screw/end bolt head to heat it up(watch it closely!), and, just like heating up any frozen bolt or pipe with a torch, the expansion and contraction of the heating and then cooling will free it up. I've had to do it several times over the years to various instruments I have picked up, and it works, just watch that you don't burn the wood! And Rod, if you don't yet have a copy of David Elliot's book on Concertina repair, by all means get one, it is a great resource. Good luck in your search, half of the fun is in the thrill of the chase! Take care, Don
  10. You're welcome David! You are a great singer and performer, and though I've never seen you personally, I'm a big fan because of the You Tube performance I mentioned from the 2010 PMF. Great Work! Good luck selling that concertina, someone on here will buy it, (not me, I'm an Anglo guy, and a 20 button Anglo guy at that!) , but someone will, I'm sure! Take care, and keep up the good work! Don
  11. Welcome to Concertina.Net David! Beautiful concertina you have. I think the real question is, are you THE David Coffin of "Roll the Old Chariot Along" (Drop of Nelson's Blood) Fame, of the Portsmouth Maritime Festival? And again, Welcome! Don Smith
  12. Apologizing for my being redundant, and for not noticing posts by Greg J himself, and others such as Devils Dream offering similar advice, but prior to mine! Sorry, I'll have to read every post more carefully next time I think of offering advice!
  13. Hello Reenact, You have a lot of choices right here in North America. That 21 button Marcus (you've probably already figured this out) is going to translate to around $1900.00. Just for the instrument. In N.America you have Greg Jowaisas(he'll have a lot to choose from in various price ranges), The Button Box in Massachusetts, and Frank Edgley in Ontario(his new instruments may be out of your price range, but he doesn't have any prices posted today, so it is hard to say!). Used ones turn up here and there, ebay, this site, look around....there are three Stagi W15-LNs at the Button Box for $750.00, they would be quite a step up from what you are currently playing, and should be about the same size as a Lachenal Anglo. But check with Greg Jowaisas, he is on this site, or, if you want, send me a PM and I will give you his phone number. He is just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. Good luck in your search! Don Smith
  14. Greg Jowaisas is one of the most honest, decent, and generous people I have ever met, and he is generous with anything he is able to be generous with, almost to a fault. He take concertina restoration/repair very seriously, is not afraid to tackle any job, and is hardworking and meticulous in all he does. He has repaired over a dozen instruments for me over the last 12 years or so, and sold me at least three, plus a lot of parts! And besides being a great concertina player(both Anglo and English systems), he is also a great songwriter, banjo, and guitar player! And, if you wanna talk baseball......you get the picture, he's a great and talented guy, you can't go wrong when dealing with him! Don Smith
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