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  1. So, ... here :– Duet for auction is a sad looking duet in Halifax, U.K. on the 04th September. Not enough information given and not enough pictures. BUT it might suit someone looking for a project? Jake
  2. Just came across this auction being held tomorrow by ... House & Son Auctioneers & Valuers,11 - 14 Lansdowne House,Christchurch Road,The Lansdowne,Bournemouth BH1 3JWwhich has the following ... Lot 213. 30k ConnorLot 218. 30k Dipper Lot 219. Wheatstone 26k Linota, Lot 220. 30k C. Jeffriessee here :- Anglos Only one picture of each in their boxes and no description but they all look in very fine condition. Jake
  3. It seems to me that whereas the ARIETTA was designed to be played by one person this has to be played by two. Also, the spinet side has a flap to fold over the keyboard, the top folds down and then! the two parts fold together ( are those hinges I can see on the centre join? ) you tuck it under your arm and of you go to your next gig! Jake
  4. I don't know where the smiley came from! It appeared when i first posted to this thread & I had to go back to the message and edit it out. Jake
  5. Yes, of course. The more musicians we reach the better. Playing tunes may not stop any bullets but it can show support & solidarity for a beleaguered nation. Jake
  6. Good work. It was my intention to transcribe this and take it to an easy session that I run BUT you've beaten me to it. However I've gone the other way , down to Em, here's the ABC & PDF regards Jake *********************** X:1 T:Ukraine National Anthem T:"Shche ne Vmerla Ukrainy i slava, i volia" T:"Glory and Freedom of Ukraine has not yet Perished" C:Music 1863, by Mykhailo Verbytsky, (1839 - 1884); adopted in 1992. C:Lyrics 1862, by Pavlo Chubynsky, (1815 - 1870); adopted in 2003. M:C L:1/8 K:Gmaj "G#""Maestoso"[B3G3][BG] "D"([BG][AF][BG]) [cA] | "G#"[d3B3][cA][B2G2]"D#"[A2F2] | "Em"[G2E2][B2G2E2]"B"[F2F2][B2^D2] | "Em"[E3E3][F^D][G2E2]"D"[A2F2=D2] |! "G#"[B3G3][BG] ([BG][AF][BG]) [cA] | "G#"[d3B3][cA][B2G2]"Am6"[A2F2] | "B"[G2E2][B2G2E2]"B"[F2F2][B2^D2] | "Em"E4E2z2 |! "B"[F2^D2][F2D2]([BD][AF][GE]) [FD] | "Em"(EFG) [EE]"B"[F2^D2][F2D2]&xE3 | "Em"[G2E2][G2E2]"D"[A2F2=D2]"D7"[A2F2D2] | "G#"[B4G4][B2G2]z2 |! "B"[F2^D2][F2D2]([BD][AF][GE]) [FD] | "Em"(EFG) [EE]"B"[F2^D2][F2D2]&xE3 | "Em"[G2E2][B2G2E2]"B"[F2^D2][B2D2] | "Em"[E3E3][F^D] ([GE][AF][BG]) [cA] ||! |: "G#"[d3B3][^c^A][d2B2][B2G2] | "D"[A2F2][A2F2]([dF][cA][BG]) "D#"[AF] | "E,"[G2E2][G2E2]"D"[A2F2][A2D2] | "G#"([B3G3][AF][B2G2])"D7"[c2A2] |! "G#"[d3B3][^c^A][d2B2][B2G2] | "D"[A2F2][A2F2]([dF][cA][BG]) "D#"[AF] | "Em"[G2E2][B2G2E2]"B"[F2^D2][B2D2] | "Em"[E4E4][E2E2]z :|! Ukraine National Anthem.pdf
  7. Thanks to Alan Day for the slowed down version and to David Barnert for the transcription I'm of to a flying start! Jake
  8. Hi Alan, thanks for the offer of a slowed down version, it would be most helpful. I'm always on the look out for new tunes to stretch the members of a beginners/easy session that I work with and this one is particularly restful & enchanting. Jake
  9. A few years back - 2012 actually - Alan Day introduced us to one of his compositions, "Stream to River Flows" in this thread, ... https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/13740-stream-to-river-flows/&tab=comments#comment-132262 I wonder if anyone has the sheet music for this & is willing to share it?? Jake
  10. So!! How many concertinas do YOU see?? No 1, Right foreground No 2, on the left in front of the accordion and No 3?? just below No 2, peeping out from behind the bottom left accordion Jake
  11. Here's a couple of UK companies I came across when looking for a case for Northumbrian Pipes. Cases & Enclosures and Protective Cases You may find something to suit. Jake
  12. A Tie is indicated by a hyphen '-' and joins two notes of the same pitch. A Slur is indicated by a bracket pair ' () ' enclosing any number of notes. Both are displayed exactly the same BUT each is interpreted differently by programs that play from ABC. See here :- ABC standaard In the example given - Rights of Man - using a hyphen to join notes of different pitch is incorrect. Jake
  13. This concertina seems to have been thru this same saleroom on the 09th December 2020 here :- Auction It has 12 buttons on one end and the other end is blank!!! - a one handed 'tina!! No air button. Jake
  14. I'm using a Mac - OS Catalina, ver 10.15.7 I find the ABC editor provided by the MONTREAL SESSION TUNEBOOK very useful here :- ABC editor As you type your text into the box your tune appears below and there are options at the top of the pages to download PDF, PNG or midi. They also have a fairly extensive library of tunes. Jake
  15. If it helps ... here it is in G with a link to a U-tube rendition. Becalmed.pdf Becalmed U-tube Jake
  16. If any one wants to bid its here ... https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/martin-and-pole/catalogue-id-srma10101/lot-a5b95e01-7a0d-4243-97f5-ac2a00edc6d2 the sale is on the 9th September & the current bid is ..... Wait for it!!! ....... £180 In contrast here is a 55 key Jeffries Crane system ... https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/rogersjones/catalogue-id-rogers10298/lot-fdb33d17-930b-44d5-9fae-ac2200b45020 opening bid ... £1,200 Jake
  17. Rambling around the big wide Web, as I do in my idle moments I came across this, ... Melophone A quaint development of the free reed?? Jake P.S. Now that I've had time to search I see that it has been discussed previously.
  18. As I voyaged across the internet today I came across these two U-tube clips of a reedless chemnitzer concertina. Made by Nathan Neuman, played here ... by Gary Brueggen and his Ridgeland Dutchmen band. Also here ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHgCf83Ys0U I didn't have the time to do any serious digging to find out more information. regards Jake
  19. A bit more digging reveals that SPENCE LEES was a Music Hall Owner, Character Actor, Comic and Photographer, in DOUGLAS Isle of Man. See here at page 93 ... https://www.manxmusic.com/media/Learn Songs/PEEPS INTO THE PAST - MUSIC COMPLETE.pdf Oh, there is a picture of him!! regards Jake
  20. Well, a research challenge always did get me interested now that "social separation" has left me to my own devices.!! An Isle of Man website has a list of photographers active on the island from which the entry for SPENCE LEES reads ... Lees Spence(r) 1887: Loch Parade (in street directory at Sea terminal end - no number given Lees, Spencer, Photographer) 1889: Regent St Douglas, and Shaw St, Liverpool [not found in Liverpool Directories - only photographers in Shaw St were MacMahon & Co [1887-1888] and John W. Walmsley [1891] 1894: Regent-street In an Advert in John Heywood's 1891 guide: ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. THERE are not many watering-places throughout the British Isles at which somany facilities are afforded to visitors for obtaining an exceptionally-good photograph as at Douglas, where, during the summer season especially, the atmosphere is so wonderfully clear. All classes of people are catered for by the Douglas photographers, and the "tripper" can obtain his counterfeit presentment for the merest trifle. But to those who desire something more permanent, and, although not expensive, something far beyond the ordinary seaside photograph, a visit to the spacious and handsome studio erected by the well-known artistic photographer, Mr. Spence Lees, opposite the General Post Office, may be cordially recommended. Mr. Spence Lees has earned for himself a high reputation for the peculiar delicacy and beauty of all work executed at his establishment, whether portrait or landscape. The studio has been tastefully and elegantly fitted-up for the comfort and convenience of visitors, and the latest photographic appliances and improvements have been secured Mr. W. Rennison (architect) furnished the plans for the studio ; Mr. C. H. Williams executed the plumbing and gas-fitting work; Messrs. McAdam and Moore, of Douglas, were the contractors ; while the furniture was supplied by Messrs. Ratcliffe Brothers and C. Latham, of Douglas. Visitors to Man, who are desirous of being taken under exceptionally favourable conditions, cannot do better than place themselves under the skilful hands of Mr. Spence Lees. Branches have been established at Port Soderick and Glen Mays. At these, as at the main establishment, moderation in price So, the 1880's & 90's then. regards Jake
  21. Thanks Mike ... I made a search but couldn't find any contacts. Robin ... thanks for the PDF. I did find an ABC transcription on Melodeon.net which gave me something to work on but I never would have found that sneaky bar of 3/2!! Also, I find 7 bars in the B part a little unsettling. regards Jake
  22. In another thread Bill N wrote .... " Posted Friday at 12:17 AM Snip, ... Snip, ...... I'm enjoying playing this and other recently composed pieces in the tradition (Mrs. Saggs & Polpero Bay for instance) that make one stretch a bit compared to some of the more straight-forward tunes in the traditional repertoire." Mrs SAGGS I have already but the reference to POLPERRO BAY intrigued me so I searched it out and listened to it on sound cloud here : ... Polperro Bay I rather liked it, so can anyone direct me towards the sheet music?? regards Jake
  23. Hi Petey, welcome to Concertina.net. I think AMMOON is the retailer not the make of concertina. Is this what you purchased?? ..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/ammoon-Concertina-20-Button-Anglo-Style/dp/B01G52W0OU Jake
  24. Hi "Grabman" You don't say if you are Anglo or English. ... It makes a difference! Me, I'm anglo. I run an easy/slow session for all instruments, playing from the dots and meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings, 20:30, at the TIGER INN, Lairgate, Beverley. .. except the first Tuesday of the month when the MG car club have the room. However, on Tuesday 03rd December we are meeting in the front poolroom of the MONKSWALK, Highgate, Beverley, 20:00 onwards and there'll be no more sessions until 07th January. (The TIGER has too many xmas meals booked.) Soo ... if you're free this next Tuesday, come along and meet some musicians (they don't bite), and see how the session works. There's generally an English player there as well. I'll set them to work and we can talk concertinas? Jake
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