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  1. wunks

    Concertina as a medical device?

    I recently (I'm about a year in) started playing a couple of Jeff Duets I acquired in the '70's because as a dance fiddler ( just me and a piano) I felt I was fading a bit, partly because of a nagging tendon/arthritic condition in my left thumb. This condition has greatly improved since. It's a light load activity for the hand and a great brain exercise and ergo, feedback loop. I've modified the left hand strap to play with the thumb underneath. Fiddle playing back to form!
  2. wunks

    Tips & Tricks for Contra

    Another "dictionary" definition which somewhat confuses the issue is "an improvised accompaniment or backup to a tune" (paraphrase) and similar; " to extemporize on the piano".
  3. wunks

    Tips & Tricks for Contra

    If someone could point out the etymology of the word it would be helpful. All the varied "definitions" I'm seeing are too narrow. It means different things to different musicians as they talk among themselves. I certainly consider "oom pah", or "boom chuck", or "chugging" to be vamping, but also any rhythmic backup to the melody even if it's non-repetitive and/or non-chordal. Some examples would be a simple bass line, a gypsy jazz backup chord run, or stride piano. Heck, my most excellent piano player can "boom chuck" her way through five or six rounds of a fiddle tune without repeating a phrase. I'd even consider a washboard providing structure for an old time string band to be vamping! But that's just me....😊
  4. wunks

    Sterling Melodeon on Ebay

    In the absence of any other response, I remember searching for a Sterling years ago when I was contemplating a melodeon for Quebecois music, They were, at that time, generally considered a top quality vintage instrument.
  5. wunks

    Jeffries in B/F# (really!)

    I'm not sure if this transfers from the Jeff duet to an anglo but as an an artifact of the note (button) arrangement centering on C, the keys of C# and G# are also conveniently arranged in the accidental row. If your instrument is in modern pitch you might find C and G to be quite handy but with different fingerings of course. My Jeffries is in old philharmonic pitch (sharp) but I have a modern pitch box as well and the Jeffries gives me some more options for singing.
  6. The Wheatstone box for my 9" duet is a simple four square with vertical corner blocks; very easy to construct and hugs the instrument perfectly. The panels are more like 1/4".
  7. wunks

    Summer Scottish

    15*F below zero here this morning but no frozen pipes and the sun is up and warming! Thanx for the lovely push toward Spring......😊
  8. If you mean the hat box, the one I'm looking at has one flat side and so like the old hex boxes could be stored horizontally.
  9. Re-purposed record, camera, medical cases etc.. I've got my eye on an excellent "Shriners" hat box in a local consignment shop.
  10. Is it badged Samuel Barnett or Barnett Samuel (and son) as is my Lachenal EC? Just curious.
  11. Hi Robin it's Erik (wunks).  I was cleaning out old emails and I noticed that a message either from me to you or you to me was not sent/received concerning extra buttons.  My last post to you was my address and reason for wanting them, at your request.  If they've gone elsewhere that's fine,  but if you still have them I could use them to refurbish a  Lachenal EC and/or add notes to my Jeff duet.  If they're spoken for you can ignore this post.  If they're still available I'll re-send my address in a separate post.  It might have been the reason it couldn't be delivered. Thanx.



  12. Hello Sebastian.  I thought I'd PM you so as not to clog the thread.  From what I gather from the web, ( the information is sparse and somewhat conflicting) The "Tromba" refers to the notes of a non-valved horn such as a bugle ( harmonics only).  The main string passes over a "buzzing" (or "rattling" depending on how it is adjusted) bridge, one foot of which is set to just clear the sound board.  It's this that I thought I heard in Fane's music.





    IMG_20180912_120345 (1).jpg

  13. Yes. This appears to be a 17th century version. lt is bowed, with harmonics struck by the thumb. Loose translation would be "Mary's Trumpet" as it was a convent instrument, nuns being forbidden to play horns.
  14. Extremely enjoyable. I felt like a cat dreaming in the sun. Did I hear one of these?
  15. Google "Nightmare Before Christmas Street band" for some great shots with innovative support straps!