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  1. Jig Doll or Limber Jack around here but with a rod into the back instead of strings with the plank atop the knee. The strings allow much more freedom for the "Jack". Yours is a break dancer!
  2. I play Jeff duet not anglo but I've realized that having just one bisonoric button (F#/G# in each octave) sorts out all kinds of irregularities and limitations. Reading this thread I'm wondering if a unisonoric button or two on anglo might be of some use.
  3. Your approach works quite well. It's beautiful! Not only the sparse harmony but a frugal melody line as well. It's not easy to resist opening Pandora's box......😊
  4. As an intuitive player I find myself thinking and playing (duet) as a whole and therefore (subconciously I guess) avoid the left hand, right hand convention with a piece somewhat straddling the middle. Harmonies (if any) can appear above, below and/or surrounding a melody.
  5. I'm Curious. Does cleaning affect playability one way or another?
  6. wunks


    Hogmanay or Adieu to The Auld Year (strathpey) was added to The Session 5 days ago. It's in A. I play by ear so I don't know if it's the same tune as yours in G, ( I can slowly read the dots but don't know ABC ) The audio clip is so fast I can't grasp it. it may be one of these but in any case what I heard was probably played more like a reel for contra dancing.
  7. Yes David thanks. It appears to be the same. I don't do facebook but the marketplace is viewable without.
  8. wunks


    I remember a fiddle tune with this name. Can anyone play it? I found Gavin Atkin's fine rendition of Hogmanay Jig on melodeon but I don't remember it as a jig although that would be nice to hear on concertina as well. I think it was played on hammered dulcimer. Fennig's Allstars perhaps?
  9. If anyone's looking for one of these Bastaris (C/G 30 buttons) There's one in a shop in Brockport NY USA for around $250. Ken Coles posted a picture of one in a recent thread but I can't find it now. The ad is in Facebook Marketplace search concertina.
  10. Small end nippers may give you enough purchase if you squeeze just hard enough to create a little flat spot each side without cutting off the nub. Mini-blunt nose vise-grips may be safer if they will hold without slipping.
  11. I'm mostly in agreement with Clive here and would take another step back from imposing your will on the instrument. Forget what key(s) it's in. Pick a random note. Find another that sounds interesting with it. Add a third note. Now there is a mood or flavor. Proceed accordin'. It's also helpful to learn to play melody with your left hand.
  12. A second "thumbs up" for Voltarin. Another thing about practice time; After around 30 min. or so, especially when trying to push through the distraction, I can over shoot my brain's working capacity, sort of like flooding the carburetor (remember those?).
  13. Yep, 64. as the "Fab four" well knew. Try two twenty minute sets or even ten at first to give your hand wrist and arm a chance to develop a "workaround". I've learned to play such that it becomes therapeutic rather than aggravating the condition.
  14. Even though I'm contemplating some changes to Jeffries duet to ease the fingering gymnastics somewhat, I don't want to lose the "flavor" of different keys due to unique patterns for each.
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