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  1. Stephen, what's the bellows geometry on the (Florentine?) instrument , second top left?
  2. With everyone at home now, I self-quarantine to the tree house to play.....😏
  3. Perhaps a clue and/or more confusion; I just opened up my JD 50 button which is a close match for Gary's and perhaps the one Alex examined as well. On the left hand, all the inboard 5 (lower) notes are chamfered plus the low C# which has an outlying chamber with it's button at the far lower left in the low note row. All these are heavily weighted at the tip except the D which is in the center of the inboard notes and has more room to extend towards the point of the hexagon. On the right hand the inboard 5 notes all have the chamfer but none other. None are weighted.
  4. Gregor, This is dance music! A clip with dancing pliiiiiiize?
  5. The image of extruding any number of them at once through a flat plate comes to mind.
  6. The object on the left looks like the "Pokey Little Puppy" either stuffed or in glazed ceramic.....🙂
  7. Lucy Cash Dollar still plies the Erie canal.
  8. I can add two instruments ( safe in their cases for 50+ years ) and one player ( resisted the siren's call for 50+ years).....😏
  9. wunks


    I don't think of the word "swing" being associated with Irish music but looking up "lilt" I find "swing" as a characteristic along with "happy and cheerful" and "a pleasant rising and falling cadence"
  10. wunks


    Texas Swing deserves a wiki look as well and swing dancing among the contra dance folks was hot for a while, probably still is in some places.
  11. After clamping a displaced veneer chip with a veggie rubber band I realized it would make a good marker for gatherings or sessions where there may be several instruments laying about. Even though I'm sure everyone keeps a close eye on their precious box, mix-ups could occur! They come in spiffy colors too.....😃
  12. Your location would also be helpful.
  13. If anyone has parts for these such as fret ends, reed pans, action boards etc. or an instrument that's been stripped for it's reeds, I'd be interested for a custom re-build project. I'm in central NY State. PM me if you have something that might be usable. Thanx.
  14. Now, that's how you do concertina face!.......😶
  15. There are bar soaps that alter skin PH if that's the issue. Upon return from the island or other adverse environment give your box a good work out involving all the keys.
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