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  1. Your Idea with the towel might the right approach. I think there was a thread here some time ago about using an old fashioned hand muff modified with side entry for your hands and closed ends.....😊
  2. Forgiven. Perhaps you remember our canal side jam in Canajoharie a couple of years ago. I'm now at that point of figuring out what NOT to play on those two Jeff duets!
  3. A required accessory for your '57 Chebby.
  4. The idea of using a strap and suicide knob ( lover's wheel spinner ) keeps popping into my head!
  5. I have a table leaf and a couple of display case rails of American Chestnut I'm saving for my future Jeff duet build. Light, strong, decay resistant and a beautiful rich dark brown. It's probably around 100 years old and the rail pieces have some pinholes so that was probably milled from dead or dying trees ( the leaf is clean). It's an open pored wood that looks a lot like oak but with more contrast in the grain. I've contemplated a single wood build ( not by me ) but even though it's properties would seem to be excellent throughout, it's relatively rare and using it sparingly for visual parts only would leave plenty of material for my contemplated line of resurrected JD instruments....😄
  6. Playing with my eyes closed allows me to "sense" a tune more clearly.
  7. The most useful pattern for me is 1,3 and 5 often parsed with 2 fingers instead of 3. nearly anything can be built from that.
  8. What RAc said but also, because it's a duet, learn to play it like one so on either hand you have more than one finger on the buttons at a time and they can reference off each other. Playing in different keys helps.
  9. Push, pull or both. On an Anglo I'd assume one or the other. If you incorporate a bellows reversal (I'd call that a "shake") you'll get different notes in your roll which you may not want. For a "shiver" Use push or pull depending on where you want to end up. I've learned it both ways. You can practice this without the concertina by clenching your right hand fist thumb up and stiffening your arm. You will feel it pulse or"spasm". You can control that pulse to 3 beats. Move your forearm up and down after each 3. When you can do that, change the motion to side to side. Voila! You'll need to unclench your fist to play of course!
  10. I assume you mean Anglo, which I don't play but I do have one and these two approaches work for either uni or bi-sonoric instruments: Use a doublet followed by a short bellows change note ( several variations of this ). Use a bellows shiver or shake by stiffening your arm either with or without a bellows change ( usually results in 4 rather than 3 notes )
  11. Well, I've moved a few reeds on my Jeffries duet with great success and recently Bob Snope at the Button Box Repair Shop moved the whole lot down a step to a "D" core with little difficulty. Completely reversible. No carpentry required. He needed only 3 replacement reeds. Saved the spares. I can't speak to your particular instrument but the Jeffries Parallel chamber build style seems to accept movements in small increments. I decided to go ahead with this after close inspection, some trial moves and a hands on consultation with Bob. I would say if you're comfortable opening up your box, and you have a D elsewhere , try it as a test. Left hand thumb key might be an inboard set of reeds which could be a problem. You should call Mr. Snope for advice. By Jeffries anglo I assume you mean the maker not just the layout.
  12. A clutter of Minion skeleton fossils. A fleet of Star Wars TIE fighter ships.
  13. Hello Jody.  An off topic question....  The metal ended Jeffries (?) is a match for my set of 6" ends (Shakespeare) supposedly from a 44 button anglo.  This pattern is also identical to my Jeffries duet.  Is the box pictured a duet or an anglo?  In either case I'm looking for a donor box (or a working instrument).  Should this one be for sale, even if a wreck inside, I'd be interested.  I'm near Cooperstown NY.


    Peace, Health and Harmony 


    Erik House


  14. Instrument played by Sherlock in his musical group " The Speckled Band" Below is their first album cover and title tune; "The Espaliered Box"
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