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  1. wunks

    One of the stranger concertina pics I've seen

    7 of the 9 are holding something either in their mouths or in a free hand. What might that be? What is the gent next to the box player holding? Late in the year judging from the shrubbery and the dress code. Badges or medallions at the shoulder. Nattily dressed but not in uniform. Boots/shoes all clean. The hats are all different as if acquired from a thrift shop. Countenance neither dour nor cheery, rather indifferent. All appear of a similar age. Arms over shoulders, quite chummy. A singing group of some sort, like a barber shop quartet I reckon. What say you Sherlock? 🤔
  2. wunks

    Push vs Pull - why?

    My assumption that such an animal didn't exist was based on a side conversation in the "Tenor/Treble" thread January 2 in which skepticism was seemingly expressed as to any "successful" version of such a reed assembly. My apologies.
  3. wunks

    Push vs Pull - why?

    Yes, and the down bow expends its energy abruptly, then peters out , whereas the up bow reserves it's power and options.
  4. wunks

    Push vs Pull - why?

    I would add the Bass au pied, still being made today.
  5. wunks

    Push vs Pull - why?

    Left handed players of right/built instruments abound..... Cyril Stinnet (fiddle), Elizabeth Cotton (guitar).
  6. wunks

    Push vs Pull - why?

    Orchestral music has a visual requirement and a spatial one as per seating arrangements. I've flipped my duet (originally by accident taking it out of the case) and it's like a new instrument. the fingerings are much the same but some keys are easier and some tunes are also.
  7. wunks

    Push vs Pull - why?

    Change the sound post, change the bass bar, re-cut the bridge, new nut , new tailpiece, new strings to compensate for different string tension due to peg head...... 'bout does it eh? Nope. good violins are built with the growth rings of the spruce top oriented narrow to the high side, wide to the low side
  8. wunks

    Push vs Pull - why?

    A concertina reed whether Anglo, English or duet is a push reed or a pull reed, never both. Whoever invents a bi-directional single reed assembly will revolutionize the instrument.
  9. wunks

    Getting a grip

    Yep. the palm rest is now in the way. Exchange it for a small saddle under the pinky/palm joint (see comments above) and you'll begin to have strange dreams of clusters of bass notes or accidentals under those liberated thumbs........😃
  10. wunks

    Getting a grip

    Exactly, so I'm contemplating a modified bar rest just for that point of contact for even more freedom of movement.
  11. wunks

    Getting a grip

    Something else you might try is to bring the strap behind the thumb to a new attachment point so it crosses the hand close to the wrist. I use the closest fret end bolt for an anchor (temporary, no modification required) and turn the strap end back under the base of the thumb to form a comfortable cradle.
  12. That's interesting. I know that playing with dancers greatly influences my playing ( on fiddle, so far). I wouldn't have expected a more linear approach but it makes sense thinking about it. Thanx.
  13. Do you (or anyone else here) play Tango for/with dancers?
  14. wunks

    Contacting Frank Edgley

    Depends on how many of them turn.