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  1. Whatever, whenever, where ever, crude maybe but I'd love to hear the music it's made... Lumber camps? Whaler? Gold rush saloon?.......πŸ˜€
  2. Well, I'd be a market of one for a Jeff duet, "playable at a moderate price" but I doubt my desired mods would be a standard for any makers to make a bunch of them.
  3. Is the band of marquetry a decal or a veneer?
  4. Most interesting to me is the hand/palm rest. It looks to be more comfortable and accommodating to hand movement than a strait bar.
  5. I have to differ and suggest left hand first. I try to play the melody line right up to the other side of the overlap and use the right hand version of those notes to escape difficulties, integrate the tune and or create embellishments. With a mostly two finger lead and open chord (not blocked) approach, it's fairly easy to drop pinky and/or third fingers lower for harmonies. As the melody line goes higher, I can twitter away without getting tangle finger and establish a nice bass line with an occasional chug. Playing Jeffries duet....😊
  6. And McNeela should agree in advance to accept a bill for the repair if they acknowledge the defect.
  7. Hello Julie. Because you may find it difficult to find a Crane player near enough for in person lessons (I'm in central NY and play Jeffries duet) and if you like Quebecois music, and if you are willing and able to learn by ear, I can send you my simple version of what I consider a "gateway" tune to Duet which I think will be of great value for learning any system. It is "Alfred Montmarquette's 6/8 in A minor, C and F". Don't be scared by the title. It's in three simple parts in three of the easiest keys on duet (I'm assuming this for the others as well as JD). In addition to learning 3 k
  8. A lovely old song and a lovely performance by you both..😊. My favorite of my Mother's stride piano tunes she used to hammer out in our living room with Dad (the original "Johnny One Note") on his beat up old trumpet. I never knew the bridge and don't think she did either. Thanks!
  9. The late Stan Rogers recorded a lively version.
  10. This thread mentions an Edeophone as the box in the film (Greg J.).
  11. I don't know how many of these there are in the world, however I remember seeing a craigslist ad for one in the New Jersey area not long ago ( a couple of months?). It was metal ended and an edeophone, if my memory serves me. Advertised as a soprano with (piccolo) in parentheses. I don't see the ad any longer.
  12. For goodness sake don't get your head involved! You instinctively know how to "pulse" and drive the rhythm. With fiddle, it's a little speed up and down pressure on the back beat and you can use it with a simple chord or drone to second almost anything...😊
  13. Nice! I particularly like the way you add a beat with the bellows pressure while holding a note. It's quite close to a very useful dance fiddle technique.
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