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  1. Awesome playing! Really impressive what you can get out of the Anglo. Thanks so much for posting this. Gary
  2. From my experience with various sizes of Jeffries Duets, the smaller ones are much more nimble, the larger ones more stately - think motorboat versus ocean liner. More buttons give you more range, but take a hard look to see if you actually need that additional range. For example, on the music I play on my English concertina, I never play the higher squeaky buttons so they just sit there pretty much unused. Gary
  3. What a great exercise for learning to play a C/G in the really difficult key of E! Gary
  4. Although about 400 miles away from you, the Old Palestine Concertina Weekend in East Texas on March 23-25 will have quite a few Anglo, English, and Duet players, plus workshops and jams, so it would be an excellent opportunity to meet up with other players and also try other instruments. And the BBQ is pretty good too! Gary
  5. It's a great book, well worth waiting for! Dan is planning on officially launching the book in March with Droney's daughter, Ann. Gary
  6. I've not used a DAW so don't know if it has this kind of setting, but I find a drum machine much more natural and easier to work with than a clicking metronome. I think it helps in anticipating the beats much better rather than trying to follow a mechanical click. Gary
  7. Alas, it looks like they will only update existing downloads if correcting major mistakes after submitting approved documentation. Adding pages or additional text doesn't count. Not sure why this is so difficult, it's just electrons and all they would need to do is push a button... Gary
  8. Good catch, David, in spite of the drift (sorry, Cohen)! Just goes to show what can happen when one knows a tune too well to pay attention to pesky details. Gruber wrote "Stille Nacht" in 6/8, so this long-lived typo has now been excised almost ten years later and all future books will be correct - a Christmas concertina miracle! Gary
  9. I shall have to have a word with my printer Mr. Bezos! Sorry to hear the covers are curling, not sure why it would affect one book versus any others, but as Don says it's definitely a problem with this type of binding. It's certainly a misnomer to call it "perfect" when it is far from it, but it's the only type offered by Amazon. Cutting the spines and adding coils will make it lie flat but probably not help the curling. My guess is the paper side is expanding due to higher moisture absorption but not sure what to do about it. If put nearer to a heater does it flatten back? Or....maybe it's just the spirit of Cohen telling you to keep the book open and practice?!? Gary
  10. And here is one way of playing it with a C/G Anglo - in the same key. Happy holidays to all! Gary Silent-Night-XMAS.pdf
  11. Ye worde from Amazon: Go to Manage Your Content and Devices. Search for your Kindle book. If available, select Update Available, then select Update. Hope this works! Gary
  12. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but I have uploaded a new Kindle file with the pages of links added at the back. Let me know if it automatically updates and if the links work - hope so! Gary
  13. How about this? I think I might have missed one or two, but this is definitely most of them. They are all on YouTube, most are on the "Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style" playist on the angloconc channel. I'm sure there are others out there that I've missed so hopefully you can find even more (or add your own). I'll work on adding these to the Kindle version too. Gary ACHS-QR.docx
  14. I just realized today that there are no QR code links in Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style and I'm not sure why or how I let it go for so long, so to remedy that situation the paperback version now has 72 QR code links to YouTube videos. It's not every tune in the book, but it's a lot of them, and it also includes YouTube videos from some great players I've found on YouTube like Maki, Kana Mimi, Gen Totani, and GeoffW. Nice to see and hear how other folks are learning and playing some of the tunes! Same story for Pirate Songs for Concertina, Sailor Songs for Concertina, Sea Songs for 20-Button Anglo Concertina. I've added 32 QR codes for the pirates and 24 for the sailors, plus 40 QR codes to Sea Songs. I think I was waiting until I had made videos of every tune... well, that hasn't happened yet so they just need to include the ones completed so far. Gary
  15. Updating this thread... I've added the audio from the Tricolor/Corona version of "Sweetness of Mary" to the website: www.rollstonpress.com This is the one that matches the tablature in Easy Anglo 1-2-3. Hard to believe it was written as a strathspey since it is so nice when played slowly and expressively! Thanks to Yuka for such wonderful playing. Gary
  16. Awesome app, my friend, what a great service to the concertina community! Gary
  17. Only slightly less if from shops, but please support local shops whenever possible! Gary
  18. Now available in Kindle! As for Dongbei availability, wish I could help with that, I see amazon.cn doesn't carry any concertina books. Some places on the internet say Amazon does ship to China, so maybe one could try entering a Chinese address? Next time I'm in Tieling I'll bring some with me! Gary
  19. The book is now available in Kindle format. I wasn't able to preview it for some reason, so let me know if there are any problems. As to Phil's style, it's definitely not just left hand chords and right hand melody, but he typically uses a variety of harmonic techniques within the same tune. Perhaps that comes from his engineering background, finding several different ways to get the results he wants. Gary
  20. I see Bellingham Windworks has the Rochelle in your price range. If that is close by you could probably check it out in person. Gary
  21. You'll have an early pre-release copy, in Bermuda of all places, how cool is that? Gary
  22. Yes, it's a brand new book by Dan Worrall, with an official launch planned for next spring - but it's hard to keep a secret on the internet! It was briefly available for copies for Ann Kirrane and members of the Droney family, and will be available to the general public very soon. Either Dan or I will be sure to officially announce it here when the time comes! Gary
  23. Here are a couple of Christmas tunes that did not make it into the book but are certainly appropriate for the season. Gary
  24. Yes! I'll try to get it sorted out this week.
  25. For those interested in playing harmonic-style Anglo, here's announcing a new Rollston Press book: The Anglo Concertina Music of Phil Ham. With a foreword by John Watcham, over 60 tunes, 119 pages, plus QR code links to historical recordings of Phil playing every tune. 20 USD / 16 GBP, available through Amazon and also through Red Cow Music in the UK. Phil was one of the first Anglo players in the folk revival to play across all the rows, and he was an early mentor and influence for John Kirkpatrick, John Watcham, and many others. Most of his music is for English Morris dancing, but he also plays hymns, madrigals, sea shanties, and Geordie songs. Phil never recorded commercially or played in any bands, but he did put together some cassette practice tapes back in the 1970's and 1980's. Through the magic of QR codes over 60 of these tunes are included in the book with note-for-note transcriptions and tablature. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Phil on my UK trip a couple of months ago and I am happy to report that he is still going strong today at a mere 92-years-old! He provided the notes for all the tunes in the book plus a detailed biography of his life with the concertina. I've attached the Table of Contents plus a couple of the tunes from the book. And yes, Phil gets a 50% share of the royalties, as he should, for being such a delightful gentleman and an important part of Anglo history. Gary Vicar-of-Bray-PHIL-HAM.pdf TOC-PHIL-HAM.pdf Milleys-Bequest-PHIL-HAM.pdf
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