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  1. Graham Collicutt

    My web site is (finally) up to date

    Now in the post, thank you Henrick and Alex
  2. Graham Collicutt

    Getting “off the rows” on a G/D Anglo

    Wakker G/D. For me I try to play as much of the tune with my right hand. Main keys G D, A and E minors, B minor, A C, G and D minor, F in order of ease and use. I feel Irish style C/G requires a strong left hand, so I wouldn't use C/G ''D'' fingering, it would end up an octave lower than I would like to be. A good tune to start with is Atholl Highlanders. It is all on the D row, no g#, but gives you the feeling of being in A ( 2nd position?) 4th part you only need fingers 1 and 2 on right hand: B g row| c#ac#c#ac# (all pull d row and g row}|dbddbd (all push)| c#ac#c#ac#| bgbbgb ( all push g row)|c#ac#c#ac#|dbddbd|eeef#ed ( all d row)|c# ba| . Blackthorn Stick in A is another good starter tune. Graham
  3. Graham Collicutt

    Getting “off the rows” on a G/D Anglo

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yse_AJN-OYs This is what I am doing here, plus playing pull B off left hand D row, plus some others. I could do a slower version if that would help. Graham
  4. Graham Collicutt

    Munster Cloak

    2 examples: Swallow's Nest from Allan's Irish Fiddler A part I can never get as good as I would like. Drowsy Maggie start of A part
  5. Graham Collicutt

    Munster Cloak

    That Jeffries, I kept for about 25 years. I should have kept a tally of what has passed through, there have been around 6 other Jeffries, but I am now happy with what I have. I have tried every system, and I think it has all helped, but it is 30 button G/D wheatstone system anglo that wins out. Yes, I still have the Model 22, playing the english would less than 5% of my practice, but a few tunes have stuck that I struggle with on the anglo. I rarely take it out of the house. I find there is nearly always another way of playing with the anglo, the fifth jump at least 3 obvious ways; on the english, always a problem I have never overcome well enough. Mistakes with the anglo, easy to overlook and recover from, the english much less so.
  6. Graham Collicutt

    Munster Cloak

    I swapped this concertina for a Peacock with Don. Graham
  7. Graham Collicutt

    Munster Cloak

    Don asked for more, so here is an old friend.
  8. Graham Collicutt

    Fanny Powers - The South Wind

    Thank you, for positive comments. Video is to explain how my anglo style originated. C/G anglo, lent by friend, 41 years ago, who then had it back, replaced with english. After 4-5 years a small inheritance made it possible to buy G/D Jeffries (not the best) but I had to part exchange the english. Over many years my anglo playing has become what it has, with a lack of knowledge and application to play a chordal bass style, but hoping to make a pleasant noise. https://youtu.be/jbrYfie5rOA I played Munster Cloak with no fore thought, so you will see why I play mainly anglo.
  9. Graham Collicutt

    Fanny Powers - The South Wind

    Hi This was a first take, no edits, just to contrast with Mike's playing. Graham
  10. Graham Collicutt

    Baro Concertina !?

    Harry & Riny Geuns – free-reed makers Address: Rondstraat 11 3640 Molenbeersel/Kinrooi Belgium VAT/TVA/BTW: BE0861975751 (reg. Geuns- Henricus) Phone/Fax +32(0)89704151 Email: geunsharry@telenet.be
  11. Graham Collicutt

    Mike Acott

    See this thread: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=19734&do=findComment&comment=184672
  12. Graham Collicutt

    New Model Anglo

    This is the first ''New Model'' anglo I have seen, didn't bid enough but never mind. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282677939599?ul_noapp=true You have to click on original listing.
  13. Graham Collicutt

    New To Concertinas

    Nobody has mentioned using apps, see http://appcordions.com/concertinas/ You can try out some different systems at a very low cost.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39oqIhb7d8Q One hour video from 2014, was linked on melodeon.net. I know no more.
  15. Graham Collicutt

    Curious Concertina For Sale In Quebec

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdYklbrEmoo&list=UUV_6kkV65vhIjCOPy0MRBrQ This was the 1st linked video.