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  1. Hi Bill, That is correct, left hand c row play c and g.
  2. Thank you, I still have a lot to learn. I can ply a song or two but I learned it of sheets showing the buttons to press. Thank you for the help with the keys, I could still bug you with a few questions in the future. Keep well,
  3. Hi Graham, I would like to ask you a question, what are the numbers for after the key eg, on the right hand left top f4, a5..?
  4. Hi Graham, Thank you for the keys, I will try it, looks the same as myne.
  5. Here is a close up of the keys, top is in F and bottom is in C
  6. Hi John, This is my concertina, it is built by Danie Labuschagne here in South Africa. Regards
  7. Good day, I am a new learner, I have a Anglo consertina in F/C Can any one help me with the key layout of the consertina please. Thank you.
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