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  1. Thanks. Had a loolk at this and will order?
  2. Thanks for these suggestions. Will check them out. I was also realising that fiddle music with 2nd fiddle parts would useful giving some indication of harmonic possibilities. Tried a few from a basic traditional fiddle tutor book but they needed to be adapted a bit for concertina. But the principle seemed sound so will look for some more advanced music.
  3. Can anyone suggest any books or source for popular and classical music? thanks Paul
  4. Fair enough. Why are VWs such good cars? Because they’re made by VW.
  5. Why do Jeffries reeds generally sound so good?
  6. Really liked this. Nice tune and great playing.?
  7. Great photos of such a brilliant player and his family. Out on his own before the concertina became what it is today. His powerful and unadorned style is a foundation of concertina playing at its best.
  8. Came across this Wheatstone leaflet in the loft which I must have got in the 70s. It makes for interesting reading. The English concertina being the most popular system and the the Anglo lends itself to non music readers. ? How times change. When was the Wheatstone factory in Edgware?
  9. Very nice small Louis Lachenal concertina circa 1865. Plays well and sounds excellent. Has been carefully restored and tuned. Comes with Wheatstone case. £695 plus postage. Uk only.
  10. Brenda Stubbert’s as it sounded in the old days at 78 rpm. Don’t (bother) to try this at home? Nice tune at reel speed though.
  11. Yes the concertina market seems to value a good Anglo. Anyway it just seems to me that there are lots of children and young people playing Anglos, usually really well! And I just wondered if any young people were as enthusiastic about the EC.
  12. I heard someone comment at a recent session that there seems to be relatively few younger people playing the English Concertina in comparison to other types of concertinas especially the Anglo. The popularity of Irish music is obviously a factor. There are others. But given that it is a great instrument in its own right are there any places where the English is flourishing?
  13. Hi Pete am interested but not sure if postage to UK would make it impractical. Will pm you.
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