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  1. It’s horses for courses I think and go with whatever works best for you. In the diatonic button accordion world people use and have experimented with many different button set ups - button height, spacing etc as well as an array of strap styles/ playing positions.
  2. Be useful to see the inside. The reeds are kind of important.
  3. I’ve had a Mayfair for many years and recently got it upgraded a little with new ends and buttons and fine tuned ( keeping all the original parts with the concertina). It plays really well and I like the sound of the reeds which are reasonable quality. Think the two on eBay are a bit dear. I know they are “Wheatstone” but are not the quality we associate with the name. If you could pick one up a bit cheaper it is a nice wee box in its own right.
  4. Looking for a Wheatstone model 21. Prefer unrestored.
  5. What a great player Edwards was and an example of just how good the EC is at a range of music in the hands of a master. I am ofcourse particularly impressed by his Scottish repertoire which is a lesson in itself. thanks for sharing this 👌
  6. That explains why you get such a nice recording😂
  7. Hi Jim, that sounds good. Trying a wee session today at 3pm your time. Can you liaise with David? Otherwise we could set another time. I’ll DM you my email. Paul
  8. Very nice tune and arrangement. Lovely sounding concertina.
  9. Nice tunes and great sound. Recorded on JamKazam too?
  10. Hi David, that sounds good. I’ll DM you with details. Paul
  11. Hi, I recently got into JamKazam and wondered if anyone who has it fancied a tune. I play mostly Scottish and pipe based music but enjoy anything really. thanks Paul
  12. A few years back I adapted a Wheatstone Mayfair 30 button EC which I bought in the 70s. I think it was £70, which was pretty reasonable at the time. It sounded good for playing Scottish tunes but I had other concertinas and it was relegated to a top shelf. On rediscovering it, I had a well known concertina repairer to make me new wooden end plates as I felt the metal ones were contributing to a slightly tinny sound. He did a great job. The result was a much mellower tone but it’s good quality accordion reeds still gave it that edge for the Scottish stuff. I fitted pine baffles which mellowed it further but dampened the sound so they came out. Further adaptions followed including Henrik Muller inspired handrests/ straps which vastly improved the bellows control and consequently the rhythm. It’s now a great wee box and a necessary companion in sessions, good for group and solo playing. Here it is.
  13. Nice looking wee concertina with a good sound. Listening to your tunes it’s clear it works well for your repertoire. I particularly like the grace notes, doublings etc as they enhance the melody and importantly the rhythm which can be tricky on English. I also liked the jigs which sound very Scottish and use the right kind of ornamentation. This is pushing the boundaries in a particular way and will be interesting to hear your playing as it progresses to this instrument’s potential.
  14. Thanks. Had a loolk at this and will order?
  15. Thanks for these suggestions. Will check them out. I was also realising that fiddle music with 2nd fiddle parts would useful giving some indication of harmonic possibilities. Tried a few from a basic traditional fiddle tutor book but they needed to be adapted a bit for concertina. But the principle seemed sound so will look for some more advanced music.
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