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  1. Thanks for including the sample tunes. They're cute and definitely a different sort of harmonic accompaniment than block chords or oom-pahs. I'll be picking this one up.
  2. Been waiting for this one for a hot minute!!!
  3. Just sharing some recordings I did of recent tunes for a review w/ Cohen BK as part of our lessons. Thanks for listening!
  4. Super fun. Thanks to all the performers and those that put this together!
  5. I would also recommend Cohen. Just had a lesson with him today and have some pretty exciting songs to work on.
  6. As a huge Sea of Thieves fan, thank you!
  7. Hi there, I have a Clover anglo and the primary "C" button on the right hand (pointer finger) valve pad seems loose, or the button is wobbling, or something shifted. It keeps resulting in the valve pad resting slightly on top of the valve pad below it, which lets air through and the note keeps sounding even when the button isn't pressed. Any thoughts on what could be loose, worn, or going surprisingly wobbly here? I do play a fair amount, and this would be one of the most used buttons. Thanks, Geoff
  8. Playing this arrangement of Come Write Me Down by Cohen BK. Originally commissioned to play at a friend's wedding, they decided to go with Shenandoah instead. It's a lovely tune though Nice left hand accompaniments.
  9. I went from a Rochelle to a Minstrel to a Clover and in perfect hindsight should've just gone to the clover straightaway. But, even the move to a minstrel is a massive improvement you won't regret for a second.
  10. I've been taking lessons with him almost a year now and have found him to be an extremely attentive and encouraging teacher. He pushes me regularly with longer, more challenging tunes, while we work on more basic concepts like music theory and left hand accompaniments, or learning by ear, on a weekly basis. Having this accountability has really pushed me to practice and grow as a player during the pandemic and I'll definitely keep taking them!
  11. Wow, getting the Gigue down in a Coover book. I see my practicing future unfurl before me.
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