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  1. Really great all around. I love seeing more of this music "on the come-up" played on the Anglo
  2. Hi Maarten, both the instruments you linked are big steps up from the Bonetti/Cheapo Generic Concertina, but are definitely still beginner instruments. There are a number of threads on the site about them, I find it useful to go on Google and type "site:concertina.net [SEARCH TERM]" and it'll search all the forum threads about it much better than the site's software can. I've gone up the whole upgrade path from Rochelle -> Minstrel -> Clover on the Anglo side. The Rochelle was nice to start on compared to what I came from, similar to yours, but I moved on from it quickly.
  3. Been hungering to see more videos of Alex Holden's concertinas in action. It sounds and looks really, really good. Nice playing (Isel) and nice craftsmanship (Alex)
  4. Been working at this one for a bit and it's time to put it to bed for now. Here's the best recording I could manage this week:
  5. Just got my copy in today, one of the few Gary books I apparently didn't have yet Looking forward to it.
  6. I would love to hear more about both of your instruments (and hear recordings!) I am on the waitlist for a Wakker and daydream about it often, but they get much less discussion around here than other builders, it seems.
  7. I'm not quite up to snuff on the specific needs of custom button arrangements (yet!) but do quite enjoy the playing. Thanks for sharing.
  8. For posterity, Wim's detailed reply to my inquiry:
  9. I’ve been taking lessons with @cohen and he asked me to record four of the songs we’ve been working on as sort of a periodic review. Trying to record yourself play something through without errors is a learning lesson in itself (and sometimes an exercise in frustration) but here are two of them that I think came out decently. Maybe this is the recital? First is a violin piece, Siciliana from Telemanns Violin Fantasia #6: Second is a Playford tune, Juice of Barley, played through four variations. Both arrangements were by Cohen BK. I’ve
  10. I think it's a little better. I'm noticing it kind of happens on a few of the low notes, so perhaps it's a limitation of the box? One interesting thing is the valve on the other side has its little...metal strip...bent. It's the only one like this. Is this to provide extra holding power, keeping the valve from falling open?
  11. Bumping an old thread instead of starting a new one. My low E/F key has started to not sound, but only on abrupt or strong pulls out - it feels stuck. It will sound if you pull gently, like Arthur and the sword in the stone. I pulled the box apart, took the reed plate out and blew air at it - didn't see anything stuck. Put it back together and it persists. Is this a valve issue? It's a hybrid w/ accordion reeds.
  12. If you're having a good time, keep having a good time. Haters gonna hate
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