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    I've played Anglo for over 30 years and play both C/G and G/D. I also play Crane Duet, and I tried out Hayden Duet and Chemnitzer for a while too. I'm involved in organizing various concertina events in the San Francisco Bay Area -- if you're interested, send me a message!
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  1. If this winds up becoming a new discussion forum, I would suggest having a pinned post at the top for permanent links to the the home pages of duet players (on Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.) and to other places where collections of duet recordings can be found (such as the Jean Megly recordings on the ICA site and the collection of links on craneconcertina.com). I would be willing to create and maintain such a post - I'm already doing roughly that sort of of thing with the Current Makes pinned post on the General Concertina Discussion forum. A single topic would be easier to create than a new forum and could be done anytime, but it could become pretty unwieldy as the comments piled up.
  2. Private c.net message sent to you a while back - let me know if you didn't get it. A few more places for you to find recordings that haven't already been mentioned: http://www.craneconcertina.com/links.html (scroll to the bottom) for a number of Crane players https://soundcloud.com/thoon-1 and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7edrDThh0VPpgfMPV00yVQ/videos recordings by Thomas Restoin, a great player of a custom-system duet who posts on c.net as Tona. He also has some "unlisted" recordings on YouTube such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNQs8uPv7fg&feature=youtu.be where you have to know the direct URL - some of those were posted on the old c.net Tune of the Month forum. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgZQA0NWrSlhziyANH9zzSw/videos recordings by Hayden player Didie (I'm not sure of his last name) who posts here as soloduetconcertina https://www.youtube.com/user/JeffLeff/videos a mix of things, including some recordings by Hayden player Jeff Lefferts
  3. I listened to the recordings I submitted for Duet Intl and liked one of them well enough to share it with you. I'll send you a private message with the URL.
  4. I doubt that a CD set will ever be published at this point, but I have wondered if the recordings could be placed online somewhere instead. The Concertina & Squeezebox Readers Tapes now on the ICA site that Irene mentioned earlier (http://www.concertina.org/sound-archive/ ) are an example of the sort of thing that I mean.
  5. I submitted three recordings back in 2009 and 2010 (on Hayden, which I hardly play anymore) and had them tentatively accepted. Last I heard from Graham was in 2011. I haven't put them or any other duet recordings online but might someday.
  6. Daniel Hersh

    Women Concertina Players of Irish Music on TG4

    Thanks! I looked again and now it's back for me, saying 5 days again. I don't know why it was gone before.
  7. Daniel Hersh

    Women Concertina Players of Irish Music on TG4

    And now it looks like it went from "5 days left" to gone in a day or two.😟 I hope it comes round again eventually, Accordion and fiddle are still available, at least for now.
  8. Daniel Hersh

    Women Concertina Players of Irish Music on TG4

    I don't have the app, but I was able to get the English subtitles work in Chrome (Windows 10). But I didn't figure it out until I'd already watched the video, so I'll try to find time to watch it again before it disappears in five days. "Optional Subtitles To choose subtitles, press [CC][] in the player controls." Series was discussed here at https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/18722-mná-an-ceoil-on-tg-4/ when it first came out.
  9. Daniel Hersh

    Concertina and Harpsichord

    Very nice! That combination of instruments had never occurred to me as a possibility
  10. Daniel Hersh

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    In my experience, that's generally true, and a good insight. But I don't agree with this. I think that "the Folk" in the US (if there even is such a thing as one unified "Folk" here) don't generally identify with any traditional music at all. I think that most people here tend to identify with whatever commercial music they were listening to during their teen and young adult years.
  11. Daniel Hersh

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    “All music is folk music: I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song.” However you define it, folk music is going strong in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live. Here's the program for the upcoming San Francisco Free Folk Festival (I'm one of the festival managers): https://sffolkfest.org/program-2019 . It'll give you a sense of some of the folk things going on here.
  12. Dan said on his old site that the article had been superseded by a section of his book that covered the same topic, which he said is available free on Google Books. It's at https://books.google.com/books?id=1-thWE5XRmsC&printsec=frontcover&dq=isbn:0982599609 . If you scroll down into the table of contents and click on "Chapter 4. The Concertina at Sea" , it'll take you right there.
  13. I hear him playing three tunes, one after the other. I believe I've heard the first tune called both Give Us a Drink of Water and The Swaggering Jig. I don't know the name of the second one. I think the third one is Bean Pháidín (which has words in Irish).
  14. I agree that accenting the non-repeated notes is the way to approach this, especially since the repeated notes are on the off-beats, so they should generally not be accented anyway. More pressure on the on-beats, less pressure on the off-beats. To refine it further, in an Irish jig (such as Irish Washerwoman) there should be more accenting/pressure on the third note of the triplet than on the second. So put the most pressure on the first note of the triplet, second-most on the third note, and least on the second note. Cormac Begley's playing is a good illustration of the effects you can get with changes in bellows pressure. Here's a jig from him, played on what I think is a bass Anglo concertina.