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  1. It looks like Fabbrica Concertine has taken over the whole operation according to their website. They say, "From June 2018, all the production and marketing of the Concertine has been exclusively entrusted to Fabbrica Concertine srls, which carries out the "Laboratorio Artigianale" for the production of Diatonic and chromatic concertinas. Therefore, Fabbrica Concertine srls is the sole distributor in the market Italian and International, of Concertine and Organetti with STAGI brands and BASTARI," and "The new members of Fabbrica Concertine, who took over in April 2019, have decided to undertake this activity, primarily because supported by valuable contribution of collaborators who work, from A to Z, the Concertinas for 23 years, and then as lovers and convinced supporters of the Craft Products "MADE IN ITALY" and "MADE in RECANATI"". Has anyone here had any dealings yet with the people at Fabbrica Concertine? I can't tell if the original poster on this thread was dealing with them or the people at Brunner (if those are in fact different people from the ones at Fabbrica Concertine).
  2. As Alan Day mentioned briefly in another thread, there are now seven more players with recordings on the Duet Recordings page http://www.concertinas.org.uk/DuetAudio.htm that's managed by Alan and Wes Williams, This nearly doubles the number of contemporary players represented on the page. The new players are John Thornton (Little John on c.net), Marien Lina, Mike Acott and Ruediger Asche on Crane; David Barnert on Hayden; Gary Coover on Jeffires Duet; and Thomas Restoin (Tona on c.net) on his custom-designed duet. Have a listen! And thanks to everyone who contributed recordings!
  3. And now there's one on eBay that has flat-mounted reeds (see pic below) but the standard action: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Anglo-Concertina-30-button-For-restoration/164245072881 .
  4. Agreed, though I like this version too. The way i play it is close to Anahata's version:
  5. "This action has appeared in concertinas by Jabez Austin, Nickolds, Joseph Scates and S.C.Taylor (who was probably a dealer rather than a maker). " Quoted from http://www.scatesconcertinas.com/pdf/RE ACTIONS - thinking inside the box 1.pdf , page 9.
  6. I have played Anglo for a very long time. I picked up duet too because I wasn't satisfied with what I could do on the Anglo in simultaneously playing melody and accompaniment when playing solo. I started on an Elise when they first came out but I needed to move up from there because of the missing notes on an Elise and because I prefer the concertina reed sound. That led me to switch to a 48-button Lachenal Crane which I still play (and I still play Anglo too, especially when I'm playing with other people). I think Lukasz raises some very good points about Hayden duet concertinas and where you see yourself going with the duet in the longer run. I enjoyed playing the Elise and I thought it was a very good instrument for the price, but since I wound up switching to Crane in the end, I probably would have saved a year or two in learning time if my first duet concertina had been a Crane rather than a Hayden.
  7. Zak - thanks for posting this. I have updated the Current Makers list to reflect it. It looks like they took over the Stagi/Bastari line from Brunner.
  8. This old thread might be helpful:
  9. Thanks for posting! Too bad about the glue. I see that your Amigo has accordion-style reed blocks rather than flat-mounted reeds as on the Frontalini that Matthew posted earlier.
  10. I just stumbled across this nice video from 2017 of Irish concertina star Edel Fox leading a group of nine very accomplished Irish musicians. Listen to the dialogue at the beginning...
  11. I have done that too! But someone else already bought it.
  12. I think that this was likely Bastari's first 30-key model, now called the W-15 - see the image below. It's been around since at least the late 1970's, since I bought a used one (my first 30-key concertina) at that time. Some people like this model better than the more expensive ones.
  13. So I asked the seller why he said it was made in Germany, and he replied: "That information was autofilled for me, so I can't confirm for certain that this instrument was made in Germany. That said, I don't think it's not too blind of an assumption. A lot of these vintage concertinas were made in Italy, Germany, and Czech Republic. Usually the designs are very telling of where they're from. Not often do they use metal face plates either, meaning this was probably a more expensive 'cheapo' model and I'd wager it came from Germany since the REALLY cheapo plywood/paper concertinas were right out of Italy."
  14. C.net old-timers will remember Peter Trimming, a fine Anglo player in the English style who used to be a regular here. Peter's c.net profile says that he stopped playing years ago, but he occasionally posts new videos of his playing on YouTube. This one is from December, and I thought it was very nice:
  15. Thanks, Matthew and Stephen. I wonder if Frontalini could have been the maker of the "Corelli" concertinas that have occasionally been discussed here.
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