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    I've played Anglo for over 30 years and play both C/G and G/D. I also play Crane Duet, and I tried out Hayden Duet and Chemnitzer for a while too. I'm involved in organizing various concertina events in the San Francisco Bay Area -- if you're interested, send me a message!
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  1. Saturday, October 13 12 noon - 2 pm El Cerrito High School 540 Ashbury Ave., El Cerrito, California Players of all types of concertina at all levels are skill are encouraged to attend! Interested non-players are welcome to listen and ask questions. If you use Facebook the event page is at https://www.facebook.com/events/2171217452897749 .
  2. Daniel Hersh

    Current makes of concertina

    Thanks! I have added it.
  3. Daniel Hersh

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Paul -- congratulations and thank you! This site has provided a great service to the concertina world.
  4. Daniel Hersh

    Accordion Reed v Concertina Reed

    In my experience, given a well-made instrument, the only consistent improvement in having concertina reeds rather than accordion reeds is, as you put it, the "more attractive sound".
  5. Daniel Hersh

    28 BUTTON - KEYS - E / B

    Here's an instruction manual for German concertinas from 1865 that includes the 28-key layout: http://www.concertina.com/merris/sedgwick-improved-complete-german/sedgwick-improved-complete-instructions-for-german-concertina-1893.pdf . In this example (see p. 25) the three rows are in Bb, C and G, which would be equivalent to G, A and E for your concertina, which ties in with what John said about the bandoneon layout and I believe also applies to other big German concertinas like Chemnitzers and Carlsfelders.
  6. Daniel Hersh

    Bach on a bandoneon

    From a couple of years ago, but I don''t recall seeing it mentioned here:
  7. Daniel Hersh

    28 BUTTON - KEYS - E / B

    I'd guess it was made in the late 1800's, most likely for export from Germany to England. It likely has a wooden action and long-plate reeds - though you could find that out for sure by taking it apart. What are you trying to find out?
  8. Daniel Hersh

    Current makes of concertina

    Updated to add Gys Mans.
  9. Daniel Hersh

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    I would suggest playing more than one note of the chord, such as the 1 and the 5 (A and E for an A chord, or E and B for an E chord, etc.). I think soloduetconcertina's approach to chording/accompaniment sounds great, and the same basic idea can be used on Anglo. For me, playing the melody cleanly on Anglo is harder than putting in the chords - I'm not used to using so many D#'s and A#'s in my playing.
  10. Daniel Hersh

    7mount Concertina

    Previously discussed at .
  11. Daniel Hersh

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    Yes it's definitely possible - I just tried it out.
  12. If you can't get it from Dan, it looks like Button Box may have it in stock: https://www.buttonbox.com/reference-books.html , as does Red Cow Music in the UK at https://redcowmusic.co.uk/dev/product/anglo-concertina-music-william-kimber/ (but I don't have any experience dealing with Red Cow) and also the EFDSS Folk Shop at https://uk.patronbase.com/_EFDSS/Store/Item?id=47 . And you can download it free at https://web.archive.org/web/20160507183128/http://angloconcertina.org/files/Kimber_for_website.pdf . Dan took down his site in 2016 as per https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/18916-shutting-down-my-website/ but it's all archived at the Internet Archive according to that same thread.
  13. I bought a May Fair Anglo in excellent condition not too long ago for around $600. I've seen them advertised at higher prices but I don't know if they sold. You might try Button Box in Massachusetts for repair work.
  14. Daniel Hersh

    Current makes of concertina

    Thanks, Taka - it's on the list now,
  15. Daniel Hersh

    Current makes of concertina

    Updated to add Holden in the vintage/traditional category.