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  1. Already listed (along with the Swan) at the end of the Student/Basic/Starter section.
  2. The ebay one is here. I would guess that if it says Made in Italy somewhere on the concertina, then it's almost certainly a rebadged Bastari/Stagi. If it doesn't say that, it's probably one of the Chinese instruments mentioned by Ken. In either case, not a great concertina, but might be worth considering for a starter instrument if the price is low enough.
  3. Just a few days away! The performer list for the international video concert is now on the WCD 2023 web page, along with information about WCD events on three continents. Take a look! The international concert will be available for viewing starting on February 6.
  4. Your best bet for finding an answer would be to email Concertina Connection at info@concertinaconnection.com and ask them about it.
  5. I have only played one or two Jones concertinas (briefly) and thought they were comparable to Lachenals. Chris Algar recently writes, "We’re typically not huge fans of Jones instruments due to their often-crude manufacturing".
  6. Thanks for catching that. The error was mine - it should be fixed now.
  7. Now just five weeks away, on Monday February 6! WCD 2023 merchandise is now available for purchase in the UK at https://www.mudchutney.co.uk/collections/world-concertina-day-2023 and in the US at https://mudchutney.com/collections/world-concertina-day-2023-merchandise . Events are planned in the UK, the US and Australia - see https://concertina.org/world-concertina-day-2023 . If you're planning something, let us know! Some possibilities are listed in my earlier message below.
  8. Hi, Stephen-- Thanks for the info. It has brass reed frames, and here's a pic of one of the ends. I can send you more photos and details if I can have your email address (you can give it to me via c,net PM is fine if you don't want to post it publicly).
  9. How about #189881? It's a rosewood-ended 30-key C/G Anglo.
  10. Thanks - so the one on eBay would likely have been made no more than three or four years after the first Lachenal Anglo.
  11. Thanks! Good to know. What's the estimated date of the earliest Lachenal Anglo that you know about?
  12. Is this a very early Lachenal Anglo-German? Number is 3156. Currently on eBay at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134343919281 .
  13. Thanks, Alex - I'll try to keep an eye out for when he actually starts producing and selling them, since https://www.facebook.com/qadasimusic/posts/pfbid0FqdLqCSnUDj3XtgD9EhGBgE9WASAb6jrcEzgsjT1heCuPJdQjFR1i2yvPw3zRVd1l says "The Qadasi squashbox production line will be in full swing soon!" FYI, he and his music partner were part of ICA's first international World Concertina Day concert:
  14. There are 13 other musicians too! One of the other concertina players is Jack Talty - not sure about the other three. They're playing her new tune called Ceol sa Quad.
  15. Thanks, Peter. I see one more: https://www.itma.ie/digital-library/sound/cid-232166
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